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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Extra Early Edition  NBC  August 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am CDT

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that breaking news: a house fire-- happening ?right now? on milwaukee's northwest side. our ann sterling ?just? arrived on scene... ann-- what
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happening now: from violence in the sherman park
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normal after a quiet night on milwaukee's northwest side. good morning. i'm susan kim. i'm vince vitrano. we have live coverage this morning from the sherman park neighborhood.pete zervakis is in sherman park where it's set to reopen this morning after being closed by the milwaukee county sheriff's office overnight.he joins us now with more. the park is expected to re-open at 6 o'clock this morning... 12 hou sheriff's deputies put up this orange fencing to keep people out. we've been here in the sherman park neighborhood the last three days. neighbors say now that the area has started to return to normalcy... they're focus: is coming together and healing as a community. people who live here describe sherman park as diverse... tight-knit... and safe. it's part of the city where people take pride in owning and keeping up their homes. it's also got a nice assortment of
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here are adamamant that the unrest over the weekend is not representative of this community. one long-time resident told us: "we're staying. we're going to be here. we'll all get through this." live in sherman park...pz... tmj4. a-t-f agents are looking at evidence gathered near the b-p gas station that was torched during saturday's protests. about an eight block radius of the city's north side was in businesses set on fire after a police officer shot and killed an armed man. 22:37:39 take care of your community41 you know we live here! why i dont understand it 45 most of the businesses continue to survey the damage. a spokesperson for o'reilly autoparts tells us it's too early to tell if they will rebuild. it's been a deadly month in
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violence in sherman park.. the city saw 22 shootings in just ten days.police say terry mcdaniel's daughter, paris, was shot and killed sunday afternoon near 27th and lisbon after an argument.she's one of ten killed since august 5th. "as a parent you need to just stand tall for your child and do everything you can to let them know that life is so important." the total number of homicides this year in milwaukee is 82... that's not as many as this time last year, but far ahead of every other year in a decade. despite all the negative attention the sherman park neighborhood is getting... neigbhors are sharing good things about where they live. tamesha russel baked dozens of cupcakes for people and police officers in sherman park.she stood for hours across from the charred b-p gas station
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was also accompanied we'll continue to bring you updates from the violence in sherman park throughout live at can also stay connected online at t-m-j-4 dot com. yesterday had a mixture of sun and clouds, highs near 80, a light se breeze, and some humidityt was the pick day of the week. clouds increased overnight with a few popping up and lingering into early this morning, mainly south of milwaukee. lows are in the mid to upper 60s with some patchy fog. today is partly cloudy, warm and humid
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up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--the encounter police in massachusetts had to deal with.. and why people can rest easy this taking care of business. farmers overseas are using technology to make their jobs easier.. and how they're doing it may become the way of the
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rescuers continue to search for victims after a five-point- three magnitude earthquake rocks southern least four people are dead.. and aftershocks continue to shake the region.officials say a 66-year-old u-s man is among the dead.the tremor downed electrical distribution and phone lines in several towns... and dozens of people were injured. the number of those rescued has gone up amid flooding in baton rouge, louisiana. officials say more than 20- thousand people have been
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people have died.several roads remain under water and hundreds of homes are either damaged or destroyed. a slithery suspect is behind bars in massachusetts after police say its owner let it loose.this five-foot long boa constrictor was found in the middle of the road.the snake is now doing time in a tank at the south coast humane society. while large already.. officials say the snake could still double in vanderbilt university is taking a big step to cut ties to its confederate past.the university recently announced it will remove the word "confederate" from one of its residence officials say there has been a lot of debate over the years.. but it reached a tipping point in the wake of the charleston church massacre in june of last year. we've talked a lot about self driving cars... but now farmers in denmark are using technology to make self- driving tractors.the tractor is equipped with g-p-s and
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a drive... and and the vehicle stores the informatin. the tractor then remembers the route the next time it hits the field. republican presidential nominee donald trump is making two stops in wisconsin tonight. trump will attend a fundraising event at the pabst theater and then travel to west bend for a rally at 7:30. the rally will be held at the ziegler building at the washington county fair park and conference center. hillary clinton will continue her campaign in pennsylvania in philadelphia this morning. clinton has yet to re-visit wisconsin since the april primary where she lost to then presidential candidate bernie sanders.clinton's running mate senator tim kaine was in milwaukee just two weeks ago. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--the chicago cubs are looking for a new d-j.. why they're now apologizing to fans and one of their players. plus.. why brats are being celebrated on a national
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free sausage, today. and taking another live look at sherman park this morning. the park is set to reopen in just over an hour after being closed overnight.we'll check back in with pete zervakis
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it's a very community based neighborhood place to call home. it's safe we have beautiful homes this morning-- it's a focus on the ?positive things happening in milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood. a quiet and calm morning-- after two days of violence rocked the northwest side neighborhood. pete zervakis is live at ?sherman park? this morning-- where it's set to re-open at 6 a-m.
