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tv   Mad Money  NBC  August 27, 2016 3:26am-4:01am CDT

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transitioned so title end. 11-yard pickup. a big kid and first down catch at infield. driskel. drilled in the secondary and brought down by whitehead out of auburn. at the green bay 46. >> rich: the play in and quicker. >> kevin: second down and 6. driskel. davis, out of south carolina, works his way down to the green bay 36. it will remain on the catch-and-run for the 49ers. >> rich: the way they call the play at quarterback, the receiver's coach signals the
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offensive line all looks over to the offensive line coach. everybody has a role in calling the play. >> kevin: they go secondary, first and ten. the hand-off. nice moves and drilled by robinson. >> rich: you see chip. he will call the play. look at all the different coaches. they will start to signal the play in. >> kevin: a lot of camouflage, another fake words? >> rich: the receiver's coach is very active. he's telling the receivers what to do. they aren't very be long calls. they are codes. >> kevin: he's down. looks like another leg injury. >> rich: the coach with the blue
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them in. >> kevin: second and one. >> rich: wow. >> kevin: a lot of moving parts. >> rich: that's how they get as many plays called you during the course of the game. >> kevin: second be down, one. i saw driskel last week and he looked pretty good and he looks pretty good tonight. >> rich: they just signed christian ponder, the old viking quarterback, because kaepernick couldn't throw. >> kevin: ponder looked pretty good last week. dujuan harris, we know who he is. a gain of 6 by dujuan harris. three a years out of troy. >> rich: the defense has to pick it up a little bit.
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blocks quickly enough. >> kevin: second down and four. >> rich: having a hard time getting lined up, as well. >> kevin: rich, the pros and cons of running an offense like this from an offensive standpoint as a quarterback >> referee: offense, number 71. five yard penalty. false start. >> rich: what it does, because everything comes in so quickly, it limits the volume. you can't have as many plays and as many runs in the game. as a quarterback, kevin, i don't like it from the standpoint it doesn't give you as much freedom and flexibility to get in the right play. what really hurts and i think catches up to them is in third-down situations. that's where they struggled and that's why i think they will struggle hear. they don't change protection and plays very often in this offense.
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>> referee: holding. offense number 65. ten-yard penalty. >> kevin: is imagine this, rich, i can see working in college, but oregon, and you are recruiting. >> rich: you have 90 days to play on game day. you can't do that in the nfl. >> kevin: and the speed of the game is so much different than in college. you are talking about oregon, it's a little bit different. >> rich: it's a lot different. you know, i just think you never call the play. you have to have a quarterback that will get you a play. >> kevin: the third quarter comes to a close. the packers got two touchdown passes. one by callahan may i acquire your stapler? what is the magical word? stapler.
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>> kevin: packers a season ago was 10-6. the san francisco team 30-5. 32nd in 31 in offense was their ranking. trying to change things with chip kelly. >> rich: 35-11. >> kevin: i said. >> rich: you said is 1-5. >> kevin: i'm sorry, it's getting late. 5 and 11, excuse me. >> rich: they weren't that good. >> kevin: oh, they were not. excuse me. second and eighteen. dujuan harris. he was brought down by reggie, a
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it takes them down to the green bay 17. >> kevin: third and thirteen. driskel, blocked. dujuan harris. out-of-bounds. driven by dean lowry, the rookie out of >> rich: a really nice mover by dujuan harris. watch this. one, two, and quickness. that's the catch. you have to make those tackles. >> kevin: san francisco is going to try a field goal. veteran phil dawson, top 16 all-time scorer in the nfl.
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came from the browns. threats three on the board for the niners. dawson from 26. four-point game. the fourth quarter clock at
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>> kevin: green bay holds san francisco to a 26-yard field
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sidelines. played the first quarter and into the second. threw a 6-yard touchdown pass to cobb. cobb was big on that drive. rodgers hit him for 10 and 16. rodgers was 4 of 5 on the drive and they tied the game at that time at 7. earlier here in the second half we saw an 18-yard touchdown pass fromre callahan. they want montgomery to get a lot of rep. >> rich: good work for aaron rodgers tonight. his really first opportunity this preseason. he came down and looked sharp, good movement. good accuracy, as is usually the case with aaron rodgers. great command of the offense, anticipation.
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critical situation. >> kevin: is how quickly he got the ball out. >> rich: if you really study him in the gun, a lot of time he's throwing the ball without the laser. which is amazing to me. he's a quarterback that i don't think another quarterback gets the ball up and out as quick as rodgers. >> kevin: he's on the move looking for allison. geronimo allison, who was a rookie free agent out of illinois, who hadec 16 and 10 yards on the callahan-led touchdown drive. >> rich: if you are a young quarterback, i don't think there's no better play to learn than green bay. you have mike mccarthy, the offensive coordinator, ben, is there a better place to learn than this group? you think of all the quarterbacks, all the success
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position. >> kevin: no gain on the play. >> rich: even if joe callahan doesn't make the 53-man roster, there's a good chance he sticks around the practice squad and gains experience. it's a great place for the young quarterback to learn his craft. >> kevin: with hundley injured and some uncertainty about that ankle, probably no surprise that callahan is getting snaps right now. >> rich: there's a chance that maybe he makes the roster. they may keep three quarterbacks. you never know. >> kevin: they may not have a choice. third and ten. he finds perillo with a great grab! the tight end picks it up. gain of 9. he's up to the 39 and close to a first down. let's see where the spot will put him. very close.
