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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  August 24, 2016 2:07am-2:38am CDT

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>> announcer: right now, from milwaukee, this is today's tmj4 live at 10:00. >> new at 10:00, a family devastated and a neighborhood traumatized after a 2-year-old boy is found lifeless in his front yard. >> milwaukee police investigating the boy's death. katie crowther. >> carole and george, everyone out here is in shock, they're used to seeing the toddler, known as little mike smiling and playing outside. it's hard for anyone to believe he's gone. >> a mother inconsolable. she rushed to the scene to find out her son had already died. >> i was just praying in my head
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that's all i could think of at that point. >> neighbor prayed as she tried to save the 2-year-old. >> i had ran down there, just got down as far as doing cpr on the baby, trying to check his pulse, didn't feel know pulse, i still did what i could do. >> the medical examiner confirms the 2-year-old fell out of a first-floor window. neighbors say it is what led to the fall that caused the m damage. >> i think he was trying to come out feet first, and the window fell down on his neck. and he has probably just hanging there. and when they found him, they raised it up, and he fell out. >> they were looking for him outside, trying to find him for a half an hour before they found out he was in the window stuck. >> they now pray for the baby's grief stricken family, the senseless death hitting far too close to home.
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lifeless, it flashed me back to my own kids, i have kids that young also. it's just the tragedy. >> reporter: according to those neighbors, the toddler's parents and grandparents were at work, an uncle was home with the child. we're still waiting on the official reports from the milwaukee police department, and medical examiner's office. reporting live, katie crowther, today's tmj4. >> so very sad. katie, thank you very much. milwaukee police meantime investigating a crash between a car. it happened near the intersection of 27th and burleigh. the child being treated at children's hospital. a man killed in a farm accident in the town of newburg. the man falling off a skid loader. he died at the scene. it's been in the national spotlight after the shooting death of sylville smith. the family of another man killed by police said don't forget about their loved one. rebecca klopf live in wauwatosa
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waiting for answers. rebecca? >> reporter: it's been two months since jay anderson was killed in a wauwatosa park. his family says they're trying to be patient, but it's not easy. >> i do feel like this case got swept under the rug because of the incident that happened in milwaukee. >> jay anderson was shot and killed two months ago, it happened while he sat in his car in a wauwatosa park. >> we have a lot of questions that have not been answered. >> about 20 seconds of the wauwatosa body camera video. >> we want to see what transpired before my son's hands were up and got shot in the head four times. >> officials have not released body camera video in the
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remember jay. >> he's been gone two months. 60 days. we need justice, we need his case to be on the spotlight as well as sylville. >> now, the family is planning another protest for saturday in both shootings. they are still under investigation. no final reports have been issued. reporting live outside the wauwatosa police department, rebecca klopf, today's tmj4. investigators are $10,000 reward for looting and arsons in sherman park. three men have been charged. authorities are looking for the suspect you see at the bottom of your screen. the milwaukee police department is closing sherman park. the emergency crew lifted the curfew. for more, head to our web site, more police officers, more
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of the proposals from milwaukee alderman to keep peace on city streets. the recommendations call for hiring more officers and creating a boot camp for troubled youth. but what it doesn't have just yet, a price tag. >> conversation, this is not something that the entire council has endorsed. what we are endorsing is a process. >> the common council plans to hold two public meetings for anybody who has comments on mayor barrett says he's working on his own community-driven proposal. that will be released month. ?? new at 10:00, mt. pleasant police are asking for homeowners to stay vigilant following a string of burglaries. five took place over the past month-and-a-half near mt. pleasant and racine border. police say the crooks are targeting the highlighted area that you see on your screen, a good reminder, make sure your vehicles and homes are locked. also new at 10:00, west bend will soon have a new city
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jay...has accepted the role. he will be leaving his position as the planning and parks administrator for washington county. the former west bend city administrator, thomas justice is accused of trying to pay a 16-year-old for sex. charges include child enticement and soliciting a child for prostitution. he resigned from his position in aim. two milwaukee police officers are suing the city over the r employees must live within 15 miles of milwaukee or be fired. according to the journal sentinal, the officers moved away three years ago when the rules were different. they say the new rules invite constitutional rights. milwaukee police hosted an open house to fill more than 30 vacant dispatcher positions. we caught up with some applicants hoping to land a new job. >> i have a very easy demeanor.
