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tv   Today  NBC  August 27, 2016 2:33am-3:27am CDT

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third and goal at the 8. the 14th play of the drive. blocked. a gain of three, near the 5. stuck there had, brought down by deforest buckner, who was the pac-12 defensive player of the year out of oregon and first-round pick of san francisco. >> rich: think about it, make the call. he asked aaron, what do you like? what do you like in this situation, aaron? you know, you have that relationship with the quarterback. you have been through a lot together. and certainly aaron has some ideas. >> kevin: you always thought -- our last last stop in oakland with john, you felt that relationship meant more to the team than any other relationship
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play caller, the head coach and the quarterback. mike mccarthy took back the play-calling responsibilities last season and i think it will help the football team in the long run. when he gave that up, he really gave away his ability to control the tempo, the pace of the game. and that's what the packers do so >> kevin: fourth and goal at the 5 a. callahan. a rocket. and the defense of san francisco holds and that takes us to halftime. so close, and they can't get it in. we remain tied at halftime. the young quarterback learned a lot.
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snaps. from the san francisco bay area, this is the packers television
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>> kevin: this is a toyota halftime report. visit your local toyota dealer today or go to to find out more. toyota, let's go places. we are green bay packers as they take on the san francisco 49ers. local news is coming up after the break.
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>> this is the toyota halftime report. the annual clearance event is going on now. toyota, let's go places. it's halftime here in the san francisco bay area, levi's stadium. third preseason game, with the packers taking on the
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earlier this week, rod burks was able to sit down with t.j. lang. we have it as part of our halftime conversation. >> t.j. lang, you take great pride in being the cleanup guy, the protector on offense. you get the extra push, the extra pop under the chin. you always seem to be that guy. >> i don't like to let my teammates down. someone is in a scrum, they know 70 is cng if i'm not there i will get a lot of flak for it. i feel i'm a genuinely loyal guy. last year against seattle rich rogers was getting pinned down. but if i just stand there, i will lose a lot of respect from my teammates. >> you are playing in a contract year. what is the mind-set going into the season knowing you are playing for a contract?
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continue to get better. last year, i think it's human nature to wonder. but you can control it. i control my attitude and effort, hopefully you can get reward down the line. >> you and josh were sitting pretty close at the hip. how important has he been to you on and off the field as a friend? >> off the field i think he was a guy who kind of changed my habits my early years. i was single, i was living downtown, i was going out a lot, having a lot of really take football as serious as i should have. he was a guy that -- a lot of nights he was out there partying with me, and he had to sit me down, and i think he told me after the super ball, darren collins was getting ready to leave and he said we need you to step up, we have a hole there. after that i kind of cleaned up my act a little bit and ended up coming in starting and haven't looked back since. >> you have come up two great
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others got the pro bowl love. does that bother you a little bit? >> yeah, it's everybody's goal in their career to get those honors. it's been one of mine. i've been a little shy the last few years. i've been an alternate the last two. i would rather be noted as an underrated player when i'm done than an overrated guy so maybe i'm on a good track for that.
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switch to u.s. cellular and get 50% off smartphones. it's a deal you don't want to miss. sir, hi. did you just say, "switch and you get 50% off a smartphone?" uh, yes. sorry. hi. hello. i was watching tv and i saw you say 50% off smartphones. and we'll cover all switching costs. oh! wow! also, you g... uh, excuse me. switch to u.s. cellular and get 50% off smartphones. plus, we'll cover all switching costs. hmm? what? i just need it back. i don't have it. i don't know what you're talking about. yeah. >> kevin: it's halftime in the san francisco bay area. kevin harlan, rich gannon. moments ago lance alan caught up with the coach on the sideline. >> we are joined by mike mccarthy. mike, aaron rodgers, great adjustment on the touchdown toss. did you see what you needed it see out of him in the two series?
