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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  August 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm CDT

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>> announcer: this broadcast is presented by the authority of the international olympic committee and may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form without the expressed written consent of the international olympic committee. 1:00 am to the second in rio. let's finish up with a look at the medal count brought to you by mcdonald's, supporting athletes on their journeys to olympic gold with three days of competition remaining, the u.s. has reached 100 other country has as many as 60. american women particularly have been successful here, winning 60% of the country's gold medals and more than half of the medals overall. update on the ryan lochte story. two swimmers involved in the incident, jack conger and connor bentz are currently on a flight back to the united states. also scott blackman has released a statement saying, and we quote, behavior of these
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team usa or the conduct of the vast majority of its members. we will further review the matter and any potential consequences for the athletes when we return to the united states. on behalf of the united states olympic committee, we apologize to our hosts in rio and the people of brazil for this distracting ordeal of what should rightly be a celebration of excellence. jimmy fiegen has release adrian advised statement of securing his passport to return to the united states. we'll have more on the story in the morning. usain bolt will be running his final race 4 x 100 relay tomorrow night.
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>> this is breaking news now from today's tmj4. a man shot and killed steps away from a police district station. >> it all happened in front of district six on the south side. >> that is where jonah caplin is. jonah? >> reporter: george, that location is really what makes this story so significant. right in front of district six head quarters is behind me and across the street from aurora st. luke's medical center.
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crime scene area. an argument between three people led to a fight and that is when a 65-year-old man pulled a gun and shot a 42-year-old man who died at the hospital. the shooter and the other man turned themselves into the police and surrendered the gun. they are investigating the connection, if any, between there three individuals. it is worth mentioning even though it took place in front the police station the officers were not targeted. we are live on the city's south tide. today's tmj4. >> george: storm team 4 coverage. prepare for a stormy night. >> john malone has been tracking the storm system. >> john: the as it storms are starting to die to the south into northern illinois. we have a couple thunderstorms in the area but they are few and
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pushing right in our direction but split up and it is now starting to push down into northern illinois. so i will stop the radar for you. a couple isolated thunderstorms danny and rock county. one lightning bolt in walworth about half an hour ago. as we pull out and show you the whole line we have a lot of rain behind it. these showers will push to the south of milwaukee a the north will probably not see much in the way of rainfall. 72 dew point in milwaukee so there is a lot of moisture in the air to generate showers and storms and it could generate showers and storms for the next couple days. 70 degrees. i will tell you how hot it is going to get tomorrow. an opportunity for more storms over the weekend. the green and gold hit the grid iron for the second
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land radars. >> how are they looking guys? >> george and carole, they look pretty good. won the game 20-12 and rod burkes 14 plays, 74 yards right off the bat. the offense to start was very good. >> 27 looked look good in the 1st quarter with 45 yards, nine carries and a touchdown. the backup quarterback was engineering the offense unfortunately he reinjured his ankle. >> reporter: and mccarthy talked about the game: >> i brought he did a good job managing the huddle. the run block did a good job of giving eddy clean looks and i thought eddy ran very well. >> on the other side of the
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intersection two weeks in a row. great intersections. playmakers on the back end of the defense. >> reporter: it is good to get him off to a great start. played great but didn't get the return he wanted on the interception but randal played good football for the green bay packers. we will go inside the locker room coming up in sports. george and carole? >> george: as the healing continues, state investigators are asking the public for information about the shooting that sparked the violence. this marks the first time the agency has offered an anonymous tip for a deadly shooting involving a police officer. there is a link on a milwaukee police officer shot and killed smith while he was running from a traffic stop. police say the 23-year-old was armed with a gun. the body camera hasn't been released but calls are getting
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investigators to release the video. >> without transparency and the release of the body cam video this community cannot, i repeat, this community cannot fully work to heal and move forward in a positive way. >> george: the attorney general issued a statement saying quote it is my goal to complete officer-involved death investigations so the community gets the answers they deserve. >> tonight, many people to prayers and faith. rebecca crof has the story. >> reporter: catholics from around milwaukee came for a special mass, a prayer vigil for peace. >> we are in need of prayer and healing. >> reporter: neighbors say watching the violence sparked them to come out and so a different part of their city.
