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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  August 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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they've had, and it's not just about the riots. these meetings have happened every wednesday since july july 1st. that's when sherman park saw its first melee of the summer. the focus won't change. >> it's about how can we better service young people that are in our community that are not already being served by youth serving organization or some other organization and companies in the city of milwaukee at this time. date for these meetings. the sheriff allowing this meeting to go on until 7:00 tonight. but again, there will be a strict closure of the park here. sherman park and, of course, the curfew 10:00 for teenagers here in the city of milwaukee. we're live here at sherman park. jonah kaplan today's tmj4. >> shannon: all right. hopefully everything works out. >> charles: police report nod new incidents in the last 24 hours stemming from the deadly police shooting near
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responsible for healing the neighborhood. >> you can remember sunday night, the scene was people throwing things at the police officers. the police have demonstrated incredible professionalism, and restraint. and i think that that's really been a positive, as well. >> shannon: the cost of damage to eight buildings that were burned during the violence could exceed several million dollars. it's now awaiting game to see if any will rebuild. it's reminiscent of another moment in milwaukee's a once flourishing part of the city abandoned after the riot ons in the 1960s. julia. >> reporter: it's very hard to tell what the business climate will be here in sherman park after all this unrest over the weekend. we decided to take a look at history during the civil rights movement and see what it looks like nearly 50 years ago to now. businesses on prior, looting, and violence. reminders of another troubled
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>> this is terrible because i lived through the '60s. >> another night of city wide curfew seems necessary. >> there is a curfew that will be more strictly enforced tonight for teenagers. >> we saw what they did to martin luther king drive, knowing that this is a real divestment that could last for 50, 60 years. >> reporter: mlk drive was once called third street and was a thriving area of our city. >> i imaginehi >> reporter: he shows us what was at one time gimbel's department store. >> it was every possible kind of business you can imagine existed on this street. >> reporter: the three story building along with many others now completely boarded up after rioting during the 11 rights movement. >> reporter: the riots occurred here made people pull out their investments and move on. >> reporter: benson described how that moment in our city's
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he believes the comeback will be quicker though for sherman park. >> this is a residential area, not a business area. i think milwaukee will recover. and i think it will do very well. >> reporter: benson points to history once again to make it a success in sherman park. he points to investors and also federal government grants to be put into black owned businesses especially in order for this area to thrive once again. reporting live at sherman and burleigh, julia fello. >> shannon: thanks for the perspective the. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information on whomever started the fires in eight businesses in the sherman park neighborhood over the weekend. >> charles: a sheboygan falls woman tells police she heard voices that led her to kill the child. she is accused of suffocating her son earlier this month.
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enough evidence for her to stand trial. milwaukee family is launching a new effort to find a driver who struck and killed their loved one and then drove off. >> shannon: mary wills was hit while walking home from work last thursday night. casey joins us now. >> reporter: the family was out here for the first time today sense mary wills was hit and killed here at 91st and appleton thursday. they weren't out here to mourn. they were here for >> it's been hard not to be able to talk to my mom every day. >> reporter: the simple moments between a mother and daughter teresa wills no longer has. but that's not the worst part about this hit-and-run accident that took her mother mary wills from her. >> it's been harder that no one came out. >> reporter: the family has n answer, nor do police, about who killed mary thursday night at 91st and appleton.
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something. >> reporter: succeeding with one car stopping to give potential answers to their many questions. >> how could somebody do that? not even stay, notave the decency to stay. >> they know that they hit somebody, and not just hit them where they survive, hit them where they killed her. >> reporter: the family hopes their pleas will bring forward witnesses or even hit wills and drove off. >> they going about their life because we can't go on with our life. >> they have just one message for the person responsible. >> i'm talking to you. you know who you are. please come forward. >> reporter: the family asks if you have any information about what happened here thursday, that you give milwaukee police a call. ninety-first and appleton, casey geraldo, today's tmj4. >> charles: thank you.
