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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm CDT

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. breaking news tonight. olympic bombshell, questions swirling around ryan lochte and the u.s. swimmers who say they were robbed at gunpoint in rio. a judge orders two of their passports seize as a court says that gave contradictory accounts to police. what really happened? raing inferno explodes, devastation and a landmark destroyed by one of the most powerful fires in recent memories. campaign shake-up, trailing in the polls, donald trump makes a dramatic move hiing the head of a conservative website known for inflammatory remarks. an alarming new
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diagnosis in the country. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt, reporting tonight from the olympic summer games in rio. >> good evening. our top story is developing here in rio de janeiro tonight, where big questions are suddenly being raised about the alleged armed robbery of american swimmer, ryan lochtnd the streets of rio last weekend. a judge has ordered a seizure of passport from lochte and fellow american, jimmie feigen over alleged inconsistencies of their story over what happened and what was seen in a piece of surveillance video tat recorded the athletes that night. late details. >> reporter: the surveillance video obtained by daily shows the american swimmers,
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fegan clearing the athletes village sunday morning after a long night out. lochte shaing this video from a party. hours later, he told "today's" show, billy bush on the way back from the athletes village they were robbed by men poing as cops. >> we got pulled over in our taxi. these guys came out with a police badge, no lights or nothing, ju they pulled us over and pulled out their guns. >> reporter: saying the men on the video appeared to be joing and not shaken up physically or psych logically and a judge ordering the passports to be seized and not allowed to leave the country and the judge pointed out differences in the accounts of the swimmers. lochte, they were approached by one
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feigen, a few surprised the athletes. police tell us their surveillance video of the athletes leaving the club. these two never gave formal statements. a judge has not asked for their passport. police are investigating lochte's claim. >> the guy took out his gun, cocked it, put to it my forehead and said, get down. i put my hands up and said whatever. he took my money and my wallet. >> reporter: today, te in the u.s. on social media poing with a flight attendant. his lawyer says the swimmer was not told to stay in brazil and lochte is still the victim. while it's unclear where the other americans are the u.s. olympic committee says we do not make athlete travel plans public and we will continue to cooperate with brazilian authorities. tonight, two american medalists in the pool are now cauing waves out of it.
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here in brazil. the swimmers could be charged with false communication of a crime. a lawyer tells us the maximum sentence is six months in jail and more likely penalty would be community service or possible fine. lester. >> all right, miguel almaguer at olympic park tonight. another major story we're covering tonight, wildfires in california spreading out of control, and saying they have not seen anything like the conditions they are seeing now. nbc's jolene kent is taking us to the front line to stop the fire's relentless advance. >> reporter: up in smoke in an instant. flames feeding off bone dry brush, gusty winds and high temperatures, the five year drought adding fuel to the fire. >> nothing and all of a sudden, boom. >> reporter: shocking even to veteran
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fighting fire i have never seen fire behavior so extreme. >> reporter: a wall of destruction rushing through san bernardino county, smoke visible 60 miles away in los angeles, haitian and rail ways shut down. the flames cut across 46 square miles in just 21 hours cloing interstate 15 and rail traffic leaving los angeles. >> we've advocated advocated -- advocated nearly 35,000 homes in the affected area and includes some 80 >> reporter: today, we got a first hand look at the devastation. >> there is no way to safely engage a fire that has that much anger and energy. >> reporter: the fire created its own weather system. homes and vehicles burned, the golden arches melted. >> it hit hard, it hit fast. >> reporter: one casualty, the famous route 66 summit inn, a landmark and favorite
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hospice patient and evacuees rushing to get out. >> grabbed what we could. >> reporter: for evacuees given a moment's notice, the question is what to take. >> medicine, clothes, paper, pictures. >> reporter: carol hill lived here for 20 years and knew exactly what needed to be saved. >> my son passed away a couple years ago, so i grabbed his flag. still very dynamic and moving fast at zero percent containment. you can see it behind me moving, the smoke and flames moving to a residential area giving firefight ears new battle and this fire showing no signs of stopping any time soon. lester. >> a frightening scene behind you, jo ling, thank you. >> donald trump faing
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bringing on the head of a conservative website to right the ship. trump getting his first classified intelligence briefing. today, we have it all covered starting with nbc's katy tur at trump tower. what a day. >> reporter: hey, lester, some in the gop are descriing this as trump's last ditch effort faing what could be a withering loss in november turning towards what could be a stark message. new faces who will let him campaign the way he wants. now the ceo of breitbart and kellyanne conway, campaign manager. he dumped corey lewandowski for manafort. it didn't work and trump wasn't happy. >> i don't want too pivot. you have to be you. if you start pivoting
