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tv   Today  NBC  August 23, 2016 2:37am-3:31am CDT

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from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio i 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's august 22nd. hope you had a lovely, lovely weekend. hardest working woman in show business. >> if you call it work. >> you have been gone from me for three weeks. you had the celine week. which was crazy. >> that was epic. >> amazing. >> and two weeks at the olympics. and it kicked off -- the olympics kicked off with michael phelps as the flag bearer. i thought it only appropriate that on our first show back, that jacket -- the michael phelps jacket, i got you a replica. can we please bring kate in? here's the music. ?? okay. dim the lights.
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>> look at that, turn around. >> it lights up. >> i saw that. wow. >> kate is wearing your replica of the exact michael phelps jacket. battery-operated. >> that's convenient. >> where are you going to wear this? >> i don't know. probably some ralph lauren jeans like you are. >> i thought it was going to be michael phelps coming. >> we have kate and the jacket. >> i'm thrilled. thank you, kate. leave it -- >> isn't that cute? >> it's adorable. we had a big flood when we were away. >> our dressing room got flooded. >> we get new shoes. >> i walked in. and my dressing room looked better than it usually does. what happened? someone cleaned it. they said, whatever was on the floor is bye-bye. >> here's the thing. you know what did survive the flood? we shouldn't laugh about big flooding with everything going
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the pair of shoes you had for nine years, since we started working together, they survived the flood. we want to say welcome, officially, to billy bush. >> of course. >> i hope you watched in the earlier hour. it was moving and touching. >> and by the way, watching his mom and dad. we've loved him for a long time. but something about watching his folks. >> so real. >> and watching how much he loved his parents. he's joined the nine. >> we have a party today, too. a great show. you' h buzz" withdrawal, we're going to get that taken care of. any of the gossip you want, including a proposal to miranda lambert. and kellie pickler is here. her and her husband have that reality show about the country couple and their antics. they're going to talk about their relationship and we're going to take some questions, too. >> and there's time to squeeze
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affordable getaways across the country. and from grade school to adulthood, we have to deal with rejection from time-to-time. >> we do. >> we all have. and we got some advice to help you cope. >> that is awesome. >> let's start with you in rio, baby. >> rio was fun. here's what was cool. our "today" show set was on the beach. the hotel was right near the set. you wake up in the morning, go to the set. your toes were in the sand and you interviewed happy people, all these great pi had won all kinds of stuff. we had a lot of fun with the group. everyone was asking about you. everywhere i went. where is kathie lee? is kathy lee here? no, she's not here. is she at the other stadium? she's not here. she's not there. >> she doesn't travel well. no, no. it was great, huh? >> yeah. we have fun pictures of the
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that's us at christ the reedemer. so cloudy and overcast. except for one moment where the clouds lifted and it was gorgeous. we did some trips. went to sugar loaf. by the way, that was a game called speedo. it was called beach volley. foot volley. somehow, it didn't matter what it was called. >> you couldn't get matt into it? >> oh, my god, i'm wearing the same dress. >> nobody would have noticed if you hadn't said. >> my favorite moment of the whole thing was these finals, the final -- theca i was interviewing simone. and she said her big crush was zac efron. i said look at the camera and say for zac efron. i wish you would come here. >> she said, i can't do it. and she said, if he were to come, i would need a defibrillator. we smuggled him in.
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was going to interview those girls after they won the gold. they walk in, the girls. they were like, hey. we're laughing and hugging. and i open up the door and look who is standing there. >> oh, my gosh. >> laurie went up first. and simone couldn't handle it. and by the way, she kept saying it was like her best day. she passed out. >> and the stage is set. >> wow. >> he was such a great guy and a great sport. >> and i didn't realize -- he's popular everywhere. but you said down there, he's got a clothing line that's insane. he's like ricky martin. >> yes. he was trying to advertise. he was trying to go to a stadium and there were riots. he tried to go to a mall. they couldn't get him in the mall, it was so jammed. >> oh, wow. >> he was -- by the way, the final five, all five of them who want to meet you, are here tomorrow. >> oh, good. look forward to that.