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warn you about on one of the busiest stretches of highway in the state. i-94 eastbound at highway 100 will be completely closed starting at 11:00 friday night. ramps from i-94 and 41 are also being closed. the dot is installing new girders. the highway is expected to reopen sometime sunday morning. >> charles: new at 6:00 housing authority putting out the help wanted sign. the department hosted a contractor fair today for hundreds of local businesses. the housing authority is in contracts over the next five years. >> shannon: one of the oldest buildings on marquette's cam us about is being demolished. the residency hall was built in 1916. it was home to marquette's jesuit priest in 1973 to last year. demolition should take about four days. no word on what will replace it. >> charles: are you ready for
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players on each side and it's player on -- they play on a hard surface with a weighted ball. former milwaukee coach and current us foot sall national head coach helped open the lincoln park -- is it -- football stadium. there we go. >> these are being built across our country and metropolitan areas where you don't have space to build long, outdoor fields an to play a sport, and you know what sports does. it brings together how do you deal with somebody and how to deal with human emotions, and, of course, the physical activity. >> charles: the milwaukee footsol -- the initiative is first of its kind in wisconsin. >> shannon: you want to play? >> charles: i'm ready now. >> shannon: still ahead on "live at 6", rewarding victory. you may not realize wisconsin
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livings. >> charles: how state lawmakers are trying to change that. students head back back to school, we're getting into the mindset of the student. >> john: you both looked at me for pronunciation. do i look like lance allan? temperatures very warm once again. 88 in milwaukee, 83 in madison, 84 in green bay. and outside right now we have clear skies for the most part, 87 in milwaukee. still look at the dew point at winds are calm, but we're going to stay warm and humid for next couple days. i'll tell you how warm it's
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>> shannon: more news, nearly three dozen wisconsin red cross volunteers are in louisiana. the state is seeing some of the worst flooding in its history. 11 people have been found dead and 40,000 homes have been damaged.
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wisconsin farmer and more than a dozen cows. the coroner says the 29-year-old and the cows were overcome by either methane or sulfer oxide. this next story will probably make you feel old. >> shannon: dilute college released the annual freshman college mindset list. the graduating class of 2020 has never lived without online shopping, a clinton or bush running for office. feel very old. you wonder, you know, how is this generation going to learn patience? everything is sort of at their leash your or at their convenience with apps. >> shannon: he said how they going to learn? there's an app for that, too. the professor who year ad the list say they do it to keep faculty up to date on the experiences their incoming freshman had before coming to college. >> charles: it's a reminder how quickly things can change. >> shannon: very quickly, and how old we are.
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is slamming donald trump for exporting jobs. >> shannon: let's take a live look outside. john is back to he so us when we when the oil billionaire koch brothers call senator johnson... [ cellphone ringing ] ...what do you think they talk about? how the koch brothers' companies polluted wisconsin, even green bay, or how they spent millions to support johnson as he voted their way 90% of the time
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>> charles: you're going to want to see this. a girl sells ice cream in her front yard for a good cause. lily set up her ice cream cart last summer because she wanted a job. she then decided she didn't want all the money for herself. instead she donates half to the hunger task force. >> well, sometimes i get to sneak a free ice cream. but it also feels really good to know that i'm helping other
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a life as me. >> charles: keep up the good work, lily. so far she raised almost $400 for that organization. she saved the other half of her proceeds for another good cause, her college. >> shannon: very good young girl. several wisconsin natives winning medals in rios. bz mat ton took silver. evan jager took silver in the pl are pushing a proposal to end taxes on olympian prizes. >> shannon: they're considered income. the committee awards $25,000 for each gold, $15,000 for silver and $10,000 for bronze, not bad. >> most of these athletes are just struggling to pay their day-to-day expenses so now they go to the olympics, they are successful. they win a medal, they come back home and we're sitting there with a tax bill for them.
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fair. >> shannon: the legislation would apply to olympians. the proposal would be introduced in the next legislative session in january. >> charles: decision 2016, the campaign trail donald trump often says america is not winning anymore, especially when it comes to trade. but democrats accused the billionaire businessman of exporting jobs. the milwaukee "journal sentinel" politifact checks it out. senate democrat tammy baldwin made the claim during a milwaukee rally for tim kaine. that donald trump has a long history of exporting jobs. >> charles: for the record, politifact found that the trump name is big in the business world. cnn money reports 34,000 employed in the u.s. and he's connected to 500 companies. the trump label is on many products. and not all of them are made in america. >> trump does have a line of various products, clothing, furniture, different things, with the trump brand, and many
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overseas. >> charles: previous national politifact stories called claims that trump does not make anything in america as false. as to tammy baldwin's claim that trump has a history of exporting jobs, politifact rated it half true. >> it's not as though there were jobs he year ad in the u.s. and then moved overseas. they were jobs from the outset began in different countries. >> charles: you can see more of our political fact stories online. we haven't had a single high month, but that will change. >> shannon: welcome to i with. john malan shows us when we could actually see cool down. >> john: looks like later on in the weekend, the whole weekend will be cooling down. didn't get a lot of rain last night. we're almost two inches below normal and 4.20 inches below normal for the whole summer season if you go back to june 1st.
