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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  August 27, 2016 1:03am-2:04am CDT

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football on the packers tv network. >> it's a beautiful night in the san francisco bay area. perhaps the most revealing of the preseason games. it's game number three. as the 2-0 green bay packers take on the 1-1 san francisco 49ers. and a pleasant good evening, everyone. with former nfl vp rich i'm kevin harlan. we will have our first preseason look tonight at patrick quarterback aaron rodgers. >> i know he's anxious to get out there. he's chomping at the bit. he needs to play a little bit in the preseason and get the timing and rhythm back. we see the no huddle with aaron. but brett is not going to play again tonight.
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earlier in training camp. the good news is they have gotten a lot of work for eddie lacy in the first two preseason games. 13 rushes, and he's running with power. he's finishing runs. support for him, as well. he needs to get confidence as he heads into the first game and get the timing and rhythm back. >> the first preseason we told you before. a dress rehearsal. you see most of the first teamers on the offense and the defense. the defense in the preseason has been terrific. >> they have looked sharp. the challenge for them tonight is the no-huddle up-tempo style that you will see from the 49ers. it will put a lot of stress on the communication. as mike mccarthy told us today, he's anxious to look at good position battles, especially the inside linebacker position. sam barrington will have a lot of work tonight and black martinez. they have to figure out who
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inside. all the communication that take place, especially against all the no-huddle offenses that we are seeing throughout the national football league and the competition. what will also factor in is the play of special teams for both players. >> the first roster cut-down comes early next week. down to 75. tonight will go a long way of putting together the roster. the packers and the 49ers coming up next on the packers television i know what we can do.
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. >> tonight's first quarter from the san francisco bay area brought to you by children's hospital of wisconsin. kids deserve the best. which rich gannon, kevin harlan, and lance alan on the sideline, they said on the flight home tonight and over the web end, they begin to formulate their own roster. >> the evaluation process continues.
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you get the starters out there and you have a chance to see aaron rodgers tonight. clay matthews will play a little bit, julius peppers. but for the younger players, the players on the cut line, they have to step up and do something special tonight. it's not just on offense or defense. special teams will play a large factor in deciding who makes the final 53. >> including that guy there, 65, lane taylor. the packers won the toss. they have deferred. niners will receive. it's out of the end zone at 25-yard line. it will be a first yard and ten yards to go. rich, the quarterback, and that has been a story here in the san francisco area, tonight starting is blaine gabbert. but we will see colin kaepernick, who missed time and missed a couple games with a
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all the competition and colin kaepernick spent the off-season exploring. he's had multiple surgeries. blaine gabbert will get the start. 3-5 last season in his first action as a starter in jacksonville. >> first and ten. tackle madely clay matthews. the hand-off goes to carlos hyde. first action of the preseason for clay. >> this will be a good test for the packers' offense. this is a fast-paces offensive system using whole lot less verbiage. the tempo, probably the best in football. the plays come in so quick from the sideline. >> long one, and he got his receiver? he overshoots it downfield looking for quinton patton. good coverage on the play. >> when you have them that wide open, you have to hit him. it gets back to food work. gabbert is late with his eyes. whether he makes the decision
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foot in front enough to make a good, accurate throw to a wide-open shooters. >> gabbert was an early pick by jacksonville. that's close to a first down. he's going to be shy by a couple. picks up 7 on third and nine. the rookie black martinez was there to make the stop. >> martinez has been very impressive. not just in terms of what he's done in the running game, but the passi the communication hub. he has the headset on as the information comes down from above from dom capers. he's done a nice job processing information and playing fast within their scheme. >> bradley pinion will punt. micah hyde is back for green bay on a windy night. this is into the wind. hyde will hit it. it's a good san francisco bounce, as you can see, and roll. near the ten. patrick puts it down and pinion got the bounce.
