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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500 Saturday  NBC  August 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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now at five... new details surrounding the deadly crash that killed two teenagers in milwaukee. hello, i'm katie crowther. thanks for joining us.the two victims were thrown from a 35th street near keefe.the impact... split the car in half. the 17-year-old driver of the car, and another passenger are recovering at children's hospital.that's where we find veronica macias live with the latest. veronica... two families are grieving the loss of two teenage cousins their mom reached out to us because she doesn't want people to assume they were in a stolen car. this was a
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love to do best and that is playing basketball tammy hales hasn't had any sleep. she and her husband are waiting for their son latroy, who is 16, to recover from his injuries at children's hospital. he's doing better than yesterday their younger son, latrey who was just 15, died in the accident. the brothers and their cousins had just left the basketball courts. authorities say the driver was speeding and witnesses say it appears the driver suddenly lost control. that's what happened. when i was taking my walk. it looked like they lost control and when i heard the boom that's when i ran over there. the car packed with 4 teenage boys slammed into this tree and split in half. his mother has no words about how she feelshe just wants people to know latrey was a good son. i believe everybody knows latrey and he's very very educated and intelligent. he loves to play basketball. he loves all sports and he loves to do things with his
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latrey went latrey went to bradley tech and was just about to start his sophomore year. police have arrested a suspect in the murder of a nun from wisconsin.sister margaret held of the "school sisters of nun were found stabbed to death in their home in mississippi on thursday.police arrested a man for the double murder early this morning. 46-year-old rodney earl sanders of kos-i-osko mississippi is charged with two counts of capital murder. "a double homicide. this is about the worst thing that can happen to us since katrina. " the women were found stabbed in their home, a back door ajar.. apparent victims of a
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to us as you can imagine and we're just deeply grieved" police say sanders was a person of interest early on and after an exhaustive interview friday evening they had enough to charge him. but it won't bring back two loving members of this community in mourning. they were the most beautiful women that have ever drawn a breath into their bodies. they were totally giving of themselves to everyone.they were well known by on sister margaret and sister paula. they'd long ago settled in one of the nation's poorest counties with one wish: to serve. "we make a difference in people lives and we never know what that difference is." for many of little means in the region, the nuns - both 68 - were the only health care providers some residents had ever known.. the nurse practitioners serving as doctors, therapists and friends. "we just see patients and do what needs to
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a wake for sister margaret and sister paula will be held in mississippi tomorrow. and a memorial mass is scheduled for monday. chicago bulls star... and former marquette basketball stand-out dwayne wade is mourning the tragic loss of a family member. his cousin was shot and killed in chicago yesterday. nykea aldridge was pushing her baby in a stroller past a school when she got caught in the crossfire caught in the crossfire between two groups shooting at each other. "basically, our victim is an innocent senseless shooting. she was just leaving dulles school, walking down the street. as she was walking down the street, some kind of altercation occurred that did not involve her. shots were fired during this altercation and subsequently she was shot and she was taken to the hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries. aldridge was just 32-years
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burglary charges have been filed against a man arrested in the violence in sherman park.darius saxon is charged with crimes at the metro p-c-s, o'reilly's autoparts and jet beauty.saxon is from milwaukee. but he doesn't live in sherman park.the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms is offering a reward for information that leads to more arrests and convictions in the looting and arson two weeks ago in sherman park. warm and humid weather is on the way.te steele is here to time it out. another round of morning showers earlier today gave way to a rather ugly saturday with plenty of clouds and some areas of fog. low pressure and a warm front will lift through the area this evening providing a chance for more pop up showers and storms. any cells which do occur will be limited in time and coverage area. still, once these features depart southeast wisconsin there will be an abundance of lingering
