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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500 Sunday  NBC  August 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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for you. >> that's what that is. >> that is, yes! >> that's apple pie? >> this apple pie for like 16 people. look at this. are you serious right now? >> unbelievable. >> come on! >> look at that. [ laughs ] >> all right. now, take a look at my caramel sauce in here. >> oh, yeah! yes. >> watch what happens when i pull across. this is like the stickiest substance in the entire world. >> wow. >> look at that. >> yeah. that looks really good. >> that's beautiful, right? okay, so, now, i'm gonna give you a little for your apple pie. >> awesome. you know what i like? in a square pan, you've got a in. >> hey, you know what? that's something i didn't even think of. >> ah. >> don't eat that yet. [ laughs ] >> okay. still i can't eat it. >> now what we're gonna do is we're gonna pour my peanuts. >> oh, some peanuts? put them in first? >> yeah. remember that snack we used to eat when we were kids? >> yes! of course. >> that's right. i'm gonna get the caramel sauce all over that. >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. can i stir that up for you? >> oh, man. i wish you would. >> okay. >> now, look at how my caramel is sheeting off the pan. look at this. >> oh! >> all right. you know what? i think you earned yourself a piece of apple pie with caramel sauce.
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>> announcer: right now, from milwaukee, this is today's tmj4, live at >> now at 5:00, one person dead, dozens of others displaced after an apartment complex goes up in flames. hello, i'm katie crowther, thanks for joining us. investigators are still trying to determine what caused that deadly fire in sheboygan early this morning. the red cross has set up a temporary shelter for dozens of families who are now homeless. veronica macias has more. >> reporter: more than 30 people are seeking shelter here at farnsworth middle school.
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them after some lost almost all of their belongings in a fire early this morning. >> i walked outside, and it was an inferno. >> at 4:30 this morning, residents of the ember's apartments heard a crackling sound and could smell heavy smoke sweeping through this 40-unit complex. an officer immediately started going door-to-door evacuating people. >> just concerned about safety, as i have family members living here, as well. a cousin of mine has a baby right next door. >> the fire chief said the fire started on the north end of the building. other fire companies, the town of wilson, and sheboygan falls, were called for back-up. >> we have called the state fire marshal in to assist us in this investigation. we do have one fatality to report in one of the apartments. >> reporter: there were no other reported injuries, and some 30
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>> they getting a roof over their head, having a snack, talking to our mental health care providers. they're just seeking refuge at a time when they're trying to think what they're going to be doing moving forward from here. >> the home is the only thing we're missing, we're being well taken care of. >> reporter: you can help with a monetary donations. they're also responding to major incidences, the floods in louisiana, and california. reporting in sheboygan, veronica macias, today's tmj4. new at 5:00, oak creek firefighters responded to a dangerous situation after a dumpster fire breached a gas meter. it happened at 8:30 a.m., at the charcoal grill on ryan road. the gas was shut off and the fire put out before anyone was injured. >> the man shot and killed by new london police was actually
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investigators who said the man pointed the realistic toy gun at two police officers in an effort to get them to shoot him. the appleton post crescent interviewed and said he was vidal. she does not blame police. calls for peace continue in the area of milwaukee rocked by violence a week ago. efforts to move that neighborhood forward continue at this hour. park to show us what's going on. hey, jonah. >> reporter: katie, a big crowd now. there's so much positive energy. i want you to look behind me. you can see many families gathered around. there are about a dozen recording reports, hip hop artists. i want to bring in one, brendan mourn. what's the message you're trying
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you got to look for that light and find something to keep driving you to do what you want to do, not what you think you should do. >> what is it that you want to do by giving away school supplies. >> um, you know, i know there's some families out there that they can't always afford to get all the necessities. i went to school with kids, you know, sometimes it's not that i lost your pencils, you didn't have them, nobody bought you those supplies. i don't have a willing to do what i can to give what i can. if some of these kids weren't going to have a notebook or two, i have a notebook or two, just to reiterate to them that school is important. >> reporter: how much does that mean, school is important, especially in light of what happened here last week. >> with what happened last week, i haven't done too much research, i try to stay away from polluting my mind, if i'm not going to do my own research. if he went to school, i don't know what he did.
