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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  August 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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involved death investigations expeditiously, so the community gets the answers they deever. >> shannon: if you have any information about the events leading up to or that occurred after you're asked to submit those tips online. there is a link on our web page at you will remain anonymous. >> charles: the body camera video from the shooting still has not been released. calls are getting louder from community groups urnalling investigators to release that video. ricky mitchell isiv sherman park. you talked with the uclub this. >> reporter: the aclu said every day that video is not released speculation about what happened that day continues to grow. they also expressed concerns today about why milwaukee's mayor has not seen the video and instead he's only seen a still photo. as the neighborhood begins to heal members of community agencies say the unrest we witnessed is smothering and it could reignite.
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this community cannot, i repeat, this community cannot fully work to heal and move forward in a positive way. >> reporter: groups like wisconsin jobs now and the aclu say statements made by milwaukee police chief ed flynn and mayor tom barrett are raising more questions. chief flynn said he seen the video but mayor barrett said he's only seen a still photo. >> i purposely didn't want to see it. i saw the still picture and i thought that i should see i >> reporter: he said publicly that the still photo showed sylville smith had a gun in his hand at the time. >> i'll take his word at that, but without knowing -- without the sound, without knowing when the order to drop the gun was given, without knowing when the shots were fired, just having the gun in the hand doesn't tell the public what they need to know. >> i think that there is going
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draw their own conclusion. >> reporter: have you drawn any conclusions? >> no. again he did have a gun. he did have a gun. i think there is going to be questions as to what happened to the gun. all those things will be legitimate questions one. we reached out to milwaukee police. both did not want to comment about the aclu concern. they could not say when or if that body cam footage will be released. in sherman park, ricky mitchell, today's4. >> shannon: federal agents continue to collect evidence from businesses torched during the disturbance. atf agents with heavy machinery were at the o'reilly auto parts store near 35th and burleigh today. demolition is expected to begin tomorrow. federal investigators are offering a $10,000 reward for information on whoever started the fires. a call for peace tonight from a determined faith community, praying and walking for change.
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she is near 18th and locust. >> reporter: shannon, people in this area say they believe the violence that unfolded in the sherman park neighborhood last week is a byproduct of issues facing milwaukee's neighborhood. the lutheran church is one of many participating in peace walks. >> people gathered at hopkins boyd elementary school joining hands. all of them wanting to send a resoundingsa we are not that teenager, we all don't participate in violence. >> reporter: this had been organized as a walk and talk session for people of the linsley heights neighborhood, but people felt a need to do something and joined in. >> it shows my children, other children, that we have to be part of the solution, and it takes action. we have to be proactive. >> reporter: a learning the way they stop and talk about the changes they want to see on
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we're doing today which is part of our regular diet in ministry and community life here in this neighborhood i think the more of this kind of thing we do the more we will work towards the real conversations and the real change that we need for our community to be what it could be. >> reporter: there is another prayer vigil for peace scheduled at 6:30 at all saints parish. 198 parishes are expected to participate. reporting live in milwaukee, veronica macias, >> shannon: thank you. more local news, a well allis man pleads not guilty to shooting and killing his neighbor. >> charles: zachery hayes is charged with first degree reckless homicide in may. today a judge found probable cause to bind haze over for trial. he faces four felony charges for deadly drive-by shooting on i 90, 94. >> shannon: former green bay
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expected to be sentenced to 18 years in prison for drugging and raping women across four different states. charges involved nine victims but there could have been as many as 16. two other men have been sentenced in this case. >> charles: harley-davidson is paying $15 million to settle charges it sold illegal devices allowing motorcycle owners to exceed air pollution levels. the government said harley also made and sold more than 12,000 motorcycles with the i them, under the agreement the motorcycle maker said it would no longer sell the tuners. >> shannon: let's take a look live outside from our market tower cam. >> john: i'll tell you what we just got a severe thunderstorm watch issued. don't have the details yet but you can see on the map, it
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state. runs until midnight tonight. none of our counties are in that watch but we're going to have to watch the storms coming in from the northwest part of the state. as we get to the western part of the state you can see around platview, in the northwest ofel. here is the storms we're talking about. rolling through southeastern minnesota right now. we'll be watching that again, very carefully to see if they hold together for late he on to night. i'll be back missouri with more >> shannon: thanks. packers extra, with a possible suspension looming clay matthews and julius peppers are expected to speak to the nfl about performance enhancing allegations. >> reporter: hi. espn the first to report that three players including clay matthews and julius peppers agreed to meet with the nfl. we don't know when the meeting will be.