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was when abbe d'agostino fell during the women's 5000. and the runner from new zealand falls. you know they're not going to medal. what happens? d'agostino picks up the girl from new zealand and they start running. d'agostino, a tore meniscus. all kinds of stuff. she falls again. again. >> bless her. >> and she finished the race. >> all of the medalists were there. there were tons of them on the set. and they were so fun. i said specifically, i'll never forget you. when you give your graduation speech, that's the story you're going to tell. not the story of the gold, the silver, the bronze. >> remind you of why you're down
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we hear about the bad behavior. and you hear about the good behavior. and it restores your faith. >> rio was amazing. with all of the hoopla. they were gracious. it was a blast. the u.s. did well. i thought brazil brought it. and brazil reminds me of new orleans. do you like us? is the food good? you having fun? like the insecure friend. it was just fun to watch it. >> they were going through tough times and still going through them. we have an olympian in training. >> who? >> in my house. i spent necessary time, which i never really took after frank passed. it's been a year since he passed. and i just want to be quiet and be my loved ones. and so, i got my wish. this is my olympian, schecky, in training on my yard. he had never been willing to walk on the grass before. you never know what's going to
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his great grandfather was the fastest runner in maryland when he was 14. go, schecky, go. anyway, i was in heaven. >> how cute is he, by the way? >> cody and cass came for my birthday. >> happy birthday, by the way. >> it was a super birthday. the "today" show did a big thing on the website about my birthday. and kathie turning 62. they said it about ten years. they took a year off for me. i was thrilled. apparently john oliver had fun with his opening ceremony thing. another highlight for hoda, hosting the opening ceremony. see what he had to say. >> a buildup to the rio games has been turbulent, with brazil experiencing massive recession, protest in the streets and a zika outbreak. on friday, nbc urged us to forget all that and focus on the
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>> they are ready for tonight, to put the headlines aside, and hit the reset button and throw one massive party. >> did somebody say party? >> oh, no. oh, no. hoda got into the caparhina supply. watch yourself, she gets grabby. >> she didn't know what was coming. >> oh, no. by the way, this is one of our favorite moments of the day today. it's called puppy love. >> yes. >> we have a new puppy at the "today" show. we're partnering with america's vet dogs. we have new vet dogs to raise a service dog for military veterans. he's 8 weeks. >> so beautiful. and we're going to help decide his name, right? >> yes. give him a name. >> you want to come to auntie kathie. lick me with your puppy tongue.
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oh, i grabbed something else. this little guy -- >> hi. >> this puppy is olivia and she's going to be in the studio with us. welcome. >> thank you. >> we want you to vote on his name. military-inspired. >> here's the choices. >> go to >> sarge, charlie, or ace. >> i put my vote in for sarge. >> i love sarge. >> i don't care. the audio guys are going crazy. and tomorrow, we have our puppy. and we have his name. >> you're going to be with us, every day? >> yes. this puppy will come in with me in the mornings. and then, come home with me in the evenings, a normal puppy life at home. and will get to learn the ropes. >> and then, he will be trained to be with one of our brave men.
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>> that is amazing. >> that's very, very special. >> he just fell asleep. >> oh, goodness. >> it's a party. >> does he have play dates at people's houses? >> anytime. >> he can play with lola. >> wouldn't that be fun? >> blake wouldn't like him. we have to go. thank you, olivia. >> guys, i'm going to need to wash my hand, just saying. if you leave right now, you'll miss our favorite things. >> and beyonce jumped ship and more celebrity gossip in today's buzz. right after this. come here, sarge. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. by choosing flonase, you're choosing more complete allergy relief and all the enjoyment that comes along with it. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only control 1. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. with flonase, more complete relief means enjoyment of every beautiful moment. flonase,
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with all of the olympic hoopla over the last couple of weeks, you're probably craving a heap of helping of "today's buzz." >> ryan balthazar. cute outfit. >> how many? two? or the "brady bunch" reference -- ? keep on, keep on ? >> it's very post-rio for you guys.
