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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Early Edition I  NBC  August 24, 2016 5:00am-5:31am CDT

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introducing "unicorn whispers." this should be the name. or something more like "golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm." but, with 20% of your daily fiber, its actually fiber one. so delicious, it should have another name. breaking at 5:00...a deadly earthquake-- rocks italy earthquake-- rocks italy overnight. your first look at the damage and where rescue teams are focusing the search for survivors year, new dorms! we're live on marquette university's campus-- where students are getting ?excited to start college life-- in the city! and you're taking a live look at 'storm team 4 max radar' this morning. we have some strong storms-- moving into southeast wisconsin.
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your neighborhood-- next. welcome to live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm vince vitrano.and i'm susan kim. let's get a check of your weather and traffic together... if you're out the door early this morning, you'll probably stay dry, but rain with thunderstorms arrives for the later morning commute. no severe weather is expected but there will be some pretty good downpours along with lightning. lo area of rain and storms to reach milwaukee by 8am and exit by noon at the latest. incident free light traffic and dry roadsovernight closures re-opening in the next 5 to 10 minutesthis afternoon the colorado rockies versus our milwaukee brewers at 1:10 at miller park stadium. expect delays during the lunch time rush and during your eveing commute home. alternate routes wisonsin and national avenue are your best
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we should
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we should learn more this morning about how a 2 year old boy died at his gradmother's house.his lifeless body discovered in the front yard near 40th and wright.the medical examiner says an autopsy will be performed in just a few hours . ann sterling is live with more. this neighborhood is quiet now but people that live around here still can't believe what happened.they're used to seeing this toddler, known as "little mike" smiling and playing outside... it was just after 4 in the afternoon -- when police and paramedics were called out here . according to neighbors, the baby's parents and grandparents were at work -- an uncle was home with the
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appears the toddler was trying to get out of a first floor window.and it appears the window fell on his neck. that neighbor says the boy may have been stuck for some time -- unable to breathe. neighbors rushed to help when they heard screams -- and began cpr before paramedics arrived. milwaukee police are still investigating.they did speak to family members, but no arrest have been made. breaking news now: rescue crews are racing to save people from the rubble-- after a powerful earthquake rocked italy this least 37 people are reported dead so far. more than 150 others-- are missing this morning.the magnitude six point two quake was felt across a broad stretch of central italy, including the capital rome, where residents felt a long swaying followed by
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happening now:turkish forces are on a mission to destroy isis militants in a syrian border town.the forces reportedly entered syria this morning in what it described as an "intruder mission" to clear the town .just hours later, vice president joe later, vice president joe biden landed in turkey for talks that will include the recent developments in syria decision 20-16both candidates for u-s senate will be in milwaukee over the next week. senator ron johnson and challenger russ feingold will speak at the kiwanis club. johnson wi feingold is set to appear next wednesday.advanced reservations are required. new this morning-two milwaukee police officers are suing the city over its new residency rule.that rule states employees must live within 15 miles of milwaukee or be fired. according to the journal- sentinel: the suit asks the court to declare the new rule violates the officers rights when applied retroactively. some officers moved farther away while the original rule was being litigated.the
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allowed municipalities to set limits on residency... but not to require workers live within city limits. milwaukee police is still looking for dispatchers.mpd recently hosted an open house to fill the vacant positionsif you missed out -- you can also apply online.. we have a link posted on our web site, tmj4 dot com. the excitement of a new year and new phase in life will be on display today at marquette university. it's move-in day. pete zervakis is live at marquette this morning, looking ahead to what will dads. we're at mc-cormick hall. this is is one of four different residence halls that -- come 8 a-m -- will be slammed with students filing in for the new school year. according to a university spokesperson... more than 2- thousand freshmen will move into campus dorms today. they come from 41 states and 22 different countries. 23 percent of the incoming
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generation students. 30 percent of new students - about 600 - are minorities. move in day for freshmen and other students that will live in campus dorms will live in campus dorms starts at 8 o'clock this morning. there are new student orientation activities scheduled for freshmen the rest of the week. classes start up next monday. live at marquette...pz... tmj4. coming up on live at daybreak on today's the wild: how you can help wisconsin's d- n-r complete a unique picture collage! and tracking strong storms: storm team 4 meteorologist brian niznansky-- says it's going to be a wet start to your morning. the spots-- that'll see the ?heaviest rainfall
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if you're out the door early this morning, you'll probably
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thunderstorms arrives for the later morning commute. no severe weather is expected but there will be some pretty good downpours along with lightning. look for the main area of rain and storms to reach milwaukee by 8am and exit by noon at the latest. the state d-n-r is expanding its snapshot the state d-n-r is expanding its snapshot project and needs help.the agency says it needs volunteers to help collect wildlife photos in iron county.
