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tv   Right This Minute  NBC  August 22, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm CDT

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and all-new show today with great viral videos, "right this minute." a runaway speed boat is chased by police. >> get ready, ladies. >> how a cop goes all james bond to save the day. >> whoo! >> this compelling video of a child in war-torn looking for pokemon. >> how the social phenomenon is giving hope for healing. nate spots something but -- >> it's not a snake. >> what they pull out that's freaking people out. >> whoa! >> and legendary prankster dennis is in the house with inside details about a new series as youtubers battle zombies. >> now dennis shows us how to
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>> there's a zombie coming. you can turn and run. >> oh! >> now, a few months ago daniel craig said i don't want to be james bond anymore. which means i'm going to throw my hat into the ring. you can call my age ejt if you want to. but i may be facing some serious competition from zurich, switzerland. >> get ready, ladies. >> oh! >> so you can see here that there is a boat just lost control. this is doing circles in the middle of the lake. the skipper has already been picked up by a third party and now it's just out of control. >> ghost riding boat. >> yeah, your ghost riding from over there. >> oh! >> did i go -- did i get it? >> okay. >> i'm kidding. >> see here, as the police boat gets closer, starts matching the
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they make contact and then watch this super officer, oh! >> oh, no! >> oh! >> whoo! >> i wonder if he trained for that. >> what training can you get? you just have to have it in your blood. you see the boat moving away. he leaves -- >> perfect landing. >> this guy should be a stunt man. >> he's been doing a lot of jumps. >> do we know the speed that the boat was going? >> a million miles an hour. i haveo >> you just wait for it. >> how did the driver wind up off the boat? >> i do have some somewhat of an idea. because, working off the translations from the press, yes, once he was picked up he did, in fact, fail a breathalyzer test, and has now had to give up his boating license. so -- >> oh. >> i don't know what happens. he seems to have fallen out of his own boat. fortunately james bond himself turned up to save the day. >> oops. >> it's --
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>> you've seen the headlines about the kids caught in the middle of the war. interestingly enough though pokemon go might be a welcome distraction. in this video you see this kid walking through the town of aleppo with his cell phone out, looking for pokemons. you see him climbing over the rubble. >> you just wonder, where have his friends and family m makes you feel a little bit better for them, doesn't it? >> it's like a return to normalcy. >> i always talk about it as the new normal. everybody can adapt to the situation and after awhile it just becomes normal. >> depressing to see these kids, all right, this is our life now. we can still play pokemon go. >> and also just remind you how similar we all are. >> it's important these videos get out there so the rest of the world can understand and empathize. maybe we should just all be a little more welcoming.
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do see him with his friends. and they're in a neighborhood that looks like what we know as normal. >> you could clearly see this part of town hasn't been affected but early on in that video it looks like he was in a post apocalyptic scene in a movie because it was just him walking through that playing a game that's all this is about is a little kit wanting to play a game. a little kid wanting to be a kid. >> exactly. >> nate kept busy because, well, there are a lot of snakes in australia but i love when we check in with him on this call because it's not a snake. >> well then they called the wrong people. >> yes. >> oh, yeah. >> it's a lizard. a blue tongue lizard. >> yeah. >> weird enough that camera angle is much like i watch most snake videos with my fingers
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man. >> whoo! >> it really does have a blue tongue. >> oh. >> did he get hurt? did he get hurt? >> it's just fine but oli you might want to put your hands over your face for this next one because you know how you feel about spiders, this guy's mom feels exactly the same way and her meltdown is something that is truly, truly epic. >> oh! >> oh! >> sounds like beyonce. >> oh, >> big spider. >> oh, oh, oh. >> [ indiscernible ] >> get a big stick. >> over there. >> do what? >> i don't --
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>> what's that? >> what's twerping? >> i got him. >> kill him. give him some more. give him some more. >> you can now buy -- >> i feel like -- >> get him out. >> [ bleep ] look he's done. >> kill him more. >> ten youtube stars have been facilities. >> welcome to experiment, the challenge survive the zombie apocalypse. >> get out! >> come on. >> yeah. it's about to get serious. >> ten youtube stars will be taken to an abandoned hospital, where they will be forced to fight the undead, outsmart their captors.
