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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  August 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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streets were controlled more effectively than on saturday night. mayor tom barrett also commended the professionalism of the officers last night. i'm certain that for most if not every single police officer this was the most challenging weekend of their career and they performed and they performed in an exemplary fashion. chief flynn says they plan to continue to send officers to this area tonight -- we can only hope that the calm and positivity we're seeing now will continue into the evening. the city will be
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and sherman park will close at 6 pm. reporting live in sherman park rm today's tmj4 it's unclear if the businesses set on fire and several others looted and then destroyed, will ever rebuild.julia fello reached out to those business owners and joins us live it has been surreal to see the national news here describing the picture of this scene behind me.some saying it looks like "another part of the world" or "a war zone"i spoke to one business manager who tells me this is the first day they've been closed, in 20 years. it's hard to see the images of
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the b-p gas station, set on fire, with workers still inside.nats screaming cars set on fire.. and police using swat gear to approach a destroyed clarke's liquor store.there is no explaining it no, no the manager of clarke's tells us they're working hard to reopen by friday.he still can't understand why a business that's been so vested in this area.. could be feeling depressed because we do a lot for the community you know set on fire.. in relation to where the deadly officer- involved shooting took place. for many, it's still unclear if they will rebuild.a spokesman for o'reilly auto parts tells me:"their number one concern is fulfilling the needs of their customers."and that "all employees will be relocated to other stores for the time being."and as for the bmo harris bank set on fire on fond du lac avenue..a spokeman tells us they are still "...assessing the damage..." and "...employees...are being redeployed to toher bmo harris
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this afternoon the atf was collecting evidence at this scene here at b-p. we are still working to get hold of the owner of this business to find out what is next for them. live at sherman and burleigh julia fello todays tmj take a look at this-- it's video of a group looting a metro p-c-s store saturday can see several people walk into the store-- grabbing some stuff and then walking out.many of them with part of their faces covered up. a beauty supply store also damaged. witnesses say they saw dozens of people breaking the glass at exotic hair boutique. some of those bricks and rocks are still inside. the family that owns the business says the looters not only trashed the shop, they stole hair extentions and the cash register. it's horrible in there. it's unfixable. it would have to have a whole new facelift. carol griffins daughter opened up the exotic hair boutique at 72nd and burleigh 4 years ago.
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rioting this weekend and looting, carol allows it might be time to go. right now... neighbors in sherman park are fearful of the long-term implications of the weekend unrest. they take pride in their neighborhood... but as pete zervakis reports... they're worried their efforts to keep things up are being wasted. locals in sherman park say the chaos of the last couple nights isn't representative of the neighborhood they've lived in for decades. eva carver has lived on this block 22 years. she calls it still shocked at the violence that broke out just blocks away over the weekend. that just makes the community look badcoffee shop register beeping at sherman perk coffee shop... customers are filing in for their monday morning cup.owner bob olin knows everyone's drink. it's a very community based neighborhood it's a wonderful place to call home. it's safe we have
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outsiders have seen the last two perception is reality for a lot of people i have friends who are out of the city going "get out of that neighborhood olin worries the charred remains of burned down businesses... like this gas station at sherman and burleigh... will deter new stores from opening in sherman park. eva thinks the violence - should it continue - will impact her home's value. my home is taken care keep it up if people come and tear it up you know that's brining the property down neighbors say they'll continue to monitor the situation around sherman and burleigh while - of course - hoping for peace. in sherman park...pz... tmj4 the neighbors we spoke with all said they plan to wait things out and hope it gets better. they don't plan to leave sherman park. this past weeked has been one
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despite the recent anti- cop climate, there are young men and women signing up to serve and protect our community. veronica macias is in the newsroom with the latest. today 45 new recruits were sworn in and will join the milwaukee police force in six months. given the recent unrest in the sherman park neighborhood and police confrontations through out the county -- families have their reservations. i will never betray my badge. these men and women have signed up to through the milwaukee police academy. you will be serving the community. you will be protecting the public. for the next 6 months, 36 men and 9 women will go through rigorous physical and mental training. they are reminded that they will be called out tense situations and will encounter individuals at the worse moment of their lives what we're asking you to do is to do that without losing your cool without losing your honor . doing it
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weekend, their brothers in blue, showed restraint - when chucks of concrete and bricks were thrown in their direction. so its understandable why families fear for their safety. "your always worried as parents, your always worried."while concerned...they know someone has to wear the uniformthese parents are confident their son has the character to serve. their here to abid by the law and keep everything peaceful safe. and i think they deserve that respect. vows nats... show these future police officers vow to return it. according to a national memorial for police officers, a total of 38 officers were killed this year. up 45 percent from's not job for the faint of heart. governor scott walker plans to hold a news conference tonight at six. we will bring that to you live on air and on tmj4
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wisconsin's national guard remain on alert. they have not been called into help, but governor walker has activated them just in case they're needed. governor walker says they will only be used as a last resort. he has called in extra state troopers as well. the violence in sherman park has gained national attention. nightly news also covering the violence. you can watch that report at 5:30 here on today's tmj4. we will continue to bring you the latest from the violence in sherman park as it happens. you can also follow along at t-m-j-4 dot com for updates any time. coming up-- ramp closure. the area you should avoid and how long the closure will last. plus-- the cities that'll receive two million in grants to help improve water quality