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yard. perillo has really got a good pair of hands. >> rich: he does a nice job catching the ball away from his body. mike mccarthy, he's watching closely to see how these young players perform. >> kevin: burks. he slices for five and he's up near the 40 -yard line. that will serve him well. what they liked abo on was his pass block, in addition to his running. that was a good run right there for a fourth and inches, when you don't have a him, you put him back. >> kevin: mike mccarthy, his offense 5 of 6 converting forth downs to firsts. first and ten.
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burks. the end of last year they were having all kinds of receiver injuries. >> rich: they have really come out in the preseason and tried to emphasize the running game. you saw lacy and starks and crockett; andon bus and everyone who tumps the footl. line. the tight end is involved in the game, the people and the quarterback to make sure you are not running in the wrong situation. they had a screen called there. >> kevin: second and nine. they had to take a licking that time from redmond. >> rich: they got a screen out the back door. callahan has to throw that one away.
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taylor is on him before he could even throw it away. >> kevin: third and nineteen. crockett, his injury, the extend we don't know. he's out of the game. he's been looked at by the green bay will take a time-out. third and nineteen coming up. mike has the call sheet there. it's a couple pages long in the preseason. regular season it's about eight pages. >> rich: look at that call sheet compared to what chip kelly has on the other side.
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>> kevin: a time-out. the quarterback is talking to mike mccarthy on the >> rich: tough not here, third and nineteen. >> kevin: mike takes pride in the call sheet, doesn't he? >> rich: he spends a lot of time each week putting it together. >> kevin: a lot of details. >> rich: a lot of bad things can happen on third and nineteen. sacks, fumbles, interceptions. >> kevin: they need the football. here they come! gets away. a block from murphy. going down. he's got allison.
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they say the 19. how about that scramble by callahan? it's a 51-yard completion to the 19-yard line of san francisco. >> rich: that's really what makes callahan special. his ability be to keep plays alive. look, they blitz him. he avoids the sack. keeps his eyes downfield, in throwing position. he gives the receiver a chance to make a play. coming back to the football. >> kevin: good block by luke, and patrick, as well. johnson was beaten. third and ten. a huge play for this young free agent the rookie, brandon burks from troy!
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direction move for a touchdown! 19-yard run. >> rich: what a great run by brandon burks. look at the patience right here. stops. he's going to cut all the way out the back. he has a great feel. he has a nose for the end zone. a terrific run by burks. >> kevin: born in enterprise, alabama. he went to high school alabama. running back. he played basketball and baseball and football. another former green bay running back who played at troy, dujuan harris. crosby, burks. how about the 51-yard completion to allison? and then burks with just a terrific move, cutting and flies
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>> rich: there's about burks and there's callahan, who has really been fun to watch. you were saying during the break he reminds you of another quarterback that was about that size and that ability.
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plays off the scrambles. >> kevin: you could hear that from here and we are about eight stories up. 16-yard return. geronimo allison. allison has caught two on third down, one on forth down. callahan just dazzling with moves to say alive on this play. >> rich: that's a good chance to make a play. allison makes the better play on the ball in the air. but i like the fact that we've seen joe callahan, the rookie tonight, kevin, on a number of occasions work all the way through the progression to find the third and fourth receiver in the contest. >> kevin: packers were offside on the kickoff. they mark off another five.
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the quarterback is christian ponder, former first-round pick by the vikings. on the move. shawn ham was in his sights. ponder was just signed. played well against denver last week. he was 7 of 8 >> referee: holding. offensive 575. ten yard penalty. first down. >> kevin: the last name rings a bell. it sho reporters over at espn. >> rich: like a lot of young quarterbacks, they are forced to play before they are ready, and they don't have a lot of success. then the organization gives up on them and they have to go somewhere else and start over. i think we've seen a number. quarterbacks like that in this
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played on a very bad team in jacksonville. of a 5-22 record. you have that record and they run you out of turn. ponder had his struggles in minnesota, as well. >> kevin: ponder goes underneath. he will go to the running back mike davis and then he's met by a couple. he picks up 11 on the play. one of the hits by him >> a third-down catch, a fourth round catch, a catch with aaron rodgers. you had quite a night tonight. >> yeah, trying to build our chemistry. >> lance: the august 9th practice you came back and worked with aaron ledge, you were working on the red zone drill and caught a number of touchdown passes s that what it takes to build that rapport and get to where you are tonight. >> jaw, communication, verbal and nonverbal and talk being
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together. it's just him knowing where i'm going to be, and me knowing where he's going to put the ball. >> how excited are you, the potential of this offense with you and richard rodgers when you go two tight ends. >> it's exciting. gives us more possibilities. i'm excited to see what they will put together for us. >> lance: i've seen your hops. you were a national champion in basketball. canou >> you know it. >> lance: thanks for the time and good luck this season. >> thanks. >> lance: jared cook joining us live. a great night for him tonight. kevin, rich. >> kevin: he's one of five tight ends with 35 or more receptions over the last five years. and included in that group, gronkowski, gates, olson in carolina. second down and ten.
