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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  August 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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that is the result of the camera technology and when it was activated by the officer. there is a period in which there is no audio and that is difficult. it would be better to be able to hear.schimel all three officers have been interviewed at least once. he says they have not been shown the video as the investigation continues. in the end the pubic needs to have confidence that the process was an effective search for the truth. coming up on live at six why state investigators needed to wear body armor while collecting evidence and what impact that had on the case. the delay in recorded audio on the officer's body camera is ?not? a setting milwaukee police put in place -- but it's actually how the technology is set up. rikki mitchell joins us live from police administration to answer questions about these cameras i spoke with the company who makes the body cameras used by milwaukee police -- they tell
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because the technology doesn't exist but because that was the compromise to get police departments on board with wearing them. when a milwaukee police officer shot and killed sylville smith -- chief flynn said body camera video showed the entire incident took about 25 seconds. i know that the video starts as the officer is still in the vehicle and then about 30 seconds later the audio kicks in according to the company m technology -- the cameras are always on -- and always recording -- but it's up to the individual officer to save a recorded event. if theres no sound during the shooting that means that was occurring before the camera was actually activated when officers wearing this particular model of camera want to save an incident -- they have to double click on the camera. the camera will then go back and save the previous 30 seconds of video in case something important happened before the camera was the moment they double click -- audio begins recording. the officer's duties are to turn the cameras
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concern or something expeditiously occurs therye going to do their job first theyre not there to be camera producers when they can and try and get to that double click thats great that ensures they capture it but thats how the system is designed to work the company says when the technology was first introduced -- many police unions feared that officer and citizen privacy would be at risk -- if the cameras recorded every single conversation. that 30-second audio delay was a compromise -- to ensure that when officers double click being recorded. this was a win win for everyone you still preserve the video evidence but protect some of that privacy that was occurring before an event occurred we don't know the exact point that audio starts recording in the sylville smith shooting -- only that there's a 30-second delay. chief flynn has said previously that the officer did tell smith to drop his weapon -- and that smith didn't comply. but it's unclear if that command is heard on the officer's body
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ques: with all of these questions -- did the attorney general give any indicication when the video will be released?answer: no exact timeline -- but he said it will happen once the district attorney decides on possible criminal charges. if there are no charges -- the video will be released right away -- first to the smith family and then to the public. if they be the d-a's decision on if and when to release it. as the family of sylville smith waits for answers..they are now in the final stages of funeral arraignments. his body has just been released to his family. julia fello is live from christian faith fellowship church where a large funeral is expected
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assigned to sylville smiths family. he tells me smith's mother was brought here to worship yesterday. this is what happened: encouraged her heart and prayed for her and just tried to reinforce 15 the prayers and the strength reverend lovelace redmond tells us the pain for sylville smiths family has been unending. the hurt and the loss and the pain it's still the same after all the unrest we saw, the church leaders focus has been to help smith's mother find going through this transition of having lost a son and now trying to deal with the aftermath try and give them a sense of comfort a sense of strength in the midst of a very deeply stressful situation reverend raymond tells us more than 30 faith leaders have promised to attend fridays funeral. there's members of the sikh community members of the muslim faith members of the baptist persuasionwith the hope that everyone in attendance will find comfort through faith.. especially in
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shared with smiths mother:we can find refuge under the lords wings until the calamity is over the funeral the funeral will begin at noon fr julia weve heard reverend jesse jackson will also be at the service on friday, is that right?it has been confirmed reverend jesse jackson is driving up from chicago to be here and he will deliver the eulogy at the service. milwaukee police and federal investigators released a surveillance picture a suspect in the arson of a liquour store during the violence in sherman park.see if you recognize this man. this
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and-m liquor at 22-29 west fond du lac avenue in the early morning of sunday, august 14th. the store was looted and burned. anyone who recognizes this man is asked to call milwaukee police or the a-t-f. the emergency 10 p-m curfew in the city of milwaukee has been lifted. however, teens under 17 are still required to be home by ten during summer months. the sheriff's department continues to close sherman park at six o'clock. wisconsin governor scott walker says national guard is no longer on standby because of the violence in sherman park. but he is ready to put them on standby again if needed. "we've, at the discretion of local police departments, the milwaukee police department and the milwaukee sheriff's department they have not asked for our on-going presence and so we've responded to that. obviously if there was a need to arise to come back, i don't anticipate that. my hope would be that i would never have to call them up again for that, but we're at their disposal if there were another similar
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you'll find our coverage of the healing in sherman park on our website, t-m-j four dot com. another state hit hard by flooding. that story is still ahead. also coming up: who is more likley to bully someone over the internet? and who is more likely to be ?bullied.? hi control of our conditions across the upper midwest bringing a refreshing change to the weather. humidity levels are much lower with dew points in the 50s as high temperatures remain in the seasonal 70s. and later in sports: something packers fans have
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more news now. storms brought record-breaking rainfall and flash flooding to south texas over the weekend. heavy rain pounded the austin area. high waters swept through streets and across bridges. it may be a while before the flood waters recede in southern louisiana. the red cross calls the flooding there the nation's worst natural sandy four years ago. 13 people died in the flooding. and its now estimated 60- thousand homes are damaged or destroyed. that's ?twice? as many as they though last week. and that number is expected to increase. president obama plans to tour the flood damaged area tomorrow. the governor of louisiana asked the president ?not? to visit last week while rescue operations were underway. a white house spokesman said today the federal relief effort has been effective so far.
