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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  August 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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do have a good lead -- as this investigation continues. reporting live rm today's tmj4 the 10 p-m curfew for teenagers in milwaukee is in effect again tonight.milwaukee police report no new incidents--it was born out of the deadly police shooting that sparked the riot saturday night. milwaukee police have a previously planned community meeting at the sherman park boys and girls club tonight. violence are leaders in every age group--a 17 year old is using social media to encourage his peers to do the right thing. michele fiore spoke with him today. she's live with us in sherman park. kalan haywood is the president of milwaukee's youth council. his words have been shared over and over, and he's hoping his message for peace is the loudest voice heard. powerful words from a high school senior to his peers -
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voice that yells from deep inside your gut that tells you that no one is listening." "a lot of people felt like they were silenced, they don't have a voice so they reacted in not the most positive manner." kalan haywood believes young people who reacted in a violent manner didn't have all the facts, and that was a problem. 'not knowing something frustrates everybody. so that plays a role in anger, the emotion, the adrenaline rush. it plays a key role in all of that." what they knew was that sylville smith wa loved over here and everybody knew him, just nobody expected him to be dead. nobody expected him to be shot." outside sherman park today, young men called the riots a knee jerk reaction to the death of someone they cared about. "yea they acted off pure instinct. nobody really waited." haywood thinks so too. his letter charges milwaukee's youth to "think before you act." now you see the aftermath, we have to live everyday with the burned down buildings and the community's
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lawmakers will consider the opinions of young people. "any policy, any law, any legislation doesn't work if the citizens it affects don't agree." if things are to change for the better, todd butts thinks something needs to be done about the incarceration rate of young black men, particularly those who have children. "i just want to see a lot more father programs, where kids get to interact with their fathers because the fathers is the number one thing that's missing from the household." the incarcerat highest in the nation, and the young men we talked to said, that's a problem because you need fathers in the homes to make a difference. they hope to see some policy change to make that better. live at sherman park, michele fiore, today's tmj4. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms is investigating the fires set over the weekend. 8 buildings burned. the a-t-f estimates damage to be in the millions of dollars. a ten- thousand-
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for information that leads to an arrest or arrests. the archdiocese of milwaukee will hold a prayer vigil tomorrow night as part of the healing in sherman park. the vigil will be held in all saints parish at 6:30 thursday night at all saints parish, 40-51 north 25th street. all members of the milwaukee archdiocese are invited. a statement from the archdiocese reads, the hoplessness of seeming insurmountable issues must be met together from wherever we live. these billboar all over the city of milwaukee. lamar billboards put up the heart, and the initials m-ke to promote the healing in sherman park. a local business owner took matters into his own hands to show the every day spirit of the people who live in sherman park. he's making sure kids look their best for the start of the new school year. scott steele is live in sherman park with that part of our coverage. changing the buzz of the last week from protest to peace.
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from milwaukee's central city aimed to do today. a free trim for anyone 17 and younger -- just in time for the new school year. leisure time is good, but learning time is better. but there was an ulterior motive -- because along with a cut -- came a little counseling. you know as long as you do the right thing, you will always be rewarded for it. this concept came to smith after all the recent unrest. morally it helps you out on the inside, you know what i mean. he enlisted others in the effort to mentor the young men in their chairs. i come across a lot of problems and i feel like i'm versed in guiding somebody in a positive direction or help them find the answers to the solution they can't necessarily find on their own. it seems like something small - but the idea may already be making a difference. just look
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words. >{patrick neeley jr/entering 1st grad}help the city. >>what do you think of that? >>it's really nice! he's got a father who couldn't be any prouder. and i talk to him all the time about you know betterin' and helpin' and following directions and being responsible. he's getting' it. he's getting' it, i'm proud. i am a proud father. go to t-m-j four dot com for all of our coverage of the violence, and the healing in sherman park. volunteers pitch in to spruce up our schools. that story is still ahead. and next: how the local red cross is responding
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more news now.a wildfire 60 miles east of los angeles continues to thousand homes are in danger of burning. 82-thousand people have been told to evacuate. california is in the fifth year of a drought. "the fuels are extremely dry and very explosive this time of year. and in my 40 years of fighting fire, i've never seen fire behavior so extreme as it was yesterday. rapid rates of spread, we've had spotting up to half a mile ahead of the fire." california is under a
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at last the flood waters in louisiana are beginning to of louisiana got over two feet of rain in 48 hours...meteorolgist brian niznansky shows us how our local red cross is helping out. it's being called a 1000-year flood. at least eleven people have died and over 40-thousand homes are damaged or destroyed "this is a historic flooding event, and when you have a storm that is unnamed, it wasn't a tropical storm, it wasn't a hurricane, a lot of times people underestimate the impact that it would the american red cross is reponding to the floods, including our local southeast wisconsin chapter. they are designating their most resources since super storm sandy. "there are thousands of people in shelters and that is a primary concern of the red cross." phillis wiggins is our local chapter's logistic lead, she is one of 40 red cross volunteers from wisconsin heading to louisiana, and is beyond anxious to lend a helping hand. "my focus immadiately shifts to what can
