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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000 Saturday  NBC  August 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm CDT

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oh yeah, tears of joy, the hard work paid off. the waukesha native, gwen jorgensen, wins the olympic gold. and she was america's first gold medal winner in the triathlon. good evening. >> it's hard to believe five years ago, she was working as an accountant. training in her spare time. here's a closer look. >> gwen jorgensen made proud. swimming nearly a mile, biking more than six miles and running just under 25 miles in one hour, 56 minutes and 15 seconds, to be the first american to win olympic gold in the triathlon. >> i'm trying to enjoy the moment, and i can't wait to hang out with my husband and coach.
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>> her husband patrick, says no one deserves the medal more. >> the amount of dedication and work she puts in her job is second to none. >> she always pushed herself, excelling in the pool at a young age. but developing a love for cycle took longer. her dad used to have to bribe her. >> keep going. i'll give you ice cream. >> she went to waukesha south high school, cross country. as she crossed the finish line in rio, and cried tears of joy, her family in wisconsin was just as emotional. >> i'm so proud. >> her all night could barely contain herself. >> waukesha native, born and bred. she ran here, and started [inaudible]. >> they gathered to watch the race together.
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they kept in close contact with family in rio. that gave the celebration there, a run for its money. >> we're all here, doing it wisconsin style, with bloody marys, and beer and cheer and yelling. >> there'll be many more parties to come in her honor. >> it's [inaudible] she's the best in the world. >> what's next for the 30-year-old world champion? well, her aunt has ha, ha. gwen wants a family. >> well, we'll have to wait and see about that. in the summer game in london four years ago, a flat tire on her bike, knocked her out of medal contention, since then, she's been training extensively around the world for this moment. >> always great, waukesha native, so many were following her. i watched today and people were
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today. eastbound i 94 was supposed to be shut down all weekend, but the crews were able to reopen it early. yooer live from the -- we're live from the freeway. >> the i 94 reopen early was a surprise to many of us, considering the rain we had. but the rain is never a problem, typically when there's road work going on. it's the lightning and the wind that getsn not much today, and now there's happy faces out there. paul and his family had a good night at the zoo, but his afternoon was hectic. >> i was going to the lake front. there was shut down like after marlin. >> like thousands of other drivers, he had to find his way on city streets. >> everyone had to get off, and loop around green field, they
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detour, but there was a hassel. >> it had him looking for alternates. >> highway 100 all the way up, we'll take the extra few minutes, not knowing the congestion on the highway. >> friday night the dot was ready for a long week. shutting down all lanes from highway 100 to street. >> we try to avoid it like most hopefully. >> the crews got the work down 13 hours early. eastbound reopened around 5 this evening. even though the ramps open again, he's still not taking the freeway home, he's waiting for the entire interchange to be done. >> once it's done, it'll be fantastic. right now it's a pain in the butt. >> as for the dot, they tell us
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freeway closure didn't last until tomorrow. they originally scheduled a 31 hour shut down, just in case the weather didn't cooperate. today's tmj4. >> all right thanks. storm team 4 now, we've seen a dramatic change in weather over the past few hours. >> just as predicted, here's a live picture from the downtown tower cam. much cooler and less humidity than we've seen, and scott is down at irish people there. >> weather not cooperating around here? of course it will. a jig for irishfest that, cleared things out nicely. welcome to the we're the center. good to see you, here's a live look from the downtown tower cam. we have clear skies out there right now after copious amounts of rain yesterday and today. the weather word is improving, we'll see a better sunday on the way. outside, look at this. everyone in the 60s, 67 in
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and the dew points generally in the mid 50's, that's a very low level of humidity and it'll be comfortable for tomorrow. if you're headed out on the town, expect to see the mainly clear skies and mild temperatures in the 60s, i'll let you know how long it'll last the complete forecast is in a few minutes. >> thanks. now to the healing in sherman park. it marks one week since a police officer shot and killed smith, prompt the mood there, much more subdued. the families came to the park today to show this is things like their neighborhood. we talked with one, who can't didn't want to be identified. >> i shed tears because of this situation. and generally, there would be so many of us here by this time. and people coming in and bringing things, and giving hugs. this is pitiful.