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started as a way to capture photos of wildlife in our state including deer, elk, and bears. when you go to the zoo, ever think about the noises tigers' make? the milwaukee county zoo recorded audio from four tigers as part of a new, national study to understand more about what those sounds mean. the head researcher out of dallas, hopes the information will help experts protect and boost the tiger population in the wild. still ahead this morning: back to school: what students will be allowed to take into the classroom at one major university and why it's so new zika concerns: where the latest case of the disease has popped up in the u.s. and why leaders are especially worried about
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beyond wisconsin today:classes begin at the university of texas at austin... and students will be allowed to carry guns in all classrooms. state law now requires public universities to allow concealed handguns in classrooms and bu but three professors at u-t austin had sued for the option to keep their classrooms gun free.their lawsuit referred to campus carry legislation as "dangerously-experimental"... and pointed to more than 20 shootings on college campuses around the country in 20-15.on monday a federal judge denied their request. questions still linger ... after a north carolina state trooper shot and killed a deaf man.police say a trooper tried to pull over daniel harris last thursday for speeding on a highway in charlotte.
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troopers on a high speed chase back to his home.officers say he was shot and killed following an encounter that happened steps away from his front door. "they should have been trained to realize this is an entirely different situation. they're pulling someone over that's deaf they're handicapped." the trooper has been placed on administrative leave. new concerns that the zika virus outbreak may have spread hundreds of miles... from miami to the tampa area. florida governork told reporters the person who has the virus did not travel out of the country... and has not been to the miami state officials are working to find out where the person contraed the disease. president obama is back at the white house, after meeting with flood victims in louisiana.the president consoled people outside their flood-ravaged homes in east baton rouge parish. he told them their country and government will support them. "sometimes, once the
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attention's spans pass. this is not a one-off. this is not a photo op issue. this is how do you make sure a month from now, three months from now, six months from now people still are getting the help they need."historic rains and floodwaters have killed at least 13 people... displaced tens of thousands more and damaged or destroyed an estimated 60-thousand homes. let's get a weather and traffic together... if you're out the door early this morning, you'll probably stay dry, but rain with thunderstorms arrives for the later morning commute. no severe weather is expected but there will be some pretty good downpours along with lightning. look for the main area of rain and storms to
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then, only scattered storms may pop up the remainder of the day. today will also be another muggy one with dewpoints around 70 and highs in the lower 80s.we stay muggy tonight with a slight chance of showers. lows will be around 70 degrees. we keep a slight chance of a shower in the forecast on tuesday with should be a bright and sunny day, cooler, and less humid. highs friday will only be in the middle 70s. it won't be a complete wash out, but we may be dodging showers both saturday and sunday this
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in today's money:a choking hazard prompted the recall of about 91-thousand building play sets for babies.the recall involves three, alex junior branded sets of infant building toys... the baby builder, first pops and first snaps.there have been 22 reports of the ends of small parts detaching, posing a choking hazard... but encouraged to contact alex toys for a prepaid shipping envelope to return the product for a full refund. mcdonald's is recalling millions of fitness bands that had been given away in happy meals. a wisconsin mom claims her daughter was hurt by the toy the 7-year-old still has marks on her wrist from the toy that was supposed
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a few hours of wearing it, the girl's skin started turning red and burning. it can be tempting to swipe your card to pay for college rather than seeking out student loans... but this morning, financial experts at "credit cards dot com" say students who pay for college-- with plastic are charged "convenience fees". some students are paying more than 250-dollars ?extra-- per 10-grand they charge. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4... too much sugar: the today, and the health dangers for kids later in life. also, babies and electronics: many parents rave about how much their kids learn on hand held devices. how little screen time babies and toddlers
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in today's health:doctors are questioning whether it's okay for young children to play with smartphones and i-pads. pediatrician diane tannenbaum recommends no screen time for any child under the age of two. she says it's not dangerous, but can have an effect on the mind's development.the rules doctors say educational 2. programming is best.
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tooth-- you'll want to listen to this. the american heart association is now setting guidelines for sugar intake. they're recommending kids-- and teens shouldn't have more than 6 tablespoons of added sugar a day. the american heart association says extra sugar has been linked to heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure. coming up:we're staying on top of breaking news-- happening right now in italy this morning. a devastating earthquake-- destroys a town. where it happened-- and an update on the tracking strong storms. storm team 4 meteorologist niznansky is keeping an eye on some heavy rain moving into our area. when it'll get here-- and the neighborhoods-- getting the worst of it.more
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5:30 am's going to be a soggy start-- to your day. you're taking a live look at storm team 4 max radar this morning. meteorologist brian niznansky is tracking heavy rain-- next. you' watching live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm susan kim. and i'm vince vitrano. let's start with a check of weather and traffic together...storm team 4 meteorologist brian niznansky is in for brian gotter. if'r this morning, you'll probably stay dry, but rain with thunderstorms arrives for the later morning commute. no severe weather is expected but there will be some pretty good downpours along with lightning. look for the main


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