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>> i'm sure you recognize some of those faces. we have yousef, raya, vitaly. including dennis. >> i have no idea what to expect. i'm literally letting youtube blindfold me and take me and i'm giving them the trust blanket. i don't know. that's crazy. >> this is all part of a series called fight of the living dead. >> the rules of the experiment survive three days and win freedom. >> the first episode is now out and there's a challenge in each episode. in the first one, these guys have to get out, escape from their holding cage, and get to a safe area. to tell us more about it, we have dennis stu >> i guess he got out. >> wait a minute, almost like
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experience. we all made it out alive. but in the show, not the case. >> okay. >> people get taken out. you get out when a zombie -- when you get nabbed by a zombie. >> yeah. >> there's a mission and objective to escape the hospital and the idea is how many people can escape. >> are you working as a team or working individually. can you betray other people? >> i guess, you know, if there's a zombie coming you can trip her and run. >> oh! >> oh! >> always got to watch your back. >> so how do you defend yourself though? >> there's three different types of zombies. some are real slow and you can maneuver around. >> to escape. >> you can't hit them? >> well you have to watch. >> youtube was very adamant on letting us know this isn't real life. these are not real zombies. so you know you don't need to lay hands on anybody. but i did take it over the line several times. >> uh-oh -- >> speaking of that did anybody leave with substantial injuries.
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might get a little ramped up and things. >> there were bruises, definitely broken bones and definitely sprains. >> no way. >> oh, yeah. >> can we see on youtube or do we have to subscribe to watch this? >> you can see the first episode free on youtube but then after that the rest of the episodes you have to sign up. but if you sign up you get a 30-day free trial. >> i would pay to see you scared and running from zombies. >> rescuers are hard at work to help a baby who -- >> got his hand stuck in a gap. >> oh, wow. >> why they've got to bring out the big tools to set him free. and a paragliding takeoff is picture perfect. but then -- >> things don't go exactly as planned. >> see the snag that leads to a heart-stopping moment in the sky. >> brought to you by the makers
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>> and our guy is flying a new wing omega 8 sid blah blah blah. i can tell you that things don't go exactly as planned. >> it's pritty incredible. >> things start to go south. >> we've got a little bit of a -- on the left side. >> canopy just kind of -- fell asleep. >> all right no big deal. check that >> we're good. >> now the whole thing starts to go. looks like the entire canopy just at this point -- >> oh, my gosh. >> and the adviser twisting. >> at this point is falling. it is a solid -- >> no problem >> just untwist those lines. >> the canopy inflates once again. >> even though he lost a little bit of altitude. he's okay. >> bothers me is i can't even unravel my head phones when i've got them in my pocket.
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>> these two guys watching their friend. >> they're relatively calm. because it looks like they know that he knows what he's doing. >> these guys can cut away. you can backup chutes, and the canopy. look out -- >> i don't even think that person saw him coming down. >> per effect. >> the tourists there. >> every time we get a video from china and firefighters have been called they don't fight as many fires as they do this. what could it possibly be, oli? >> school child is stuck somewhere. >> bingo. >> bingo. >> we get a lot of videos from china where some child is stuck in a wall, animal stuck in a well. firefighters are good at getting
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>> oh, no. >> 10-month-old little boy. >> i thought he was in the bed. >> that is in a bed. you're thinking jaws of life, car crash, urgently trying to get a person out to get them to the hospital or babies stuck in a bed. grandma says babies took the mattress, pushed it off, and then got his hand stuck in that gap. >> oh. >> wow. >> the jaws of life are bigger than the child. >> certainly just going to by the looks of it, they're going to need -- the good news is it only took them like ten minutes to get the kid out. he wasn't there for hours. >> usually it's impossible to get a little baby to go to bed. now i guess -- >> they make the climb, but it's not like they get away. scot-free -- >> oh, they're not happy.
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and still to come, it's a terrifying moment for a couple when -- >> five masked men, two of them armed with crowbars and axes, storm into the home and begin to demand money. >> but, find out why things are about to get even more ugly when they don't get what they want. plus two women show off the best of two worlds. >> yoga, and bicycling. >> see the incredible, flexible skills that will leave you in >> it's not -- >> whoo! olive garden's buy one take one is back. choose one delicious entr?e at our place, like our new pepperoni fettuccine alfredo, and another one for yours for free. starting at $12.99. may all your tomorrows be as delicious as today.
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terrifying moments for a few folks at home in manchester, england. five masked men, two of them armed with crowbars, and axes, storm into the home and begin to demand money. when they didn't get anything, the homeowner tried to follow the guys outside as they began to attack his work van. they opened up the van and start tearing stuff out. you'll notice the homeowner following along, trying to thwart these guys but to no crowbar gets more aggressive, starts to swing at the guy. >> this is this man's livelihood. that's how he eats. that's how he supports himself and pays for a house. >> this guy is 50 years old. look at this closer angle from a different camera on the man's house they really start to rough this guy up. >> it's broad daylight. >> he didn't get any money from the inside. i figured when they went for the work van, they'd take things.