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>> big leap, right? >> she just wrapped up her formation tour in europe. now, she decided to rent a boat called "halo." and she took this jump. take a good look at that picture. it cost us a lot of money. it's the only one we're getting. she did not dive. that's about three stories. >> i would never do that. >> and down there, there's someone in a boat. >> that's not as scary as diving. >> humanizing beyonce. i would like to think she did but there was that one olympic team that wasn't so good at the diving. but her mother, a few weeks ago, tina, posted one. we have a picture of tina doing the same thing. we have a video of tina doing the same thing. >> that one didn't cost as much, right? oh, we have video of tina. >> that wasn't very high. >> beyonce, not to be outdone, thinks, how many likes can i get on mine? >> unscathed, right? >> right.
2:53 am
>> "fast & furious 8" just wrapped production. you must be excited as an avid fan. you didn't like the fifth one. 6, 7 and 89 8. >> can't wait. >> the rock posted an instagram thanking a lot of members of the cast. but leaving one person out. he mentioned the cast but not vin diesel. >> why? >> this harkins back to maybe earlier this month, where he po a how some people don't conduct themselves well. some people conduct themselves as stand-up men and true professionals, and others don't. in some scenes, he's not acting and his blood is boiling. there was a belief that the two of them -- >> he was complaining that he was late and -- >> right. >> and showing disrespect to the other actors. we don't know what happened. >> who knows? maybe it's nothing. >> the rock is very -- he's an upstanding guy. >> i don't know anything about vin diesel. >> at all.
2:54 am
>> every time i've been with the rock -- great guy. he's a great guy. there's two sides. we don't know what happened. >> our favorite reality tv couple. >> we reached out to the rock and vin diesel. no. didn't call back. >> doesn't get a call. >> forgot. it's been said. by the way, jojo and jordan, you know who they are? >> "the bachelorette." >> they're the love birds from "the bachelorette" and got engaged. they thought they were going to dinner with friends. but they got into a big engagement party with friends. >> they had no idea. >> there they are. just an instagram post. there were no camera crews. they posted on instagram. who wasn't there was aaron rodgers. aaron rodgers is jordan's estranged brother, the quarterback. >> we don't like that story. >> let's bring in -- >> let's move on. >> i hate it, too. hated it. fought it tooth and nail.
2:55 am
>> no. >> yes, she is. >> you want me to? miranda lambert was proposed to. she got a picture of it. let's take a look at the young man. a 6-year-old named sebastian got on one knee and proposed to her. >> she said yes. in 25 years. >> she wants to wait. she wants to know it's right. >> you get to know each other in the meantime. >> and the kid bought the ring or got the ring. i don't know the carats. he got it for christmas and was hanging on to it for the right moment. >> a little romantic, just like you. >> thanks so much. >> free vacations up for grabs. and from your career to romances, how do you handle rejection? we'll talk about it, after this. ?? ?? i love that my shop is part f the morning ritual around here.
