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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500 Sunday  NBC  August 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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z >> announcer: right now from milwaukee, this is today's tmj4, live at five. family of the nun from southeast wisconsin who was stabbed to death inside her mississippi home is speaking out today. hello. sister paula and sister margaret held gave so much to help others, and sister held's family wants her to be remembered for doing just that. veronica macias spoke with her family who still lives here. >> reporter: margaret held has been described as a living
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all through my life id her so much. >> reporter: sister margaret held grew up in slinger with seven siblings. she helped look after the younger ones. all went to a catholic grade school but at the tender age of 13 it was margaret who decided how she would live the rest of her life. >> when she was in eighth grade she decided she wanted to enter the convent. she wanted to work for god. >> reporter: after attending the school of sisters of st. francis and social science at saint joseph high school in kenosha. then in the '80s she discovered her calling, to help the poor in the south. >> the world lost a very, very special woman, very special woman. >> reporter: jean says in rural mississippi her sister devoted her life to children and disadvantaged communities. after losing their beloved sister to an act of violence, their family has one prayer, that her work isn't forgotten. >> the hours, those women worked
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i hope somebody out there will step in. >> reporter: family says a mass and visitation will take place thursday, september 1st, and the church on main street. then a final mass will take place at saint joseph here in milwaukee. that date is still pending. this information can be found on our website, katie. >> katie: thanks. a vigil wake service is being held in mississippi right now for sister margares sister paula merrill. there will be a memorial mass tomorrow morning. the sheriff says the suspect rodney early sanders confessed to the murders, but did not give a reason why. milwaukee police say they have their man following a standoff involving a child that lasted about three hours. it started around 10:00 a.m. near the intersection of 13th and orchard. according to mpd shots were fired during an argument in an ally way. no one was hurt, but when
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and refused to come out. his 6-year-old son was also inside. >> this is never a hostage situation. there was never an indication that the 6-year-old was being held against his will or this was a hostage situation, but over the period of time through some negotiations back and forth, they became nonproductive and a decision was made at 2:57 to forcibly enter that residence. >> police entered the home and took the suspect into the 6-year-old was not hurt and is with family. developing news, chicago police have arrested two brothers for the murder of nba star and former marquette university basketball stand out dwayne wade's cousin nykea aldridge. investigators say darwin and derren sorrells are gang members on parole. police say aldridge was an innocent bystander pushing her youngest child in a stroller. the wade family invited the
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tonight. >> thank god once again for allowing her to be in my life, for me to give birth to her. for her children, she will be greatly missed. >> dwayne wade who signed with the chicago bulls says enough is enough when it comes to this senseless gun violence. it was foggy last night and this morning but it made way for a beautiful day today. still like the humy let's see if meteorologist scott steele can make that happen. >> scott: welcome to the weather center. here is a live look right now from our downtown -- you know what? is the -- let's see here. there it is. i apologize. slipped off. live look from our downtown
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weather word is repeat, muggy, fog and then some sun again on the way for tomorrow. outside right now, readings holding in the mid 70s, 75 in milwaukee, 77 in waukesha. if you're heading out on the town tonight expect to see more of the same, mainly clear to partly cloudy skies, warm and muggy conditions with temperatures dropping to 70 degrees. i will let you know when we expect to see the muggies move out. >> katie: thanks, sco. recovering after a deadly car crash that happened at 35 35th and keefe on friday. 15-year-old latrey hale and demetrius batchelor junior did not survive the crash. they were cousins. all four young people in that car are related. police say the 17-year-old driver was speeding when he lost control and crashed into a tree. that driver and the other passenger are expected to be okay. a crash involving three cars shut down the intersection of 76th and mill road this
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hospital. we have not been updated on their conditions and the cause of the crash is still under investigation. milwaukee police are working to find out who killed a 30-year-old man in the city's harambee neighborhood. the man was shot before 10:00 last night near palmer and wright. the victim died at the scene. just after 1:00 a.m., another man was shot in the neighborhood near 34th and silver spring drive. he did survive, and is recovering at a local hospital. no suspects in that case are i custody. the red cross is providing shelter for six people after their apartment building caught fire. it happened yesterday evening at 15th and orchard. milwaukee firefighters had to call for back up to help fight the flames. more than 20 people were evacuated. nobody was hurt, and no word on what caused that fire. they believe it started in a first floor storage area. what caused this home near eighth and lincoln to catch fire is also under investigation. flames were seen coming out of
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anyone was home at the time or injured. now to the haling in sherman park where a new community policing effort is getting underway. police officers from district seven are looking for proactive residents to participate in a pilot program known as the sherman park citizens patrol. the meeting gets underway at 6:00 at the saint joseph auditorium. three burglary charges have been filed against a man arrested in sherman park. federal investigators are continuing to offer a reward for information leading to arrests and convictions in connection with the violence in sherman park two wee ago. for continuing coverage on the healing in sherman park head to our website, coming up on live at five, back to school just around the return comer. we'll let you know when public
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meet a little boy with
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>> katie: new at 5:00 the summer games in rio are not exactly over for everyone. athletes with disabilities will be competing next week. as julia fello shows us, one determined kid from moscow go plans to compete in those games one day. >> i happen to be riding down lake drive last week when someone caught my eye.