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and a 10 p.m. curfew is still inesque. there's -- effect, the difference now is teens have to be home by 10shgs rather than 11. police arrest a man who they believe started a fire in a parking lot. 19-year-old is in custody, the police believe he was with 20 other adults at the time. he told the police, we wanted to do the same did on sherman boulevard. log on to now to an update on a group of people worked to improve sherman park, while also rebuilding their own lives. these men and women, went through hard times, and spent time in prison. but they're now building homes in the neighborhood and trying to counsel troubled teens in the area.
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their construction training. >> these young folks put hard work and time in preparing themselves to be successful, and at one point and time, they thought there was nothing out here for them. when we do have things for young folks. >> they're proof it's never too late to change your path in life. many have jobs lined up or preparing to pursue more education and training. a man was shot and killed two patrol officers. the officers spotted the man and confronted him, that's when he allegedly drew a weapon and the officers fired. neither officer was hurt and the shooting is under investigation. a former member of a popular rock band was found dead in west band. he was with the group three doors down. an autopsy is pending, but robert's father said his son
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well it's hard to believe the start of the school year is a couple of weeks away for most kids. today more than 400 children in milwaukee got free health screenings at the north side ymca. how would you like i to own a piece of the olympics? the rio 2016 organizing committee is auctioning off equipment used during the game from used balls and boxing gloves to national flags from th some may not cost you that much. tennis balls in first round matches is going as little as 46 there ares, who i will -- while the basketballs are $130. well coming up on live at 10, a make a wish recipient with a big heart, find out what his wish was, and how it'll impact
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summer months, a dog left in a
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more news now, staggering numbers from southern louisiana where an estimated 60,000 homes have been damaged by massive flooding. a close call in oshkosh after a dog was left in a hot car outside a grocery store. rescue, she came to the rescue. >> i looked at the dog, and it was in the window, he was panth really heavy. -- panting really heavy, drool was pouring out of his mouth. >> she sprung in action, asking the store employees to page the owner, when that didn't happen, she went to work.
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little suckers are $5. and it breaks the window. >> so she placed the towel over the window to offer shade to the dog. the owner came out 15 minutes later, the same time the police arrived. the dog is okay. a milwaukee teenager battling a rare disease, got a special wish granted from make a wish foundation. his req w so they helped him to raise money. >> trying to do something to change the world, that'll help people. when you help people instead of yourself, it makes the world better. >> the money raised will benefit children's hospital, the milwaukee urban league, the nonprofit girls in action and the make a wish foundation. >> well said. and still ahead, how low
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when will wethatream again -- that i was on the icelandic game show. and everyone knows me for discounts, like safe driver and paperless billing. but nobody knows the box behind the discounts. oh, it's like my father always told me -- "put that down. that's expensive." of course i save people an average of nearly $600, but who's gonna save me? [ voice breaking ] and that's when i realized... i'm allergic to wasabi. well, i feel better. it's been five minutes. talk about progress. [ chuckles ]
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welcome back, that organization is always looking for extra hands, we are proud sponsor of their upcoming milwaukee event on september 18. visit for more information on that, and make sure to come out and join us for it. >> way to go team. irish eyes were smiling as thousands showed up for irishfest. >> a big day, and they had decent weather for it, and tomorrow is better. >> i thought charles would start singing. well, you know what i think a lot of us are smiling tomorrow. the rain we had today and
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radar. you can estimate, using the radar, the rainfall totals, in over two days, a dramatic amount. inland and up to the north. almost 4 inches of radar estimated rain there. better than 3 inches in jefferson county. the two day total, about an inch to an inch and a third. here's a look at washington county. quiet up above, it'll be a pretty night tonight. and that'll lead us to a sunday split. we'll have the cooler air aloft and the clouds coming our way with a stray shower, but cooler air coming in. noticeably so, and get ready for sunshine to started as we head to the new workweek too. quiet conditions to start monday and tuesday. today's highs reaching 80 degrees, officially at
