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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  August 22, 2016 5:59pm-6:31pm CDT

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us here at nbc news, ?? >> announcer: right now from milwaukee, this is today's tmj4 "live at 6:00." >> some answers, but still lots of questions about the police body camera videos of the shooting of >> wisconsin attorney general brad schimel said the videos will not be released to ensure the integrity of the investigation. >> joining us with why the body cam videos do not tell us everything. >> the attorney general said there is a 30-second delay in the audio on the video, which is making things difficult for investigators on the case. so i actually spoke to the maker of those cameras to find out why that delay exists.
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videos will not answer all of your questions. >> attorney general brad schimel, stressing today that the body camera footage from the officer who shot and killed smith, gives a narrow and incomplete view of the incident, especially since the first 30 seconds don't have any audio. >> audio would be great. but one of the ways this camera technology got into law enforcement was there had to be some give and takes. >> the company that body cameras said when the technology was first introduced, many police unions feared na officer and citizen privacy would be at risk. if the camera saved every single conversation. this 30-second delay was a compromise. >> there's nothing nefarious about that. that camera has a 30-second buffer, period. >> the cameras are always on and always recording. but in order to save a specific incident, the officer has to physically double click on the
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someone run a red light, i double click that button, it captures that previous 30 seconds of video only. and immediately begins to add audio going forward. >> the chief said it took about 25 seconds to unfold. it is unclear at what point the officer double-clicked to activate his camera. >> the specific model of body camera used by milwaukee police is alsose departments in the city of brookfield and the village of butler. the company says this model is popular because the cameras is worn on the glasses or the collar, for a better perspective. rickie mitchell, today's tmj4. >> helpful information. thanks, rickie. investigators are moving quick to collect evidence and interview. they have already watched the
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compromise the integrity of the investigation. >> the attorney general said they're making process in the investigation. brad schimel said the process was delayed and slowed by the unrest and violence after the shooting. >> we put our crime lab and investigators in body armor for them to be able to collect evidence safely at the crime scene. >> all three officers have been interviewed, two were wearing body cameras, and investigation. he says it will be up to the district attorney to release the videos. he expect's smith's family will see them before they are released to the public. >> we have stayed in contact with mr. smith's family. they have some distrust of the system. and that is understandable under the circumstances. >> schimel says about a dozen special agents from doj were on the case. he says they are reviewing the officer's training records and
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smith and the officer that could have impacted what happened. >> i'm also urging patients to give us the opportunity to give us a thorough and comprehensive search for the truth. >> the aclu said it is disappointed in the attorney general's decision not to release body camera video. in a statement, the executive director said, quote, the aclu believes that because the critical witnesses have all been interviewed, releasing the video will investigation. milwaukee police released a picture of a man wanted for setting a liquor store on fire during the violence in sherman park. it was taken inside mjm liquor store on fond du lac avenue. if you know this person, you are urged to call milwaukee police. we're learning more about the two other milwaukee police officers at the scene of the
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us. >> good evening, police remain tight-lipped about this case in order to protect the integrity of the investigation. this afternoon they released information about the two officers on scene at the time seville smith was shot. both have four years of service with the department. one is 28 years old, the other 23. now, in wisconsin, law enforcement officers must be 21 years old at the time they're sworn in, meaning the 23-year-old likely started as a police aide. students 17 years or older c and then can become a police recruit when they turn 21. it is unclear which had his or her body cameras activated. that's something we're learning, we will bring information as it comes in. tonight, the officers are not on administrative leave. when we noticed attorney general brad schimel say there were three officers at the time of the shooting, we asked mpd why there was not a fourth.