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with people. rocketing to fame during the tea party revolution, he is no friend to establishment republicans or the rnc. >> we're also not telling them how to think. we're not telling them who to vote for. we put the stories up and you come to your own conclusions. >> reporter: breitbart has often taken on trump's battles. >> bannon at breitbart have made a living attacking other ns conservatives, this is their modus operandi and vilify those they disagree with. >> and kelly arne is a calming influence who can tell trump no and travel with him. >> talking about a shake-up, it doesn't feel that way. >> reporter: trump is trailing in the polls and hillary clinton in battleground ohio seiing on the news. >> donald trump has shown us who he is. he can fire and fire anybody he wants from
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is now back to his way. kitty tur, nbc news, new york. katy tur. >> reporter: i'm hallie jackson in new york. it may be trump's most presidential moment yet, his first classified presidential briefing. not inside trump tower but an office in an phish building especially designed to prevent eavesdropping. intelligence sources tell nbc news it's career officers not political appointees le the candidate today, combative. >> reporter: do you trust intelligence? >> not so much from the people that have been doing it for our country. >> reporter: at the table with trump, his top advisors with top secret clearance, new jersey governor, chris christie and retired general mike flynn. saying trump is getting more details than the public knows about global threats but still not shaing major spy sesecrets,
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operations. and it's intended to be a tool to prepare each candidate, lately more of a political hammer, each side accuing the other of being too qualified to hear the sensitive information. >> no doubt there will be a conversation ensuing the candidate understands what is being said and heard in that setting, in a classified setting is not the kind of thing that can be repeated. >> reporter: trump's meeting, which just wrapped up here, lasted less than two hours. it may bhe nominee. who ever wins in november will receive many more with much more detailed and sensitive information. lester. >> hallie jackson in new york tonight, thank you, hallie. now to the flooding disaster still impacting tense of,000 sainced the south. that tropical system that devastated louisiana is bringing new flashflood watches in texas this as the scope of destruction grows across the
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gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: tonight in arcadia parish, more rain and a riing river. he grew up in this home and now hopes sandbags can save it. >> my jaw dropped and said, wow, i've never seen anything like this before. the river is not fished climbing yet. >> reporter: among the latest communities slammed by the powerful surge of water. louisiana's record rainfall started friday, further north near baton rouge, and e south to the gulf of mexico and lake pontchartrain caring a path of destruction. tonight, nearly 11 million people in texas are under flashflood watches. in louisiana, the water is finally gone. for neil mccleary and his son, the pain is not. >> it's hard to see them because that's what they've done. my dad. >> reporter: down
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crests tomorrow. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, louisiana. important news now about the fastest rising cancer diagnosis in the nation, thyroid cancer cases have tripled in the last three decades, but a surpriing new report claims most cases don't need to be treated right away because they are not life-threatening. nbc's dr. john torres explains, tens of thousands could be spared painful surgery and treatment. >> reporter: megan was told two years ago she had thyroid cancer. it may seem hard to believe, even risky, but she and her doctor decided not to treat it for now. >> because it's so slow growing, i figured it can't hurt to do the watchful observation and see what happens. >> reporter: that's the approach a report in today's new england journal of medicine suggests may be best. researchers found doctors overdiagnosed thyroid cancer about
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technology is picking up small growths that are slow growing and unlikely to cause symptoms or death. what happens to these lesions if nothing is done? >> the vast majority of patients don't need treatment for these small thyroid cancers. >> reporter: most often diagnosed in women, thyroid cancer treatments can be harsh involing surgery, radiation and medication for life. because megan's cancer was small, her doctor hospital recommended careful monitoring knowing if it starts to grow, it's still treatable. >> they know they have the option to do surgery any time they want it. but it's not an emergency. the barn's not on fire. they have some time to think about this. this is an example of one of those overdiagnod thyroid cancers. >> reporter: a new way of responding to a cancer diagnosis, sometimes it's better not to rush into aggressive treatment, dr. john torres, nbc news, new york.
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back now from rio with a story about a young woman who overcame the odds and punched her way to olympic gold four years ago in london at just 17.