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and tempo. he had the penalties on the first series, but i feel very good where aaron is. >> he connected with jared cook, and jared cook with third down catch, impressive tonight. >> yeah, he did good things. that's what he needs. he needs to play with aaron and our offense at a high tempo and did a great job in there with joe. >> thanks for the type. good luck in the second half. >> thanks, lance. >> mike mccarthy joining us live on the packers tv network. >>. how the packers came out running the football. seven carries, 45 yards rushing. and 21 looked sharp. the offensive line was terrific. again, you just keep feeding him the football and that will play huge dividends for this offense. defensively, kevin, i thought they really played well. a nice job containing colin kaepernick. forcing him to throw the ball from the pocket. did a nice job, nick perry, getting their hands on footballs
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line of scrimmage. a good first-half performance on both sides of the football. >> kevin: we talked about the defense in the open. the defense last year week the raiders out of the end zone. they did get a touchdown, oakland there. a blocked punt by the raiders. 11 possessions. lasted five or fewer plays. the green bay defense in the first half we've seen tonight against two nfl starting-caliber quarterbacks in gabbert and kaepernick, have played well. >> rich: i think when you talk to mike mccarthy about the overall play of the defense in the preseason, he's very pleased. i think there's a couple things. flying around and playing with great tempo. they need to play faster and their finishing play. that's where -- what he talked about the entire spring and summer. finishing on defense. that's what we've seen from the packers through the first few preseason games. >> kevin: you may recall green
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begin things. they had to -- they gave it to san francisco with a kickoff. we had a penalty on san francisco at the end of the first half, and it's being assessed right now. thus green bay, looks like they will have a returnable kick. they montgomery slips as he's out of the block. finds cobb. look at him continue to go past the 30-yard line out to the green bay 33. a 33-yard return by montgomery, who missed a lot of time last year with an ankle. third quarter is sponsored by the wisconsin dental association. routine dental exams cost less
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phone bill. find an association dentist near you for affordable preventive care. joe callahan took the place of aaron rodgers. dodgers played the first quarter. got him in for a touchdown with the pass to cobb. callahan played the first and second quarter. in the second half crockett will take it. gain of two. green bay takes it out to 35. >> rich: mike mccarthy talked about running the football. he likes the reps they were getting through the first couple preseason game in terms of the rushes they are dialing up. he talked about the pad level being better up front with the offensive line, even with the running backs getting lower. talked about reducing the hitting area when carrying the football, particularly with eddie lacy. that's the emphasis of the them through the first couple preseason game.
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>> rich: callahan and davis just missing each other now for a second time. davis is going to run a little double move and joe callahan just misses him with outstretched hands. he has great speed. just got to give him a chance down the field. callahan knows it. throwing well tonight. >> rich: he is throwing the ball well down the field. >> kevin: third down and eight. blocked by spriggs. that's a player they want to see perform, geronimo alison. >> rich: good job by allison, the receiver.
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time. giving joe callahan a chance to throw the football. callahan very impressive, kevin, off the scramble through the first three preseason games. >> kevin: you mentioned spriggs. a first-round pick. here is a spinning move and a loss of a yard. spriggs has a club, it looks like, on the right-hand. two hands but try doing it with one. particularly when you look at the inside hand for a left tackle. that's your punch hand. >> kevin: he struggled against oakland. went up against mac and he will make any tackle look bad. second down and twelve. the pocket. slips through the secondary. brought down by smith.
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the offensive line, that seventh, eighth or ninth spot on the line, really in focus with green bay. >> rich: it really is. we talk about it all the time, can you be a backup center, can you play both positions and can you jump out and play the tackling position. can you do something in the kicking game? can you be an extra tight end? the more you can do up front gives you the best opportunity to make the team. >> kevin: he was at the left guard and at the right g he's first to a first down. crockett was following the block of the aforementioned taylor. reading in the journal sentinal this week, you know taylor, 65, is a play are he who was pretty much on that block. he's on the fence, as they say, on the bubble. >> rich: every year they draft more player. you look at spriggs and murphy. obviously there's great competition there. i thought it was interesting
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offensive line that he would have no problem putting on the football team. you talk about teams with a lack of depth at that position, green bay isn't one of them. if they don't make this team, they will be in another uniform in a couple weeks. >> referee: end. first down. time-out. >> kevin: we will step aside. the cut down to 75 comes tuesday. hard decisions for mike mccarthy
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>> kevin: there is a look at chip kelly. he's the new coach here. he was fired from philadelphia. i guess not a great surprise that he was hired so quickly, but, as you said, rich, come into the game, it's interesting to watch the speed of his offense, which was his calling card when he left oregon to go to the eagles a couple years ago. >> rich: no question about it.