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officers would be patrolling in pairs, as a result of recent violence against cops. we are waiting for an answer on that part. the family of smith is finalizing funeral arrangements. services will be this friday at christian faith fellowship church. the reverend tells us more than 30 faith leaders have promised to be there. the reverend says smith's mother worshipped there yesterday. >>...and prayed for just tried to, you know, reinforce the prayers...and the sympathy. >> funeral services are expected to start at noon. the reverend jesse jackson is expected to deliver the eulogy. for more, go to a 17-year-old is under arrest after he crashed a stolen van into a tree. brown deer police spotted the
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an officer tried to stop him, but he sped off. he then ran through several red lights and hit another vehicle at 76th and goodhope road. he took off again, crashing into a tree at 84th and carmen. >> the next thing i knew, please, get on the ground, that kind of scared me. >> the teenager faces a slew of charges, including hit-and-run and eluding an officer. a shooting at hadley. an officer tried to save him. no word on who shot him, or why. milwaukee police are also investigating a deadly car crashed that happened around 6:00 last night at 27th and wells. a driver heading west on wells did not stop for a red light, and smashed into a vehicle heading south on 27th. a 64-year-old passenger in one of those vehicles died. packers extra now, new information in the allegations
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performance-enhancing drugs. >> rod burks in the studio. >> both players had a deadline of august 25 to talk or they would be suspended by the league that were were linked to performance-enhancing drugs. they asked to meet...the proposed meetings would take place at the packers team facility in green bay. so that's peppers and matthews, guys, back over to you. >> it's also randall cobb's birthday. he rode a bike to practice this morning. the message, happy birthday randall. the pre-season continues this friday in san fran, the only place to watch the game right here on today's tmj4, our coverage begins at 7:30 with a packers special kickoff. that kickoff is set for 9:00.
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6:00," wisconsin's attorney general tells us what he plans to do before making a ruling in the brendan dassey case. a missing dog and its owner reunited. and a message for anybody who has push-button start on their car. clear skies are bringing temperatures into the 70s. 78 in milwaukee. a dew point of 54?. quite comfortable. looking at maybe a cloud or two through the rest of the evening. overnight, 62 comfortable degrees, 58 to kick off your day tomorrow, away from lake
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new at 6:00, relieved and overwhelmed. that's how a milwaukee woman described her reunion with her dog left in a stolen car. >> the emotional rollercoaster
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jonah kaplan is live with this story. >> reporter: charles and katie, obviously this is good news to report. but there are some critical lessons in this story. for other families with pets. valerie's husband posted this picture sunday afternoon. arrow was stolen, along with the car. not worried about the car, just trying to get the dog back. >> type of people that steal cars, all the things that could have happened to him that have been going through my mind all night. >> arrow was ago, a big part of the family. >> his name comes from a kid's story and his dog named arrow. he is like that dog. >> she last saw her bmw at the corner of cass and wells. the car crashed, and the thieves ran away. a bystander found arrow today near 6th and vine. >> wouldn't have gotten him back if they hadn't turned him in.
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>> arrow had a collar with a phone number, the collar was missing. his microchip was credited. >> very important is to keep that microchip information up-to-date. we often, it's very sad to get a microchip, have a dog with a chip and try to contact the people, their phone is disconnected, they moved, and their email comes back. you need to keep that information >> here's the critical footnote. the dog was in the area, the car was on with the air conditioning. one of those cars where you have a key fob that when you are in the car, you press the button to turn the car on. she thought with the keys in her hand, no one could drive off with the car because it would die if it was more than a mile away. that did not happen. we are live here in front of maddox, jonah kaplan, today's tmj4. >> good to know the dog is back with the owner. thank you, jonah.
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prince. the milwaukee county medical examiner's startling fact about fentanyl. the attorney general's first step when considering what to do
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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more news now, a man shot and killed by new london police friday was holding a toy gun. police claim he pointed the toy at them so they would shoot him. the suspect's fiancee said her fiancee was suicidal. she said the toy gun belonged to her son. milwaukee police have identified a man found dead in lincoln park on friday. he's 46-year-old thomas williams
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the medical examiner is investigating how he died. the milwaukee county medical examiner tweeted today that deaths related to the drug fentanyl are up almost 200% from last year. fentanyl is the drug on which prince overdosed. the star tribune reports bottles of fentanyl found in prince's home were mislabeled, marked as hydrocodone. a source quoted the singer did not have a prescription for the man who owns the strip clubs was indicted in california last year in a racketeering case targeting the russian mob. reporting the role in the scheme hasn't been disclosed. and the case involves money laundering and cocaine dealing. there is no need for a second trial. >> in june a judge declared a mistrial. prosecutors say they want
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6 hearing to consider a second hearing. he is accused of killing beck in 1990. new information in brendan dassey's case, the judge overturned his conviction in the murder of teresa halbach. attorney general brad schimel has 90 days to appeal, retry, or release him. schimel wants halbach's family to have a say. >> we've been in communication, we'll continue to outline options, success. >> dassey and his uncle, steven avery, were convicted in 2005. benefits from a lower unemployment insurance tax...the governor says this is the second year unemployment insurance taxes have gone down. he says that savings goes directly into employee pockets. >> that's more money that can go
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can go into employees's benefits, and wages, and less money that has to go into the state government. >> governor walker said the unemployment rate dropped from 9% to 4% since he began his run for governor in 2010. summer vacation is officially over for some students in southeast wisconsin. dominican high school in whitefish bay, and marquette university high school starts wednesday, as does the prairie school in ra. so will those students need shorts or jackets? it's hard to tell. >> it doesn't matter, they all like to wear shorts this time of year. jesse, what do you think? >> man, if you were waking up in these temps, layers. 48 in waukesha, 46 lake geneva. 56 in the city. the temperatures in the 70s.