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is going to begin it deep in his own zone at his 11 with a first and ten. >> well, we will see aaron for a couple series. mike mccarthy told us earlier today, kevin, it probably would have been more, three or four series, had they had not had an injury in practice this week. the fullback hurt his knee. as a result they have a couple injuries that jumped up in practice this week. we will probably see aaron just for two so far in training camp and practice. >> with a couple of tight ends. first down and ten. this is eddie lacy. a good block from t.j. lang. brought down by deforest buckner. closed in a hurry. niners were there. out to the green bay 13.
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started all their preseen games. -- preseason games. get him looks early in the game. >> second down and seven. jared cook, the free agent tight end, in motion. lacy again. brought back by richard rodgers. another tackle by buckner. that time it's a lacy gain of four. nine carries and 4rd game last week against the oakland raiders. he's out to the green bay 18. >> we will see some no huddle from the packers. this is really important for jared cook. a tight end picked up in free agency. for him to get used to how they play the line of scrimmage, and even more importantly, the tempo and pace they play, especially on third down.
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the the new center, j.c., be there. and the snap by come. by cook. the run to the 37. he picks up 19. a green bay first down. >> this is the match-up they want. they want the tight end matched up on the linebacker in man-to-man coverage. no the a lot of tight ends in the game today can cover that tight end across the middle of the field. >> kevin: 37-yard line for rogers. good blocking by bakhtiari. he overshoots lacy. incomplete. a late hit there. it was by ray-ray armstrong. and some words from aaron rodgers. >> rich: they have a hold on the packers
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>> kevin: we saw a lot last year of safeties dropping down in the box and opposing defenses trying to hem in rogers. they would set the edge and a lot of times he didn't have a lot of places to run. >> rich: i think a couple things happened last year. you saw steams crowding the line of scrimmage. rushing more, five and six people against a guy like aaron rodgers. i don't want to give aaron rodgers any extra time in the pocket. i want to force him to make quick decisions in the passings >> kevin: tight end bottom of your screen. 1 of 4 receivers. lacy on the move. first and 20 with the penalty back at the 27. the a footwork of rogers. looking for cook and the coverage by the linebacker armstrong. >> rich: talk about possible awareness, capability. it's all the things rodgers does as well as any quarterback in the game. he's so quick.
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control in the pocket. >> kevin: second and twenty. rodgers in the nickel. all over the place. incomplete. coverage by jermaine. he's a good one. perhaps another hold on green bay. >> rich: what we've seen early, the receivers have to do a good job -- >> referee: hands in the face. defensive, number 95. five yard penalty. automatic first down. >> kevin: carradine. >> rich: a huge one. you see the penalty right there. the one thing i've seen already,
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scrambles with aaron rodgers, the receivers, and that includes the tight ends, they have to do a better job coming back to the quarterback when he pulls the ball down to begin the scramble. they have to take a friendly angle back to the quarterback. >> kevin: first down and 10. this is lacy. a tretter block. and a gain out to the 37-yard line. he was hit and brought down by will white. does the wide concern you again? we don't know where he will be coming back from the knee. >> rich: that's the concern. he has to play at some points. get rest next week. these three days of practice this week will be critical for jordy nelson. some of the young players have to step up at that position. >> kevin: another second down and six. a block by montgomery. adams. oh, he's off to the races! there he goes! chased down the side.
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played at nearby fresno state. he's down to the 16, but a flag. good wipet. a 48-yard play. >> a simple throw >> referee: pass interference. offensive 18. 10-yard penalty. second down. >> kevin: on randall brown. >> blocking before the ball was actually adams. that's what they called. aaron rodgers is so quick. it gives a guy like davante adams to make the right play. mike mccarthy arguing the call with the line judge. >> kevin: we think it may have been on montgomery and not on cobb. they may have had the wrong number.