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oh, wow. >> now, it is time to surprise our "fan of the week." >> drumroll please. while we spin the globe, we landed in north carolina. that's where diana rose watches us. say hi. >> hi. >> who have we got there with you? are those your daughters? i think i see them. >> is that a puppy? yes. >> hi. we can't hear you. diane, we're going to tell everybody why you're chosen. she's a mom to these three beautiful girls. holly, hannah, and hayley. she's been watching our show since the beginning. and her daughters recently joined in on the fun. her daughters say she's so deserving because watching us is part of her daily routine. she's a part-time nanny and a
3:00 am
elementary kids, where some of team usa olympic swimmers have trained. >> she and her husband are nearing their 20th wedding anniversary. so, we're going to -- let's see. it's time to put your fandom to the test. we have 15 seconds and one guess to win. are you ready? just nod. we can't hear you. >> okay. here we go, sweet girl. every week, i feature a favorite song of mine on my hoda playlist and i show lyrics. what bounces above the lyrics? is it a peacock? a floating hoda head or a wine bottle. >> she says it's "b." i'm reading her lips. >> is it a floating head? >> we didn't know that. >> you and your husband, jeff, are going to farmington,
3:01 am
and three nights at niemacolin resort. >> you're going to be treated to dinner for two. >> round-trip airfare is included. you think jeff is excited about this getaway? >> she's probably saying, yes, he's going to love it. >> love you guys. >> have a great time. happy anniversary. >> happy anniversary. from grade school, to high school, into adulthood. how your kids can learn how to cope with rejection. plus, kellie pickler and kyle jacobs answer your relationship questions. all that after your local news. she has to wait a little. ?? approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling.
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so call now and discover how an aarp medicare supplement plan could go long? for you. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long?. ?? we are back on this fun day monday. >> there's nothing fun about
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>> if you were turned down for a job, or romantic interest didn't share your feelings, you have to be prepared. >> here's some advice to handle rejection, are two women in a are launching a cool thing -- a video series, lisa, author of "uninvited." >> and shelby crockett, a teenage youtube sensation. >> stop it. >> with over 1 million subscribers. >> look at her putting on makeup and everyone clicking on it. this never goes away, this whole thing. you and i grew up in a different time and went through the same thing that somebody like chelsea is going through. >> rejection is so painful. we're all dealing with it. we're dealing with past rejection, or dealing with rejection or fearing that rejection is right around the corner. >> it's how you recover through it. it's what happens to you after that moment, right? >> right. >> how you deal with it. >> that's right. and so many times what happens is, somebody speaks a line of rejection. and if that line becomes a lie
3:05 am
believe about ourselves, it becomes a label, and then, a liability in all of our future relationships. >> it goes from a lie, to a life of its own. >> yes. >> i don't know what's happening right now. >> you want to stop it before that happens. >> exactly. >> you're in middle school. and i don't know, you don't get picked for the team. you're the last one. and you're feeling really rejected. give us some advice for someone going through that. >> well, i personally have experienced that when i was growing up. and i wasn't super into sports. so, i wasn't, you know -- >> chosen. >> chosen. and so, i just kind of tried to laugh it off. >> yeah. >> because you can't really put that more attention on yourself. >> you should just try to use humor. >> i do it with humor, yeah. >> as a parent, we have an opportunity to speak truth into that child in that moment. and really help them understand that rejection, what it is and what it isn't. we have to acknowledge it's painful.
3:06 am
the pain. second of all, we have to make sure that as parents, we don't get swept up into the drama. and instead, we can tell our child of a story at the time we were rejected. and we have the benefit of time now. maybe we can say this rejection is a redirection and show some them positive to get out of it. >> try to get into the good news. >> let's go to high school. go to high school where it gets really bad >> right here. a lot of times it's romance-related when it comes to high school. >> the hormones are raging. >> and no one asks you out to the dance. that's what happened to the girl with frizzy hair and glasses. you do face stuff like that. >> in the media world, you know all about. >> as social media for me, i'm right into it. especially on youtube. i get negative comments all the time. >> what do you do? >> i see it for what it is. a lot of people say things
3:07 am
they have the freedom to do so. they're not talking to you directly. >> and hurt people hurt people. >> and healed people heal people. and we have an opportunity, i think, as parents, to speak into the lives of our children and encourage them, don't bash, hash or trash on social media because the internet never forgets. and make sure we don't invite public opinion into our very private day. >> what if people are piling on. every kid felt that if they are a victim of that. >> it's very difficult. i think, especially, when i'm talking to my children or someone like chelsea, i have to remind them that success and failure doesn't rise and fall on other people's opinions. we have to make sure we look at our child's character. you are brave and courageous. >> and worthy. >> that's right. >> it still hurts. even when you're a grown-up. >> and when you're a superstar
3:08 am
best of who we are. by reinforcing the worst that's been said to us. >> right. >> we have to make sure that we travel back to some of those original forces of pain and rejection and really learn to deal with it and recognize that when rejected, we cannot hold up the banners of victim and victory at the same time. we have to make sure to hold up the banner of victory and walk in the absolute assurance of love. we are loved. spiritual perspective, too. don't let that be left out of the equation. the equation. the equation. the equation. the equation. the equation. the equation. >> and proverbs 11:2 is great. wisdom will hold hands with humility. rejection is hard but humility is never bought at a cheap price. >> you're really smart. >> and a really good writer, too. >> thank you, guys. she's a chart-topping singer.