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decision 20-16 coverage now. republican presidential nominee donald trump is coming back to wisconsin tomorrow. trump will be at the pabst theater in milwaukee at six p-m then head to west bend for an event at 7:30. trump campaigned in green bay just over a week ago. his running mate mike pence has been in wisconsin three times in the last two weeks. on the democrat side-- hillary clinton isn't expected to make a stop in wisconsin any time soon. today, she made a along with vice president joe biden. clinton is gaining support from millenials. a new usa today poll shows clinton leading trump 56-percent to 20-percent among voters 35 and under. more news now--a reminder for drivers-- the ramp from i-94 east to i-41 north is now closed. the ramp closure is part of the zoo interchange project. it's expected to be completed by late spring of
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find the best ways to get around - log on to our website tmj4 dot com. a 63 year old pilot injured when his ultralight airplane crashed and caught fire in jefferson county. officials say ronald norton took off from the fort atkinson municipal airport yesterday and began having engine problems. he tried to glide the plane to a smooth field but was unable to and crashed. the mishap remains under great lakes cities will receive two million dollars in grants to cut down on storm water runoff and improve will go to 13 cities in wisconsin, indiana, ohio, minnesota, and new york. the u-s environmental protection agency says the projects are expected to stop or capture 13 million gallons of untreated storm water from contaminating swimming there's something about rio -- that might be team u-s-a's secret to success.tonight -- our special coverage of the games continue.. steve chamraz is in the olympic zone -- with what's coming up at 6:30. thanks carole and george. team
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and now we've learned why.. tonight.. what's giving them the competitive edge in rio.. that's coming up on the olympic zone at 6:30 still ahead-- major disaster. deadly flooding in louisiana. the number of people who've been rescued and how red cross
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when the oil billionaire koch brothers call senator johnson... [ cellphone ringing ] ...what do you think they talk about? how the koch brothers' companies polluted wisconsin, even green bay, or how they spent millions to support johnson
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whatever senator johnson and the koch brothers talk about, it probably isn't you. edf action is responsible for the content of this advertising. president obama declares a major disaster for louisiana. four deaths so far are blamed on the weather. even rescuers needed help after torrential rains overwhelmed the baton rouge area this weekend.people leaving beloved pets behind as they fled rising floodwaters. at least seven-thousand people have been rescued. and evacuees waiting for word on their homes are warned to stay away. "do not try to go back into your homes. it is dangerous,
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and if you're out here- you can replace anything that you have in the home, but we cannot replace your life. so i'm asking, begging you guys, please don't go back in and try to go back into your homes. the coast guard continues to assist local, state and federal agencies. volunteers and workers with the red cross.. are being deployed to help those affected by flooding in louisiana. the disaster program manager of the northeast wisconsin office is being depolyed. disaster services volunteers will also be driving to an emergency response vehicle. these vehicles are used to transport food and supplies into disaster-stricken areas. the humidity sticking around and temperatures around 80's today. chief meteorologist john malan in the weather center with the forecast. tuesday may start with a stray shower or two but then it will be partly cloudy, warm and still humid with a high of 81 degrees. there is a slim
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shower but most stay dry until late tuesday night and into wednesday as a weak disturbance passes through the badger state. this will bring in the chance for scattered showers and storms, adding even more moisture to the air, making 83 degrees feel even warmer.high pressure visits briefly on thursday to bring mostly sunny skies, it will be warm and 84. a warm front slides through on friday to boost temps into the upper 80s and bring rain and storm chances back to southeastern wisconsin. the accompanying cold front will slide through on saturday, bringing temps back down into the 70s but mainly bringing the best chance for widespread rain and storms. the humidity will drop as the sunshine returns on sunday for a cooler but more comfortable
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coming up, trying to play your card right. lance allan play
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coming up, trying to play your card rht. lance allan explains how badger kelsey card is ready to throw the
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welcome to your olympic update, i'm lance allan. you hear a number of olympic athletes brag about what they will do. a recent university of wisconsin grad, isn't one of them. kelsey card, dealt into the discus for the rio games. and being realistic, she knows that a medal is a long shot as a first time olympian. ((kelsey card says our goal is to try to make finals. an home, people were like oh, we can't wait to see you on the medal stand. and it's like, i like to dream big...but it's kind of far out there.((but i think right now, my goal is just to make finals. and for me, too just to try and get a personal best that would be great. it's exciting because you know, it's like i said, it's every serious athletes dream. and to be living the dream is just, it's amazing. so, i'm really excited about it.)) ben provisor of stevens point, begins his second go-around in
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nearly didn't make the trip to rio, after wrestling was voted out of the olympics, and then re-instated. the wisconsin native didn't seem to worked up ((ben provisor says i wasn't too worried about it...but obviously everybody in the wrestling community was concerned. it just, it was an unfortuante situation. we just don't have the same coverage as you know, swimmers and track athletes and basketball athletes. i think the things the ufc are doing with, how they really hype up to do and lead up to. we just need more media is a very media run world, and we need people to actively try and write stories and make headlines.)) highlights of ben, at six. here's the latest medal count: usa leads the way with 72 medals. 26 gold.china still in second but great britain has jumped into third.russia and japan round out the top tonight's primetime lineup,
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olympic medal.more individual finals continue in women's and men's gymnastics, including simone biles in action. one last note, former badger evan jager won his heat in the steeplechase event, advancing
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a reminder-- sherman park will close tonight at six and reopen at six tomorrow morning. this order from sheriff clarke will be in effect until further notice. there's also a 10 p-m curfew for teens. the n-b-c nightly news is
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tonight, relentless disaster. 20,000 rescues as floodwaters carve a dead path of destruction. emergency shelters packed as we see the mammoth scale of devastation. residents running for their homes burn to the ground in california. firefighters unleash a massive attack. extreme vetting. donald trump's new ideological test for immigrants, what he said today about allowing only people who support our values to enter the u.s. trapped by war. richard engel with a report inside aleppo, treating syria's children who fill bed after bed.


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