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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  August 31, 2016 2:07am-2:38am CDT

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thanks to chevrolet for sponsoring this spectacular dream cruise. >> a big thanks from everyone here in detroit to all of you around the country for watching. we hope you enjoyed the cruise. >> have a great day.
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>> this is breaking news now from today's tmj4... >> that breaking news is coming from the area of 44th and hour at least ten people have been arrested supercivil smith. >> people are getting complaints from people outside of sherman park gathering outside from that memorial. >> police say this evening thigh tried to peacefully disperse a crowd after they observed them breaking the law. >> police say they waited 20 minutes and when some people refused to leave, they began making arrests. you are seeing a live picture of the scene.
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starting taclear up. people are starting to leave. we will keep you updated. new at ten, praying for good in a time of evil. a fellow nun remembering her longtime friend who was murdered in mississippi. >> cyst margaret was one of the two nuns murdered in mississippi in their home. >> a man killer. reporter: sister mary jane last saw her friend the end of july and just talking to her earlier this month. she says her friend was a wonderful woman as expected. she was committed to a faith. he was a baker. she was successful and she was full of love. >> joy... i will miss her joy. reporter: the congregation at
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mourning one of their own. >> i just shook my head. i kept saying this can't be. it can't be, not margaret. reporter: southeast wisconsin native sister mather held one of two nuns stabbed to death in her interpret mississippi home last week. >> how could this have been? reporter: sister marry jane wagner met margaret almost 50 years ago to the day, a woman loved so many. >> we with grief and sadness and questions. reporter: rodney sanders is charged with the nun's death. >> what about this man? what was going on in his mind? reporter: mary jane calls the murder confounding. >> it's unconceivable. reporter: yet like her friend sister margaret was she is
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from this, but it's hard to say what. reporter: by that sister mary jane is talking about hope for the rural community in mississippi where the nuns served as nurse practitioners. a funeral for sister margaret will be held in the chapple friday. governor scott walker has ordered flags to fly at half staff to honor the governor's order will be in effect till saturday september 3rd. a local chef honored tonight in the same spot he was killed over the weekend. seanose ostrom died doing what he loved helping others. reporter: sean moved here five years ago from monroe, wisconsin where his mom still lives.
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in the chicago area. i spoke with them over the phone today. they want everyone toe how much he was loved and that was evident here today. >> he died doing what he believed was right, standing front somebody. yeah, that was sean. reporter: nathan folsom met sean while working at the very bar the 32-year-old died on monday. he was trying to he knows. >> he saw a guy lay his hans on her and got physical and he stepped in front of it. during the altercation, the guy pulled a knife and cut his throat. reporter: friends say sean also knew the man who pulled the knife. >> when i first heard that's who did it i was in shear shock. reporter: police have arrested two men for his death. for those who love sean, that
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candles and played sean's favorite music. sean's girlfriend, who was there when he died, was unable to hold back her tears. matt eels who worked at the pfister with sean, stopped with the family to pay their respects. bebeds being a vavery good person, sean was a very good chef. >> it's a stressful environment and he was the captain of the shipne reporter: and before he died sean was on a mission to help raise money for his mom unmonroe who needed a surgery. now, friends have set up a gofundme account in order to help sean's mission come into fruition. if you like more information, click on the link to this story on >> thank you very much. one man was killed today marking the 92nd homicide of the year in milwaukee.
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it happened near 27th and brown on the west side. police have not released information about a possible suspect. a new burleigh man is one of two wisconsin inmates is one of two to have their sentences reduced by president obama. the president commuted a total of 100 sentences. storm team 4 from florida to hawaii,he churning. people in florida spent the day filling sand bags. topical storm is in effect north of tampa to east of panama city. it's expected to make landfall later this week. in hawaii two hurricanes are taking aim at the big island. category three will arrive
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three lester. >> some of us were under a flash flood warning. john malan tracking those storms. >> the rain was torrential in many spots. look at this great video from chopper four. thank goodness of the areas of rivers were very,erary low. they were able to contain some of the water that hit. it was an isolated event on the southern side of milwaukee county. many folks getting very littlera in west milwaukee three inches there. south milwaukee 2.19. greenfield around 2 inches, greendale nearly two inches. everything concentrated on the south side of milwaukee county into northern racine county. nothing going on on the radar right now. as we take you back to the where the big rains were. the cloud cover is diminishing also, by the morning hours we
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and you will feel the dewpoints go down and air drying out. it will be a beautiful weather pattern going into the weekend. lightning is likely to blame for starting a fire a at thus south side photography studio and apartment. rebecca is live... reporter: as the afternoon storms rolled through the city's south side, some neighbors came out to one bolt was felt in the neighborhood. >> when it came down it was pierce lightning and then next thing you know i heard a boom. i was like oh, that shook a little bit, you know. i went inside and came back out and next thing you know i seen the smoke. reporter: scott patrick who owns the photography studio and has a home above it, heard his neighbors yelling the building was hit. >> we looked up and it was already symbollering in the attic.