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early by the 49ers and that one there by the packers. >> kevin: replay brought by san francisco. they got the opening kickoff. we've had one big green bay play. they begin at their 11. the 19-yard catch-and-run by jared cook. well, we sense rodgers is processing so much of the line of scrimmage. >> rich: he does so much not just theas running game, as well. he is involved in the protection. he makes j.c. tretter's job a lot easier up front. >> kevin: releases. the block. they pursued well. there's armstrong again. help on the play by rookie donald blair. he's up to the 28-yard line. >> rich: puts themselves in a manageable situation on third down.
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league. especially when you get third and ten or more. >> kevin: there's another flag. bakhtiari holding his ground. there's the throw and it's over the head of intended rookie receiver trevor davis, who played at nearby cal, and another flag. >> rich: i think the 49ers have too many men on the field. >> referee: illegal tip. offense. penalty declined. fourth down. >> kevin: that was not the kind of start mike mccarthy wanted to see. >> rich: they jumped the ball and apparently someone offensively. kind of an ugly series for the packers on offense. >> kevin: one of the big battles in camp is for punter. a rookie reagent out of the
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peter mortell. the wind will be at the back of mortell, who has had a terrific camp and showing very well. a bounce at the 37 on the play. out-of-bounds at the 46. the return of 16, and we have a time-out in the first quarter. 9:48. from santa clara. this packers preseason game is sponsored by wisconsin lottery, menard's. wisconsin dental association, toyota. nils fleet farm.
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again. >> rich: there's concern with the coaching staff how thin they are along the defensive line. even tonight. a couple players will be suspended, and not available for the first game against jackson. think about the temperature, the heat and the humidity down there. they will need some big bodies up front for the first game. and some young players have to
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>> kevin: battling a back injury. down about the 44-yard line of green bay. it is a scramble of nine by gabbert. he was a bust in jacksonville and traded here when the niners were looking for some quarterback help. with a look at peppers, who is in, along with clay matthews. second down and 1. clinton-dix is there are. limit today a gain of three. they do get the first down at the green bay 41. actually matthews was out on that last play and peppers was in. >> rich: we assumed when chip kelly got the job in san francisco that this would had be a perfect offense for colin kaepernick. actually the guy starting game one is gabbert. in jackson. had a chance last year to play behind a limited offense. but he was pretty good.
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himself well despite some issues. at the running back position they lost carlos hyde. >> kevin: he picks up 11. a 16-yard punt return that puts them in good beginning field position to start from their 37. hyde with the first and ten. oh, he's inside the five! tackles carlos hyde. a 28-yard gain, first and goal to go. >> and peppers gets fooled. he gets squeezed down inside. he doesn't set the edge like he's supposed to. and hyde with his feet, and kind of bounces it to the edge. you can't allow the running back to get outside. >> kevin: last week the raiderts had only 48 rushing yards.
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first and goal. touchdown! [horn] >> rich: they hit you quickly. they average 1 1r5 more ns season than the 49ers did in the same tenure. dom capers does a good job getting 9 plays -- getting the plays in and out quickly. >> kevin: they will call it a run because it was thrown laterally behind the line. it will be labeled officially a three-yard touchdown run.
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. hurry in for a $1,000 volkswagen reward card and a five hundred dollar labor day bonus when you buy or lease a new 2016 jetta. >> kevin: we will get a second look at aaron rodgers after this kickoff. a three-yard run by patton. they got the punt return of 16 yards. >> rich: the protection wasn't great. the timing and the rhythm of the
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me watching from above, when aaron rodgers starts to get outside the pocket, jumps around, the receivers have to put their foot in the ground and come back and give them an opportunity to throw the ball and find an open receiver. with a sense of urgency for the receivers to come back at a friendly angle and give aaron an opportunity for an outlet throw. >> kevin: hyde and davis are back for green bay. pinion will kickoff for san ci and at the 1. on the move. micah hyde. he's blown up by l.j. mccray. 13-yard return. here comes the two-time mvp, 32-year-old aaron rodgers, with
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>> corey linsley has played the lastup he's injured. j.c. tretter, mike gave him the starting job after his performance this summer. >> rich: he earned it. he earned the position. it's important to acknowledge that. he played well his career. had the injury. and sometimes, you know, your best ability is your availability. you miss that much time and the show goes on. to his credit, j.c. tretter has really stepped up this preseason and played well.