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i hope that all these kids that are here today get that message from us. >> certainly a good message. you should put it in a song. thanks, brandon. we'll have much more on live at 10:00. live in sherman park, jonah kaplan, today's tmj4. >> thanks, jonah. a school supply give-away was part of a back-to-school give away at mlk junior school in milwaukee. hosted by the group "use your words." they taught kids how to better communicate, live, and eat "storm team 4" now, what a great day to be outside. as you can see in this live view from our waukesha cam. i'm not trying to rush lower temperatures. but it feels nice to have cooler conditions right now. scott steele. >> hey, katie, i debated using refreshing as our weather word. i chose something different. it would have been apt. it was refreshing. here's "storm team 4" max radar, a few isolated rain drops north
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washington, into ozaukee county. once these are out of the way, we'll see much improved conditions. otherwise, puffy fair weather cumulus clouds from our downtown towercam. here is the weather word we chose "clearing." because we're going to see stars. once that sun sets, we'll lose support for any of those clouds and precipitation. outside now, 74? in milwaukee's mitchell. 70 in waukesha, the dew point nice and low, near levels. if you're going to be out on the town tonight, expect an isolated raindrop. temperatures through the 60s. i'll let you know when you may next need your umbrella. your storm team 4cast in a few minutes. the high cost of the electricity rates in wisconsin may lead to the loss of jobs. this comes in the wake of a report showing that our state's average electric rates are the highest among 8 midwest states. dozens of companies have responded to that report saying
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industries to remain competitive. we energies said it worked closely with industrial customers to help lower their energy costs. decision 2016, hillary clinton's campaign says they are halfway to their goal of raising $1 billion dollars for the race. clinton raised $90 million just in july. donald trump had his biggest spending month his campaign went through $18.5 million in july. still a fraction of the 49 million spent by clinton. half of trump's expenses went to a web design that serves as the trump campaign digital director. the head of the u.s. olympic committee said further action is coming for ryan lochte and his three teammates. police said they vandalized a gas station bathroom after a night of partying in rio. lochte originally said they were
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but in an interview with matt lauer, he admitted to embellishing the truth. >> i overexaggerated that story. and if i never done that, we wouldn't be in this mess. >> you can see more of matt lauer's exclusive interview with ryan lochte monday on the "today" show. the summer games are now down to their final hours, and team usa is racking up more medals, including the gol wrestling and women's boxing. earlier today, all eyes were on u.s. men's -- the u.s. men's basketball team. brian mooar takes a closer look at the action in rio. >> channelling the bravery and bravado of muhammad ali...winning back to book gold medals.
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that ever lived. >> she brought her london gold to remind the world. >> the bronze... >> won bronze in his second ever marathon days after a lackluster run in the 10-k. >>...running around the track, this is my best event. >> he won gold in wrestling. team usa defeated serbia to win gold on the bronze. in the final hours of these games, one last flourish of style and color in rhythmic gymnastics. >> and coming up on live at 5:00
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they are cleaning up from six tornadoes. plus, a rare and exciting experience on two wheels for experience on two wheels for so ?? o-be-legendary winner will have the chance to lead their pack to green bay... ...with wisconsin lottery packers scratch games. instant cash prizes and a bonus drawing... ...for a legendary game day at lambeau field with a former packers player in a private suite... ...for you and 24 friends, plus transportation. packers scratch games.