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that's notable, it's 20 days of 20 days in the month we've been 80 degrees or above. right now, we're at 67, beaver dam dropping to 67. and most locations in the mid 50's, when it comes to dew points. that's a comfortable level of humidity. a cold front passed on by. we widen out the view, in intel falls in minnesota. the satellite and radar combination, show the counter clockwise spin, and we're in the dry slot. tonight we'll see clear skies, tomorrow a few drops as this back edge of the storm system passes through. and we head to monday, it'll be
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across the area, quiet conditions and we'll continue to see the peaceful conditions tomorrow with a stray afternoon. the forecast for tonight, expect to see skies mainly clear to partly cloudy. cooler down to 58, and tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds. a few rain drops, but no big deal with highs near 73. here's the seven day forecast, get ready for a great start to the workweek. lots of sunshine on monday, and back up to 83 on tuesday,
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when the oil billionaire koch brothers call senator johnson... [ cellphone ringing ] ...what do you think they talk about? how the koch brothers' companies polluted wisconsin, even green bay, or how they spent millions to support johnson
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ks for big oil polluters? whatever senator johnson and the koch brothers talk about, it probably isn't you. edf action is responsible
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four years have passed since gwen jorgensen was knocked out of medal contention because of a flat tire in the london games. today, she got another chance in rio. she trained in australia, had some work to do many this event. got out of the water in 23rd bike, and quickly moved to the lead's group. she's the first american to win a gold in the triathlon. here she is on her emotional win. definitely has emotions there at the end. i have not analyzed, my tears start to come out. you're on a four year journey and i've invested so much, and my family who let me be abroad
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husband to support me the past four years, and jamie, who's invested in this over four years, all these people, it's amazing, and hard to do, and i was grateful and happy. >> big day for her. packers star nelson will practice for the first time on monday, since he tore his acl in a preseason game last year. >> it's important to stay practice monday for the first time. it'll be an individual drill, the emphasis there. normal protocol. you don't want to bring guys back, obviously he's a veteran experience, it'll factor into that. >> on the baseball, brewers and mariners in game two. mariners back to back in home runs.
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on to take game two with an 8-2 win. this weekend, lpga hopefuls compete in the c classic. we have a wisconsin golfer, who knows the park. >> 144 golfers from 3 different countries at this week's classic here at browndeer park. but only one is from and her dad is her caddie. >> she'll look at me, and say, i've played this game a lot, i know, i can see it's uphill. yeah, i know. >> over the years, her dad has gone from coach to caddie. >> there's no coach, that's when she was little. i tried to correct thing on the course, there's none of that. >> while she hears her family
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background, dad is right next to her. giving her tips. times. >> these days, she knows more than i do, and most cases, it's best to be quiet and carry the clubs around. she knows so much, you're out there to pat her on the back, and tell her things will be okay when things go wrong, and fist pump when it goes right. >> dad is more intense. put pressure on me, but now he's getting >> learning how to work together. >> exactly. >> they started working together when she was 16 on this very course, she won the browndeer amateur event. >> it was a neat experience. >> whether she calls him coach or caddie, he'll always be dad.
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cleveland rookie, won a game for the tribe, in a strange walk off fashion. >> a breaking ball here. and deep right field. back at the wall. off to the races, all the way to third. unbelievable. that's how you win ball games. >> run fast. >> and walk off. >> i love the [inaudible] in the air. hands up, that's right. home run. >> good forecast for tomorrow? >> certainly better than we saw today. today, gully washers for sure. tomorrow, a mix of sun and clouds, it'll be cooler, perhaps th coolest of the month, every day this month we've been 80 degrees or better, tomorrow the first day is
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>> some summer left. >> true. let's ryan seacrest here. one last time at copacabana beach with a few of my friends. if you today, these are the things you need to know, rio de janeiro, day 15. wen jorgensen won the u.s. a first gold medal in triathlon. in the women's basketball gold medal game, the united states continued its unprecedented run of domination.


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