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the near side from the 13. first and ten. lacy. eddie lacy. a good block, and it opens the door for lacy! into the secondary. brought down by linebacker gerald hodges. a run of 21 and he's out to the green bay 35. >> rich: got pulled down. a nice job bouncing the run. he starts it up inside. nice job. good block on the edge by tight end jared cook. he gets pulled >> kevin: which is legal. >> rich: jared hodges gets part of the hair. you have a choice, if you don't want to lose your hair, cut it. >> kevin: you are right. on the 34. lacy first and ten. trying to dig his way. to the green bay 37. >> rich: a bit of a disappointing season last year. you see the numbers. evidence the injury. he was at one point benched. had issue with the weight. has really worked hard.
1:32 am
himself in great shape. them want to make sure he is ready for the regular season and that's why he is getting a lot of work early in these preseason games. >> kevin: mike mccarthy actually called him out about his weight. second down and a long seven. rogers. to adams. looking to rebound after a poor season a year ago. had the ankle injury. third down and seven. >> rich: a bit of a sophomore um i think everyone was impacted by jordy nelson. look how quick they jumped the ball again. >> kevin: third and seven, rodgers! was that blown dead before they. >> rich: another flag down the field. >> kevin: yeah. >> rich: defensive holding. >> kevin: looked like it.
1:33 am
five yard penalty. >> kevin: there's none quicker in the nfl in doing this than green bay and romney. >> rich: he really puts pressure on the defense. and they make the substitutions, they get the communication. they do a great job on third down, kevin, jumping the ball. i thought the previous third down they had the same issue. the 49ers weren't able to make the proper substitution. they didn't call it. that time they got them. >> kevin: trevor davis is out t receivers. third down and two. we all know lacy is a three-down pack. into the nickel. >> rich: good change right there. he changes the concept for the receivers. >> kevin: third and two. got the first down! ahead is sitton. a gain of five. good call. packers will get the first. >> rich: he will preview the shell of the secondary.
1:34 am
short, he will try to mix in a run. nice job by the offensive line. good job getting up on the second level and getting a hat on the linebacker. >> kevin: first and ten, lacy. turning and twisting and finally brought down down at the 48-yard line of san francisco. that's a gain of six. he had a 21-jarred run earlier on the drive. >> rich: we can't tell you how important it will be this year for the runni we know about aaron rodgers and jordy nelson in the running game. if they could get him cranked up a bit, this could be the best offense in football. >> kevin: second down and four. the fake. the dive, and takes it to the first down at the san francisco 38. ran well by rodgers and cobb with the first down. >> rich: you knew it was just a
1:35 am
off the stretch. aaron throws that with ease either to his right or his left, as we just saw. >> kevin: a calf injury, too, that he is dealing with. first and ten pitch, starks. to the 34. a gain of five. there was hardly a tandem in the nfl, rich, better running the ball. these two over 600 yards, starks and lacy a >> rich: and starks, his versatility, his ability to be a three-down back. getting more out of lacy, staying there on third down, as well. protection is just as important, especially with a quarterback like aaron rodgers. you have to understand your responsibility and role at the back in the passing game. >> kevin: davis, the rookie, bottom of your screen. second down, five. i just saw cobb patting his right leg.
1:36 am
the tight end rodgers with a gain of three as he gets down to the 31-yard line of san francisco. >> rich: the offensive line has really played well this preseason, especially inside. josh sitton, j.c. tretter, a really good job. you talk about the strength of your football team down the middle and they are very, very good inside. >> kevin: third and two. wide open! on the move. the catch-and-run. they take it down to the 60-yard line of san francisco. >> rich: a really nice route by cobb inside. working on the corner.
