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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500 Saturday  NBC  August 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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now at five... waukesha-native gwen jorgensen wins olympic gold in rio. hello, i'm katie crowther. thanks for joining took a lot of hard work... but fi dream has come true. not only did she win gold... she made history.. overcome by emotion, pride and a dream finally realized - 30- year old waukesha-native gwen jorgensen became the first american woman to win gold in the triatholon... which became an olympic sport sixteen years
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thousands of miles from rio... friends and family watched and cheered for gwen at a party in her honor in milwaukee. it's a moment they've been waiting and hoping for... in the 20-12 london games... she blew a tire er she proved today she is the best and most dominate triathlete in the high waukesha passion was in swimming. she also made state in
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to run and swim at uw-madison. then u-s-a triathlon officials came calling. she's come a long way since her early days in waukesha running, swimming and biking as a child. joregens paul, minnesota with her husband. she finished the triathlon in one hour, 56 minutes and 16 seconds to take the gold. we'll have more olympic coverage coming up of gwen jorgensen's win in rio in the triathlon in our olympic zone at six-30. you can also log onto our website at t-m-j-4 dot com slash olympics. our olympic coverage continues
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ryan show host matt lauer sat down with lochte, who lied about being held-up at gunpoint during a robbery in rio. that interview will air tonight on today's tmj4 during primetime. storm team four now...rain and storms moved through earlier today. it's still pretty humid... but not for long. meteorologist scott steele is here with a first check of the forecast. a very slow moving storm system will finally begin its long awaited our area during the next 24 hours. there's been an abundance of moisture in the atmosphere causing some torrential downpours as a series of waves helped to provide greater instability kicking off round after round of showers and storms. meantime, a cold front at the surface will pass through the badger state later tonight. while most of sunday should remain dry, we'll still be in
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for a mix of clouds and sun along with some pop up showers in the afternoon. still, this shouldn't hamper any outdoor activities as any rainfall would be limited in amount and duration. will then push back into our region sunday night through ushering in much calmer conditions including plenty of the start of the work addition, the will be much cooler and with topping off in the 70s. to the "healing in sherman park" marks one week since a milwaukee police officer shot and killed a suspect... prompting riots. the mood there community looks to rebuild. veronica macias is live in sherman park...with a look at what residents are saying, one week later, veronica: katie, residents tell me they want their park back. people around here say they grew up having kids play in a park that wasn't surrounded by barricades and patrol cars. throughout the morning there were some families who came
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"their" neighborhood. a grandmother i talked to - but did not want to be interviewed on camera - tells me that rain or snow never kept children away. she believes residents should not live in fear after what happened. people feel that more than ever, kids out here need an open basketball court and things to do. another resident -- who did not show his face, says at this time last week he would be barbecuing for kids in the park -- only his grill was stolen last week. 122335 i literally shed tears because of this situation and generally there would be so many of us here by this time and people coming in and bringing things and giving hugs. this is pitiful." and while residents are tired of the heavy lawenforcement presence out here - they are happy to hear that police arrested individuals responsible for vandalizing the area. the park continues to close at six. live on
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sherman park will continue to close early at six every evening. and, a 10 p-m curfew is still in effect. milwaukee police say there has always been a curfew in the city. the difference now... teens have to be home by 10, rather than 11. we have continuing coverge of the story in sherman park on-air and online -- just long onto tmj- 4- dot com. one person is dead following a police shooting in the fox valley. the new department says two officers were on patrol when they spotted a suspect wanted by police. the officers confronted the man and he allegedly drew a weapon. that's when the officers reportedly shot the man, killing him. the officers were not hurt. investigators are looking into what caused a milwaukee day care to go up in flames. the fire started this morning at "little people's academy" on 27th street, near capitol. it does not ?appear? to be suspicious. while there is damage... thankfuly, no children were inside, and