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but get out. reporter: patrick says he and his wife ran to safety. fire crews put out the flames but everything was danged. >> all the photos are in the cloud is safe. reporter: he says it was a historic 1875 grocer store in walkers point that he and his wife fully restored as their business and now, left unruins >> it's amazing it happens that way, but that's what happens. >> that was rebecca reporting. patrick says he says he won't be able to work out of his studio. it will provide services to our hispanic community. the current political climate of the precisely election was
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mayor tom. >> [indiscernible]. history against liberty. [indiscernible]. >> we understand in this world economy, in this political environment, that it's more important for us to find... [indiscernible] than for us >> wisconsin's latino population has increased by nearly 50% in the past decade. could a new nba team be in the city of racine's future. >> it was the topic of conversation during tonight's county board meeting that looked at blueprints for a new arena and hotel. >> it's our turn now to start building up our areas and attracting more people to come in and live, work and play in
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voice their concern about the potential plans. more meetings are expected to take place. we are told a developmental hockey team is also being considered. summer is coming to a close and that means the chill on the hill in bayview. but we are hardy folks. a little bit rain did not stop people from packing humboldt park. you can a big turnout. chill on the hill will return next june. coming up a concern about concussions. >> a newly released study shows toughing it out till the end ot game could have consequence. >> researchers having a backlash after euthanizing puppies, was it legal.
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sherman park where
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>> real time closed captioning brought to you by u.s. cellular. we are still watching this breaking news in sherman park where ten people have been arrested near 44ths and hour. that's where milwaukee police officer shot and killed civil smith two weeks. >> milwaukee representative david tweeted he saw jonathan being arrested.
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complaints from people in the neighborhood wanting a crowd being removed. some people in that crowd were disorderly and arrested. we will continue to follow this breaking story as it develops at the scene. this was the scene when an elderly man backed up into a gas pump tipping it into a car with children inside. they were able to pull the kids from the car before it went up los angeles police say they arrested pop singer chris brown on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon the arrest came after a lengthily search of brown's property. brown, who had several previous run-ins with the law took to instagram claiming he's incent. new at ten, six beagle
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scientists accidentally injured their corneas after the research. the zoo says the studies were legal and without animal research some of the most important medical questions would never be answered. new at ten in recent years we have learned a lot about the importance of taking concussions seriously from pewee competitions to the nfl there are clear concussion protocols in the rule books. a such awareness is important. reporter: tuesday afternoon found the blue dukes football squad on the practice field. in addition to their coaches, the athletes were being watched by danielluic. employed by the sports medicine institute, assesses injuries and tapes up trauma and keeps an eye out for concussion. >> based on wisconsin law if they display any signs of potential concussion, they are
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week in the journalpede atrication found high school athletes who kept playing in the minutes after a concussion took nearly twice as long to recover as those taken out of the game right away. >> the brain is important. reporter: this doctor is a neursurgeon with health care. she helps the new study will have an impact with the sports mindsset that frowns of leaving the game. >> i hope it has an impact coaches who is involved in athletics for kids, pays attention to yeah, we really should be sidelining these kids for a period of time to let their brains rest. reporter: nothing in the study is surprising to this seasoned brain surgeon but now she has empirical data to back her up when she lays down the law on trauma. >> any child that takes a bump to the head or falls during a
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for the rest of the game. reporter: this doctor is particularly concerned about a phenomenon called second impact syndrome. an athlete sustains a concussion and receives a second concussion and that causes massive swelling in the brain. packers football continues thursday. kickoff is at seven only on your official packer station: today's tmj4. it was wet out today. >> john, it feels like it cooled off a little bit out there. john: you will love tomorrow morning, it's cooling off right now. the front is moving through. check out august. we had a bit of dry weather relief earlier today. 10th of august official rain report .14th of an inch. yesterday 1 .50, that's it for
