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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  August 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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clothes friends hasn't sunk in. >> he didn't deserve any of that. >> she talked to ostrom's girlfriend, who says she saw what happened. >> he was trying to break off a fight outside from a former friend of his that he was very close to, and she was getting beaten by her boyfriend. >> she said ostrom when he jumped in trying to help. >> the police cannot always be there. so what do we do to stop the violence, to encourage people to stand up and be empathetic. that's what this city needs. >> he will be remembered as a great chef, who had been working at at pfister hotel, a man who loved the outdoors, and for close friends like boyle. >> i want him to be remembered as a hero. that's who he is.
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>> and police are still investigating. now, dozens of ostrom's friends plan to gather outside of this bar where it all happened. tonight at 6:30, we'll have the full story coming up tonight at 10:00. live on milwaukee's east side, ben jordan, today's tmj4. >> jordan, thank you. two men have been arrested in connection to the stabbing, their names have not been released. >> charles: here's a live look om starting to dry out after slow-moving clouds caused flash flooding dumping several inches of rain over a couple of hours. high water covered roads in milwaukee. john malan has been keeping an eye on all this. john, has the rain stopped? >> john: the rain has stopped in milwaukee county, some areas the rain has not stopped. look at the rainfall totals. nearly 3 inches in western parts of -- in west milwaukee, 2.60 in cudahy.
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2 inches oak creek. greendale, 1.88. the rest of the area didn't get all that much rain. we'll take you back a few hours and show you that rain. watch it just blow up over southern milwaukee county and then move quickly too. you'll see it there, and move quickly to the south and east. we'll stop the radar and go in close, we'll so rainshowers left over racine. kenosha county, isolated rainshowers moving toward walworth county. this is the end of the rain. and the temperatures down when the rain hit. this is the rain-cooled air, this is the air we had earlier, front pushing through fond du lac county 82?. 81 in madison. i have nothing but beautiful weather for the next few days. one person is dead, two others hurt after a shooting on milwaukee's west side. rikki mitchell is live near 27th and lisbon where she has talked to neighbors. >> reporter: charles, this
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home here on north 27th street. while police are still investigating what happened here today, we spoke with one man who said he's tired of seeing this in his neighborhood. >> this is a daily event, it is terrible. >> reporter: wayne lived here 25 years. he asked us not to show his face or use his last name. but, he says something has to change in his neighborhood. >> it is sad. i mean, everybody -- things like this happen, it seems library everybody has turned their head. >> according to police, two adult men and one 16-year-old were all shot in a home along north 27th street. one man died at the home. the other two taken to the hospital. wayne has a son close in age to the 16-year-old victim. he says he tells his son every day to stay out of trouble. >> just try to be positive and staying with the right people, you know, because it can happen to anybody. >> he says crime in milwaukee has gotten worse since he was a kid. he hopes people will start
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>> the love better come back. it is not no color barrier. we all bleed red. we need help in this city. it is sad. >> reporter: police have cleared the scene. they reopened north 27th street to traffic probably 40 minutes ago. police have not released information about suspects or possible arrests in this case. reporting live on the west side, rikki mitchell, today's tmj4. >> thank you. a girl who claimed she was sexual assaulted by a group of men near it didn't happen. 12-year-old initially said she was attacked yesterday afternoon. five men were arrested. they have been released. no word on any charges for the girl. police officers teaming up with social workers from the city's behavioral health department to continue the healing in sherman park. they visited the neighborhood park today to talk and simply play with kids who may have been impacted by the violence. >> officers are reestablishing
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stability. and we as clinicians can start that healing process. >> this partnership is only happening at district 7. there are talks to expand the program citywide. the tallest residential building is coming to milwaukee. >> a 44 story high rise could be built in place of the downtown transit center. the county announced the transit center sale today. it $ includes apartments, a transit center, restaurant and retail space. no word on will begin. [applause] 20 years in the making, a mexican consulate opened in milwaukee. julia fello is live at the consulate on the east side. >> reporter: more than 100,000 wisconsin jobs depend on mexican trade every single day, shannon. and that's why mexican politicians who flew for this ribbon-cutting ceremony want the relationship to keep building
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>> interview: it's a remainder of the possibilities brought by understanding, and solidarity. ...history against bigotry... >> mexico's foreign relations secretary didn't mention donald trump by name, but the presidential candidate was certainly part of the dialogue. >> we understand in this world economy, in this political environment, tt important for us to find bridges than build walls. >> governor scott walker wants to keep the nearly $3 billion trade exports growing. he's skeptical of anti-trade talks. >> they're worried about statements that donald trump has made, hillary clinton, and bernie sanders made, about trying to eliminate nafta. >> trump is expected to lay out his immigration policies tomorrow. trump supporter, congressman