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homeowner alone and take off. of course, a stolen vehicle. police still looking for these guys. thankfully, though, the man and the woman were not riously injured. >> talk about random attack. watch this. this video from back in january of a woman just walking her pugs. as she walked past this bmw she does this. >> oh! >> uh-oh. >> oh. >> she looks around. thinks she's in the clear and just runs her key all the way down that but that wasn't the only car she did that to. she did it to two other vehicles, as well. >> i'm assuming it was a bmw ex-boyfriend. >> that's the weird part. this woman was caught up to, she was just in court this past week and fined about $4100. and asked why, she was like, i don't know. had no explanation as to why she did this.
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>> oh! >> yes. >> that's how i get on my motorcycle. >> that was amazing. she pulled herself, did the split upside down and then fell on the bike and rode out. >> is this a new olympic sport? >> no but it should be. michelle thomas and debbie siegel both in their mid 40s have taken two things that they love, yoga, and bicycling, and well it's a beautiful match-up. here you see her in her gold shimmery >> who does pull-ups holding a bicycle. >> who does pull-ups period! >> you thought that was good check out this yoga move. >> this is -- >> it is -- it's not just you, oli. >> they got it. >> every thrill. >> and it only gets better. they say you can -- >> i can't even explain what this is except amazing. >> i love that. >> so -- >> wow. >> fascinated by their moves but also the way they produce this.
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a week and i don't do anything like that. >> maybe you should wear a gold leotard. >> oh, i know why i'm not riding my bike in the studio. >> four years after these ladies met they launched a popular bra called yogo girls. and they have over 65,000 followers and i'm about to be one of them. >> 65,001. >> wow. look at the page. >> it's impressive. >> holy cow! >> i guess it's save to say, you go girls. the hundred layer challenge gets taken up a notch when this youtuber takes on -- >> 100 rolls of duct tape. >> oh, man. >> all over his whole body? >> see the end result when he sticks to the mission.
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>> make it for me, will you? come on. >> i don't know if you guys heard about this new challenge on youtube that's like all over the place but people are
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>> correct. >> makeup. >> 100 layers of makeup. >> glue, even. >> yeah. >> but this guy makes videos on youtube people watch them he did 100 rolls of duct tape. >> all right -- >> oh, man. >> all over his whole body. >> he didn't even buy like the little rolls. he bought the big, giant rolls. >> okay we're only done four rolls and i already feel like i'm going to die. >> the whole family doing it for him. like a team effort. >> i can't believe his mom is >> that's why she's doing it. i'm about to wrap him -- >> be quiet. >> here's what 50 rolls looks like. >> the video was 13 minutes but if you watch the whole process, it literally seems like it took a whole day. >> okay guys roll 75, we are three quarters of the way through. okay guys we are on roll number 100 right now.
3:57 pm
to put on, too. >> he puts his mask on. >> i saw the video when he mads mask. >> which is also 100 layers of the duct tape so he's still within the challenge. >> let's go downstairs. >> i'm there. >> how many more stairs? >> i'll tell you what the family members are really sweet to him. if that was me there i would be like -- >> oh, i'd roll him down. >> go! >> that's got to be hot -- >> is he still in it or did they actually take it off? >> they finally take it off. here's his >> finally, i got my movement back. >> but that's a family like that that's a true family they all teamed up and duct taped their son with 100 rolls of duct tape. what's going to help duct tape you for eight hours? >> yeah. >> i got to give -- >> yeah. ?? >> that's it that's all
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next at four.. body camera footage will ??not?? yet be released from last week's police shooting in sherman park. why the attorney general, says the footage does not paint the whole picture. i'm katie crowther.and i'm charles benson. live at four
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today on live at 4 ... one week after a deadly police shooting - the state's top prosecutor is ?not? ready to release video from the milwaukee offciers body
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attorney general brad schimel says releasing the videos right now would compromise his investigation. the videos show what happened seconds before police shot and killed slyville smith after a brief foot chase. but schimel cautioned the videos don't tell the whole story. so here's what we know about shooting at 44th and auer. 23-year old syville smith ran from a traffic stop. police say smith had a gun in his hand and refused to drop it. that's when a milwaukee officer shot him twice - once in the chest and once in the arm. there were three officers - two of them were wearing body cameras. state investigators and have looked at both videos in real time and while slowing them down. 85406 when a person is running


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