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minute rainfall at the airport, we are up to 3.again. so we will see almost normal rainfall for the month of august, but it will be a warm one. there's the radar, nothing going on. you can see the clouds are dissipating and thinning out from the north and west as the front goes by. it looks like we will see a lot of sunshine again for tomorrow. look at our high temperature today. another day in the 80s. record books as very warm. currently dewpoints still up there. 69 in milwaukee and 67 in madison. check out the northwest part of the state... 57 oclaire, that dry air is rolling in this direction. temperatures right now 73 in milwaukee down to 64 in waukesha, but generally in the mid 60s to right around 70 degrees. here the fronts passing through the area right now, high
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north and west linn. tomorrow we will see lots of sunshine. slight chance northeast wins and colder air might bring lake effect rain shower into the air on wednesday. i can the air is too dry for that. great pattern setting up65 tonight. decreasing clouds. for tomorrow sunny skies, not as humid, breezy northeast winds, 73 degrees, cooler into thursday as w and mostly sunny skies, northeast wins inland about 72. it gets better right on into the holliday weekend. 71 with sunshine on fridaysunny and 75 into saturday, sunday, beautiful partly cloudy and 78 degrees. we warm up just a tad into monday, 82 degrees with a chance of a shower and then a chance of
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right now that rain on labor day doesn't look bad at all. just a spotty shower. tomorrow is last day of summer melogically speaking. >> coming up gilbert shows us i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous garden party for her birthday. so i mowed the lawn, put up all the decorations.
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>> tim masthay are solid holder on field goals and extra point and up and down punter. clearly the packers choose concerns about field position over spells teams duty in cutting him. he doesn't make the cut. packers punter for six seasons released to bring in former buccaneers punter placed on injured reserve tight end... guard josh walker and center jacob flores also cut. if you haven't seen gilbert brown lately, you really should. he's looking at pretty good. this is the gilbert brown we remember. >> in 2000 when i was out, i got
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but my heaviest i ever played was probably 370. right now i weigh 299. i left high school at 322. 299, i might have seen that when i was born. >> part of it due to family history. >> my father passed away at 48 with congestive heart failure and strokes and i >> or the part food history. >> no one can measure the heart that you have. no one can measure that but yourself. it's how hard you push yourself and be disciplined on a lot of different things. everybody has bad habits. my bad habit is fried chicken. i went from an eight piece to four piece and now at 3.5.
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classic gilbert style he knows it. >> trying to get my sexy on and i am working hard at it. >> a lot of great lessons from gill. next segment pitchers at miller
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>> welcome back new willie is returning from the minors, very impressive. tonight he gives the brewers a chance to win in a pitching dual. ten strikeouts, one run allowed. brewers' offense not helping him out. they tie the cardinals at one. rbi single and st. louis wins 2-1 talk about turning lemons into lemonade, ellis traded from dodgers to phillies ripped his 2-1 double in a philly uniform.
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>> here are to be able to's winning mega millions numbers... 28, 32, 41, 51, >> we will take a live picture. keeping a close eye on this breaking news in sherman park. this is near 44th and hour in milwaukee where a police officer shot and killed smiths two weeks. >> milwaukee arrested ten people. a lawmaker may have been among those taken into custody. law abiding citizens were complaining to authorities about people in the area saying they were making too much noise and being rowdy.
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fluid, but it looks like everything is under control. for the latest go to our ?? from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> not so fast. >> hello, everybody. it's booze day tuesday, august 30th. that's "ready, set, roll" by chase rice. >> he's going to be with us in a little bit. do you ever have a friend who is wearing two necklaces and they are all tangled up? >> by the way, it's impossible. you can't fix it. >> i know. >> i think you're going the wrong way. >> no. >> all right. >> during commercial break i'll


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