3:09 am
>> together they make sweet music together. kellie pickler and kyle jacobs on love and marriage. and maybe some music, after this. ?? anything meant to stand needs a stable foundation. a body without proper foot support can mean pain. the dr. scholl's kiosk maps your feet and recommends our custom fit orthotic to stabilize your foundation and relieve lower-back, knee or foot pain from being on your feet. find your nearest kiosk at 's: heavy duty support for lower back pain, lightens the impact of every step. today you can do everything in just one click, even keep your toilet clean and fresh.
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we first got introduced to her southern charm on "american idol." she was only 19 years old. >> since then, kellie pickler has taken the music world by storm, with five hit albums, three cmt awards, a mirrorball performance on "dancing with the stars." and now, a hit reality show with her husband. >> and now, the nashville power couple is launching season two of their popular cmt show, called "i love kellie pickler."
3:13 am
>> my heart is beating like a phone book in a drier. >> just fall back. >> has anybody pissed their pants before? >> not on me. >> i don't want to look. >> baby, you have to. >> this is going to kill me. >> baby, you got this. you've done crazier things. this is about living. okay? >> okay. >> okay. >> you got it, baby. it will be over in a second. >> hands up. [ screaming ] >> if your marriage can survive that, wow. >> that was the most terrifying moment. >> you pushed her? >> no. i was never do that. >> the guy that was harnessing us in -- i was like, dude, you have to push me. i'm not jumping off. he just pushed me off.
3:14 am
>> it was. ooh. >> you, your hubby and best friend, all together, right? on this show? >> all of our buddies. >> your pals. >> i didn't realize this is a ryan seacrest production. >> with 51 minds, as well. >> obviously, he's good at knowing what's going to do well on reality television. >> yeah. >> have you been in a position where you felt like you were saying, this isn't really us. t >> we're so blessed to have an amazing group around us. we have the freedom to be us and have fun. >> it's love and laughter and having fun. >> wait until you have kids. >> how many years have you been married? >> 5 1/2. >> yeah, 5 1/2. >> doing it in front of the cameras, does that make it different? >> they don't do it in front of
3:15 am
>> are you able to be yourself? >> how do you do this? >> it was tricky for me because i'm a singer, song writer, producer. >> you're not an on-camera guy. >> i'm not an on camera guy. i'm used to being behind the scenes. it was trickier for me. >> she comes by it naturally. >> you have a good relationship, a good marriage. and there's people from the plaza that wanted marriage vi >> newlyweds. >> okay. >> let's see the first one. >> we'll try. >> where is a good first date spot when you meet someone online? >> oh, wow. when you meet someone online? >> i don't know. what do you think? >> i never met someone online. >> me, either. >> what's a good first date spot? >> when you're meeting someone for the first time and you've only had an online relationship? just me being a woman, i would
3:16 am
>> meet for coffee. >> in the middle of the day, with another couple. >> coffee shop. >> do we have time for one more? that one wasn't so fascinating. do we have time for one more? >> we're getting married in november. we're wondering, what's good advice for the first year of marriage? >> the first year of marriage. congratulations, first of all. >> yeah. i would say, to the guy, do everything that she says. >> yeah. >> good advice. >> i think, you know, you just -- if you're in love and you're happy, just be kind to one another. kind and respectful. >> keep remembering what you fell in love with. >> be sweet, be patient, and be loving. >> like we are. >> all right. >> not. >> season two of "i love kellie pickler" premiers this thursday on cmt. >> there's still time to squeeze in some fun.
