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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 19, 2016 5:30pm-5:56pm CDT

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hasdetail >> reporr: mia ?f mog in a cloud o in ctde, butith so many high-rises, planes can't swoop down to spray. at risk, public health, and a $24 indust. > touri is a dr fce our ?yy this industry has the fl >>teod iru local annoceha mosqto infected d n.e zi >>'m youngr te sca av il onven weatioe at we't .???# >>eporter: the new rt of fac this new mil from oo where the
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up. tourists already cancel trips to miami beach. teeke had three phone calls and cancellations, one of which was pregnant for the fear of zika. >> reporter: tonight the cdc says it's possible homegrown zika may be in other neighborhoods i miami-dade just not yet detected. >> we found the messaging from the governor's office t be very dissatisfying, frankly misleading. >> reporter: florida department of health news they are frustrat florida' governor won't let them ta. >> have you muzzle them? are. >> we want to make sure every citizen in the state knows what's going on. >> reporter: tonig the cdc is warning any women who have been in the zika zone to wait at least eight weeks be getting pregnant. but the mayor her in miami beach says he would hate to be a
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>> kerryanders in florida tonight. kerry, thanks. tonight here in rio, much of the talk of the olympic games continues to come off the playing field. ryan lochte who made waves out of the pool when authorities say he lied about being robs. after lochte said he and three other swimmers were robbed after a night on the ryan lochte breaking days of silence, saying in part on stagram, i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend, for not being more careful and candid in how i described the events of that early morning. his apology coming after police release security footage, that shows tha lochtere not victimsf a robbery, but vandals, damaging a gas station after a night of
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crowd in rio, gunner and jack arrived back in the u.s. this morning, brazilian authorities a allowing them to go home because they never lied to officials. conger said they had been drink vodka and champagne before they stopped at a gas station where ryan pulled off a sign from the wall. conger admitted he and lochte urinated on the an ryan told the american press was different from what happened. >> they caveou h avoided all these problems. what they need to do is going over everything and tell the truth. i got drunk, i broke a few things, i got involved in a confusion, big deal. >> reporter: as for jimmy feeg began, the fourth swimmer, he revised his original statement thursday,
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$11,000 in restitution to a brazilian charity, his lawyer says his case is resolved. lochte could also face a fine, but will likely pay a much higher cost with his endorsement deal. >> ryan lochte's behavior will lose him somewhere between 5 million and $10 million because offense his antics. >> reporter: years of hard work in the pool, tarnished by a late night out that could still sink a career. tonight we have learned jimmy feagan has paid his restitution and has returned to the u.s. tonight. the other swimmers could be kicked off the team or placed on probation. that's to be decided in the days to come. some pretty dramatic victories on the track here in rio. the fastest man in the world usain bolt blew
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meters, and ashton eaton became the first to win back to back decathlon medals in the olympics. turning now to the infernos raging in california where firefighters are fighting six wild fires, red flag warnings were extended through the day in several areas, including los angeles and san diego counties. returning to find nothing left. >> reporter: it was racing across dry foothills forcing 80,000 people to quickly abandon their helms. ry williamson returned to his property to discover his car burned but his rv did not. >> i can't thank the fire department enough. this is overwhelming
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every. >> reporter: today it's isirefighter on edge fighting a fire where at least 96 homes have been destroyed. one of those homes belonged to ronnie moore and his family. >> the main thing is my family's safe. everything else can be replaced. >> reporter: they have been living in a rite ate parking lot that's become a temporary rv park for evacuees. . tonight family is living out of a nissan with three pets. >> we're lucky we have this. >> reporter: another fire torched 190 homes, one belonged to matthew porter when was at the olympics in rio, but hisamily lost their home of st two months. >> as long as we have got each other, we can get through anything. >> repter: back here in southern california
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ha been lifted so some anxious families are returning home to seef the properties were spared or if they were destroyed like this one behind me here. to presidential politics now and eat bombshell from the trump campaign today. the resignation from the campaign chairman, paul manafort amid a wave of bad headlines and questions about manafort's connection to russia. he has quit the campaign, all as trump made a presidential likeisit to the flood stricken areas of louisiana. >> reporter: tonight paul manafort is out of a job, two days after trump sidelined him with a new management team. the trump manafort relationship was adversarial and was
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manafort spent weekends at his beach house. >> i'm dubious, because trump doesn't seem to listen to anybody. >> reporter: manafort was ousted because of bad polls, and his questionable connection with russia. and this week court documents were released tying ma russian mafia. he didn't want to be a distraction. but today he was. >> in hillary clinton's america, the system stayed rigged. >> reporter: taking attention away from trump's general election tv ad. and his last-minute visit to flood destated baton uge. >> i'm just here to , t lpnk you. >>eporter:rump tryi tohow compassion a day after he made rare admission. you don't choe the right words or you y th saong thing.
