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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1200PM  NBC  August 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm CDT

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now at noon -- the state attorney general updates his investigation into the shooting that spar the a-g explained... we shouldn't expect to see body camera video from the officers invloved until he's done with his investigation. and even then.. the decision to release the video will be in the hands of other authorities. namely the district attorney's office... which will ultimately decide whether any of the officers will face criminal charges for killing sylville smith. our charles benson was asking questions at a news conference with attorney general brad schimel this morning. charles. attorney general brad schimel is urging everyone to be patient with the investigation.
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and comprehensive investigation. schimel says investigators have talked with all three milwaukee police officers at the shooting scene and they are cooperating. two of the officers were wearing body cameras and state investigators have looked at both videos. there is no audio for 30 seconds because of how the cameras are set up and when the officers activated the cameras. schimel would not describe what's on the videos but issued this caution. they give only a narrow and incomplete glimpse of th you know viewing the body camera videos will not answer all of your questions. when a person is running with a video camera attach to them it's not staying focused on the individual the officer is pursuing at all times. it moves very quickly, it's not easy to see everything until you slow it down. schimel says sylville smith's
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be able to see the videos after the district attorney makes a decision on the case. they will get to see it before the public. how long will all of this take?schimel did not put a time frame on it - he tells me he's optimistc this will move faster than the dontre hamilton deadly police shooting investigation. that took eight months. schimel call this is a top priority
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after a rainy and humid saturday, yesterday was finally cooler and comfortable with dry air, highs in the 70s, and scattered brief downpours. compared to the past 3 weeks, this morning was actually cool with lows in the upper 40s to mid 50s under a clear sky. today is sunny and absolutely beautiful with
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low humidity, a sunny sky, and a southerly breeze at 10-15 mph. for the 4th week more news nowkenosha police asking for help finding the person responsible for shooting someone over the weekend.responding officers found a man inside a home near 67th and 24th avenue yesterday morning. hospital.. but there's no word on his condition.if you know anything.. conact kenosha police. police are invesitgating a deadly car crash in milwaukee's downtown. it happened last night at 27th and wells.. when two cars collided. one women dead... and another person was injured. no word on what led to that accident. investigators are trying to determine what caused a deadly apartment fire in happened yesterday at at embers apartments on south business person was killed. dozens who were
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at a red cross shelter. today, a panel of experts will discuss the problem of human trafficking in the milwaukee area.some of the experts include detective dawn jones, from the human trafficking task force and carmen pitre, executive director of the sojourner family peace center. the summit starts tonight at 5:30 ... at the wherehouse on water street in milwaukee. if you've noticed your energy bill is higher than ever... you're not alone. a new report approved by the wisconsin public service commission says the state's average rates are the highest in thdw a decade.experts say those rates make it hard for industries to remain competitive... causing concern many might leave to another state. the milwaukee police department is looking to fill more than 30 vacant positions for emergency communications operators.they will assist in m-p-d's dispatch and enhanced 9-1-1 systems.the department is holding its second open house tomorrow, from four to eight, at the emergency operations center... near 49th and locust. summer vacation is ?officially
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southeast wisconsin. divine savior holy angels in milwaukee went back today. dominican high school in whitefish bay starts tomorrow. milwaukee lutheran also has its first day tomorrow. marquette university high school in milwaukee starts wednesday. the prairie school in racine also goes back wednesday. and most of the larger public school districts in our area-- will be heading back to class in about a week and a half. milwaukee public schools-- racine unified school district-- kenosha unified school district-- west bend school district and sheboygan-- all start on september 1st. has lost one of his sponsors. speedo announced this morning that it's ending its sponsorship with lochte.the swim suit maker said quote "we cannot condone behavior that is counter to the values this brand has long stood for."as part of the decision, speedo says it will donate a 50- thousand-dollar portion of lochte's fee to the "save the children" charity.all of this comes after lochte admitted he lied to rio police about being robbed at gunpoint. rio de janeiro throws a massive party to bring the