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more details on policy. his wife is second generation mexican-american. >> you can't round up 11 million people and arrest them and send them home. i fundamentally disagree with that. >> in ten years, the number of latinos in wisconsin has grown by nearly 50%. the hope is to strengthen that bond for generations to come. [applause] >> reporter: besides trade building, they also helped to relieve the stress that the chicago consulate is going under, helping people with dual citizenship, with mexico and america and also help with wealth management seminars and many others. reporting live on the east side, julia fello, today's tmj4. packers extra now, deadline day for ted thompson. >> the gm had to trim the roster to 75. lance allan shows us who missed the cut. >> reporter: clearly the packers
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punting situation. peter moretelle is released. he didn't make it. the packers punter for six seasons released to bring in former buccaneers punter jacob schaub. traded laurent mccray for a conditional 7th round pick. the others placed on injured reserve tight end backman, john crockett, mitchell henry, josh walker, jacob flores, also harvey binford. have to get to the 53 man roster. packers take on the chiefs thursday night. kickoff at 7:00 only on your official packers station. that's us, today's tmj4. the badgers and lsu kick off
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brewers fans can hit a homerun for charity.
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the milwaukee brewers are stepping up to the plate for charity. >> the team is hosting a give-back game during its final home game on september 25th. fans can get tickets for $10. a portion of the presales goes to charity. you can also make charities including the boys and girls clubs of greater milwaukee, make-a-wish-wisconsin, and the wisconsin humane society, as well as the macc fund. >> now, we have -- 40 years ago this year were only about 20%. we lost 80% of our children. today, we've reversed those numbers. and we're saving about 80% for five-year extended period. >> john mclachlin.
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charity that generates the most donations. cold is continuing its wild theatre program. they announced a $1.4 million donation to keep the program running for the next three years. teaching kids about nature and conservation. afternoon showers soaked the milwaukee area. john's back with a much drier forecast. >> and lambeau gets set to host its first major college football game expected for
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more news now.
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and her roommate, also a nun found murdered in milwaukee, held at the school sister's of saint francis 49 years. on friday, at st. joseph chapel, it will start at 8:30. archbishop jerome listecki will lead mass at 11:00. well-wishers lined the route in janesville during a final ride for a police dog. collapsing from a ruptured spleen. the 11-year-old serves janesville police department nine years. two milwaukee police officers are being honored for rescuing a boy near miller park. >> the officers were off-duty at a tailgating party last month. a father told them that his autistic son was missing. they pulled the boy from menomonee river. he was not hurt. the officers will be honored in a ceremony tomorrow morning at
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overdose deaths are up about 10% from last year in milwaukee county. through july, 161 people have died of overdoses. of those, the oldest was 93, the youngest 12 months. a new warning about door-to-door sales ripoffs in new berlin. police say they've received reports of poor driveway seal coating and other home services during the job. workers distract the homeowner while another person steals from the house. police say that tey targeting elderly couples. for your money, gas prices are heading up, into labor day weekend. here in milwaukee, the average price for a gallon is -- of regs $2.25, up $0.14 from a month ago. last year, we were paying $2.67 a gallon. chipotle announcing another freebie to try to win back
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breakout. kids get free fountain drinks for the month of september. the badger game at lambeau field is expected to be a traffic nightmare. the d.o.t. says the traffic will be worse than packers' home games. they have a huge fan base that travel near and far. and that combined will start the labor day weekend. ongoing road construction, local officials say the economy impact >> that means they're eating twice as much. at restaurants. they need things to do during the day, they're visiting attractions. we expect the spend will probably well exceed that of a home packer game which is fantastic economically. the badgers take on lsu, kickoff at 2:30. we talked about this, that lsu fans have bought out like an entire parking lot. >> they want to make sure they
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hopefully is nice day. showers clearing up around us. chief meteorologist john malan joins us. >> john: perfect football weather for that game at lambeau. as far as the precipitation, it's been crazy. all month we've been under an inch half the month. inch-and-a-half through day, and now we're almost normal. we're 3.85 inches after we picked up that 2-inch rainfall out at the airport that caused the flash flooding. since the first o been down four to five inches all summer. now only 2-and-a-half inches, a little bit better for milwaukee county. but we need more than that. had some isolated pockets, southern washington county of over an inch. the real accumulated area on our estimated rainfall map was right here in southern milwaukee county, where they got one-and-a-half to three inches of rain. then just a couple of other pockets, everybody else, very, very light rainfall across southeast wisconsin.