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jefferson .6 of an inch. .4 of an inch watertown. ...another warm one, 84 in green bay, 82 in wausau, la crosse at 86. down in chicago 87. temperatures still very warm at 87 right now in milwaukee, with 81 in waukesha, and west going on right now. 81 a senator and 84 in kenosha. dew points are still in the low to mid 60s. it got uncomfortable last night. we're watching an area of showers. this is what we call an area of moisture to the south, less moisture to the north. touching off a couple showers. most will stay well south of
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southeastern wisconsin as we pull out for you, not much else going on, couple showers across northern wisconsin. nothing else in between. so overnight, computer models show showers have pushed off and we see a lot of sunshine for tomorrow. look at late tomorrow. into the evening hours. thursday evening chance of a shower or storm rolling through thursday night, once again early in the morning on friday. then late friday we'll be watching as the low gets nearby, and could touch off more showers and storms and saturday. so isolated shower to the south, most people won't see it. 68 overnight tonight. clear to partly cloudy after that. for tomorrow another warm day in the upper 80s once again. right on into hot day friday, partly cloudy, humid, southwest winds and 90 degrees. here is your storm team four 7-day forecast. and here is what we're talking about. 78 on saturday with
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into sunday. 73 degrees and then at the end -- into the early part of next week we start out with temperatures at 76 on monday. low 80s next week, so charles, shannon, we're looking at 70s finally getting in here for august. >> charles: all right. thanks, john. when we continue to follow this breaking news, it comes from brown deer. we're told people are being evacuated from their homes. >> shannon: we have ricky mitchell on the scene with the here is what i can tell you. the incident happening on silver brook lane and 60th street in brown deer. i can see several police officers if the brown deer police department are here. we did also just see the milwaukee county sheriff's department bomb squad show up. they went around the block. all we know so far we haven't had anything officially confirmed but we talked to residents who said they were asked to leave their home. they are not being told anything from police on scene, but we saw
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information. >> charles: thank you.
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waukesha west and joe shobert in that group. made his nfl debut in green bay. >> when i first got out there, i was like feels smaller than i thought it would be. and same thing you've been since you were a kid. to see the stadium from the inside, it was awesome. waukesha county, arrowhead, funny how it works out, and it's cool to see abey make a play, too. i said hi during the game, but definitely fun, good to be out there. >> browns game marked the return of tree month williams.
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pack. >> how can it not come up? it was a big play in just history, so i was glad to be part of it. >> is it surreal to come back here? >> it is. i didn't know how it will feel, but you know, everybody made me feel good. everybody made me feel special. this is a special place, always be a special place for me. so i felt good. >> ovation in the middle of the game? i said i didn't know how it was going to go, but i'm glad that you know, they showed me love. i'm glad that the packer fans are what they said they are. they're loyal, and all you can do is respect that. >> mike mccarthy taking time out of training camp to go to the movies but for a good reason. the packers head coach went to see the steve gleason movie, a documentary about the new orleans saint player who has
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>> special that it takes a man's life and the expression it's such a unique way, and really what he's given back to us, you know, letting us have an inside look at the -- at his family, his fight against als. so steve is a vibrant personality. if you knew him as a special teamer and you know, no one so i think it tells but the character of the man and how he's taken on this fight. >> brewers and cubs tonight from wrigley.
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>> charles: we monitor things
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tonight on the olympic zone, she is the biggest thing to hit women's golf in years. a teenage prodigy who shot to the top of the world rankings with her other worldly play. >> you sensed that you're seeing >> rio offers list i can't ko new challenges and experiences. take a step back in time, to a magical place where presidents, poets and the queen of england dined. brazilians love soccer, and they love volleyball. so of course, they combine them to inconvenience foot volley.


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