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getting young men and women back on their feet....more than 30 people who had spent time in prison, or had gone through hard times... , graduated today from an eight week training program through the milwaukee area technical college and northcott neighborhood house. they were trained in the construction trade. graduates will now move onto full time jobs for the next eight weeks.... then they'll go on to work for construction companies... or pursue higher education. northcott neighborhood house is a charity in milwaukee that not only provides programs like this but offers many other forms of assistance for kids and adults. today's tmj4 is owned by the e-w scripps company which believes in the motto "we do well by doing good".in that spirit, several of us from
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time at the urban ecology center in riverside park. we spent the morning shoveling and spreading mulch. "today the volunteers are covering all the weeds up with about 6-8 inches of mulch and we're going to use that to kill the weeds instead of using herbicide."today's tmj4 is a proud sponsor of the urban ecology center's upcoming "hike milwaukee". it's september 18th. check out tmj4 dot com for more information. coming up on live at five: the spread of the zika virus. a new tourist hot spot that's being hit ?hard?. plus... a tandem skydive that turned
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skydivers had a wild ride in idaho and it was all caught on camera. they were 16-thousand feet up when they jumped and their parachute lines got twisted. they were forced to cut away their main parachute and open-up the emergency one in the knick of time. cell phone video captured the pair coming in for a landing behind a walmart in a private driveway. serious concerns over the zika virus in san diego tonight.. workers hand-sprayed a two- city block after discovering mosquitos carring the far, there are not any known cases of zika transmission in california. however, we're seeing it spread fast, after being detected in florida. mary molony has the lastest from miami... where five new cases have been reported, bringing that state's total to 36. (nats)this is ocean drive -- one of the hottest tourist spots on south beach.but now miami beach is a different
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florida): "we believe we have a new area where local transmissions are occurring in miami beach. "the area is one and a half square miles. running from the beach to the intercoastal's the second part of miami - dade county where local transmission of the virus has been found.(dr. tom frieden/cdc director): "the key here is to find it quickly and respond quickly. that's what we're doing along with florida and miami-dade county in these two zones where we've documented transmission."the head of the c-d-c says the high rise buildings -- and strong beach breezes could pose a spraying for a type of mosquito that's notoriously difficult to control.(mayor philip levine/miami beach): "we are going to do everything in our power to make this city safe for our residents and our tourists. that's the most important. that's job number one for the city of miami beach right now."contracting zika is most damaging to pregnant women.the virus can have devastating consequences for an unborn baby.which is why the c-d-c warns pregnant women not to travel to parts of miami beach.and consider not traveling to miami dade county at all.(mayor philip
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spraying efforts, the last thing i would ever want to be on miami beach right now is a mosquito."i'm mary moloney reporting. that was mary moloney reporting. the only zika cases in wisconsin so far have involved people who contracted it while traveling. ?no? one has been infected while in the state. now to a bizarre story out of florida... surveillance video captured a one-woman wrecking crewin jacksonville. it all started when the clerk confronted her after she stuffed y pocket. the clerk locked the door so she couldn't leave... and she proceded to trash the place. she eventually got away somehow... and police are still looking for her. ((people laughing))that laughter is from on-lookers, watching a pair of armed robbers who found themselves locked in a new jersey cellphone store after robbing the place. turns out while they were stealing phones and money, the manager ran out and
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eventually escaped through a back window. police are still searching for them. and finally....back to southern california, where police looking for a domestic violence suspect found him in an unusual place: a clothes dryer. when they arrived, officers were told he had locked himself in the laundry room. they didn't find him at first...but it turns out their one last hunch proved correct. not sure how he fit in that dryer. still ahead on live at five: graphic evidence on wh course during a storm.also coming up.... some of those evacuated by the california wildfires ... return to what ?used? to be their homes. a look at where they go from
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parts of kansas... getting hit hard by flooding. this is near wichita where heavy rain is wreaking havock. many roads are underwater. first responders used boats to reach people who were trapped. luckily, there are no reports of injuries. and rescue crews from all over the country are helping out as louisiana deals with devastating floods. emergency workers are going door-to-door looking for people who might be trapped. the rising water there has left at least 13 people dead 40-thousand homes damaged. now to the wildfires out west... more damage has been found as more evacuees go home near los angeles. hundreds of homes and other buildings have burned. among those returning to where their homes once stood, the residents of lower lake, california. they knew what to expect.. but as tom miller reports, it didn't lessen their pain. (?pkg?)(-- pkg --)((natsot)) (kevin dean / lost home)"it's all gone... came over to about
