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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  August 24, 2016 5:59pm-6:31pm CDT

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>> that will do it for us from nbc news. thank you for watching and good night. xxx ?? >> announcer: right now, from milwaukee, this is today's tmj4, "live at 6:00." >> a neighborhood shaken as it awaits word on the condition of police say the girl was riding her bike near 27th and burleigh after hitting the girl, the driver sped away! jonah kaplan talked to neighbors in that area. he is live now at police district five where investigators are searching for that driver. jonah? >> reporter: that girl still in critical condition this evening, at children's hospital. tonight, other parents trying to learn from this tragedy to protect their own children, and
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store at 27th and burleigh, 7:30, tuesday evening, he said he heard a crushing sound. the scariest thing was what he saw next. >> the little girl was laying there. looks like she was moving, but she was just laying there. and she just laid there. >> she was taken to children's hospital. tonight, she remains in critical condition. the driver fled the scene. >>...i wo here. terrible thing. >> police would not elaborate on where the car was driving, he said she was not wearing a helmet. other parents express concerns about their kids riding around the neighborhood. children ages 5 to 14 make up 18% of wisconsin and population, the d.o.t. reports those kids account for over half of all bicycle injuries. >> if that's my child i gave
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on my child, like my mama did me. >> we did get late word this afternoon that investigators say they have a known suspect. there's just not been an arrest yet. >> sounds like they're making progress. thanks, jonah. a woman is sent to the hospital after another hit-and-run, this time in milwaukee. she was struck by a car around 3:15 at 40 her injuries are not serious, no word on arrests in this i didn't. steven avery's attorney plans to file a motion she hopes will get him a new trial or have his conviction overturned. it comes weeks after his nephew's case was overturned.
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together, she is requesting access for dna evidence used to prosecute avery, and requesting new testing not available during the original trial. kathleen zellner is known for getting convictions overturned. her cases have led to the...of 17 people. she does not say who she ev murder of teresa halbach. we tried to get an interview, we're told she is only speaking with clients at this point in time. as soon as the motion is filed, we will let you know on air and online. reporting live outside the manitowoc county courthouse, eric ross, today's tmj4. >> eric, thank you. still no word on what the state plans to do following the
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nephew brendan dassey. but, a federal judge recently overturned the decision saying, his confession was coerced and the state has less than 90 days to appeal, retry, or release dassey from prison. "storm team 4," a break in the action, you're looking live from our marquette tower cam, more showers are expected tonight. we had sunshine later, it got really warm. john malan joins us with the rain totals racked u >> john: carole, they're so important, we are way down. this is the only spot in wisconsin, so far, southeast wisconsin that has had very little rainfall. whitewater picked up 1.45 inches, pewaukee, a third of an inch, but officially out at the airport 21/100ths of an inch. we do have spotty showers left over, mainly to our north along
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showers to the west of dayton county. clouds are few and far between, they won't do much as far as denting the rain. strong storms, you saw video of the kokomo tornado in indiana, still tornado warnings out, the storms are in the eastern part of the state, south between fort wayne and indianapolis. those tornado warnings last for about another 15 minutes there. so that is where the bad weather is right now. temperatures here, 86 in milwaukee, 81 in waukesha, stilw going out tonight, there is that small chance of a rainshower, probably around 8:00, but it won't be much, 74 by 10:00. then cooler, drier air, i'll be back with that coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, john. more local news now, a deadly apartment fire in sheboygan is not believed to be suspicious. investigators say they are still looking into an exact cause. 62-year-old debra marsh was killed, dozens more displaced, after a fire at the ember's
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people affected by that fire. waukesha county investigators are asking for help identifying a man who robbed a gas station in eagle. police say he walked in to the bp on main street early tuesday morning. there's a picture there. he was wearing a hoodie and a mask. he pulled a knife and got away with cigarettes and cash. two teenagers are arrested after a pair of armed carjackings on the south side, they toll a suv around0 another car at kinnickinnic at hall mer, found a half mile an away. they tried to run, but they were arrested. police say the 15-year-old had a bb gun. >> city leaders are talking about adding officers and possible even raising taxes to make the city safer. rikki mitchell is live downtown with how much a new plan could cost you? >> reporter: a lot of what's included in this plan involves