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tennis player who was inspired many hearts, including his own father. >> the ball comes across the net so fast, getting to the ball, even for an able-bodied person sometimes is challenging. >> it may not look like it now but at first this is a game that 12-year-old travis felt daunted to play. >> i learned this myself. what's the worse that's going to happen? you're just not going to like it and come back. >> they have been coming back for more than the 12-year-old's journey began well before he hit the tennis court. he was diagnosed with spine in a biff in a today before he was born. travis' spinal cord didn't properly develop. 14 surgeries later he hasn't let his disability get in the way of anything. sports has helped him build his confidence and push his parents out of their comfort zone.
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but you know what, he wants to like everyone else. >> he met many paralympics at the camp, and wants to be just like them. >> work hard, and i try to buildup to it, and work for it. i can see myself in there. >> to show himself and everyone that anything is possible. >> he's my hero. i tell everybody that. >> reporting at the lakefront, joel i can't fellow. >> thanks. and you can learn more about localro disabilities like the ones travis participating in by checking out the links section at it's hard to believe summer vacation is almost over. schools all over southeasterner will soon have kids again. some local kids are already back in the classroom. milwaukee public schools start the school year this thursday. still ahead, a local park caters to those who have a love for art. a water park in idaho has
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literally. we'll have those stories and
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>> katie: welcome back. check this out. every year near the end of the summer pool season this park turns over its pool and splash pad to and they go crazy for it. splashing and playing fetch in the water. the goal is to eventually build a year round dog park. milwaukee's district has been an artist dream this weekend. the neighborhood association hosted an artist market at the farmer's market today. there were performances biblely dancers and lots of jewelry and unique works of art to buy. today is the last day to take in mexican fiesta at the
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great food. the fun wraps up tonight at midnht. tonight will be a good evening to wrap up mexican fiesta or anything else to do outdoors. scott steele is here with a closer look. >> scott: what a great evening it is going to be for anything you want to do outside after morning fog, which was very dense. i think we could see some of that redevelop overnight. until then spectacular conditions. i hope you're having a good weekend. here is a live look from our waes basically just a few clouds on the horizon, otherwise plenty of blue skies. looks like it's going to be another soupy night tonight. sunday night turning to be rather foggy, but while most of us are sleeping into tomorrow morning then some sun starts the work week that burns off that morning fog. leading to what should be a tuesday transition. i think tuesday will be the best chance for more rain, and then cooler and drier air coming our way. outside right now across southeastern wisconsin, best we
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otherwise 79 in fond du lac and burlington. 75 in milwaukee. and 74 degrees down the lake in racine and up the lake, as well, for you fine folks joining us in sheboygan. 66 right now the dew point in waukesha. 60 dew point in racine, kenosha and 70 in watertown. that's where we feel oppressive when it comes to levels of humidity. it's quite sticky out there and will cnu get the cold front tuesday. winds generally off lake michigan shoreline out of the east-southeast seven to 12 miles an hour. those should diminish significantly as we go through the night tonight a logger to the fog to develop. notice off to the west 91 degrees the presidents are sweating in mount rushmore. 85 in des moines. the above average readings just off to the west of us will reach us again as we head into the
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anyprecipitation in the heat of the afternoon remaining on down to the south just to the south of the chicago land area into northern indiana but for us quiet conditions persist. i think it will condition to bring us quiet conditions. and the storm system off to the west is our next best chance of rain that comes our way tuesday. across the area enjoy, because southeastern wisconsin remains dry and basically cloud free. during the overnight hours as i say when the wds with the proggie conditions we get a blanket of foggy necessary that will persist. it will be longer tomorrow before we see sun. so your storm team 4cast for tonight expect to see a fog developing after clear to partly cloudy skies. warm and muggy temperatures down to 63. morning fog should burn off to some sunshine in the afternoon. warm and still humid with high temperatures back up to near 82. here comes your storm team four 7-day forecast.