1:37 am
forces the safety to come down and make the open-field tackle. >> kevin: lacy had a 21-yard run. catches of 10 and 16. the tenth play of the drive and it's first and ten. starks. open field. tackle, chris davis. to the 15. we always quarterback is a running game, huh? >> rich: absolutely. and the offensive line love it too. they can tee off from the defensive line. it's hard in this league with the pass rushers. >> kevin: second down and nine.
1:38 am
tartt out of stanford. a gain of three at the 12. >> rich: the packers really have two offensive coordinators. you have mike mccarthy calling plays and aaron rodgers out there doing the same thing. he's never going to run a play that doesn't have a chance. he looks at it, he previews the foot, the secondary. he will give them the best play possible based on the situation. the down, the distance, the red zone. doesn't waist snaps during the course of the game. >> kevin: third and six. cobb. >> rich: total pressure. >> referee: five yard penalty. still third down. >> kevin: too late. it changes the play. so, rich, mike is talking to him
1:39 am
time does he get to talk in the headset to rodgers? >> rich: that play was 15 seconds. mike is able to give him a lot of information. he can give him a couple different options in terms of play concept, and protection. they call the play and at the line of scrimmage a lot of different things happen. he may change the protection. may slide to the right. he may have the back stay in, give a hand signal to the receiver. he does a lot at the line of scrimmage. in that case he's trying to preview where it's coming from and took too long. he tried to call the time-out. >> kevin: offside, davis. and third and eleven. out-of-bounds by jimmie ward, who was a first-round pick out of northern illinois a few years ago. >> rich: they will have to go for the fourth down. >> kevin: fourth and one. >> rich: cobb will play. the sugar run.
1:40 am
everybody lined up and in position. and then call the play. >> kevin: fourth and one. starks, blocked by cook. powers near the 5. close to a first down. >> rich: a bit of an unusual formation. >> kevin: it was. >> rich: you have cobb in there, you have jared cook lined up as a fullback. you don't have aaron in uniform tonight. >> kevin: he was hurt in practice. a knee yesterday. but you can see the multiple benefits of a tight end that can block, a number of tight ends. that was a position that didn't produce for them last year. >> rich: we talk about versatility. the more you can do. there's a reason why they went out and got jared cook.
1:41 am
tight end position. you look at richard rogers last year. >> kevin: keep an eye on him to throw it. a lot of it depends on the special teams. they like them. and cook missed the off-season with the surgery. he just came off the injury list a couple years ago. the hand signals and the communication.
1:42 am
first quarter. just the nonverbal communication is interesting to watch. packers in scoring position. down by 7. let and check in on the
1:43 am
>> kevin: welcome back to the san francisco bay area. second quarter is sponsored by
1:44 am
packers on this drive, nine runs. first and goal at the 6. some extended playing time for their quarterback, aaron rodgers. >> rich: this is what you want, a long drive. the defense loves this. the 14-play drives. keep that 49ers defense on the field and wear them down. >> kevin: back at the green bay 13. lacy with runs of 21 and 6. cobb wittc we open up the second quarter with a first and goal at the 6. first teamers out there. davis, rookie, top of your screen. starks the back. cobb. the drive and a six-yard touchdown pass!
1:45 am
randall cobb. >> rich: that was actually a running play. amazing that aaron is able to see the internal blitz by the 49ers. he can't change the play, so instead of hand being the ball off to starks, he leaves it out there had. cobb makes the defender miss and they score. that's the beauty of this offense. the built-in option for the quarterback. >> kevin: a lot of people talking about his drops last year, cobb. he's caught the ball they think, than last season. sometimes the easy ones he's dropped and he's made the hard catches. that was a terrific play. mason crosby will try to tie the game. on the hold, and it is in. it's tied. there is randall cobb. he had six touchdown receptions
1:46 am
1:47 am
>> kevin: rich, on that drive aaron rodgers was 4 of 5. >> rich: no signs of rust there.
