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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Extra Early Edition  NBC  August 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am CDT

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good morning. i'm susan kim. i'm vince vitrano.let's start off with a check on the weather... with meteorologist brian gotter. after a warm and humid weekend with scattered showers on saturday, the humidity is still here this morning with lows in the upper 60s and patchy fog. as many kids head back to school, it will be another warm day with highs in the lower 80s with high humidity. the threat for
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after 3am tonight with thick humidity, patchy fog and lows in the upper 60s. that breaking news-- a deadly stabbing investigation- of milwaukee's most popular neighborhoods. right now-- police are blocking streets-- off near brady. ann sterling has been talking to police-- and joins us now. the milwaukee police are investigating a homicide that occurred at 12:44am in the 1700 block of n. pulaski on august 29th. at this time it appears that an argument between two people that knew each other led to knew each other led to a stabbing. a 32
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scene despite the lifesaving efforts of milwaukee police and fire personnel. the suspect fled the scene and is currently being sought, our investigation into this incident continues at this time a memorial is planned for today for the two nuns brutally murdered in mississippi.... one of them....sisterone of them....sister margaret served in here milwaukee at the school sisters of saint francis for 49 yearsone man is in custody and charged with their murders.... his motive is still unclear. family and friends say sister mararget's legacy started long before she became a nun. the world lost two very's very special women very special
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grew up in slinger with 7 siblings.and as the 3rd oldest she helped look after the younger ones.... all went a catholic grade school - but at the tender age of 13... it was margaret who decided how she would live the rest of her life. "when she was in eighth grade she decided she wanted to enter the convent she wanted to you know work for god family says a mass and visitation will take place thursday september 1st in allenton at resurrection church on ma final mass will take place at st. joseph's convent - that date is still pending. the attorney for the man suspected of plotting an attack at a masonic center in milwaukee wants more time to review the case. sammy mohamed hamzeh's attorney is asking the judge for eight more weeks to look at the evidence against his client. prosecutors turned over 1- hundred16 pieces of evidence... including conversations with informants about the attack. hamzeh who was arrested back in
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five counts of illegally having two machine guns and a silencer. more patrols are coming to the sherman park neighborhood.. ..but they won't be staffed by police.residents and community leaders decided to form a "citizens patrol" program...similar to a neighborhood watch. homeowners will drive around the neighborhood in pairs and reporting any suspicious activity to police. the program comes two weeks after protesters turned violent--- torching businesses and throwing rocks at "if we can improve safety and give people a better perception of safety, we think the whole neighborhood will be better for everybody." volunteers must be 21 years old and pass a police background check. event organizers say so far... 68 people have signed up to volunteer. federal investigators are continuing to offer a reward for information leading to arrests and convictions in connection with the violence in sherman park two weeks ago.
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for continuing coverage on the healing in sherman park -- head to our website -- t- m-j-4-dot-com. chicago police have arrested two brothers for the murder of "nba-star and former marquette university basketball stand-out" dwyane wade's cousin... nykea aldridge. aldridge was killed over the weekend while pushing her child in a stroller on the city's south side....that's when the two men got into an argument with their uber driver and started shooting. aldridge was caught in the crossfire.. dwyane wade sent out this tw chicago is hurting. we need more help and more hands on deck. not just for me and my family but for the future of our world -- the youth! " up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4-- the race to the white house is making a stop in milwaukee this week. what candidate is hoping to make a name for himself before november's election. a scary moment for passengers at the los angeles international airport. we explain what sent passengers running for their lives and taking a live look
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after a warm and humid weekend with scattered showers on still here this morning with lows in the upper 60s and patchy fog. as many kids head back to school, it will be another warm day with highs in the lower 80s with high humidity. the threat for scattered t'showers develops after 3am tonight with thick humidity, patchy fog and lows
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news from beyond wisconsin this morning. chaos at the l-a-x airport after false reports of gunshots. this morning therar backups and delays after police took multiple callsyou can see people walking from the terminals and onto a took nearly an hour for police to clear the area. police say in the end the "gunshots" people thought they heard were just loud noises. police say one man dressed in a "zorro" costume was detained... it is still unclear why. homeland security officials in d-c are trying to figure out what caused a power outage at the city's 9-1-1 dispatch center over the weekend. the
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power... but anyone with an emergency was not able to reach a dispatcher inside the call center for almost an hour and half. officials set up a 10-digit alternative number for emergency calls.a hack or malicious activity has been ruled out. an unlicensed, undocumented bus driver hits a fire truck on a louisiana interstate... killing a district fire chief. three firefighters were standing at the scene when the charter bus driver hit their ladder truck- their ladder truck- sending the below. a district fire chief was killed- the other two firefighters were critically injured. one other person was killed. the bus was carrying workers heading to the baton rouge area to assist with flood totala 41 people were hurt. decision 2016. presidential candidate and libertarian gary johnson is headed to milwaukee this week. milwaukee this week. he'lll be campaigning at serb hall thursday. johnson joined the race a bit late...