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spectacular fireworks display marked the end of the closing ceremony.the olympic flag was formally handed over to the governor of tokyo, which will host the 2020 summer games. here's a look at the final medal u-s-a was dominant throughout the games and finished on top with 121 total medals.great britain was the next closest with 67 total. china had 70 total medals. russia and germany round out the top five. two new shows will air this afternoon here on today's tmj4. provide the latest news in pop culture, trends and viral videos will air at three p-m. then at 3:30 is "right this minute".. a show that features eyewitness accounts of social and popular is a preview of "right this minute" hey what's up, i'm charity bailey. and i'm oli pettigrew. now usually here with rope swings on 'right this minute', it's all fail. but this one's got 'win' written all over it - because this guy is doing a spectacular rope swing off ?that?. ohh! okay - okay - so
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out. whoa! can you believe it - totally sticks it. it's an incredible shot - but it's even better when you see it from this perspective. you can see the fear in his eyes, but then the joy and rush of all the adrenaline. for more adventurous videos just like that, be sure to tune into 'right this minute.' "the list" and "right this minute" will take place of "the fab life", here on today's tmj4. still still ahead... risk of crashes. the two car makers that are recalling thousands of vehicles and the problems they're facing. then... in jeopardy.why brewers are struggling to find the key
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feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good manufacturing jobs are shipped away because of a tax code that actually rewards companies for exporting jobs. let's close the corporate loopholes- that will save taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't need an economy that works only for ceos, we need an economy that works for everyone. a powerful typhoon struck tokyo, japan today, triggering floods and landslides.the storm toppled a tree on a train station, suspending
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mudslide derailed a train, but the 6 passengers on board escaped more than 500 flights were cancelled to tokyo. meteorologist brian gotter joins us now with a look at your forecast... after a rainy and humid saturday, yesterday was finally coolnd with dry air, highs in the mid 70s, and scattered brief downpours. compared to the past 3 weeks, this morning was actually cool with lows in the upper 40s to mid 50s under a
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absolutely beautiful with highs in the upper 70s with low humidity, a sunny sky, and a southerly breeze at 10-15 mph. for the 4th week in a row, it is the pick day of the week. tonight will be clear and pleasant once again with lows near 60.tuesday remains sunny and nice, but it will be warmer and more humid with highs near 82. scattered showers return late tuesday
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is rainy with t'showers likely, with steamy humidity, highs near 80, and a breezy sw wind. thursday is mostly sunny and less humid with highs in the upper 70s, another perfect day with sunshine, low humidity and highs in the 70s. the weekend looks to be partly cloudy with highs near 80 and scattered
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a recall alert this afternoon hyundai and mitsubishi are recalling thousands of cars for problems that could increase the risk of crashes. hyundai is recalling more than 64-thousand elantras from the 2013 model year--- because the brake pedal stopper can is recalling more than 82- thousand involves the 2015 to 2016 models of the
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models of the outlander and lancer... due to a problem that can delay acceleration in certain driving conditions. pumpkin beer could be in jeopardy. a number of brewers are scrambling to find the squash due to tightened supplies.unfavorable weather has hurt the pumpkin crop, causing beer makers to struggle to find the key ingredient for the seasonal flavor. many of you have insurance for several aspects of your life. your home, your health... the list goes on.kasia gregorczyk talks about one type of insurance you might not know about. "terrorism insurance basically came into play after the 9-11 attacks because that was such a huge loss for the industry." shortly after the terrorist attacks of september eleventh,
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insurance act -- or tria was born."the government had to step in and help the insurance companies cover terrorism for those businesses that obviously needed it"over the last 14 years or so businesses have been required by the act to offer terrorism insurance ?built in? to their policies. as the years pass -- the government has been responsible for less and less of the damages."the trigger right now is at a 100 million dollars. so if you have buildings like the world trade center, those worth hundreds of millions of dollars. terrorism insurance, that's really what the trea act is meant to pay for"any damages ?up to? that 100 million are to be covered by the insurance company.there's another caveat. "the trea act actually only covers acts by terrorist attacks from foreign governments."though the chances seem slim..."for most businesses in new mexico its not really a major concern"for some like don kaufman, the
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actually affecting his business ?isnt? one he wants to take."somebody comes in gets mad, blows the place up, and if the insurance classifies it as terrorism, then we're out. we dont have insurance to cover that" businesses do have the choice to opt out of terrorism insurance, however most go with it considering the cost is pretty minimal.usually about one to two percent of your policy. coming up... new hope f those suffering from bone disease. how a new drug is changing the way osteoporosis is treated. and hitting the athletic trainers are working to prevent concussions in student