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al-jazeera report that came out in janna ca in janna cushion at. as for former packer, and current free agent linebacker mike neal, he was also named in the report. he has not yet agreed to meet with the league. charles. >> charles: thank you. the preseason continues tonight as the packers take on the oakland raiders at lambeau. rod burks is there to join live. we are getting ready for preseason football at lambeau field. both teams roll in to the contest unbeaten at 1-0. there is a live look at the raiders coming out on the field. we're expecting to see brett hundley at quarterback for the first time this preseason. he missed time with ankle injury but he's healthy and laying well during training camp. >> he is doing a great job. he really has a great attention
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he watches every rep i'm doing and asks good questions, and the mental part for him has been the most important part of his growth. when you start to become an expert of the offense, then you can start worrying about what's going on the other side of the ball. you start playing quarter back. so i'm proud of him. he's done a good job. he's dealing with little bit of an injury but i think he's had two really good days of practice and hope he feels good and gets a chance to play >> and the green bay packers coming out, getting ready for tonight's game. aaron rodgers will not play in tonight's game. we're live here at lambeau field. back to you guys in the studio. >> charles: good to see some football tonight because of the olympic coverage on our station, you can watch the game on wmlw, kickoff at 7:00. >> shannon: the world's fastest man headlines olympic coverage
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straight 200-meter title. team usa ashton eaton goes for back-to-back gold in the decathlon. it starts at 7:00 on tmj4. still ahead, swimming across lake michigan twice. why one man is taking on the record setting challenge. >> charles: next the popular app pokemon go helping teach civil rights history right here in milwaukee.
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>> shannon: the uw system is asking the state for $42.5 million in new funding. the budget proposal was approved today by the board of regents. it goes to the governor, who told state agencies not to expect additional state dollars next year. civil rights history and pokemon coming together in downtown milwaukee? >> charles: the aclu hosted pokemon go trainers for a guided tour today near city hall. catching them all while learning
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>> there is an ongoing history in milwaukee. this is a fun way to get folks out in the sunshine, catching pokemon, and learn about the city in which we share. >> shannon: the aclu is planning a few more pokemon go tours. the next one will be in brownsville. some of the most well-known spots are getting a green makeover. we'll show you how. >> charles: a record setting swim attempt by one man who was
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>> charles: take a look at this, a man trying to swim nonstop across michigan and back. he set out this morning from
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swim to take at least 70 hours. he is being escorted by a support boat. he needs that. he's making the swim to raise money for the nature conserve vancy program. landmarks are going green for irish fest. >> shannon: the sign outside mitchell international airport, the hotel is being lit in green to help kick off the festivities which begins today. even the bronze is take a look. it runs through sunday. >> charles: decision 2016, the campaign trail this week, hiary clinton says she would bring the biggest jobs investment to the u.s. since world war ii and donald trump seemed to take credit for nato' tough stance on terrorism. donald trump took to the stage to outline his foreign policy
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that caught the attention of our politifact checkers at politifact. >> i had previously said that nato was obsolete because it failed to deal adequately with terrorism. since my comments, they have changed their policy and now have a new division focused on terror threats. >> charles: some saw it as trump taking credit that his criticism made nato spring into action with a hiring of a new assistant secretary-general recall to coordinate intelligence sharing among nato all lice. it found decisions like that could not have been made so quickly. >> changes in nato take such a long time, especially incremental ones. you have to go through the different nations and come to agreement. >> charles: rating trump's claim as false. >> we're going to make the biggest investment in new good paying jobs since world war ii. >> charles: hillary clinton making that claim a lot lately and talking about her plan to
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years. >> we have so little information to go on as to how this jobs have actually play out without her proposal being enacted. >> charles: politifact can say it would be a record investment since world war ii, but wouldn't be a record when you use another complex economic formula, using gdp. politifact rating clinton's claim as half true. experts point out if clinton is elected such a heavy spending of day in a republican-controlled house and senate. >> shannon: severe thunderstorm watch is just issued for part of our area. john malan joins us tracking the potential storms. >> john: we have a severe thunderstorm watch for much of the west and southwestern parts of wisconsin right now. it's just off to our west and runs until 12:00 tonight. and this are big storms out there. you go to the radar you'll see the storms are just about to cross the mississippi river,
