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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Extra Early Edition  NBC  August 22, 2016 4:30am-5:01am CDT

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good morning. i'm susan kim. i'm vince vitrano.let's start off with a check on the at brian gotter. after a rainy and humid saturday, yesterday was finally cooler and comfortable with dry air, highs in the mid 70s, and scattered brief downpours. compared to the past 3 weeks, this morning is
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low to mid 50s under a clear sky. today is sunny and absolutely beautiful with highs in the upper 70s with low humidity, a sunny sky, and a southerly breeze at 10-15 mph. for the 4th week in a row, it is the pick day of the week. tonight new this morning.. police are investigating an overnight shooting that killed an 18- year-old man.officers responded to 18th and hadley shortly before one o'clock this morning.they found the man lying on the ground and tried to revive him.. but were unable to.other details involving the shooting have not yet been released. also new this morning: a milwaukee teen now in jail after leading police on a high speed pursuit-- and crashing a stolen car. brown deer
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vehicle-- tried to pull the driver over, but that person hit the gas. the driver eventually hit a car near 76th and good hope-- then hit a tree. the 17-year-old is facing multiple charges. today marks more than a week since the unrest in sherman park and things have remained calm.we expect to learn more this week about the investigation into the shooting death of sylville smith.right now sherman park is closed.. but will reopen at six o'clock this morning.we're also working to find out if the park closure and effect following the quiet weekend. a group of recording artists are hoping they can keep the calm in sherman park through the gift of giving.more than a dozen spent their sunday afternoon handing out school supplies to kids playing at the park. 0936 17:34:56 - "kids do look up to us not only as adults but as recording artists and it's our job to use the things we've encountered in our lives to reach out to these kids" the artists say they hope their efforts set a good
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police in kenosha are asking for your help to find the person responsible for shooting a man.officers found a man inside a home near 67th and 24th avenue yesterday morning.he was taken to the hospital.. but there's no word on his condition.if you know anything.. call kenosha police. investigators are still working to determine what caused the embers apartment complex in sheboygan to go up in flames person was killed.. and several people are now displaced. at a red cross shelter. no one else was hurt. the olympic flag is now in the hands of the governor of tokyo following last night's closing ceremony in of course is the site of the next summer games in 20-20.gymnast simone biles carried the
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ceremony. most medal winners are returning home to a pretty nice paycheck for their winnings.the u.s. olympic committee's operation gold program awards bonuses to olympians who win medals net 25-thousand dollars a piece.. silver gets you 15- thousand and a bronze medal is worth 10-thousand. here's a look at the final medal count from rio de u-s-a was dominant throughout the games and finished on top with 121 total medals.great britain was the next total.. 27 of them gold.china had 26 gold.. and 70 total medals.russia and germany round out the top five. together they had 98.. which is 23 less than the u-s. after making headlines for the wrong reasons in rio.. swimmer ryan lochte is now talking about the incident in an exclusive sit-down with nbc's matt lauer. the first part aired over the weekend. you can catch the entire interview later this morning on the
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o'clock. decision 20-16 now.. president obama is back in washington, d- c following a vacation at martha's vineyard in massachusetts.the president received criticism from republican presidential nominee donald trump for his lack of attention to the flooding in louisiana. president obama will tour parts of louisiana and assess damage tomorrow. a new u-s-c dornsife - l-a times tracking poll shows donald hillary clinton.the poll shows trump at 45-percent and clinton at 43-percent.those results are much closer than most other polls which show clinton ahead by several points. wisconsin governor scott walker will tour kenall manufacturing in kenosha later this morning.the governor is expected to talk about further reductions in the state's unemployment insurance tax for wisconsin companies.he's also expected to discuss unimployment insurance.