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overnight into sunday morning. while we're starting to lose some of the strongest sun angles, there should still be enough to burn through the low level blanket producing brighter skies by midmorning. then weak takes over quiet with a return sunshine on slightly temperatures degrees. levels will high however points approaching 70 degrees. it's "mexican fiesta" weekend at the summerfest grounds. the festival celebrates mexican culture, music and of trying to raise awareness about the increasing cases of diabetes in the latino community.there's also a "fiesta walk and run" tomorrow morning. you don't have to go to africa to go on a safari.a safari zoo opened in walworth county today. michele fiore is there live. hi katie, bear with us please, our camera's gonna be a little shaky. we're on a wagon for an hour-long tour
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going on down here. take a look behind me at the animals are roaming free on 75 acres of land. the idea for this, it was on jay christie's bucket list. "i had a particular fixation with the idea of creating a wildlife park that would give you the illusion of being on a safari and in so doing, we kind of turn the concept of zoo on its head so instead of the animals being segregated into small, separate areas, it's the visitors who are confined. the animals have free reign to literally surround us 360 degrees. this tour just left the front gate at 5, we'll have more coming up at 10,
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to put something like this together. live just outside lake geneva, michele fiore, today's tmj4. packers extra now. the packers are unbeaten in the pre- season. you saw them beat the san francisco 49ers late last night here on today's t-m-j four. rod burks joins us, with the scoop from aaron rodgers. that's right katie.we got to see aaron rodgersplay for the first during the preseason in last nightswin over the 49ers there's rodgers pounding his chest getting ready to run the the number one offense last night.he enginnerred a nice scoring drive in his second series of the game .he took the offense 87 yards on 14
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field.he hit randall cobb with some nicespasses, in the drive and finishedit off, by hitting cobb for a 6 yard touchdown, which tied the game up at 7 bay won it last night21 to 10.rodgers finished the night6 of 9, for 60 yards and a's he is on how he felt last night the packers with one more preseason game leftagainst the chiefsin kansas city.coming up in sportswill talk about a coupleof rookies who played well last night.katie later in sports: what's next for cowboys quarterback tony romo after his latest injury? and next: decision 20-16. what hilliary clinton was doing today as donald trump continued his attack on the
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decision 2016 coverage now. donald trump, mike pence and tim kaine are campaigning in battle ground states. but hillary clinton took a day off the trail. she stayed in new york to meet with with the f-b-i. chris pollone reports. and the candidates are hitting battleground states hard. republican donald trump joined iowa senator joni ernst saturday for her annual roast and ride fundraiser.polls show the race is a virtual dead heat there. "together we're going to win this state in november and we're going to win the white house for the american people!"ernst said she wants to see both candidates tone down their rhetoric and wants more specifics from trump on
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removing criminal, illegal immigrants from this country!" he promises to clarify his plans in a week or so.trump kept up his attacks on hillary clinton?? her time at the state department her email server and her involvement with the charity husband bill clinton started.he clintons have had their time on the stage, it's time to close that chapter in the history book." no campaign appearances for hillary clinton saturday. instead, she went to an f- office near her new york home for her first national security briefing as a candidate.trump had -his- first briefing earlier this month.clinton's running mate tim kaine instead played the role of attack dog during a stop in pivotal florida. slamming trump's statements about the nation's allies abroad. "there is a sharp distinction between a hillary clinton, who understands the values of alliances and making us stronger, and a donald trump, who seems to think building walls and tearing up alliances is a path to alliances is a path to strength."trump sent his
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backyard and a place where most polls show clinton holding a double digit lead. chris pollone, nbc news. coverage of the campaign continues at 5:30 on n-b-c nightly news. rain or shine? what kind of weather can we expect for the rest of the weekend?scott steele's full forecast is next. also coming up: how a woman managed to escape from her car as it was being swept away in a flash flood.