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he secured his party's nomination just over a month ago. his visit to the good land will be his first as a presidential candidate. the event is free to the public. doors open at six. republican donald trump says he has a major speech in the works about his immigration policy. the presidential candidate has been under scrutiny recently after he seemingly softened his stance on how to treat undocumented immigrants and then reaffirmed his support for deporting them. he's been consisnt two major points.... building a us-mexico border wall... and vetting" new immigrants and deportations of those who commit crimes.trump plans to make the speech on wednesday during a campaign stop in arizona. hillary clinton spent the weekend fundraising.she was in her home state of new york last night. that was after she received her first national security briefing on saturday from the country's top officials. as the former secretary of state she routinely attended such briefings... but this was the
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nominee. donald trump had his first top-secret briefing earlier this month. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--an n-f-l star is making headlines for what he did off the field. and the brewers is at odds with one of its fans.the lawsuit she's
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good morning everyone.the green bay packers will be pack on the practice field this afternoon..with jordy nelson readyto do more work this week. that will change today because
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get alot of work in with aaron rodgers and the first team offense which will include team's nelson. says)) i expect to go normal so you'll different than a normal week for me as far as team reps it will be a little different because with the 4th preseason game will be show teamcards cards and the end of the week it's about catching call and running routes that's what we need.and the pirates put in on the brewers completing a four game sweep with a 3 to 1 win on sunday. john "jay-so" tied the gameup at one yesterday in the 6th inning.pittsburgh also got homerunsfrom greory pa-lanceo and starling mar-tay in the win .....the brewers will open up their series against the cardinals tonight at miller park.that's your one minute drillhave a great day everyone the brewers are facing legal trouble this morning. a new jersey woman who was hit by a baseball in 20-14 during batting practice before a brewers game is suing the team. dana morelli claims the brewers and their insurance company were negligent and didn't give fans proper warning. morelli suffered multiple injuries when a ball hit her near her eye. the brewers say they do not comment on pending litigation.
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sit during the national anthem before games. the 28-year-old chose not to participate in the national anthem at the start of a pre-season game friday against the packers. this photo captures players and staff standing as jersey number 7 sat silently on the sidelines.kaepernick says he was protesting systemic racism. "when there's significant change and i feel like that flag represents what it's supposed to represent in this country-is representing the way that it's supposed to-i'll stand" lot of attention from fellow n- f-l players. dolphins running back.... arian foster sent out this tweet: "the flag represents freedom. the freedom to choose to stand or not. that's what makes this country beautiful. on the other side of the debate.... giants offensive linemane.... justin pugh said quote.... "i will be standing during the national anthem tonight. thank you to all (gender,race,religion) that put your lives on the line for that flag" police in green bay, wisconsin, have recently lost one of their k-9 officers. four-year-old "cops" died
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wants to help.jorge rodas has that story. ethan engum may have met his bay k-9 officer "george" is a little stronger than the seven year old. officer derek wicklund says these days the department is gaining strength from ethan. "it takes a long time for police dogs to learn the job and to figure what we want to do with them. and that's what's so devastating. "cops" was just getting to the d that we needed him to be, he was getting to be in the prime of his life and now obviously he will never reach that potential" "when he heard that the dog died we were gonna raise some money to get a new dog for them."ethan started a gofundme page for the far, he's donated five-hundred - twenty dollars to help pay for a new dog."when he decided to do this, it was a pleasant surprise given the difficult time our unit's facing right now with the death of cops.
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and his family. it kind of rejuvenates you a little bit and makes you want to come to work again and see the good in people, not just the bad." "i feel good. feel like i'm helping them." "ethan had a chance to bond with some of the k-9 officers here at the green bay police department, so much so he wants to be a k-9 handler when he grows up." "i'd like to do that, chase the bad guys and work with a drug-sniffing dog." "you can see enthusiasm, and i think it was contagious. you know, i got roughly 14 years left, and in 14 years, he'll be 21. maybe he'll be starting when i'm finishing. we can work together for a few years or a month or so before i call it quits."seems that training is already underway. ethan's goal is to raise 12-thousand dollars for the
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after a warm and humid weekend
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saturday, the humidity is still here this morning with lows in the upper 60s and patchy fog. as many kids head back to school, it will be another warm day with highs in the lower 80s with high humidity. the threat for scattered t'showers develops after 3am tonight with thick humidity, patchy fog and lows in the upper 60s.tuesday remains humid and in the lower 80s scattered t'showers before the next cold front moves through the area. it becomes less humid and cooler on wednesday with highs in the mid 70s, and thursday is sunny, breezy and cool with highs near 70. friday is mostly sunny and seasonal with highs in the mid 70s, and the comfortable will continue into the weekend with highs in the 70s and a few
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in today's health... school is here... meaning it's time to get yourhi but more parents are optng out of shots all together. in 2013, 87 percent of surveyed pediatricians had faced vaccine had faced pediatricians had faced vaccine refusals ... up from 75-percent in 2006.doctors say more parents doctors say more parents feel immunizations are unnecessary... but fewer are worried about the risk of autism.the majority of parents who chose to delay vaccines ... said they did not want to burden their children's immune systems or subject them to
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kids who return to sports too soon after a concussion may have longer and more difficult recoveries. a new study found teens who continued to play following a concussion took 44 days to recover ... compared to 22 days for those who sat out for several fact... players who did not rest were also more than eight times more likely to have a lengthy recovery. the youth sports culture has changed over the past 40 years.... with more kids specializing in one sport from an early ag finds these kids are at a higher risk for injury and burnout by the time they are teens ... than kids who play multiple sports.pediatricians say by being more diverse - kids are more likely to enjoy exercise throughout their lives and to reach their athletic goals. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--beating the dog days of summer. how our four legged friends are cooling off. and a heroic effort by one police officer.his life
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taking a live look outside.. transit police officer is called a hero for saving a man from being run over by a train. they say the man was lying on the tracks just as a train was approaching the terminal.the officer tried to pull the man from the tracks, but he resisted.he eventually managed to get him out of there just seconds before the train would've hit him. take a look at this... water park idaho throws a pool party for neighborhood dogs. it's something that happens every year. all of the money raised
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up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4-- flooding worries: clean-up efforts underway in ohio as flood waters take a toll on residents. and we're staying on top of breaking news this morning. what police are say happened in near a popular eastside bar.
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now at 5:00... plus... back to school celebration! this is a live look at the bradley center this morning. why hundreds of milwaukee public school teachers will be there today instead of their classrooms. let's take a live look outside this morning... that breaking news-- a deadly


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