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college at oregon. had some success in philadelphia with nick foles his first year. obviously things didn't work out the last couple of years. they didn't make the playoffs. i think it surprised some people that the eagles maybe went a different direction. >> kevin: there was a challenge hear, by the way, for kelly. they are checking to see if crockett was able to carve the necessary yards. they have loo with new york which is the new aspect. the nba does it. they do it in the nfl. >> rich: might be be a little bit short. >> kevin: maybe move the. >> rich: the first-down markers. >> kevin: he is smiling so i guess he feels he's won the challenge. you and i will be in new york with the nfl meetings in a couple days. we will get a chance to talk to
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officiating. so he was short. they are moving the chains, although we have not gotten the verbal ruling. they are going to measure first. looks like he's at least -- well, i don't know. >> referee: the chains on the opposite side were incorrectly spotted. we will now measure for a first down. >> kevin: that's chains incorrectly positioned. >> rich: it's the preseason. >> kevin: oh, i'm sorry. >> rich: you have to work through the kinks. >> kevin: you are right. we talked earlier, rich, about the packers' second, third and fourth teamers being really well respected around the nfl. there are seven teams in the league represented here, scouts, watching the packers. we mentioned 75 is the roster cut down on tuesday. one from the cfl is here. they were in green bay the first
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a lot of these packers will get picked up by other teams. >> rich: i would think the number of teams that are here tonight will either play the packers or the 49ers the first half of the season. they are scouting and looking at personnel and looking at speed. a lot of money is spent every year in our league on scouting, college scouting, college scouting, pro scouting. there are players here, as you mentioned, this is an unbelievable some good plays out there on film. if they don't make the green bay packers, they have a chance with 31 other teams. >> kevin: first down and ten. by the way, the jacksonville jaguars have a scout here, and the rams have a scout here. nice
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perillo trying to make the team as a tight end. >> rich: always seems like there's good competition at the tight end position. mike mccarthy, he likes to keep six of them. he's a former had tight end himself. >> kevin: second down and ten. they bring in a fullback, and that is alstevis squirewell. hit by a johnson. a gain after yard. here are the names that are on the tight end list. >> rich: great competition but jared cook will be a difference maker this year. i think he and rodgers will get off to a terrific start. they lack the vertical speed at the tight end position. go back when jay michael finley
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it. >> kevin: third down here for callahan. incomplete. looking for allison. cook had a good first half. made a lot of good plays. he's in his eighth season out of south carolina. he was originally a third-round pick by tennessee. he's had seven quarterbacks in seven years. >> rich: that's a problem. you know, we talk about all the different coordinators for quarterbacks. when you are a tight end and every time you turn around, they never really had that quarterback in tennessee, never had the quarterback in st. louis. >> kevin: fourth and nine. nice leverage on rashard robinson. a rookie out of lsu. it is a gain of ten and it is a first down.
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fourth-down conversions. that was on fourth down. >> rich: really nice throw-and-catch there. the ball comes out early. really nice job by allison making sure he gets his depth on the route. >> that was on fourth and nine. allison on this drive, catches of 16 and 10. and mike mccarthy told us this morning, we need to see 81 perform. he has answered. first and ten. crockett. good block inside by lucas patrick, t opens a gain of nine to the 17 of san francisco. 62, patrick, very good block. >> rich: a really nice run-and-cut there by crockett. the act to put put your foot in the ground, cut to the back side and get vertical. >> kevin: twelfth play of the
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to crockett. blocked by spriggs. patrick! a great play by the quarterback, joe callahan! 18-yard toss! >> rich: this is a great throw by joe callahan. this is pretty good coverage on abbrederis. a terrific throw. he puts it in about the only spot he can. you see the patience. football. that's a terrific throw by the rookie quarterback. >> kevin: abbrederis, he needs to show he can stay healthy. he has done that. he's had a very good camp. the best position in the slot, a favorite. he played for the badgers. now he's playing for the
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jared abbrederis comes up with a nice play. he played in ten games last year. had nine receptions.