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much to come back to. ((natsot))(kevin dean / lost home)"it looks like we got a couple of wrenches... probably not tempered no more. all gone, all gone."he and his wife katie are among hundreds of homeowners sifting through the ashes.((natsot))(katie dean / lost home)"candle holder."shocked at how little made it.((sot))(kevin dean / lost home)"devastation. there's only one place there and one place there left... everybody else is burnt gone... everybody else is gone."(-- stand-up --)(tom miller / reporting)"in total 189 homes were lost including nearly everything inside of for finding precious valuables."for katie, it's jewelry. ((natsot))(katie dean / lost home)("just don't disturb this area.") "yeah my mother's pearls are in there." ((nat - sifting)) neighbor wes baker lost something precious to him too... his cat tica. ((sot))(wes baker / lost home) "she's a siamese and she's really old and she's really sweet."((nat - sifting))((sot)) (wes baker / lost home)"she sleeps on me you know." ((nat - firefighter sifting))helping people are firefighters. this
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battling flames - instead sorting through the destruction on their hands and knees. ((sot))(capt. jake spence / lincoln fire dept.) this is our chance to come back, which is rare, with the homeowners as they return to find what's left or what might be remaining."although so much is now gone... dean is already looking ahead. ((sot))(kevin dean / lost home)"we're not quitters. we'll rebuild... that's what we're gonna do... that's exactly what we're gonna do."knowing buildings can be replaced, but it's the people that make this place home. it's been a pretty stormy day in southeastern wisconsin. saturday... always a popular day for golfers... so it's a good thing there was no one on this course in kenosha when it was struck by ?lightning?. this photo was taken by matt kregel, the superintendent at "the club at strawberry creek." that's some scary stuff scott steele. a very slow moving storm system will finally begin its
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our area during the next 24 hours. there's been an abundance of moisture in the atmosphere causing some torrential downpours as a series of waves helped provide greater instability kicking off round after round of showers and storms. meantime, a cold front at the surface will pass through the
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while most of sunday should remain dry, we'll still be in close enough proximity to the departing low pressure area for a mix of clouds and sun along with some pop up showers in the afternoon. shouldn't hamper any outdoor activities as any rainfall would be limited in amount and duration. high pressure will then push back into our region sunday night through tuesday ushering in much calmer conditions including plenty of
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work week. in addition, the new air mass will be much cooler and less humid with temperatures topping off in
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coming up in medalist gwen jorgensen, from waukesha... shares what inspired her as a child... to compete in the olympics. your olympic update with rod burks
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from chase. so you can. it was big day for waukesha native gwen jorgensontoday, at the rio olympics .she win's the gold medal in the grueling she is, on her early memories ofdreaming. of competing in the olympics ((gwen says)) i can remember growingup and just being glued to the tv i lovedwatching swimming i loved watching everything that aired prelims finalseverything that aired every eventi just loved it i
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you saw that the athleteswere putting everything into that what ever their event our events were it was so inspiring i'm asked allot what athletes that i look up too and i don't really feel like that i idolized anyof them. i just loved watching everyone race to the fullestreally i can give you one namethat i was focused on it was just watcing the entire gamesthat i enjoyed one of the stars of these olympicsgames, american gymnast simone bileswas chosen by her teamantes to carry the nation's flags at the closing cermony whichis coming up . biles won five medals in all with four them being gold. she calls her selection, an incredible honor now were going to take you the updated medal counton this saturday.there's the united states on top with "111" total medalsin these games."40" of them are gold.they are followed up bychina, great britain russiaand japan who
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time for a final check on the weather.
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here at 6. nbc nightly news is next. on this saturday night, nbc news exclusive. ryan lochte with matt lauer admitting his tale about being robbed in rio isn't the whole truth. golden more olympic glory for team usa. zika zone. growing worries after that virus is found in a popular destination for tourists. the measure some are taking to protect themselves in miami beach. faces of war. the symbol of an unending conflict. more on the desperate plight of so many syrian children with no way out. it's not just a


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