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and believe it or not, i regreet it. >> reporter: in 14 months trumpas insulted hundreds of people, places and things. . in michigan tonight, he read from a teleprompter again hoping to keep offending anyone. what the hell do you have to lose, he said? lester. >> katy tur, thank you. after trump took some jabs at president obamaod f not yet visiting flood ravaged baton rouge, the white house announced that the president will arrive there tuesday to view the devastation for himself. this as residents begin to fatho the enormous ct of this disaster. gabe gutierrez wh
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skiesnepe rirs swelled. night there is still high waternd more rain in sorento, louisiana. new figures out today estimate the flood damage is at least $20 billion, more than 95,000 people have applied for federal aid. >> this is a family bible, it's soaking wet. it is over, what am i going to do now? it's definitely not over andain't over for a long time. volueers scrambled res toe her. >> i have never seen nothing le this in my whole life. >> reporter: since then, she's stayed with retives, sleeping on an air mattress, four feet of water tore her home apart. >> i hav lost it several times. it's hard. it is. >> reporter: she is just one of the thousands without flood insurance, not asking for much, just not to be rgotten. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, baker,
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overseas today when two syrian jets were met within visual range by a pair of u.s. fighter jets according to a senior u.s. defense official. the syrians did not respond when the u.s. attempted to contact them and then the syrian planes left. it hpened in the same area where the pentagon says syrian planes dropped bombs yesterday, the closest u.s. forces on the ground have come to being hit by the syrian government. still ahead nigh triple at triathlete who left her desk job to chase her dream of becing the first american to bring home gold in her event. and the joy and the tears. emotional moments that touched hearts around woman: it's been a jrney to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. and through it all, my retirement
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backow??ith some olympic inspiration for anybody w's ever thought abouteavi l behind the daily grind to kevi tibbles has one he olympic great untoldstories. >> when onen is
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yes. lving the triathlon's encurrent, last year alone, the 30-year-old ran 1,400 miles, raced through 22 pairs of saks anore an cycleres. abov a bike shop, didn'txaly fall in ith cycling a a kid. >> we had to bribe her with i cream to ride she wod rat run going, okay i' give you ice crm. then she would ride her bike. >> rorr: but she did fl1wx at hom in theool a swimming remains her passion day. >> there'shing somet about diving in that water and being on your own and challenging yourself that was really exciting for me. >> reporter: gwen won 12 straight world triathlon series raceart of her two-year undefeat
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apith aecond ple finish. shs still the at?]?yhlet to beat in ri s where could bring home america's first olympic gold in triathlon, but even in an individual sport, gwen say it's a team sport. gwen's husba has putse on hold to support gwen. he whips up meals brimming wit?9 because soanyburnedithense woekouts. and whe yross the sh line, a you' in everythingou you can toexecut is an amazing feeling. >> reporter: ais calculation by someone o's balced les ok > whe look lfas huffing and puffing.
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welcome back. we have moved up to the promenade above the beach. and music is a big part of the brazilian culture. one of its biggest exports is it's take on jazz. the music scene here is one no music lover can afford to miss. brazil mov to its own beat. but no sub genr o brazilianazz i compte without the bossonova sound. born her '50s and '60s on the wind blown sands of ipanema. as musician and music professor explains, brazilian music is influenced by american
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american jazz,hey're mostly cousins,hey t come from music that was mixed withhe bouncing and swinging and was just a warmup in the n inent, the as,americ the(? american jazz north, brazilian jazz sou. the second is loer. >> whereas traditional american jazz is heavy on swing, bossonova puts themphasis another beat. it also relies heavily on the guitar rather than piano, the result a rhythm and warmth that defies you to not sway your head. what is your spiration, when you play jazz, is i the beach? is ithe mountains? what isour inspirion? >> basically everything. especially in rio, we're between the
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.. on-dro y claritevery day ofleseas aritin pvides powerful, for fer terruptis from theo every day. ?e?b veea thisars traveling ov 2 m tters. hour.d both on e trac and nds thousa miles away. with theeloft&t,ed bull racing can share critil informatn out every inch of the cafromirtually anywhere. daniel yoneed to our co yakes. understo, brk 2ake bi clicks next at 6.. whervolunteers becaus lik one knowsi at&t. are flooding to help after last weekens unrest in shermark. plus. a majo shdown. why a section of i-94 wl be completley closed off, for nearly the ole
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to the wor olympic >>eporte haho kof the glo. each eraouee fr stanley w bronze. >>eptehese emotionally chae
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?>>ep the fujian winninghe couny's fir me first gold for brazil, it's gol f silva. gymnasng falli h oll ?tl tnd dern reur is decky a uis >> peter alexan
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is goio dot timee ofs ay. the olympics begins at 8:00ce :00 and usain bolt goes for the gold again in e relay, l i'mter holt, for all of us at nbc ne >> this is breaking news. >> charles: we have a crash that is shuttgowthree lanes on i 41 northboundt cland enue live itappenedus about 5:00. 7:00toe clearntil or haooughhatrea try tovo so rightf now, ehe busiesp be ut thnning o trip ugh the zoo interchange you e interates bngdk twice about down. the department ofransiois
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star tonht at 11:00. ramps from i-94 and are also being zervakis joins us to figure eeadach out >>orter: that is part of the zoo ierchange project. it's gng to starttighway and go east to t aa of 92nd street. th nextp where you'll be ableo get onto 94 eastbound will be your street. crews will be installing tub girders, bicalut the concrete peers. you can see extending from the ground and then new roadway is laid on the girders. and in that case that will be a new ramp to 41, 45 northbound. the highway is being closed because as the girders are being installed, there will be -- there would be live traffic underneath. th's why the road is going to be shut down and the dot is hoping the weather cooperating >> wean seeindowf


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