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dallas. they were division 4 state champions. great athlete, gatorade track athlete of the year. he is a packer that they have got a lot of hope for, special teams and otherwise. he got the 18-yard touchdown pass from callahan. with the return whitehead. barrington was hit. gunter was there. packers have gotten two
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? ? now get 0% financing for 72 months across the entire ford lineup, plus specially tagged vehicles get a thousand smart bonus. >> kevin: this is live tv, brian. you are a defensive lineman and you don't know what to say, do you? >> no, unheard of. we don't get spoken to. don't talk to us we are just there. >> the first drive a little ragged but the second drive with aaron rodgers, how good did it feel? >> it felt good to get out there with aaron first time this preseason. good to get out there and kind of get the way he's going to call the game and run the game and get out there and move around. obviously we will go back. i think we had a couple penalties on the first drive. some things to clean up. but we got in is a groove and
3:08 am
>> do you feel as an offensive line you have unfinished business from last year? >> i think so. i think we feel pretty good as a unit. i think we've had a pretty good preseason. always things to clean up and correct. but as a unit overall we like the body of work we've put together over the first few games. another week of practice under our belt and another preseason game and get into the opener. >> ryan, thanks for the time and good luck this season. >> joining us live on the packers tv network. back to you. >> kevin: thank you. here's the pass from the new quarterback, about about a rookie. he's out of louisiana tech. he played at the university of florida, where he started 21 of 29 games for the gators.
3:09 am
tech. that was a gain of two. you look at lance, the former big-10 defensive lineman. the year at iowa. driskel. tracked by jerome simpson, a veteran. simpson, seven years in the nfl. >> rich: these younger players on defense, they make substitutions on third down, you have to hustle. you have to get lined up. you see the 49ers, they are ready to go. >> kevin: third down, 8. bobbled and dropped. gunter was was there. dorleant was therethe punting
3:10 am
>> rich: good series for them. >> kevin: he's had two good games against cleveland and the raiders, he has. we started the show, kevin, talking about the challenges that the packers will have when they make this first cut on seuss tuesday to get down to 75. a lot of competition at the linebacker position. both inside and outside. >> kevin: pinion to punt. gets it high, gets it long. davis waves it off wisely, but it went out-of-bounds at about the ten. and there's a flag too. flags thrown around midfield. they say the ball was out-of-bounds at the 12. 47-yard punt. excellent hang time on the play
3:11 am
the team will fly back to green bay. they thought they would get into the airport about 6:45 or 7:00 tomorrow morning. >> rich: that's long. >> kevin: it is long. >> rich: that's when you play a lot of snaps, when you are banged up >> referee: holding. receiving team number 36. penalty is declined. after the play was over personal foul, late hit. receiving team number 58. green bay keeps the ball. first >> kevin: barrington. >> referee: time-out. >> kevin: time-out. 7:30 to play in the third. a look at callahan. he's looked good and passed well. a touchdown pass moments ago to abbrederis. we will step aside in santa
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3:13 am
>> rich: callahan, a good preseason. i always likes be when he moves around. he is very accurate. a down and fourth down. 192 yards tonight and a touchdown. a great throw, great concentration. but really the only spot he possibly could for the touchdown >> kevin: had 5,000 yards last year at wesley. >> lance: we are here with sam shields. what's it lake being out there
3:14 am
island every once in a while? >> it's tough out there. but you know, that's the name of the game. you know, one-on-one, i beat him, he beat me, that type of thing. that's what i love to do. and he put us in a situation we got a helmet, so i love it. >> lance: how load sudden the second? you, randall, the list goes on and on. >> the young guys coming up, they are still learning and i'm still learning as wel only thing they can do is get better. we take it one day at a time and one game at a time. >> lance: i have to ask you. you were a former wide receiver in college, would you ever say put me in for a play as receiver? >> sometimes i try to do it route so he can see it, but, you know, hopefully one day we will get some trick plays in. >> lance: sounds good. thanks for the time. good luck this season. >> thank you. >> lance: sam shields joining us
3:15 am
kevin, rich. >> kevin: thank you very much. back in 2014, pro bowl. third and seven. rashard robinson, the lsu rookie. the punting unit will get back out there. >> rich: it was a big hit. you see him holding the left shoulder. >> kevin: right. that is something to look at. >> rich: watch boom, boom, and there's another one right here. >> kevin: running backs -- he's in pain. he is in pain. had a good one the last time. back here. high. and they will let it bounce at the 50. he's going to get about 13 yards
3:16 am
49-yard punt. crockett is injured. we will try to update that with
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>> kevin: dr. mckenzie over there taking a look at the injured player, crockett. looks like his shoulder was messed up. >> rich: the shoulder, hand, forearm. >> kevin: first and ten. the rookie. it drops. after the play by bruce miller. the secondary for green bay, and secondary for the packers, incredible competition. marwin evans out of milwaukee, oak creek high school. josh hawkins, who was a college walk-on. great speed and lent. recommend ref the game clock 5:52. >> rich: the player mike singled
3:19 am
meeting. >> kevin: special teams. >> rich: all these players, the ones that are going to make the team that aren't starters, will have be -- to be valuable contributers on special teams. and the two safeties. micah hyde and chris banjo. tough decision toss make in that secondary. >> kevin: flying at you it lance mccray. he was a star on special teams with the broncos. he tried to be a backup on the line. a loss of 8. >> rich: he beat the left tackle right away. eric peters had no chance.