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look at this incredible stretch of weather wednesday through next weekend. mainly dry conditions. cooler and drier, our temperatures tumbling into the lower 70s by thursday. and humidity to follow suit. looks like it will be a refreshing stretch from midweek to next weekend. >> we got to get through the next few days. >> little muggy. >> thanks, scott. coming up in sports, rod burks shows us how the week will
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the pirates with the brooms out this afternoon looking for a sweep. the crew trying to salvage one win. the brewers strike first, and gets ahold of the pitch and
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center for the 11th home run of the season. 1-0 brewers. anderson with straight dealing folks. he strikes out the side. he's going to end the inning. trouble for him in the sixth. he serves up this solo shot to john jaso. that is going to right. in the same inning, the pirates take the lead. smashes a solo shot to right off of anderson. pittsburgh moving on to the eighth, more power from the pirates. sends this ball out of the park for another home run. the pie ats complete a four game sweep over the crew this afternoon a 3-1 win. here is craig counsell. >> they were great this series, for sure. they all did a good job, and i don't know what -- i don't know if we scored -- did we score a run against their bullpen?
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against -- so. but certainly you know they did a great job this series. >> the first place bluejays hosting the twins at toronto. he smashes a solo shot to left in the third inning. in the seventh, with his team down a run, hits the second home run of the game, a two run shot to put his team up 6-5. and he wasn't done. in the eighth, hits his third home run of the gam that's what i call being in a zone. no practice for the green bay packers as they'll be back on the practice field tomorrow afternoon. the team will have to trim their roster down to 75 by tuesday's deadline. the packers are expecting to increase the workload of wide receiver jordy nelson in practice, he probably won't play in the packers' final preseason game. but this week he's expected to take team reps with the first team offense.
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regular season in jacksonville. here is jordy nelson. >> i expect to go -- i don't think you'll see anything different than a normal week for me. so as far as i know i'll be in team reps, a little different because with the fourth preseason game, but at the end of the day, catching balls, and that's what we need. >> now we head to the track for speed in the running of the michigan 400 today. there is trouble on lap 26. kyle busch blowing his tires. that would bring out the caution flag. not good for hill, but take you to the final lap where carl larsen would outrace them all to win. chase elliott was second. if you're looking for a big hit during the preseason we got you covered. raiders and titans, getting blown up by the titans sean spence. as soon as he touches the ball the flat david bass scoops it up and runs it in for a 47-yard
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as soon as he touches the ball, i'm sure washington will be feeling that hit for a while. that's sports.
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>> katie: video of a recent burglary in canada isai eyebrows. these burglars were not dressed in all black. they were dressed in hockey gear. >> you can see one of the men had a goalie stick with him. they took off with several cases of beer. this video has been posted on youtube in hopes of catching the thieves. tonight's jackpot is $10,000. four, 32, 48, 49, 63, the
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nbc nightly news is next. >> ahead for us on nightly news, where they too drunk to fly? two pilots arrested moments before getting into the cook pit for a flight into the u.s. from scotland. we're following several storm systems that could put much of the eastern seaboard on high alert. we'll tell you how this just might get us closer to setting foot on mars. all that and more when we see you for nightly news. >> katie: heres a look at what's on tv. cincinnati at jacksonville, followed by "live at 10" right after the game. >> scott: it should be a nice night to grill out, ahead of the game. in fact, if you are firing up the grill, all the burgers should be looking good. >> katie: bring it. >> scott: temperatures in the 70s. still some humidity out there.
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relief, but let's soak in summer as long as we can. >> katie: which one of you brought the burgers and brats? >> scott: i'll take care of it. >> i'll do the grill and the grilling. >> katie: i'll do nothing. >> you do the eating. thanks for joining us on live at 5:00. we hope to see you back here at 10:00. look at those dogs, the dog days of summer. >> swimming, too.
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night, too drunk to fly. two pilots arrested moments before they were set to take off for the u.s. the latest scare of the busy travel season. the showdown, a month before their first debate, the stark differences in how donald trump and preparing to face-off. trouble in the tropics. gathering storms could put the eastern sea board on alert. the fight in one community over whether to unleash genetically modified mosquitos to control the outbreak. and mission accomplished how scientists emerging from a year in isolation get one step closer to a human mission to mars. "nightly news" begins


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