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should be showing toward everyone hurting now. >> reporter: the luthren church led a prayer circle in the lindsey heights neighborhood and others came out to show people on the west side there are teens doing positive things. >> we are out there doing great things. >> reporter: others say they are trying to be an example for the next generation. >> it shows my children, other children, that we have to be a part of the solution and that takes action. >> rebecca at both prayer services today everybody agreed this has to be the start of the dialogue for peace and coming together. atf agents were at the o'reilly autopark show and demolition in sherman is set to begin tomorrow. central investigators are offering a $10,000 reward leading to arrests. we have continuing coverage of
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>> carole: we have a traffic alert about i-94 eastbound at highway 100 will be completely closed starting at 11 tomorrow night. ramps from i-94 and 41 are also being shutdown. the highway is expected to reopen sometime sunday morning. and milwaukee citizens recognized for community service. they are members of st. ann's body program that pairs teens with with disabilities and reading and playing games. the adults saw they learn as much from the kids as the kids learn from the adults. >> george: children who are burn injuries often face stares because of their appearance but that doesn't happen at one special place. one week each year the children's scars disappear. >> reporter: in east troy, nearly 60 young survivors from
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do they deserve it. >> camp is everything to me. it is that one place i can finally feel good about myself. >> when you come here, it is like everybody is the same basically. >> here, i feel free. it is my freedom. >> reporter: for these kids camp is a whole new world. all of them have their own stories of survival after being burned in house fires, accidents or abusive situations scars somewhere on their body. an understanding that makes the friendships like family. >> they know what it is like to have a scar and have others say stuff to them. >> i know the pain they went through. >> they are really nice to me and i am nice to them. >> reporter: it is known as burn camp and it is free for all kids who attend paid for my community donations. the volunteer counselors and staff are firefighters, nurses
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heal more every day growing from victims to survivors. and they have a message about their scars which they now wear proudly. >> just because people look different it doesn't mean that they don't feel good about their self. >> don't treat them different from other kids just because they have scars on their body. >> no matter what scars y you are beautiful the way you are. >> reporter: for more information on how to enroll or donate click on this story at >> carole: here is look at the medal rount in rio. team usa has 100 medals including 35 gold. china, great britain, and russia round out to the top five. and michelle obama reached out
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healthy food she likes. she remembered posting a picture of eating ice cream and french fries and apologized. >> were four olympic swimmers really robbed in rio? >> police are getting behind the elaborate story and what is behind it. >> plus, sports has highlights from the packers' preseason
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>> carole: check this out. a texas family is recovering from minor injuries after lightning struck an suv they were unloading. the surveillance video is a little choppy but you can see the flash of the strike. it threw the father to the ground and he suffered minor burns but everybody is >> george: ryan lochte lying? that is what brazilian police are saying. >> reporter: according to authorities in rio, ryan lochte is two other swimmers lied when they said they were robbed at gunpoint. officials say they were drunk and vandalized a gas station and made up the story. police say one of the swimmers is cooperating and ryan lochte is the one who created the lie. more disturbing allegations
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>> we are learning the hospital refused to accept a dying veteran. we have the story that got attention of the top ranking officials. >> reporter: robert lace had kidney disese and died six days later after the va turned him away. his family said it was never a question of if he was going to die but how he died that is upsetting them. >> they put their lives on the line for all of us and they are not being they go into the that emergency room. >> reporter: liz ryan is disappointed by what happened when she tried to admit her brother robert in the va's inpatient hospital program. >> they pretty much kicked him out. >> reporter: according to notes the i-team obtained robert was denied care because of quote his disruptive behavior and they were not able to provide an inpatient hospital setting to
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was a horrible person but it was the disease making him so agitated. >> reporter: liz said her brother was in pain and she believed current hospice care at home with a nurse twice a week wasn't enough. >> he wasn't being monitored and getting the comfort care. >> reporter: liz said end of life treatment would have helped her brother die in peace but doctors show refer him but instead sent him home.?? >> there was enough concern raised we decided we need to look at this entire procedure from beginning to end. >> reporter: gary with the va says everyone involved in denying robert's care will be interviewed. the va is confirming a full internal review is underway. >> as a veteran to the family of a veteran if they feel in any way they were not treated with
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we will fix that. >> it is a horrible death when you die of late stage kidney disease. >> reporter: liz was able to get her brother enrolled in another care center but it took several days. she hopes this story will make the va look closer at the policies. some people feel veterans are receiving poor health care from the va. how do you respond to that? >> annually here and it is terrific care but if something can be done better we are going to do it. we can't get better at what we do unless we know there is something we might need to improve upon. >> the va says they haven't denied a patient care based solely on their behavior which is why there is a formal investigation. >> the i-team is working for you.