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matter to me what i go down to do, i'll do anything once i go down there to help" parishes near baton rouge picked up twice as much precipitation in two days, that's more than we've seen all year here in milwaukeeto give you perspective much rain fell in wanted to look at a few past flooding events here in wisconsin...back in 2008 when over 15" of rain fell near the dellsin 2010 nearly 10" of rain fell on the northside of milwaukee, turning oakland avenue into a raging watson, la...over 33" of rain fell lost everything. the red cross will be providing clean up supplies and basic needs care packages, and stuff animals for kids."we would not be able to do anything with out donors, everything we get is from donors so we're very consciecous on how we use those funds" ... brian niznansky today's tmj4. we've put a link on our website tmj4 on you can donate to the american red cross
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a unique sport is sweeping the beaches of rio.. our special coverage of the olympics continues..steve chamraz is in the olympic zone -- with what's coming up at 6:30. thanks carole and the beaten path in rio -- there is a special restuarant where one man has worked for more than 60 years. tonight.. a chance encounter that led to a real life love story. that's coming up on the olympic zone at 6:30 john malan tells us how much warmer it's going to get this ahead. and next: why these volunteers step up every year
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milwaukee public schools begin september first. when students and staff return, they will come back to spruced up schools. it's a story that is
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shoveling...painting...they are sounds heard at milwaukee's siefert school as volunteers from g-e healthcare work to spruce up the school. "it's really important. we try. we try hard. we all live here. we play here. we have fun here. it's important to give back to the community." more than 21 hundred workers volunteered at 22 schools in milwaukee, hartford, wauwatosa and waukesha.they cleaned and organized classrooms... "but then also big common areas like painting in the lunchroom, playground items, working on the basketball courts, actually building benches and tables for kids to sit at so big variety." it's a lot of work but volunteers like kelsey stewart say it is exciting. "i've actually only been at ge for 2 months so this is my first time but it's awesome. there are so many people here that have been doing it for so many years it's great to see that camaraderie and everybody coming back each year." m-p-s superintendent darienne driver says it is a great way to kick- off the new school year. "when we pulled up there's actually kids watching from the corner
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helping us already with planting and digging up dirt so i think they're really excited. it just makes them feel like they're coming home and that's what we want for our kids and our teachers." dr. driver said she has invited the volunteers back for the first day of school so they can see the faces of staff and students. some private schools start the school year ?tomorrow?. john malan is here to tell us what kind of weather to expect as our kids load up their back packs, don their school uniforms and head out the door. thursday will be mostly sunny, very warm and still humid for august with a high of 87 in milwaukee, though a weak lake breeze may help cool folks off slightly right along lake michigan.friday is the warmest
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one to head to the beach or the pool since it will be mostly sunny with temps climbing to 90 degrees in milwaukee. a strong cold front approaches late in the day to bring more clouds by evening and an isolated chance for a thunderstorm the best chance for rain comes friday night and throughout the day on saturday as the cold front swings through. rainfall estimates look to be between a quarter and three
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amounts possible in thunderstorms. temperatures will be cooler as well with the rain and the clouds, highs will only be in the upper 70s. sunday is the best day out of the weekend after a stray morning shower the clouds will be clearing and the dew points will be dropping throughout the day. temps will only be in the low 70s and with the drier air it will feel quite crisp after the week we've had. we start next week in the 70s with gradually increasing
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this is a live picture now from chopper four. it's flying over the dodge county fair near beaver dam.the fair opened today.the dodge county fair runs through sunday. next in sports, lance allan introduces us to a badger doing things that haven't been done in decades at the
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for the first time since 1984, the u-s has a medal in men's steeplechase. and it belongs to former wisconsin badger evan jager. and it's the best olympic medal by an american in this event, since 1952. ((evan jager says i've thought about this every single day for the last two years, and you dream about it and you like almost feel the emotions when thinking about it and pretending that it's real. but until it's don't get to really enjoy it. and i'm just so happy that everything worked in my favor today. we did it! love you guys. thank you guys for all the support. i know everyone in algonquin's watching. i just want to say thank you for all the support. i love you guys.)) another wisconsin badger begins his quest for glory in
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the winner often dubbed the greatest athlete in the world. he started thinking about this in sixth grade, and recently got really serious about making his mark, in rio. ((zach ziemek says the goal is always to make it to the olympics...and as time went on, i started getting better and better but... it really started in the last couple of years of giving things up that a normal 22, 23 year old kid would do, to be able to make this goal come true. and giving up the normal college life to be able to make this, has been the key.)) 's the u-s still by far in first with 86 overall medals, and 28 gold.china still clinging to second with a two medal lead over great britain.russia remains in fourth, but france now rounds out the top five. tonight's primetime lineup, usain bolt the headliner trying to advance in the 200 meter men's semifinal.also after kerri walsh jennings first loss in beach volleyball last night, she and april ross try to rebound in the bronze medal men's diving
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at six, beezie madden has to withdraw from the equestrian competition with an injury to her horse. yet her team is still tied for first. we will
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nobody won last night's "badger five" drawing. tonight's jackpot is 24- thousand-dollars. and the "powerball" jackpot is 94-million-dollars. we'll have the winning "powerball" numbers tonight on "live at ten." the packers take on the oakland raiders in green bay tomorrow night in another preseason game. kickoff starts
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. breaking news tonight. olympic bombshell, questions swirling around ryan lochte and the u.s. swimmers who say they were robbed at gunpoint in rio. a judge orders two of their passports seize as a court says that gave contradictory accounts to police. what really happened? raing inferno explodes, devastation and a landmark destroyed by one of the most powerful fires in recent memories. campaign shake-up, trailing in the polls, donald trump makes a dramatic move hiing the head of a conservative website known for inflammatory remarks. an alarming new


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