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radar, and we'll show you that one pocket that came through, right there. see the lightning and the one heavy downpour, right now, all we have left over is a couple of showers across racine, kenosha county, southern parts of walworth county, and not much redeveloping, front still hasn't gone through, as we put in the clouds, you'll see that there are huge breaks in the clouds that are starting to work in as the drier air starts to push. dew point 53, dew point in the twin cit 71 milwaukee, that is going to move out of the picture as the cold front rolls through later on this evening. temperatures still around 82 in fond du lac, near 80 in sheboygan, 77 west bend, 79 beaver dam, 76 in milwaukee, where it's raining to our south. burlington still at only 69?. here's the front that passes through overnight tonight, most of the rain gone. lots of sunshine tomorrow, sunny to partly cloudy. dry air moves in.
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models want to put in a little bit of a lake effect rainshower. i think the air is just a little too dry for that. 65 overnight tonight. an isolated shower over the next couple of hours, mainly south as the winds turn to the north. probably after 10:00, or so. 73?, tomorrow sunny, not as humid, northeast winds at about 5 to 15 miles per hour. beautiful day thursday, cool for this time of year. 6 closer to the lakeshore, 72, under mostly sunny check out this pattern, right on into the weekend, friday, sunshine, 71. saturday, sunny and 75 degrees. low humidity, and that continues right on into sunday with sunshine, 78?. we could see a shower return labor day monday, 82, and maybe a storm coming back on tuesday. so all it took was 20 minutes to get the drought over. >> charles: right back where --
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milwaukee. >> lance allan tells us why the packers first team offense feels pretty good about going into kansas city. the now: milwaukee, followed
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to senator johnson on student loans: ron johnson: it's just kinda free money, young people don't really, necessarily understand finance. narrator: what senator johnson doesn't understand is, more than 800,000 wisconsinites have student loans. but he wants to eliminate and keep interest rates high. johnson: it's just kinda free money... narrator: with senator johnson, opportunity for middle class kids would disappear. ron johnson's not for students.
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?? we told you about this earlier, tim jacob. j.c. tretter, after they got off to a ragged start. he says the no huddle got clicking on drive number 2. >> a lot of penalties in that first drive. the second drive, we were able to put...together and get a
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plays during the regular season. thursday night, the offensive coordinator will make the call. with more from green bay, here's rod burks. >> the green bay packers wrapped up their final practice open to fans, they had to get their roster down to the mandatory 75 by 3:00 p.m. next up, the chiefs. things will change on the sideline. mike mccarthy will not call the place, he's giving those duties to... >> looking back on it, as an assistant coach, you wish you had that opportunity before you have to do it if it gets something that as a head coach you can give to your assistant coach, and the other part of it, too, that really gives me a chance to focus on the personnel for the game, and that's something that i personal have benefitted from, just watching guys play, watching interaction, the sideline, watching the communication. just all the things that you can't see on video when you call the the game the next day. >> and that game will be big for the guys that are on the bubble, the packers have to get their
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pack, i'm rod burks for today's tmj4. >> thanks, rod. finally, kids don't get caught with premature celebration. indy car with the fastest. i like the rare honesty tweeted out that he almost celebrated too early. he was putting his arm up and put it back down when he realized how close it was going to be with james hinchcliffe, he did take the fire stone
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. a collaborative effort to write the back on milwaukee. >> steve is up next with the now: milwaukee. >> charles and shannon, this will come in handy next time you have a bar bet, from famous people to iconic places, our city will have its own encyclopedia. how you can contribute coming up
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john malan are in it. >> john: i was looking at my weather graphic. >> we were looking at 76? at 8:00. looks mostly cloudy. i don't think we'll see much in the way of anymore showers, especially from milwaukee north. at 9:00, 73, 71 at 10:00 tonight. >> all right. that does it for us here at 6:00, you know what's next. >> the now: milwaukee.
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good evening, i'm steve chamraz, welcome to the now milwaukee.southeast wisconsin is drying out tonightafter a good soaking this afternoon... meteorologist jesse ritka


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