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dramatically over the last -- watch the lightning explode. a lot of energies with the storm. it's even starting to already bow out a little bit as the line moves to the east at 45 miles per hour. let's see what our computer models are saying about it all. by about 1:00 in the morning you'll see the storms diving into the southern part of our viewing area and could see the storms around lake geneva. about 4:30 in the morning they switch back to the second rnd the northern part of the viewing area. and in milwaukee you'll see the storms between six and 8:00 in the morning, and they move out of the picture. we could see more redevelop in the afternoon. so as the hot humid air pushes in we start to see the storms really fire up. high was 87 today. 88 la crosse, 90s to the west. good chance we'll see 90s tomorrow. what we have been seeing increase over the last three hours dew points. into the 70s now, very
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downtown with mostly clear skies, 81 degrees. look at the dew point at 71, winds southeast at 13 miles per hour. 84 in waukesha 83 watertown, and 85 out in whitewater. here is what is going on. low pressure rolls at us, and that's what's generating the showers and storms and the warm air. by saturday morning the cold front pushes in. for tonight, look for a storm tonight, warm humid air, hopefully they lose some of their severe characteristics by the morning hours, an overnight low of 70 degrees. for tomorrow, hot, humid, with storms possible in the morning hours, redeveloping in the afternoon. 90 degrees, southwest winds, and right into saturday good chance of showers and storms. mostly cloudy skies, most of the storms and showers should be in the afternoon, 78. and here is your storm team four 7-day forecast. sunday, looking pretty good. maybe a spotty shower in the
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we drop to 73 degrees on monday. less humid air and 74 degrees, and looks pretty nice for the beginning of next week with 78 and sunshine on tuesday. 80 on wednesday. and only 81 into thursday. so we will be watching the storms all through the evening
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the packers host the raiders in their second preseason game before kickoff. we learned that clay with the nfl in regards to steroid allegations. rod burks is live at lambeau field. rod, we get this news today. last night we find out jordy nelson ready to go. so what are things like up there with all of this developing? >> we are getting ready for some preseason football. there's a live look at the green bay packers warming up.
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rookie draft choices and free agents. but one guy trying toake the most of opportunities is geronimo ellison who went undrafted coming out of illinois, making big plays during training camp. heimpressed his quarterback -- r reason rodgers. >> he is doing a great job for us. he offers something different with his size and ability to catch the ball, and to use his body to she would make catches. so it's about opportunities and making the most of your excellence on special teams. a lot of the young guys need to understand that that's how you make the team. they tried to cut him, and then he comes back, and now he's a core special teams player for us and a guy we need on our team. >> there are the green bay packers because we're getting close to kickoff against the oakland raiders, a couple guys
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he has been -- and running back brandon burks. i'm rod burks for today's tmj4. back to you in the studio. >> thanks much so. the brewers trying to avoid their first ever four game sweep at wrigley. ryan braun back in the lineup after crashing in the wall in yesterday's game. it's a battle of the aces. the brewers dug themselves into a deep hole, down five davies gives up two runs in the chris. kris bryant one of his two homers for the day. he gives up -- he goes five for five, puts the cubs up four. the brewers don't have a hit until the fourth. it's a good one. a three-run homer makes it a 5-3 ballgame. the uns keep this out of reach. they win 9-6 and sweep. day come of the decatch a lone
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record. he just has a 1500-meter race left to go.
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>> john: the warm and humid air is generating thunderstorms. we see some big thunderstorms across minnesota, starting to enter wisconsin right now. severe thunderstorm watch just to our west. none of our counties are included but it is dane county, green county as i shift to the radar. you'll see the big area of thunderstorms just blowing up fast and rolling to the so we'll keep an eye on those through the evening hours, see if that watch moves over. i think they will weaken before they get to our area. >> charles: and won't make it to lambeau? >> john: no, rain free there. >> charles: good to know. >> shannon: all right. thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> charles: the olympic zone is
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tonight... on the olympic zone...among the many daredevils at the olympics... uh-lees post stands out... sot i've always been a bit of an adrenaline junkie, even as a little girl... she's taken hard tumbles before... but she always rises again... and is now ready to race for b-m-x gold in you may think you know bob costas... but you've never seen him >> do you think young beat an olympian. >> you may think you know bob costas but you have never seen him quite like this. >> and looks like the bat mobile. >> play not be the batmobile but new technology and forward thinking design are helping american wheelchair racers go faster than ever with the rio pair olympics right around the


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