1:48 am
he's been anxious to get out there and play a little bit. you get to be the best in the business, and particularly nowadays with the salary cap and these salaries, you have to be smart with the veteran players. that may be the end for aaron rodgers tonight, the two series. >> kevin: inside the 20-yard line. returns of 18 yards. rodgers and the packers converted two first downs and a fourth down on that drive. one of the things you talked about before the game, nothing else, just to get to the speed of a regular game. and colin kaepernick will come in for the first time in the preseason for san francisco. >> rich: kevin, he spent a lot of the off-season looking for
1:49 am
san francisco. he's had multiple injuries and surgeries. a knee injury in the off-season. hasn't thrown a lot in practice. had a sore shoulder, sore arm. we are anxious to see what kaepernick can do tonight against the green bay defense. >> kevin: first and ten. kaepernick overplays it. goes offside. he hits him with the gain of two. at the niners 19-yard l >> rich: a completely new offense for everybody here in san francisco to learn, especially the quarterback. this is a very different offense. it's a fast-paces offense and uses a lot of hand signals and not a lot of verbiage. he looks to the sideline, gets the play from chip kelly and away they go.
1:50 am
eight. the run at the 20-yard line, a gain of a yard. >> rich: you can see good job by martinez filling the hole. he had nowhere to go. the question out here in san francisco, can hyde be in the game? he had a great start last year against minnesota, 168 yards and a couple touchdowns, but then after that he really struggled. >> kevin: third down and seven. green bay has put in an defensive end. kaepernick, goes wide, and spinning for the first down with the catch is andrew white. a second year receiver out of alabama. up to the 32. >> rich: good coverage by the green bay packers. ronald is right there and thought he had the interception. >> kevin: kaepernick, first and ten. martinez. a couple rookies for green bay
1:51 am
it's incomplete downfield. once again a look for white on the throw by colin kaepernick. >> rich: good challenge for the packers' defense, kevin, in terms. how quickly the plays come in. they are putting stress on the communication. and also a good challenge going up against a mobile and active quarterback in colin kaepernick. keep him in the pocket. force him to function as a pocket passer. >> kevin: and no drew thomas he has a calf injury. incomplete. >> rich: good job by nick perry. he has to stay healthy this year for the packers. >> kevin: going for mcdonald. >> rich: perry knew he wasn't going to get there. the ball will come out quickly. jumps up and knocks it down. >> kevin: we told you before, price is in, we've seen lowry.
1:52 am
players in the middle. third down and ten, kaepernick. down the field for mcdonald. >> rich: can't punt it. >> kevin: there's clinton-dix. >> rich: a nice job by the packers working in tandem. you see the corner comes off. steel gets a hand on the ball. ha ha in thea, >> kevin: micah hyde is back for green bay inside the packer 20. >> rich: this is where they have to get better. we started about poor starting field position for the packers last night and even tonight, the kickoff return and punt return, they have to be better. >> kevin: number 30 last year. pinion to the sideline. not much lent. got a nice bounce. rolls to about the 26-yard line
1:53 am
come back in, so mike mccarthy will probably put in number 6 there. there. we will tal i know what we can do. what if papa tells us some stories? oh i don't think so... oh come on dad you have great stories, come on. well okay. you kids know how your grandmother and i met? not that one, skip. what? just next. swipe. i used to collect marbles when i was... next haha. thanks. swipe. get high speed internet from at&t with over 99% reliability. plus, switch and get a $200 reward card.