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f the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good manufacturing jobs are shipped away because of a tax code that actually rewards companies for exporting jobs. let's close the corporate loopholes- that will save taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't need an economy that works only for ceos,
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heavy rain in the plains and the midwest led to flooding overnight. this video is from downtown kansas city, missouri. they got four- and-a-half inches of rain in 24 hours. water rain in 24
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people had to be rescued from the high water. and look at this video from indianapolis. two-and-a-half inches of rain fell last night in just over an hour. the red car you see got swept away by the rising water. the woman who was driving was able to get out. "so i had to kick my door and get out and swim away." (reporter: you couldn't even get the door open? or the window?) "i had to kick it and kick it hard. the current is coming this way. thank god i didn't have my daughter in the car, she's only one-and-a- half. i would've that's a reminder for drivers: when you see high water turn around. don't drive through it. we had some storms overnight here in southeast wisconsin. when does some strong sunshine returns, scott steele? another round of morning showers earlier today gave way to a rather ugly saturday with plenty of clouds and some
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a warm front will lift through the area this evening providing a chance for more pop up showers and storms. any cells which do occur will be limited in time and coverage area. still, once these features depart southeast wisconsin there will be an abundance of lingering moisture providing for the risk of fog redeveloping overnight into sunday morning. while we're starting to lose some of the strongest sun angles, there should still be
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level blanket producing brighter skies by midmorning. then weak high pressure takes over providing quiet conditions with a return to more sunshine on monday with slightly above average temperatures near 80 degrees. humidity levels will remain quite high however with dew
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here's a look at what's on t-v tonight... "america's got talent" is at episodes of "aquarius" are at 8 and 9. then join us for more local news on "live at ten," followed by actor jonah hill hosting "saturday night live" at 10:30. coming up in sports the packers will have a tough time
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improved their chances of
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the packers stayed un beaten last night in the preseason. with a 21 to 10 win over the 49ers out west. .and there were a couple of rookies who played well under the lights with the first cut down day loomingnext week on august 30th players tried to play to play their way on to the roster last night.rookie free agent running back brandon burks, keeps on makingplays folks.. last night in the 4th quarter he made this nifty cut back moveon his was to a 19 yard toucdhownthat put the packers up 21 to 10.and how about the free agent saftey marwin evans from oak creek. who's fighting for a roster spot..he picked of christian ponderfor nice interception downthe sidelines for a big playon friday night.
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cowboys star quarterback tony romo, who was knockedout of of the cowboys game agaisnt the seahawks.dallas head coach jason garrettannoucned today that he suffered a broken bone in his backwhen he took of from the pocket on this run. carrett didn't give a timetable on a possible return for rommo..but espn is reporting thathe could be out 6 to 10weeks the brewers will look fortheir first win against the pirates tonight,.in game three of their series at miller park.the crew got taggedfor their second straightloss last night, 5 to 3 matt garza who took the loss last night, gohi some trouble in the 6th inning with the bases loaded..jordy mercer connected for this base clearing gram slam that put the pirates up 5 to nothing which chased garza out of the bright spot last night in the loss was rookie orlando "ar-se-ah.,.who's been stuggling at the plate lately, but last nighthe connected on first homerun of the season that turned out to be a three run shot.jimmy nelson will be on the hill tonight in game three now we head to the track for nascar's xfinty series race running at road america today.
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laps to go, with micheal mick- dowell in the lead ahead of the pack.the cation flag would comeout with him in the lead. and then in overtimemicheal "mick-dowellwould go on to win the race today .brendon
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somebody won 46-thousand- dollars in last night's "badger five" drawing. so tonight's jackpot is back to ten-thousand-dollars. tonight's "powerball" jackpot is 142-million-dollars. we'll have the winning "powerball" numbers tonight on "live at ten." time for a final check on the weather. thanks for joining us on live at 5. we hope to see you back here at 6. nbc nightly news is
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on this saturday night, terrifying flight. a southwest jet with more than 100 people on board forced to make an emergency landing after the sound of an explosion. hitting home. gun violence strikes the family of superstar dwyane wade. tunnel team. on the run, they expose the russian doping scandal. our richard engel with the whistle-blowers in hiding. second chance. as a tornado destroyed their gym, they huddled in the basement.


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