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worked on the phone before. >> being in dispatch, you can help a lot of people, if you know them, if you don't know them, you can help them by calming them down, making sure they okay. >> if you missed today, you can apply online, we have a link posted on our web site, "storm team 4" now, another beautiful day with the temperatures starting to creep back up ever so slightly. >> that means storms headed our way. let's go to john malan with more. >> john: along with the temps, the dew point going up also. we were very dry all day today, but in the 50s for dew points, we hit 60 over the last hour, 63 in madison. look at the 70s out to the west, 73 lacrosse, nearly 70 in plat vil. the clouds are starting to push in across the person part of the viewing area, they'll be here by midnight. showers and storms, this is a
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our computer models show when they will get here. the clouds around 12:30. around 6:00, 6:30, this large area of storms will be spreading across much of the area, sticking around until about 10:00 in the morning. we could see isolated storms after that. so, for tomorrow, we start out with a good chance of a shower or a thunderstorm. 67? to start your day, i'll talk about the rain, and i'll talk about our temperatures, which are going to be going up and down for the n i'll have that in a few minutes. >> thank you, john. a fan was injured during the second inning of the brewers game against the colorado rockies tonight. she was hit in the ear by a line drive down the third baseline. that woman carried out of miller park on a stretcher and placed in an ambulance. her condition unknown. booing and cheering aren't cloud.
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basketball game with duct tape when they were ordered to avoid negative chants. >> students in elkhorn were accused of racial slurs at players. >> live where students take steps to ensure civility. >> this is a school known for their sportsmenship. it might have something to do with an event held here earlier tonight. between football practice and soccer games, it appears menomonee falls high school but it's the school's fan boot camp that officially kicks off the season. >> we try to bring ourselves up instead of bringing the other team down. >> they haven't always had a positive reputation. >> in 2012, the wia reprimanded menomonee falls high school for being some of the worst sports. and we needed to change something. >> that's when the athletic director started a fan boot camp to remind students how to act at games and select leaders for the student cheering section.
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voice. >> i think it works because you have so many, like, great students, that love to come and cheer on the teams and love to come just be a part of the community. >> the school has won the wiaa sportsmanship award the past three years, something the athletic director thinks any school can achieve if they put in the effort. >> if they promote the sportsmanship and share how valued it is. i think that's when the change starts happening. >> the boot camp has grown the years. and students say it's something they look forward to. and they're proud of those sportsmanship awards. live in menomonee falls, coreen zell, today's tmj4. >> let's hear it for civility. everybody is looking ahead to friday's game against san francisco. >> number 12 is expected to make his pre-season debut. rod burks joins us. >> aaron rodgers is expected to play when the packers travel to
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49ers. aaron rodgers says his conditioning, even though he sat out the first two games is on pace. >> feeling good with my conditioning. that's the key. doing extra on the side to make sure i'm ready. again, if you're playing the games in pre-season the first two, i wouldn't play a lot anyways. actually, the stuff i'm doing on game day is probably more exertion than the field. with an injury, you would expect callaghan and...with a lost snaps. >> i think joe has improved. and i think they're growing, bret had the opportunity to play against oakland. played well until he was injured. i feel good about where we are. >> in green bay with the pack, i'm rod burks for today's tmj4. and the packers take on the san francisco 49ers friday
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kickoff is at 9:00 p.m. dancing like nobody's watching, or, in this case, like thousands of people aren't watching. >> why these grand dancers are shaking what their mama's gave them at the bradley center. >> plus, a lesson on the links where a camp teaches kids more than our bacteria family's been on this cushion for generations. alright kiddos! everybody off the backpack, we made it to the ottoman. i like to watch them clean, but they'll never get me on the mattress! finally there's a disinfectant mist designed for sofas,
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on for crocodile dumping vandals in australia. you can see three crocodiles push through a broken window and students barge in to steal computer equipment. rangers had to be sent in to safely remove the reptiles. there must be more to this story. a remarkable update on a little boy we've told you about before. >> he received the first ever pediatric double hand in philadelphia one year ago. zion harvey was diagnosed with an infection at 2, that led to the amputation of his hands and feet. now he has new hands, and he has been working hard to increase their mobility. his doctors are excited about his progress. >> convince mom to let me play football. >> i knew that was coming. >> zion recently threw out the
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oriole's baseball game. isn't he pressure. >> new at 10:00, if you've been to a home bucks game over the past decade, you know about them, the bucks grand dancers, a joyful, hilarious and unfiltered addition. they have auditions for their 2016-17 edition. >> tuesday night they danced as if it was their only way their bodies knew how to express themselves. as they moved haltingly to crackling recording of elton john, injected directly into flailing limbs. >> i come to have fun. that's what i make sure we do. and that's what we do. we dance game nights, we go to have fun, and it's infectious. >> that's shirley brown, a veteran of this group, featuring performers, all above the age of 55. tricia crawford is their choreographer, instructor, and friend.
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women who are out here to enjoy themselves and really put on a great show. >> kaz wants to make the team for the third straight year. >> it's a riot. this dancing group is like your family, and the whole staff at the bucks here are super nice, they treat you nice, and the fans really seem to appreciate what we do. >> well, auditions tomorrow for the young bucks dance team open to boys and girls looking for kids with experience in dance, cheerleading, or martial arts. >> it's all about having fun. wonderful. hopefully you got a chance to do your dancing outdoors, or maybe your walks or runs. because it is going to be wet tonight. >> let's take a look through the lens of our marquette cams, still dry, john malan is here to explain how much we need this rain.