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for your healthit's a disease that causes bones to weaken and can lead to fractures and potentially even death. nearly ten million americans suffer from osteoporosismainly women. a new drug may be about to change the way osteoporosis is doesn't have a formal name yetbut when injected dail it reduced the number of fractures in osteoporosis patientsand increased the density of bones. "to build new bone first use this for about two years and then maintain that with one of the other bone agents that inhibit bone breakdown."the drug appeared to change bone qualit stimulating cells to create new bone. the countdown to back to school begins. there's a couple of assignments parents will want to make sure they have done before sending their kids back to the classroom. experts say parents need to make sure their children have had all of their vaccinations.. . not just to protect themselves, but everyone in the community. "we use something called a
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other children in the school are immunization they help to protect children that are maybe too sick to recieve their vaccines who may have not created the immunity they needed to..but that's what we use to protect each other" doctors also recommend children have a physical once every year. under the new healthcare law.. insurances must cover one physical each year. another sign that school is starting: many kids are hitting the field for the upcoming sports season concussion.cornelius hocker shows us how athletic trainers watch out for your kids, so the hit they take doesn't hit you in the pocketbook. that's the sound these football players have heard since practice for this upcoming season began.and though they take practice seriously, preventing and reporting possible concussions is just as them."first talk to the coaches, let them know what's going on.. then we go to our trainers. we got testing we can do and they'll help us figure out if we're good we have a concussion or
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and all of is teammates know, too many hits to the head isn't a good a thing."brain is the most important part of your body i think and if that's messed up, it could effect the rest of your life." that's why they depend on athletic trainers who can spot the signs and symptoms of a concussion."mostly what athletic trainers that are on the sides lines are looking for is different behavior of the athlete. more confused, doesn't remember the plays, doesn't remember where they're at."if the concussion is bad ou at expensive trips to the doctor.. even with insurance. "especially if we have to go to the neuropsych department helping them with relearning and getting assessment of memory loss or memory retraining. it can be very expensive."several states offer student athletes some form of insurance."there's been talk of it at the federal high school level association, but they leave it to each state to have it."which is why preventing concussions is so important.
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in spotting concussion symptoms.if your child is suffering from memory loss or headaches, and they play a contact sport, you should get them to a doctor as soon as possible. coming up... football season. where wisconsin badgers stand on the associated press' college football poll. and taking a stroll.where you can join mayor tom barrett tonight for his 100 miles in 100 days challenge.
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college football season will soon get underway. the associated press released their first top 25 college football poll of the season and wisconsin wasn't on it.the badgers received 42 points overall, which is 32nd among all teams.however the badgers will get to play five teams in the top 25 in the first two months of the season.the
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season at lambeau field against 5th ranked l-s-u september third. packers extra now-- wide receiver jordy nelson is expected to practice today for the first time since injuring his right knee a year ago. nelson came out during warmups with full pads on ... but didn't play against the raiders, last week. he is likely to play at jacksonville to open the season. the packers take on the san francisco 49ers this friday in sa off is at nine and airs right here on today's tmj4. if you're looking for some exercise.... you can always go for a stroll with mayor tom barrett. the mayor is hosting another community walk -- as part of his 100 miles in 100 days challenge.the walks are supposed to encourage neighbors to socialize and get active.tonight's walk starts at 6 o'clock at zillman park. all attendees will be entered into a raffle. looking for something to do this weekend... you might want
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everything from live performances with theatre actors... to some world class artists. it's spread out through out the downtown area... like the marcus center and the riverwalk. most of the events are free to the public. live at 12:30 is up next-- making a decision.what attorney general brad schimel is saying about brandon dassey's overturned conviction and whether the state will appeal. also... remaining closed.why planned parenthood will not reopen the appleton
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thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitrano. and i'm bridget shanahan.if you're just joining us-- here's a look at your top stories today. wisconsin's attorney general brad schimel says the deadly police shooting in milwaukee violence was recorded by two body cameras.the state is investigating the august 13 shooting of 23-year-old sylville smith. authorities have said he was fleeing police and that footage from the officer's body camera clearly shows smith holding a handgun and turning toward an officer when he was shot. schimel says the videos won't be released until after the county prosecutor decides whether to charge the officer. speedo announced this morning that it's ending its


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