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you would like our investigative team to look into send an e-mail to our iteam e-mail address. >> carole: storms are rolling into the area. >> george: but look at the full moon before the clouds rolled in. john is here. when the are storms going to roll in and cover up the moon? >> john: the clouds are rolling in but the storms are diving south into illinois. the western part of jefferson county and passing through rock county. the showers moving in and notice how fast they dissipate. heavier showers in columbia and most of the rain accumulates and it will not be much will be south of i-90. before getting closer walworth county is getting the rain and western part of jefferson county and isolated showers pushing in.
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the storms dive south and miss us and at 5:30, showers to the south. not much going on until almost the evening hours tomorrow. more showers mainly to the south. here is where the rain picks up friday night and watch on saturday just a continuation of showers and thunderstorms. most of that moves out by later saturday night. 88 in lacrosse. 92 des moines we should see near 90 tomorrow and the dew point is 72 in milwaukee, 73 in des moines and upper 60s to the west and south. overnight temperatures remain around 70. we are holding at 78 in milwaukee still. here is what is going on. low pressure system rolls our way, generating showers and storms, but we are waiting for this cold front. that cold front won't get here
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most of the showers and storms from late friday night and through the day on saturday and brings temperatures down to the 70s for highs by sunday. warm, humid air tonight, isolated thunderstorms couldn't be thrown out but most are diving south into illinois. low of 70 degrees. tomorrow partly to mostly cloudy skies, hot and humidity, morning leftover shower and afternoon thunderstorms after 4:00 ib most of the rain for most of the area comes saturday, cloudy skies, showers and storms at times and 78 degrees. chance of hitting 80 on saturday but sunday 70s with a spotty morning shower. 73-74 on monday. this breaks the spell of all 80s or above during the month of august. 78 and party cloudy and staying
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remainder of next week. unfortunately once against everything is diving south so milwaukee county is going to miss out on a lot of the rain until saturday everybody gets the rain. >> we have had two in a row so can't complain. we have sad news from the today's tmj4 family. long time photo journalist chris austin passed away last night. he spent 38 years here at today's tmj4 and retired back in 2005. those of us who had the pleasure to work with chris discovered quickly he was one of the most well-read and intelligent man we knew. we referred to him as car five, the number of his news vehicle. well chris austin, car five, rest in peace because after all
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>> mike mccarthy always stresses the run second preseason game we saw it in full force and some of the force coming from lacy with nine carries, 45 yards on the opening drive and says he is feeling more explosive and literally leaped in the end zone to put the packers up 6-0. joe callahan leaves the game with an ankle injury. gives it to crockett and plows through the defenders for the second score.
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blockeded and recovered by the raiders for the first touchdown of the game but packers get number two 20-12. and rod burke is live at lam bow field. what are the guys saying after the second straight w? >> a lot of smiles in the locker room with the packers unbeaten. that running game was on point tonight. led by lacy, starks ran the football well, crocket caught the ball also for a touchdown. here is lacy and crocket after the game. >> i felt good. the offensive line did a great job. i was able to break a couple tackles and break a long run and try to run over a few people. but i felt good out there. >> you always feel good when you get to run around the field. we had had all the screaming fans. it is definitely really fun to be out there again.
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for the running backs. they ran the ball with confidence tonight and that is what you want going into the preseason game in san francisco n n taking on the niners. >> and the crew with the final game at wriggly. one player ? ? the ford freedom sales event is on! our biggest event of the year just got better! ? ? announcing zero for seventy-two across the entire lineup of ford cars, trucks and suvs. plus, tagged vehicles now get a thousand smart bonus. that's freedom from interest... and freedom to choose with ford. america's best selling brand. ? ? now get 0% financing for 72 months across the entire ford lineup,
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. vis >> the brewers trying to avoid their first ever four-game sweep at wriggly this afternoon. it is a battle of the aces.
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first. chris brian, one of two homers on the day going 5-5. cubs up four here. the brewers tonight have a hit until the 4th. kirk's three-run homer a making it a 5-3 ball game but the cubs win 9-6 and sweep the brewers. the u.s. 400 meter team thought their dreams were over but they won their appeal and advance to the finals in the time trials. and bolt, for the third straight time, had i seen your 200 meter gold medalists. high school football starts tonight with arrow head and homestead. 2nd quarter, homestead's quarterback eric zeller, 69 yards and puts them up. the war hawks don't look back
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in the debut, zach finishes in
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>> carole: here are your winning
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30, 33, 39 and no doubler tonight. >> it will be hot one tomorrow. temperatures around 90 and could see an isolated storm. they are firing up but have the southeast movement so not everyone will see the rainfall and they will die out as they get closer to lake michigan. tomorrow starting out with 70 and wind up around maybe lingering isolated shower. >> frenzy is in the clear. >> frenzy is back already.


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