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raindance. how is that? we need it around here. milwaukee, not even an inch of rain for the whole month. racine and green bay an inch-and-a-half. look at wausau, eau claire, lacrosse. look at madison to our west, 6.28 inches of rain for the month. the drop monitor record still in southeast wisconsin under a normally dry situation, runs from ozaukee to milwaukee, all the way dn border, including walworth, racine and kenosha counties. temperature-wise, we are warm again, today, 85? above the average high of 78?. those dew points are going to start moving in from the west. look at lacrosse just jumped to 73, 73 des moines. as a cold front rolls this way with dry air behind it, it's generating showers and storms. temperatures now, 73 milwaukee, racine 72, kenosha 70. waukesha, upper 60s.
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combination, they'll be passing through in the next couple of hours. big complex, meso complex of showers and thunderstorms out to the west, from lacrosse, sparta and tomah, platteville, flash flood warnings just been issued in portions of northeast washiowa. computer models takes the heaviest and splits that line up. right around 6:00 morning, it starts to roll through, probably over by 10:00, 11:00, isolated showers and storms around that cold front. then rolls through tomorrow night, we could even see a lingering shower thursday morning before everything else clears out. tonight, expect those showers and storms very, very late. 67?, and then for tomorrow, scattered showers and storms, especially in the morning hours. south, southwest winds of 82. and then that cold front goes
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right around 80?. and less humid air rolling in. and that pleasant less humid air continues friday, sunshine and 74. could see an isolated afternoon shower or thunderstorm on saturday. 76?. maybe a couple thunderstorms into sunday. 80, and we start out next week with a thunderstorm and temperatures right around 80 degrees. so, as you can see, we are the dry spot of wisconsin right now. the rest of the state has no problems at all. >> i'm taking my kid to the zoo tomorrow, probably ensure to get at least a little rain. >> you might need the umbrella. >> pack your patience. coming up in sports, how a quiet guy could make a lot of noise
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the brewers safe at home, 14 more wins at miller park and five games above 500 when they play in milwaukee. brewers got off to a nice start. a two-run second inning. lining a pitch for a 2-run double. they lead 5-4 in the bottom of the 8th. the packers last two pregames are in san francisco and kansas city. the farthest west they travel is minnesota.
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49ers, rod burks is in green bay. >> the green bay packers are expecting him to be their fullback. rich says he's ready to roll this season. >> there's a lot more to do. it's not like i'm going to make one leap and here i am. every year, every day, getting better and better. >> definitely taking that step in the second year. i've always been a believer in the fullback. >> >> even in his best years, he was underappreciated for the things he did. the blocks, the adjustments, the read on his own. you have to be the...type guy. >> the guy's a legend, you don't want to disappoint, you want to do as much as you can to emulate what he does, and get the job done as well as he does. >> he got to learn from one of the best. now, let's see what he can do
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him the football. here in green bay, i'm rod burks for today's tmj4. >> thanks, rod.
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welcome back.
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teaches you lessons. but a program at muskego lakes country club goes far beyond even that. >> and let's go back and forth, back and forth. >> golf lessons are a staple of the summer. >> we're making... >> this is a first. >> and i said to him, do we ever get kids sign up with special needs? because i have a background in that, that's what i do >> she sa and i'm a teacher year-round, why don't we start a program doing that? and i said, amanda, that's a heck of a good idea. >> he put it on the schedule, and that's when the phone calls started happening. and the program took off. >> one parent said they looked three years for something like this. >> nice putt! >> i don't know of another golf course in the area that does it. you know, that wasn't part of my
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time, awesome job! did that feel good? >> yeah, better. >> and the rewards are priceless. >> i can't even pinpoint what i love the most. i love the fact that i get to combine my two passions of teaching special needs in golf. i'm using my special needs techniques. very nice. seeing them tackle obstacles and push forward and actually accomplish it has been extremely rewarding. >> whoa! >> all skills. >> i also really push the mentality of the game, what it means to be a golfer, and to be on a golf course, i push etiquette, manners, i push camaraderie, which is great for their social skills. >> what do we say to jonah? >> there's nothing better. i think golf's a game of a lifetime. i've been playing it for 50-some odd years. if we can teach more people to play it, play it better, enjoy it more, that's what it's all about. >> i'm so proud of you.
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>> the camp was so successful.
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here are your winning mega millions numbers: >> thanks for joining us. have a wonderful evening,
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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller. >> is that buble. >> it is buble. nobody but me, booze day tuesday, also august 23rd. excited for tuesday. terrific show. guess who is here? your friends.


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