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>> kevin: back at levi's stadium. the 14-yard drive. starks with the nice run. they finish it off with rodgers
1:55 am
play. tied the score. really nice job by the packers. poor starting field position back at the 13. >> kevin: aaron rodgers is finished tonight. he had just the kind of workout he wanted. joe callahan becomes the second green bay quarterback, but he has the first-team offensive line and the top starters at the skill positions around him. two tight ends make theta caught by carradine, a former second-round pick by florida state. he is brought down at the green bay 27, a loss of 10. >> rich: wow. need to could a better job at the tight end position. you can't hold up against a really good rush off the edge. callahan has nowhere to go with the ball and takes a sack on
1:56 am
cook is in the slot. second and 20 for callahan. starks. nothing there. shutting the door. no gain on the play. to the sideline for the first time to lance alan. >> thank you. earlier in the game, and earlier before the game it was aaron rodgers throwing to jordy nelson. jordy nelson is not playing this evening, but a lot about three quarter speed. nelson coming back to practice monday. encouraging signs he's closer to playing. back to you guys. >> kevin: thank you. a player is down for san francisco. >> rich: you have to ask yourself, kevin, if he only plays a limited number of snaps next week, how much can he play week one against jacksonville? you can't expect him to go out and play a full game of 65
1:57 am
talked about, rich, about the wide receiver position. janice is gone with the hand surgery, nelson coming back. and really an unknown quantity right now. montgomery coming back from injury. last season the lack of a deep threat caused them to have to change their offense. handcuffed rodgers, some would say. just got to be -- it was interesting hearing jordy nelson talk about the receivers, saying it's been the most competitive packer. >> rich: you look at the bottom. they kept five receivers last year. it's really competitive. you know nelson and cobb and davante adams and ty montgomery. he have missed the final ten games with the ankle injury. cobb had an injury, jordy nelson had an injury. this group has to stay health think and the young players have to continue their development. we need more out of davante adams. ty montgomery needs to take the
1:58 am
jared abbrederis, he needs to take the next step. they have a great opportunity the next two weeks to show they are good enough to be in the mix as wide receiver. >> rich: and mike mccarthy talked about the injury to nelson last year. he said, quite frankly, some positions, rich, are harder to overcome than others. you have to shift gears. it can derail you. >> rich: we have so much depth and talent on the roster in a number of different positions and wide receiver being one of them. keep six or seven of those players, but you can't. they have tough decisions to make. how many pass rushers do you keep? you know, you are going to play wide receiver in green bay, you better be able to block in the running game, but you also better be able to contribute in the kicking game. and the more you can do, randall cobb can return and punt and kick when needed.
1:59 am
the best opportunity to make the team. >> kevin: third down and 2000. green bay needs 37. it's carradine bringing him down at the 35-yard line. the punting unit will take the field. >> rich: just couldn't overcome the mistake and sack on the first down. tried to take a shot down the field but protection didn't hold up. it's tough when you find yourself at second and twenty in this >> kevin: here comes pete mortell. the green bay native will punt for a second time. ellington is back for san francisco inside the 20. wind in the face of mortell. he was a quarterback in high school, as well. banjo couldn't get him at the 25 and he was brought down here the 30. a 30-yard pet, we will step aside.
2:00 am
quarter from santa clara.
2:01 am
2:02 am
>> kevin: chris banjo felt funny on the leg and he's holding on to his right ham, that is not good. and he looks upset. he's at a crowded position at safety. there's a lot of good, young talent in this camp. >> rich: you are trying to make a ballclub and you get an injury like that that could keep up out a couple of weeks. >> kevin: high in the backfield, kaepernick. first and ten. a a loss of three on the play. the look at datone jones, standing up for the first time in his career. there's a look at banjo. they have got bryce, they have got evans. it is crowded back there. they love the special teams, rich, but you can't get injured. >> rich: good, core players on special teams. you are right, this is a bad time to have a hamstring injury.
2:03 am
got that if i can there. >> rich: second one tonight. >> kevin: he's knocked down two. like jay watt, he knocks them down for texas and he's knocking them down tonight for green bay. >> rich: he's a power guy, but he has elongated motions. he struggled in the quick game because he has a very long throwing motion. takes him a while to get the ball in throwing position. gives the defensive players a knock balls down. >> kevin: that lot of green bay starters defensively out there. third and thirteen. they needed 39. kaepernick. chased and brought down by rawlins from behind. good pursuit from clinton rollins. it's a gain of ten. they will punt. >> rich: he's a terrific runner,


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