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heat island effect. slightly warmer temperatures in milwaukee. take a look across the area. we've got lots of sunshine. kenosha, blue skies, 76?. take a look in milwaukee right now, where we do have the clear skies, as well. 78?, a dew point, though, of 54. that air is very dry. that also warms up very quickly. cools down quickly, as well. another cool night on tap for us tonight. if you like this weather, well, enjoy today and tomorrow, because look out to the west. a lot of heat out dakotas. triple-digits in rapid city. we are going to watch the temps increase a little bit. i think you're going to notice the dew points increasing more. those dew points in the mid to upper 60s to the west. those will push into our forecast as early as tomorrow. close to 70? dew points wednesday. then a cold front comes through, that's going to bring us to this comfortable feel to the air that we have now. warm front situated up to the north, though, that's going to bring warmer air in for
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just a little bit overnight. heading into your tuesday morning, a light wind to start the day. it will be breezy, though, in the afternoon with winds from the south at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. not much going on throughout the day tuesday, tuesday night, into wednesday, here's when that warm front starts to approach, and that cold front comes into the picture late in the day wednesday. that's going to bring us the best chance for rainshowers. a couple rumbles of thunder, not looking at a severe situation for that. overnight tonight, though, clear, cool, 62 your overnight low lake michigan. then tomorrow, almost a repeat of today. a little bit more humidity, a little bit more wind, a high of 81?, though, and mostly sunny skies, that southwesterly breeze keeping things a little bit on the breezy end. that cold front swings through wednesday evening. i think the best chance will be on wednesday morning to see a few showers and thunderstorms with a little bit of moisture surging through. then the temps are going to be dropping back down into the comfortable 70s with low dew points in the 50s.
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fall-like weather. if you don't, enjoy the humidity tomorrow. >> okay. >> something for everyone. >> coming up in sports, jordy nelson tells us about challenges, back on the practice field. rod burks with sports. here's tonight's prime time lineup: feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come
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manufacturing jobs are shipped away because of a tax code that actually rewards companies for exporting jobs. let's close the corporate loopholes- that will save taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't need an economy that works only for ceos,
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?? the packers are back on the practice field this afternoon as they get ready for the 49ers on friday night. jordy nelson had the pads on and practiced with the team for the first time this season. there's nelson riding one of the kid's bikes in before practice. i like that. he took part in individual drills as he gets ready for the season. he looked pretty good catching that football out there on the field without a knee brace.
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timing down with quarterback aaron rodgers. >> conditioning more than anything. it's going to vary. i'm sure everyone is going to pick it apart, if we miss a play here and there, it will be because we missed training camp. a step ahead of everyone. i'm sure it was already out there, we missed one pass today. yeah, it will wait and see, but i don't think it will be an issue. >> before mccarthy named j.c. tretter the starter. -- we've got you covered on gameday with the packers taking on the 49ers in san francisco on friday. pregame programming starts here on today's tmj4 at 7:30 p.m. kickoff is set for 9:00 p.m. the fallout continues for ryan lochte after he lied about being robbed at gunpoint in rio today he was dropped by all four of
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was the first to cut ties with him after working with him for more than a decade. ralph lauren was the other big name that will no longer work with him. speedo will donate $50,000 to a youth charity in brazil. the brewers will open up against
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coming up next on milwaukee, gwen jorgensen won the triathlon. and talking about the native's humble beginnings. if you're going out to do a little biking or running, absolutely fantastic the rest of the evening. clear skies, sunshine, low humidity, and our temperatures dropping into the 60s. lots of sun tomorrow.
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sets. a lot of people excited to see jordy nelson. >> no one more excited than aaron rodgers. it's great to have nelson back. no knee brace. caught a lot of footballs. he missed one today. a lot of attention on him. he's a great guy in that locker room. he is human. >> thanks for joining us us at 6:00. >> don't forget, the now:
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good evening, i'm katie crowther, welcome to the now milwaukee... we've wrapped up the olympic zone, but we're still talking about the olympics today... wisconsin's gwen jorgensen had a big crowd


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