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president's been forcused on, is the response on the ground and the people in louisiana who's lives have been turned upside down by this terrible flooding event. and the response that you've seen from the federal government has been effective. and the president and the other members of his team that have responsibilitieffective. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will also visit louisiana. clinton's campaign put out a statement today saying clinton will tour the damage "at a time when the presence of a disrupt the response." clinton also urged people to make donations for flood relief. republican presidential candidate donald trump visited louisiana on ?friday.? louisiana's governor said trump's visit was, in his words, "helpful," because it raised awareness of the disaster. teen cyberbullies are more likely to go after people they know rather than strangers. that's according to a new study from pennsylvania state university.the study found kids are much more likely to
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dating partners.and girls are ?twice? as likely to be bullied online than boys. a local woman and her dog, finally back together... katie crowther is in the newsroom with a story new at six. charles and carole.thieves stole her car with her beloved pet sitting inside.tonight... how she was reunited with her dog, after a horrible night of worrying.that's coming up new on live at 6. a taste of fall weather today. jesse ritka tells us when ?summer? weather returns. her foerecast is still ahead. and next: the big step taken today in the restoration of a
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more local news of
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landmarks is beginning a giant restoration project. the basilica of saint josaphat is in need of millions of dollars of improvements. ben jordan shares how this emergency phase is just the start of what's to come. 51:34 "the first stones laid here today are less than 1 percent of what leaders hope to complete, the problem is this project isn't even close to being fully funded." as the first stone takes the air -- an masterpiece -- it marks a facelift to cracked and crumbling sandstone that has turned into an emergency for the basilica. the church is more than a hundred years old. 48:30 "the engineer told us that they had deteriorated so much that they couldn't be preserved anymore." the breathtaking architecture on the outside -- preserves one of a kind art work on the inside -- now in danger of being damaged. 49:01 "and that's one thing we're trying to avoid." if this emergency phase of the restoration process didn't come now --
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glass and paintings that are without a doubt 17:50 " huge and ornate and lavish."would be at risk for water damage. for bobby hughes visiting the church all the way from texas ... 20:05 "i mean that's a no brainer."but this is just the tip of the iceberg for what needs to be done to keep this educational and cultural landmark around for another century ... right now the project is only about 16 percent funded. 20:07 "people should pony up for that whatever denomination or religious persuasion they might be." 52:50 "and the current goal is to raise a total of 7 point 5 million dollars for all of the restorations. if that goal is met, leaders hope to have this project complein of years. on the south side of milwaukee, ben jordan today's tmj4." the basilica was built in 19-01 from materials from chicago's federal building. a big sand storm hit phoenix, arizona yesterday.look at this video. winds reached 40 miles
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visability was down to a quarter of a mile at times.the sandstorm was quickly followed by a ?thunderstorm.? more rain and ?humidity? are in ?our? forecast. jesse ritka is here to tell us when it will get here. with such dry and stable air in place, the skies will remain bright blue for the rest of the day, with a repeat performance tomorrow. in between, we'll see plenty of stars during the overnight hours. as the ridge eases off to our east, the growing boost moisture with noticeably higher humidity tomorrow and wednesday. a storm system approaching from the west will kick off a couple rounds of showers and storms later tuesday night and again on wednesday. more sunshine should return thursday and
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coming up in sports. jordy nelson hit the practice field today. how he did after the break
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long time coming for jordy nelson to work his way back on to the practice fieldfor the green bay packersthis year.. today, was his first day back, after missing all of last season with a torn a-c-l in his knee there's nelson on the practice
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team as they get ready for the niners on friday night..not sure what is status will befor the game, but getting livereps with star quarterback aaron rodgers, will be the key to their success this season.. here's nelson on hisfirst day back ((jordy says)) um today felt great i'm suretomorrow will fell a little bit more will have to see what the schedule lookslike obviously we will build in to teamperiods and whe should get plenty of that by time jacksonville comes rolling around and we will see what we do this week and i assume next weekwill probablly get into some competiveperiods and jacksonville i don't think would be a normal week of prep and o'ccording to a report by the usa today,.outside linebackers clay matthews and julius peepers have asked to meet with nfl investigators next week on reports that link them to performace-enhancing drugs by that al jazeera report..the proposed meeting wouldtake place at the packers facility in green bay. and we've got you covered on
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on friday.pre-game programming starts right here on today's tmj4at 7:30 pm..kick off is set for 9:00 pm the brewers are set to open up their three game series tonight against the colordo rockiesat miller park..on sunday, the crew battled their way back to get their only win in seattle the brewers would rally yesterday scoring four runs, in the 9th inning after traling 6 to 3 to win it.keon broxton, got things started with his second homerun of the game in the 9tin then, cris carter hit his 29th bomb of the season, which was a 2- run shot to tie the game upat six..scotter "ja-nett" would come upbig, latter with this rbi single to center which scored "da-mingo" santana..brewers win it on sunday in dramtic fashion 7 to 6 first pitch for tonight's game at miller park is at 6:20 pm.. that sports for now were back
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nobody won the "badger five" drawing over the weekend. tonight's winning numbers are worth 40-thousand- coming up on milwaukee" at 6:30:gwen jorgensen won america's first gold medal in the triathalon..tonight. a close friend, fresh from rio, talks about the waukesha native's humble beginnings. "american ninja warrior" is at 7."running wild with bear grylls" is at 9, followed by more local news on "live at
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tonight, paying the price. major new fallout for ryan lochte losing big money and sponsors from speedo to ralph lauren. the hot zone as the kids go back to school. comparing this virus with a monumental challenge we faced 20 years ago. what donald trump is now saying about rounding up millions of undocumented immigrants. plus bill clinton's bombshell announcement about what he'll do if his wife is elected president. and tech support scam, that phone call


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