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ringo came in and finished him up. ringo had a sack in the cleveland game. >> rich: ringo not giving up on the play. look at ringo. he's getting double teamed, and he finds a way to come off and get the sack. >> kevin: ringo is one. those players that with no clark tonight, ringo, anderson, price, they are in the spotlight in terms of trying to fortify that middle. third and fourteen fhr >> rich: ooh! >> lance: dropped on plate by evans! there he goes! he runs for 40 in 4.4. he's a rookie free agent from utah state from oak creek state in milwaukee, and he comes up with a big-time interception. >> rich: not a very good throw by ponder. he's late with the throw. and this is just too easy for evans. he holds it way too long.
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intended receiver. just too easy. evans, a little more room and he might have scored. >> kevin: is this secondary loaded or what? and what the scouts were saying last week is not only does -- they are bringing in a new quterback in williams for green bay. what they said about evans is that h terrific tackler and he's a 4.4 guy and can move from the safety, rich, up and do a lot of damage. and a guy like that, those qualities are in high demand in the nfl. >> rich: and he has very good ball skills, as well. a guy that will attack. you see it effortless with that interception and the run afterwards. >> kevin: i feel great for that kid.
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junior colleges and bounced around just a little bit. he's part of a secondary which is deep and young and fast and talented. and that is just after the three or four guys, you put gunnar in the group with rollins and clinton-dix, cobb and randall. >> rich: a tough football team, this is professional football. but this is a hard football team to make. they have been to seven straight years to the postseason. a veteran football team. the team does a great job drafting and developing young players. you look at those challenges, they have to cut the roster to 75 on tuesday. the final cut will be september 4th after the last preseason game. there will be some sleepless
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out who the best 53 or for the 2016 green bay packers. >> kevin: the new quarterback is marquis williams. he picks up two right there. it's he played at maryland. stopped by minnesota in mid-may and he's fast. he's 4.4 in the 40. >> rich: speed kills at that position. >> kevin: there's a nice defensive play turned in by shane stow out of stanford.
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ross, his numbers. >> kevin: third down and 10. williams, he's going to go teach. looking for johnson of alabama state. the punting unit comes out. young peter mortell. the special teams coach has been caught naturing in practice this week, as least this week, he had
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have alternated as well. >> rich: peter mortell got the start. it's hard to find your rhythm. as a punter you get a couple punts and then the other guys goes in for a couple series, which could be the best part of a quarter and a half. >> kevin: they will try to keep it inside. a great punt. he's terrific inside the 20-yard line. if you haven't read the story on mortell,e couple days ago, they had a report that every packer fan should read the story. he sleeps at home in the same bedroom that he grew up in. he has a poster on the wall. >> rich: be he grew up a big packer fan. one of the kids that road his bike to the training camp practices every day. this is a dream come true for the young punter. he's just doing everything in
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bay packers. >> kevin: you told the story, his dad is the time keep he were at lambeau field, jerry mortell. that's a gain. one. here's another interesting tidbit. his mom is ellen bertrand mortell. bertrand's was the big sporting goods store in green bay back in the day. they would supply the packers with all their equipment from rydel's. and mr. bertrand's granddaughter, ellen, is married to jerry. that's peter's mom. >> kevin: oh, powered in. reggie gilbert is playing linebacker after being a
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arizona. , third and 18. there is harris. he's drilled by beniquez brown. >> rich: once again tonight, you mentioned with earlier, as we've watched the first two preseason raiders, you look at the twos and the threes, the packers, they just dominate these teams. it really gets to this -- we aren't talking about the starters. we are talking about the second-line players. the green bay players have absolutely dominated the competition. >> kevin: the fifth three-and-out by green bay's defense. intercepted ponder last night. the punt, and it's not good. davis, the rookie, waves it off. it bounces by midfield, as you
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nice beginning field position with 3:07 to play. a a 52-yard punt. >> rich: a lot of positives. aaron didn't look at all rusty tonight, he was very sharp. is is a terrific throw-and-catch off the scramble. a really nice job by callahan finding abbrederis. great. that's burks. what a nice finish there. real poise by the young quarterback. made some big-time throws once again tonight. >> kevin: first and ten is brandon ross. you have called the name lucas patrick a couple times tonight. he's playing left guard right now, number 62. he has had a nice game.


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