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initiatives that are already in place to make the city safer. when coleman started the safe zone last year, he said they based it on the idea of stopping violence before it starts. >> last year, the milwaukee homicide review commission put out a study, and they said that a third of all homicides stem from arguments and fights. >> reporter: his organization works in the garden homes and franklin heights neighborhoods to mediate conflicts. they also between the police and community. >> a lot of people in the community have a distrust, they feel like there's something that's not connecting between them and the local police. >> one of the milwaukee common council's top priorities in the action plan is improving the relationship between police and the public. they specifically name the safe zone initiative as an example. but they also recommended adding about 280 officers to the police department. with starting salaries alone,
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$13 million. and funding option included in the plan involved a statewide sales tax dedicated to local crime prevention. the plan states that would bring in an extra $24 million a year for the city of milwaukee. but other cities, and even the state itself, would also earn revenue that would go solely to public safety. >> reporter: and it's important to note none of this is final yet. the common council plans to schedule two public meetings hear all comments and concerns on these ideas. reporting live from downtown, rikki mitchell, today's tmj4. >> i'm sure it will generate a lot of debate. milwaukee's police chief said the department's use of deadly force is among the lowest in the country. but is it really? >> carole: our politifact team
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feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good manufacturing jobs are shipped away because of a tax code that actually rewards companies for exporting jobs. let's close the corporate loopholes- that will save taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't need an economy that works only for ceos,
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. welcome back. a state lawmaker from milwaukee
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sherman park. representative leon young has a new proposal. it would create a local hiring practice from milwaukee police and fire departments, it would require 40% of new hires to come from low income zip codes. he believes that would create a bond between officers and residents. the deadly police shooting in sherman park sparked a weekend of violence and raised questions about the department's use of force. >> before the shooting, the police chief said his department's use of force is tho politifact checked it out. >> the police shooting this month that ended sylville smith's life was the third deadly shooting by milwaukee police this year. chief flynn talked about the department's policing records, while reacting to the killing of five dallas police officers at the hands of a sniper. quote, we stand ready to be judged by the standard of our own training, our own collection criteria, our own highly limited use of deadly force. among the lowest rates in the
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examples time after time when police officers in this city are justified in the use of deadly force, but do not use it. >> he was trying to make the argument that when it comes to fatalities involving officers, that the milwaukee rate is lower than most departments around the country. >> politifact looked at milwaukee numbers and compared them to police departments, here's the problem, there's not a lot of national data, the best the "washingon post" in to 15. 990 people shot and killed by police around the country. >> we found in 2015, the full-year data that's available, milwaukee does have a low rate. there was just one case, in which officers killed a citizen. >> milwaukee police released numbers dating to 2012 that show four deaths in 2013, one in 2015
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statement half true. >> you can read that story online as well. coming up, two infinity and beyond. a wisconsin man who had gone where no one had gone before. >> advice from a big brother as he helped a sibling at marquette
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all right. check this out, a wisconsin astronaut set a space record. chef williams marked his 521st day in orbit aboard the international space station today. williams will return to earth in two weeks. milwaukee county parks
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stop feeding coyotes. >> people are leaving bread and corn. the animals are feeding on it. this is a bad thing to do. human food is not good for them, plus, it hurts the coyote's natural instincts to find food. so don't do that. >> a new consumer alert tonight. don't trust your automatic breaking system to stop a crash. triple a said they're not all created equal. some symptoms attempt to the damage. new testing systems designed reduce vehicle speed by twice that of those designed to lessen crash severity. >> carole: for your money, gas prices are on the rise in milwaukee. the afternoon for a gallon of regs $2.22, up $0.06 from a week ago. paying $0.03 more than the national average. a new scam involving itune gift cards. police are getting reports of callers claiming to be from the
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jail and asked you to purchase gift cards, they ask for your card number for bail. if you get a call like this, it is a phony, don't fall for it, just hang up. all right, this is on my list of let's talk about it. all that ice in your starbucks drink is not a scam. at least according to a federal judge who threw out a lawsuit. total liquid volume of drink and ice, not just the beverage itself. a federal court in chicago. well, it's move-in day for freshman at marquette university. pete zervakis talked to students settling in. >> about 2 thousand new freshman moved in, they say the wet weather did not dampen their enthusiasm. hicks is moving into mccormick hall. >> i was hoping for better weather. it is exciting.