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clarrissa shields is here to put a one-two combination together. nbc dared to get in the ring with her but just to check. >> reporter: overcoming the tough streets of flint takes a fighter's mentality, survivor's will. >> i live right over here. >> reporter: something clarrissa learned the hardware, her dad in prison and mom overcoming ho here at a boxing gym. >> it's taken you a long way from here? >> it has. >> reporter: a chance to hit back at life and chance to punch her ticket out and a chance to make her father proud. he had told her stories of muhammad ali, of all his children, only his daughter, ali became a boxer. >> my goal is to become an olympic boxer at the age of
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has overcome every obstacle thrown her way in her life. >> reporter: by london, gold was within reach. >> there's the bell and she has captured a gold medal! >> reporter: she returned to a herhero's welcome. >> it's unbelievable, i can't believe it. >> reporter: an emerging champion with the nickname "t-rex." >> if the boxing ring is no place for girl, then what does a girl's place look like. >> reporter: already in the history books, she is now inspiing others the waylay la ali inspired her. >> she has a toughness inside of her and seems to be fighting for a cause other than just herself. i think that is what makes a difference. >> reporter: of course, she's more than just a kid from flint these days. in her the adults see pride and the children possibilities. >> yeah, girl. >> reporter: her
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resolve. she calls her sister, breanna, her hype man. >> this fight is a fight like you never won because what's a winner if you never lost? >> reporter: only one loss in the ring so far, clarissa shield has already won her bout already against hopelessness. >> god blessed me with the mindset to let it go and look for my future. i think my future is very bright. >> reporter: nbc news, flint, >> we're back in a >> we're back in a moment with hollywood mourning the loss of moment with hollywood you don't know this yet >> we're back in a moment with hollywood mourning the loss of but in fifteen hundred miles, you'll see what you're really made of. after five hours of spinning and one unfortunate ride on the gravitron, your grandkids spot a 6 foot banana that you need to win. in that moment, you'll be happy you partnered with a humana care manager and got your health back on track. because that banana isn't coming home with you until that bell sings. great things are ahead of you when
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hicles get a thousand smart bonus. sad news tonight from the world of movies, arthur hiller, the oscar nominated director of classics has died. perhaps best known for 1970's "love story" with ryan o'neal and ali mcgraw and
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"out-of-towners" and "in-laws." he was with the arts and sciences. beach volleyball for american kerri walsh jennings, she and her partner, april ross losing in the semifinals to the hometown brazilians. it was ross jennings first olympic loss but they will now play for bronze. what an amazing career, so much to be so many have been touched by sportsmanship when two winners qualified, american's d'agostino and waiting to hug her with a torn acl. >> it felt like it was she and i in this
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beach, you see the tvs on in the cafe, people settling in to watch another night of olympic coverage. it's been fun to watch young athletes become in some cases, overnight celebrities. take simone biles, for example. she got quite the surprise courtesy of the "today" show, that taught her being star struck can be a two-way street. here's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: unshakable simone biles, winner of four gold medals. with nerves of steel. what can possibly make an olympic champion like this fall to the ground in pieces? her achilles heel, her kryptonite. celebrity crush, zac efron. >> is that the final five? >> an opportunity the "today" show helped arrange the moment by bringing him down to rio. >> oh, my god, stop!
5:58 pm
>> reporter: last spring, we heard rumors that the unstoppable biles had a weak spot. >> when i show you this picture, clear your head and tell me the first thing that pops into your mind. okay? >> okay. >> i can't clear my head. >> reporter: first word, what comes into your mind? >> he's hot. >> reporter: then we walked into her bedroom and met the cardboard cutout. >> sometimes i used to -- used to kiss him on the cheek. >> repte >> how did you make this happen? >> reporter: the real efron gave her a kiss on the cheek. the indispuable proof, just in case simone biles needed it, life as she knew it was over. stephanie gosk, nbc news, rio. >> you never know who you will meet around here. that will do it for us on this wednesday night. a reminder nbc primetime olympic coverage starts at 8:007:00 central.
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thanks for watching. good night from rio. >> this is breaking news now from today's tmj4. >> charles: police responding to an incident at a residential area. we're told they are on guard for some particular reason. we do not have all that much right now. we will give you any particular updates as we learn as they come into the newsroom, but we want to let you know there is a large police presence in brown deer. at 6:00, police meeting with neighbors in the sherman park neighborhood for the first time since this weekend's violence. >> shannon: jonah kaplan is live with the latest. >> reporter: shannon and charles, mpd officers also sheriff's deputies meeting with
6:00 pm
they've had, and it's not just about the riots. these meetings have happened every wednesday since july july 1st. that's when sherman park saw its first melee of the summer. the focus won't change. >> it's about how can we better service young people that are in our community that are not already being served by youth serving organization or some other organization and companies in the city of milwaukee at this time. date for these meetings. the sheriff allowing this meeting to go on until 7:00 tonight. but again, there will be a strict closure of the park here. sherman park and, of course, the curfew 10:00 for teenagers here in the city of milwaukee. we're live here at sherman park. jonah kaplan today's tmj4. >> shannon: all right. hopefully everything works out. >> charles: police report nod new incidents in the last 24 hours stemming from the deadly police shooting near


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