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runners remembering teresa hal halbach. many wore the color blue to make a statement she will never be
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highly publicized investigation and trial. steven avery and his nephew, brendan dassey were convicted. it was a netflix dock-u series. >> having to live this how many years later with all this stuff coming back, i couldn't imagine, if it was my daughter. >> reporter: this comes a week after a federal judge overturned brendan dassey's conviction in the rd to either appeal, retry dassey, or release him from prison. we love that sound. new at 5:00, the rumble of motorcycles outside the v.a. in milwaukee for the inaugural viper ride. 40 blind and visually impaired
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riding. there was lots of food and entertainment. >> there's a lot of people out here that still care. >> it's amazing to know they've given so much, and we can give only so little, but it feels really good to get back. >> to learn more about that viper ride, you can find a link at and still ahead on live at 5:00, scott steele times out when the rain could move back in, and which areas it will hit. plus, it's a new spectacular view that should not be missed,
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welcome back. look at this. sightseers have a new way to enjoy the mountainous landscapes
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this glass sky walk is a quarter mile long and 20 feet wide. it is more than 1,000 feet off the ground. safety restrictions limit the number of visitors to 8,000 per day. much closer to home now, the state of michigan is dealing with the aftermath of 6 tornadoes that touched down on saturday. this video taken near grand rapids where an f-1 twister left a trail of destruction across nearly 20 miles. well, you couldn't have asked for a nicer day here enjoy the milwaukee lakefront and the summerfest ground on this, the last day of irishfest. ?? >> that doesn't sound like an irish jig. lots of fun for the kids, grown ups, even pets. this was extra special for military personnel. they and a guest got in for free just by showing their military
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irish fest doesn't end until 10:00 tonight. let's see what tonight's weather holds. meteorologist, scott steele, here with a storm team 4cast. >> don't widen out, you would see my kilt, kidding. welcome to the weather center. it turned out to be a pretty nice day. there are a few isolated rain drops. here's "storm team 4" max radar. happy sunday evening, everybody. notice a secondary wave in addition to the first front that passed by yesterday producing all the instability and cool air aloft. the showers are out there, nothing too big, mainly to the north of milwaukee now. the isolated rain drops falling to the east of jackson, washington county, to the west of grafton along 43, toward port washington. once we see this area exit, things should improve in a big way. once that sun sets, we'll get rid of these clouds, like the ones you see here from the waukesha tower cam.
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the moment. and i expect we're going to see improving conditions. it should be a marvellous monday. and an abundance of sunshine. you're going to need the sunglasses, not the umbrella tuesday, and tuesday, as well, and wet by mid week. outside now, rain-cooled air to the north where we saw the rain falling on radar, 68 in beaver dam. 63? in west bend. but still 74?, 11 better here in milwaukee. 73 in racine, also kenosha, the dew points have dipped significantly into the 40s, and low 50s in most spots, which means a very comfortable level of humidity. and behind that frontal boundary, the winds out of the west northwest, picked up 7, 15 miles per hour. they should die off through the nighttime hours. just off to the west, slightly wa
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our direction. satellite radar combination, an abundance of clear skies, yielding a ton of sun tomorrow. across southeastern wisconsin, again, isolated rain drops getting out of the way, otherwise, mostly sunny. into future forecast tonight, expect nothing but clear skies. beautiful days ahead. your "storm team 4" forecast for tonight, we'll get rid of isolated rn tomorrow, start of the new work week, sunny and warmer, a bit breezy in the afternoon, especially along the lake with highs near 78. here comes your "storm team 4" 7-day forecast, tuesday, humid, highs near 82?. the best chance of rain coming our way wednesday, showers and storms then. thursday looks pretty good, and toward the end of the week, plenty of sunshine, and i
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of the raspiness. it's going around the office and at home. at home. we're the family that ? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah.
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the brewers are now on a six-game losing after dropping two games to the seattle. the crew trying to avoid the sweep with matt garza on the hill in game 3. seth smith with a single to right, scores a run, putting the mariners up. same inning, a ground to the first. good enough to score. former brewer, mariners up 3-0. finally getting on the board in the 4th. the big homerun.
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6-3 in the 8th. green bay packers getting ready for the 49ers friday night in san fran. hundley probably won't play friday after he reinjured his ankle. supposed to get a lot of reps in the pre-season, that won't be the case with his ankle issues. the packers took according to mike mccarthy on the way they played the game. there's time for growth. here's mccarthy on where his team is now. >> i think we improved from week one to week three. definitely was not there against cleveland. we definitely had a lot more examples of the way it's supposed to look against oakland. it's important for us to build off of that pursuit and finish.


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