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but he won't be far from family. his brother gabe, who is helping him move in is a junior here at marquette. >> i'm actually really enjoying it right now, getting a little nostalgic. >> gabe is remembering his freshman year, he lived in this same dorm, looking back, he has some words of wisdom for his brother. >> one thing is just get out and do as much as possible the first couple weeks with as many people as possible. n advice, he's looking forward to the coming school year, but will miss some aspects of home. >> are you going to miss mom? >> yes, definitely miss her and dad a lot. >> move in for transfers and upper classmen later this week. on marquette's campus, pete zervakis. >> good answer by that young
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both. >> we want to fill you in on breaking news that happened in indiana where a state of emergency has been declared north of indianapolis after a large tornado touched down in afternoon. >> homes destroyed, look at the -- some of the damage, and there were cars demolished, this all near kokomo, indiana. the governor of indiana and vice presidential nominee mike pens cut short a campaign trip and just landed back in the state. >> there are reports of multiple tornadoes, currently on the ground. we're going to send it to john malan, and show us what's happening. >> john: earlier today, a seen from the radar time lapse crew, this is where the big tornados were north of indianapolis. those have weakened and moved into ohio. this line of showers and thunderstorms with big thunderstorms with tornado warnings right now, again, two the north of indianapolis, in between muncie and lafayette, and another large area up around fort wayne where they are under
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portions of northwestern ohio. for us, not so much. we're just looking at a couple of isolated showers around the area. we have the clouds and the showers in right now, north of fond du lac. one shower hanging together. moving through waupaca to the east southeast, and showers entering dane county. everything is moving east southeast. our morning rain could come from this area right now in the southwest part of iowa, and that 4:00 and 9:00 overnight tonight. now, as far as rainfall, we picked up 21/100ths at the airport. we've had two inches below normal. since june 1, 4.7 inches below normal. 87 milwaukee, 83 chicago. right now, the dew points very, very tropical. at 70.
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uncomfortable. still at 86, seeing sunshine peeking through the clouds. 81 out in watertown. here's that cold front, it's racing through overnight tonight. be through by the morning hours, there's that area of rain that could stick around, especially south of milwaukee. right around the morning hours, but by 9:00, 10:00, everything is gone. most of the area will be dry. for the rest of the day, and then high pressure rolls in for tomorrow night, and through friday, and thatho cooler and less humid into the beginning of the weekend. so, for tonight, an evening shower, very small chance, very isolated, partly cloudy, warm and muggy, and 68?. that area of showers could come in here about 5:00, 6:00 in the morning and run to about 9:00 in the morning, mainly south of milwaukee, 81 with partly cloudy skies for the rest of the day and less humid air, mostly sunny friday, cooler day, cooler and less humid and 75?. now, the weekend, looking pretty
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afternoon, late afternoon, most of the day is dry, 77, a morning showers lingers sunday, 80? there, monday, 78 with a chance of an isolated shower or two. and we're looking at tuesday, 80? with sunshine, and 81 with a shower into wednesday. so, at least we miss the bad weather here. but we still do need the rain.
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today, nfl representatives in green bay to meet with clay matthews and julius peppers about accusations that they used performance-enhancing drugs. it stems from an al jazeera report from december. matthews and peppers agreed to do interviews after the nfl threatened to suspend them if they didn't cooperate. the linebackers have not spoken to the media since last week.
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tight-lipped. >> it will be nice for those guys to get it behind them and move forward. without this hanging over their heads. >>...i'm not going to comment. i don't mean to belittle your question. it's a valid question. it's just i'm not going to be one of the people adding my voice to this. >> last night, the 7th inning large part, due to perez and a two-run triple. zach davies trying to bounce back when he allowed a career high seven runs on ten hits against the cubs. this time around, first inning, he gives up a homer. over the tgi fridays. one-0. ryan braun tied in the 4th.
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putting the crew up 5-1. they scored two more runs before the end of the winning which the brewers win 7-1. four straight and sweeps the rockies. we're not sure yet who will line up under center for the badgers next saturday against lsu, we know corey clement will be ready no matter who hands him the ball, especially after starting one game last season. clement happy with what he's seen so far out of the senior leadership. >> theuy doing an exceptional job coming out every day, coming from our leadership group, and the seniors up front have been doing a phenomenal job, and just teaching the young guys how to work through camp.
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z23emz zvpz well, the pokemon problems continue. >> steve is up next with the now . >> thank you charles and carole. the director of milwaukee county
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players in lake park. tonight, what he's demanding from the make ergs of that popular smartphone game. that's coming up next on the now: milwaukee. so stick around. >> we definitely will. thank you, steve. >> if you're going out tonight, small threat of an isolated shower, probably around 8:00.
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good evening, i'm steve chamraz, welcome to the now milwaukee... milwaukee county parks have had enough with one of the summer's biggest crazes. they want the people behind


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