3:20 am
>> rich: yeah, he played in buffalo. >> kevin: incomplete. they were going for the running back, mike davis. flag is down at the 43. >> rich: mccray knows he has a mismatch at the left tackle position. >> kevin: we were just wrapping up the secondary conversation. battles for the quarterbacks for sure and the and special teams will be a big part of their job description. >> rich: and it's a decision how many defenders you keep in the secondary base on what you need somewhere else >> referee: the offense, ineligible receiver, number 66. pass interference number 13. penalty declined.
3:21 am
>> rich: good series in mccray. the last preseason game he went off and that was the game everyone said how could you not keep him? he could be a 1,000-yard rush everybody for us. >> kevin: san francisco punting for the sixth time in seven positions. and here is trevor davis back at the 17. grabbed from behind. taken down by black bell, 84. one time 84 down there, he was a quarterback at oklahoma. his dad, mike, played gone kansas city. let's go to lance. >> lance: a few injuries tonight. you don't want to see it in the third preseason game or any preseason game. dr. pat mckenzie looking at the arm and shoulder of crockett.
3:22 am
the hamstring and ellington with a hamstring as well. we keep you updated on the injury front. something undon't want to see. especially with a lot of these guys fight fourth roster positions in this contest. back to you. >> kevin: lance, thank you very much. good stuff. the running back is brandon burks. free agent. they think he can run. corkscrews his way up to the 26. he picks up four. pa guard. they have lane taylor playing the left guard. spriggs remains the tackle on the left side. murphy, a six rounder from stanford is the right tackle. and the center can play all five positions on that offensive line. >> rich: that helps the players. we talk about the more you can do, position versatility, he can play every position along the offensive line, including
3:23 am
barclay. >> kevin: burks remains, second down and sixth. patrick and closing the door mcbryde. gain of a yard. up to the 27. >> rich: you have a player like don barclay, maybe you be don't need to keep the extra offensive lineman. you have a guy like that who can play a couple different positions, can play on the right side, on the left side. a smart guy. obviously he can play the position. there will be a lot of flexibility when it comes to making the final roster cut down to 53. >> kevin: at the top. your screen, geronimo allison, who is coming off a very good series >> referee: offense, number 16. five-yard penalty. still third down. >> kevin: herb water. there's allison, who had catches of 16 and 10 a couple series ago
3:24 am
plays long, and abbrederis finishing it off. >> rich: both of these teams have been in a boat load of third and longs tonight. packers had a bunch in the first half. another one here. every time we look at the 49ers they are in a third and long. >> kevin: the backfield. marcus rush, number 44 for the had three sacks and four hurries against the broncos. he's out of michigan state. >> rich: a really nice spin move. >> kevin: k he's a heckuva player. >> rich: he had a great game last week, as you mentioned, kevin. he have catches murphy off guard. murphy not prepared for the spin move and the rush up inside.
3:25 am
mortell. good lent. grabbed by white. he had a couple early in the game. had a good one there. 50-yard punt, 7-yard return. and there is a look at kyle murphy. he had a concussion a couple weeks ago, just week two. that was the game against cleveland. at 6'6", his long reach is something th like. all rights to this broadcast tonight are reserved and any rebroadcast, recording, retransmission or any use of this broadcast without the express written permission of the nfl is prohibited unless your son is on the field. mom and dad, they can record it and do whatever they want it. i know two people who are watching this game and recording everything. driskel, nice roll. good catch. the 50-yard line.
3:26 am
transitioned so title end. 11-yard pickup. a big kid and first down catch at infield. driskel. drilled in the secondary and brought down by whitehead out of auburn. at the green bay 46. >> rich: the play in and quicker. >> kevin: second down and 6. driskel. davis, out of south carolina, works his way down to the green bay 36. it will remain on the catch-and-run for the 49ers. >> rich: the way they call the play at quarterback, the receiver's coach signals the


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