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warned that high electric rates could force manufacturers to leave the state.a new report approved by the wisconsin public service commission says the state's average rates are the highest in the midwest in a decade. experts say those rates make it hard for industries to remain competitive. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--tragedy in turkey.. the shocking detail about the person responsible for carrying out a terror more questions this morning surrounding the death of prince.what investigators now say was actually in time. and taking a live look outside..this is the basilica in milwaukee.. officials will provide an update on restoration there later this
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saturday, yesterday was finally cooler and comfortable with dry air, highs in the mid 70s, and scattered brief downpours. compared to the past 3 weeks, this morning is actually cool low to mid 50s under a clear sky. today is sunny and absolutely beautiful with highs in the upper 70s with low humidity, a sunny sky, and a southerly breeze at 10-15 mph. for the 4th week beyond wisconsin.. the f-a-a
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experienced skydiver fell to his death early sunday.the owner of the skydiving company says the diver deployed his parachute somewhere between two-thousand and 25-hundred feet.he says it's a tough loss for the skydiving community in the cincinnati area. "he learned to skydive here. he was a super nice guy. it's tragic to lose a friend because we're such a tight family when it comes to skydiving."officials report the diver had nearly 100 hours of jumping experience burying victims of saturday night's suicide bombing at a wedding party.the attack killed at least 51 people and wounded at least 70.even more shocking.. turkey's president says the attack was carried out by a child.authorities are blaming isis for the bombing. questions continue this morning, surrounding pills in pop star prince's home at the time of his death.the minnesota star tribune is reporting the pills marked as hydrocodone actually contained
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prince died of an accidental fentanyl ofverdose.. but the report ddin't say how he obtained the drug. fema says more than 100- thousand people have now registered for assistance following deadly flooding in louisiana.the state government says more than 60-thousand homes have been damaged.that's up 50-percent from what louisiana governor john bel edwards said last week.the red cross says this is the worst disaster since superstorm sandy. contain a large fire in central california.the blaze has grown to more than 42 square miles since yesterday. officials say 48 structures have been destroyed and more than 300 are in danger. firefighters think the blaze is only 35-percent contained. high winds have caused whipping flames.. making the fire harder to battle. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--jackpot.. why a brewers' legend is cashing in on his playing a boy's wish.. we'll tell you
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for the one minute drill, i'm lance allan. the brewers get a gift, and a first in a win over the mariners. the present is an incredible rally on craig counsell's birthday. the first is after 59 losses this year when trailing af innings, they finally rally in the 9th to win.former brewer nelson cruz with the infield single.seattle up 6-1.keon broxton continues to impress, with two homers in this game. chris carter boom shaka laka, his 29th homer of the year is a two run shot. and we're tied at 6.then scooter gennett to another old friend in left. nori aoki misplays it, domingo santana scores.and the brewers finally win 7-6 over the is august 22nd, and jordy nelson is expected
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since injuring his right knee nearly a year to the day, august 23rd of last year. nelson came out during warmups with full pads on but didn't play against the raiders.but the receiver is likely to play at jacksonville to open the season.the brewers are back home tonight to host the colorado rockies. for the one minute drill, i'm lance allan. brewers legend robin yount has hit yet another home run.. this time to his bank account. memorabilia yount put up for auction last month has brought in neary 200-thousand doll seventy-two items were for sale because the hall-of-famer is downsizing to a new home. the bat yount used to pick up his three-thousandth hit went for 48-thousand dollars alone. packers extra.. we'll hear from head coach mike mccarthy today, ahead of the team's next preseason game friday night. the packers head west to take on the san francisico 49ers.if you want to watch you'll have to stay up a little later.. kickoff is
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after a rainy and humid saturday, yesterday was finally cooler and comfortable with dry air, highs in the mid 70s, and scattered brief
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past 3 weeks, this morning is actually cool with lows in the low to mid 50s under a clear sky. today is sunny and absolutely beautiful with highs in the upper 70s with low humidity, a sunny sky, and a mph. for the 4th week in a row, it is the pick day of the week. tonight will be clear and pleasant once again with lows near 60.tuesday remains sunny and nice, but it will be