3:17 am
after this.
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aleve pm for a better am.
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all right. we have good news and bad news for you. >> the bad news, is that summer is almost over. >> but the good news is, labor day is weeks away. there's time for one more getaway with your family. >> here with some of the last-minute vacation deals, is mark elwood. >> hello, mark. >> is there still time? >> still time. we can squeeze in some brilliant getaways. we're going to tell you about that. >> take us to the nation's capital. >> i love washington, d.c., a bit of culture. an amazing place with one of the world's best hall of museums. the national museum of american history. it's free. you're going to see a gun boat that the british sank. the war of independence. >> the only war i wasn't around for. >> the ruby slippers.
3:22 am
nation's capital and history. a museum of women artists. georgia o'keefe. and a fantastic hotel that we recommend. three blocks from the mall, the marriott marquee. renovated a couple of weeks ago. >> you can get rooms at okay deals. >> you would be astonished. >> and the holocaust museum. very good to remember. >> and tucson, arizona. right next to the suguaro national park. you think, isn't that a cartoon? this national park has hundreds of them. they can grow up to 50 feet. you have 150 miles of trails to walk around, as well as an amazing studios where you can
3:23 am
there's a fantastic hotel there. the low santana canyon with its own trails and 36 holes of tom fazio-designed golf. >> and the good stuff is there. >> how are airfares now if you want to fly? >> if you look carefully, the key with airfares is search individual seats. one four times. >> you may not be able to sit together, you might get cheaper deals. >> take us to san antonio, texas. we love san antonio. >> you just want to relax. this is a cool city getaway. that have been redesigned into a groovy hideout. you can go to the culinary institute. the riverwalk. amazing parks. really great way of enjoying a city even when the sun is shining. >> why haven't we gone to the beach? >> hello? >> let's go to the beach. we're going to go to shelter island in the hamptons.
3:24 am
>> the unhamptons. >> it's the north fork. that's a wonderful place to hang out on quiet beaches. it's not really about the scene. hanging out quietly, collecting some shells. >> you go over on a ferry or the boat. >> you can drive car there's. you want to cycle around and there's a great hotel, that we recommended in our hot list. just reopened. very high-end. great deal for labor day >> thank you, mark. you can go back to sleep. he's recuperating from rio. >> yes. he was a party animal. don't go away just yet. our favorite things are next. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. >> thank you. ?? you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs...
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all right. it's time for our favorite things. mine is a video on youtube, i want you to go see. it's called lest we forget, the mission exhibition. it was created by retired major frederick arnold. it's a sculpture on display through the end of the year. 12 individual figures dedica to the memory of more than 88,000 u.s. aviators who gave their lives during world war ii. >> wow. >> it's a very personal story of this man about the 12 men in this squadron in world war ii. >> i want to watch that. >> he's the only one that survived. lest we forget >> i want to show something. it shows how the parents reacted.
3:29 am
>> yes. yes. >> swish. that's my boy. >> oh. >> murphy makes it. and mom and dad love it. >> guess -- >> katie ledecky's. good to see the parents cheer for them. tomorrow, by the way, we'll have the final five, the u.s. gymnastics team will be here live to chat with us. >> "better late than never," we love the fonz. henry winkler. >> the fonz is coming? >> henry winkler. and a back-to-school fashion show and musical performance that will blow you away. bye. >> announcer: the following is paid for and furnished by hair club. this station is not responsible for claims made in the following program. >> i love my hair. >> i'm happy with the way i look now. >> i feel like a million
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