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will come down. deputies put it up at 6 last night to close the park. what followed... was an evening in which 6 people were arrested in the area for disorderly conduct... compared to 31 arrests over the weekend. there were some reports of shots fired... but no property damage - like car fires or looting - was reported. the mayor and the police chief credited the faith community for calming things down. faith leaders have been out in the neighborhood talking with peace and safety. live in sherman park...pz... tmj4. we're staying on top of all the issues sherman park is facing-- as the community
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our team coverage on live at daybreak... and you can also stay connected online at tmj4 dot com. yesterday had a mixture of sun and clouds, highs near 80, a light se breeze, and some humidityt was the pick day of the week. clouds increased overnight with a few showers popping up and lingering into early this morning, mainly
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in the mid to upper 60s with some patchy fog. today is partly cloudy, warm and humid with highs in the lower 80s and a light se breeze. scattered t'showers are possible once again tonight with lows in the upper 60s and high partly cloudy, warm and humid with highs in the mid 80 and scattered afternoon t'showers. thursday is sunny and very humid with highs in the mid 80s, and the weather looks nice thursday evening up in
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friday is partly cloudy and very warm and humid with highs in the upper 80s. scattered t'storms develop late afternoon and evening ahead of another cool front. saturday looks rainy with highs in the upper 70s, while sunday is sunny and
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dry incident free road ways, speeds are at or above posted. light traffic so as you head out the door you may have some company on the roads but not much. overnight closures are re opening in the next 10 to 20 minutes so keep in mind you may have to use an alternate route if you travel in a heavily area. drive safely this morning. for the one minute drill, i'm lance allan. according to usa today, clay matthews and julius peppers have two weeks to cooperate with the investigation of the al jazeera report. or get suspended by the nfl.meanwhile the packers make a dream come true, signing green bay native kyle steuck. ((kyle steuck says "growing up in green bay, its the big thing, you go watch practices as a kid, ask for someone to grab your bike and today i was the guy doing that. its surreal...a dream come true. but then i knew it
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the work i have been doing in the off season, now it's time to show it.")) ((mike mccarthy says "the first eight years we didnt have anybody from wisconsin, particularly the university, now it's like an overflow. i think it is great to play with your hometown team and the uniqueness of growing up in this city with the packers here, obviously special but hopefully its an opportunity he takes advantage of."))and the brewers are back in action with a doubleheader against the cubs at wrigley field. for the one minute drill, i'm lance the chicago cubs are looking for a new d-j following what the team calls a mishap with the soundboard sunday night. the d-j played a song with lyrics that reference beating women when closing pitcher aroldis chapman came to the mound.chapman was suspended 30 games earlier this year following allegations he choked his girlfriend.the team has apologized. if you didn't know.. today is national brat day!klement's sausage company is hosting a
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miller park from 11 to two.the first two-thousand people will get lunch in exchange for a monetary donation.the first 100 people in line will get two tickets to the brewers game against the cardinals on august 29th. if you've stayed at a hotel recently.. your personal information may be at risk. hotel operator h-e-i hotels says hyatt, sheraton, marriott and westin hotels have been targeted by hackers. affected.h-e-i admits malware in at least 20 hotels may have stolen names and credit card informaton from last december through late june of this a new patent obtained by apple suggests the company could be planning for waterproof or water-resistant gadgets in the future.the patent highlights technology to edit pictures taken has been behind the trend of water-proof devices.. while samsung has offered water-
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a new study shows more americans are learning the importance of planning for retirement.the study found 21- percent of workers say they're saving more this year than they did last year.that's the highest level reported in the last five years.only five- percent said they didn't put money towards retirement the last two years. how close you live to a grocery store.. could affect your risk of heart disease. researchers in michigan found people living in neighborhoods without access to healthy food early stage heart disease. those living within a mile of fresh food stores had a lower risk. a new warning from doctors today following an increase in injuries at indoor trampoline parks data from australia shows one emergency room there treated 40 children for trampoline-related injuries in just six months. most incidents were minor.. but five kids underwent surgery. up next on live at daybreak on
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of the summer olympics..this is a live look at the olympic flame in rio de janeiro.we'll tell you which events you'll want to keep an eye on later today when live at daybreak
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taking a live look outside.. it's the eleventh day of the summer olympics here on today's's a look at what's happening today. simone biles hopes to add to her medal count in the women's floor exercise beach volleyball.. kerri walsh jennings and april ross look to remain undefeated against brazil.and american shannon rowbury will be competing for
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here's a look at the updated medal count as we head into day u-s-a leads the way with 75 medals.. 26 of those are gold.great britain has 41 total.. 16 gold.that puts them ahead of china who has 46 total medals.. but only 15 gold.russia has 35 medals and italy rounds out the top five with 23. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--the weekend violence at sherman park has caught the attention of a presen new group of men and women are taking the oath to protect and serve.. what makes this class so unique.
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adlib tease i wanted to get out and spread the love and spread the peace now at 5:00...residents looks
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up their neighborhood we have the latest from sherman park. that breaking news-- a house fire... happening right now on milwaukee's northwest side.ann sterling is gathering information at the scene. she's live at 50th and clarke


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