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highs near 82. scattered showers return late tuesday night, and wednesday afternoon is rainy with t'showers likely, with steamy humidity, highs near 80, and a breezy sw wind. thursday is mostly sunny and less humid with highs in the upper 80s, friday is another perfect day with sunshine, low humidity and highs in the 70s. the weekend
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highs near 80 and scattered showers both days. look at this.. a mother and son are lucky to be waking up
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morning after dangling over a bridge in their car.the dramatic rescue was caught on camera.the back window had to be busted to pull the two out. the florida highway patrol has charged the mother with careless driving. in today's money.. experts say labor day weekend travel will be more affordable this year. historically low gas prices are driving the number of travelers up this year.airline tickets may be cheaper too.. but don't count on using frequent flyer miles due to the blackout "affordable airfare and a strong hotel market really making it time for travelers to get away."although you can't use frequent flyer miles on labor day.. experts say it's better to use them sooner than later due to frequently changing policies from airlines. a new tool is helping people on twitter control what they see and who they interact with. users can now limit notifications to only people they follow.. all you have to
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filtering these notifications can be helpful for blocking targeted harassment. a young boy with a serious illness is having his greatest wish come true.out of everything an 11-year-old could choose.. landon lachance wants to be blessed by pope francis.because most make-a-wish kids his age choose disney world.. the rep from the foundation was completely taken aback by his decision. "but in talking to him from the moment we met him, i was so impressed with his sincerity and his humility and i knew it was truly the wish that was in his heart." the lachance family will fly to the vatican within the next two weeks to fulfill landon's wish. an expectant mother in florida is leaving the state over zika virus concerns.the woman says she will drive to virginia and stay with family until her child is's a move she says makes perfect sense given what's at stake. "he is our life and he comes first, and same with this baby. and i want to give that
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good life." the woman's husband will stay at home until the baby is born. the c-d-c is advising pregnant women not to travel to zika-affected areas in the state. a new study finds pregnant women who eat foods that are high in fat and sugar increase the chances of the baby developing a-d-h-d.researchers found poor nutrition influenced the expression of potentially leads to a-d-h-d and behavior issues.experts say more studies are needed to confirm a direct link. medical schools across the country are reporting a surge in the number of cadavers they've received.cadavers are used by medical students and researchers for anatomy class and to practice surgery. experts suggest rising funeral costs and greater acceptance of dissection are responsible
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today's tmj4--giving thanks.. how a group of volunteers is helping visually impaired veterans.and we'll introduce you to a woman who's using her age to inspire others. later today we will debut two ?new shows right here on today's t-m-j-4."the list".. which will provide the latest news in pop culture, trends and viral videos will air at three p-m.then at 3:30 is "right this minute".. a show that features eyewitness accounts of social and popular
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taking a live look sixth and lincoln. check this out.. some local veterans are feeling extra
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blind and visually impaired veterans were treated to a day of motorcycling, socializing food and entertainment. volunteers say it's a nice way to say thank you for their service. to learn more about the viper ride head to t-m-j-4 dot com. an 80-year-old woman from indianapolis is inspring people to get up and terry zoubul recently became one of central indiana's oldest personal trainers.she says she wants to make her age an asset and break barriers for people who are intimidated to hit the gym. i love to see them change; when they tell me, i don't need a walker anymore, i don't need a cane i can walk in here on my own. zoubul keeps active herself too.she averages at least
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up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--new details in an officer involved shooting in northern wisconsin.. why police say it was justified. plus.. back in court. what's happening today for a man facing murder and arson charges... accused of torching a milwaukee home last year.
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now at 5:00...calm in sherman park: an update-- one week after violent protests-- put spotlight. plus...ryan lochte-- gets honest. what the olympian is saying this morning about a phony robbery story in rio-- and the message he has for his teammates. let's take a live look outside this feels like fall-- as you're waking up to start your day: welcome to live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm vince


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