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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Extra Early Edition  NBC  August 31, 2016 4:30am-5:01am CDT

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good morning. i'm susan kim. i'm vince vitrano.let's start off with a check on the weather... with meteorologist brian gotter. yesterday was the last warm and humid day for awhile with highs in the lower 80s before
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in during the afternoon with the cold front. the showers moved out quickly, and this morning is partly cloudy with low humidity and temps in the upper 50 to mid 60s. today is beautiful with much lower humidity, a brisk ne breeze and highs only in the mid 70s, with a lot of sunshine. tonight is clear and cool with lows in the 50great sleeping weather. about ten people could face charges -- after they were arrested during a late night disturbance in sherman park. milwaukee police received complaints about an unruly crowd gathering at 44th and auer -- that is the spot where sylville smith was shot and killed by police.officers started making arrests when
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detained ... but let go. a fellow nun is talking for the first time, after learning her long time friend -- southeast wisconsin native sister margaret held -- was murdered in her mississippi home. questions as to why someone stabbed two nuns to death remain ... even after rodney sanders was charged with the sisters' deaths. sister mary jane wagner met sister margaret almost 50 years ago to the day. when you're talking with her she is so absorbed in what is happening here it's person in the world that matters to her at that moment you know sister mary jane says she'll miss her friends joy more than anything. a funeral mass for sister margaret is friday in the chapel at school sisters of st. francis. friends are remembering a local chef who was stabbed outside a bar off brady street. they came together last night where shawn ostrom was killed.ostrom... a chef at the pfister hotel... was stabbed around one a-m monday.
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according to witnesses... ostrom was friends with a woman who began fighting with her boyfriend, outside the bar. he went outside to help the woman. he saw the guy hit - lay his hands on her or got physical, and he stepped in because of it. during the altercation, the guy pulled a knife and cut his throat. he believed was right. standing up for somebody. and yeah, that was sean. police arrested two men for shawn's death. a 45-year-old from oak creek, and a 20-year-old from greenfield. shawn was on a mission to try and raise money to help his mom in monroe, wisconsin pay for a surgery she needs. friends have set up a gofundme account, to help see shawn's mission through.
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on the link to this story at the racine county sheriff's office is investigating a car crash that killed a woman and seriously injured her husband. authorities say the union grove couple was hit by another car in the town of yorkville.medics rushed them to the hospital where the woman died from her injuries. the driver of the second car was not hurt.alcohol does not appear to be a factor in the crash. a dodge county woman is facing charges ... after being arrested for her fifth o-w-i. troopers say they peformed a hottenstein in the k-mart parking lot in oconomowoc.they report the 40-year-old refused a sobriety test even though she smelled like alcohol.she was arrested and taken to the hospital .. but refused to let nurses draw blood.troopers took her to jail.hottenstein also faces charges for felony bail jumping. decision 20-16today, donald trump plans to outline his plans for immigration reform. meanwhile, some "down-ballot" republicans did better than
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box.tracie potts reports.
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former u-s senator russ feingold will visit mi today.feingold will be the featured speaker at the kiwanis club of milwaukee at noon.advanced reservations were required.senator ron johnson spoke at the club last week. senator johnson is moving foward following another awkward campaign moment. speaking during a radio interview -- johnson suggested that poor single moms take jobs in the day care centers watching their own children. wisconsin restricted that seven years ago after a massive fraud investigation.
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merely calling for "outside-the-box thinking" today, we'll get some insight into how state voters view the race between johnson and feingold.the marquette university law school poll is out this afternoon.past polls have shown feingold with a lead ... feingold is trying to recapture the senate seat he lost to johnson back in 20-10 election officials have approved placing five candidates on the state's presidential ballot besides democrat hillary clinton and republican donald trump.they include green party candidate presidential nominee gary johnson -- who makes his first campaign stop in wisconsin tomorrow night at serb hall. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--more trouble for chris brown.the serious accusations made against the singer. plus: double threat. when the first of two hurricanes could hit hawaii and which island is bracing
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yesterday was the last warm and humid day for awhile with highs in the lower 80s before the scattered t'showers moved in during the afternoon with the cold front. the showers moved out quickly, and this morning is partly cloudy with low humidity and temps in the upper 50 to beautiful with much lower humidity, a brisk ne breeze and highs only in the mid 70s, with a lot of sunshine. tonight is clear and cool with lows in the 50great sleeping
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check this out -the view from the international space station of hurricane lester, currently churning in the pacific ocean. the hurricane could affect the hawaiian islands over the weekend, depending on its exact track and speed. a separate hurricane watch and tropical storm warning is in effect for hawaii's big island. chris brown just bailed out of jail for 250-thousand dollars. the singer was arrested on suspicion of assault woman called 9-1-1 to report brown pulled a gun on her while on the property.the 27-year-old brown posted several videos on social media... claiming his innocence.he was convicted for a 2009 assault of his then- girlfriend rihanna. italy is struggling with how to take necessary precautions and plan reconstruction work after last week's deadly earthquakethe italian government put aside money for rebuilding in amatrice --
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according to the country's tourism department...but the money might not be enough to bring all homes and buildings up to earthquake resistance standards up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--the milwaukee landmark up for a special award, and how you can help push it over the top.but first, remember the gravedigger?packers great gilbert brown explains how he shed more than a hundred pounds .. and shares his one
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for the one minute drill, i'm lance allan. next week, the cuts will run deeper. but today, the packers make moves
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get down to the roster limit of 75.the shocker, punter tim masthay cut...and the packers sign former buccaneers punter jacob schum.also linebacker lerentee mccray traded to bills for a conditional 7th round pick in 2018.placed on injured reserve:te kennard backmanrb john crockett te mitchell henryg josh walkerc jacob floresalso cut is receiver harvey binford peralta, on from the start. 7 strong innings of work, 10 strikeouts. just one run allowed.the brewers offense not helping him out. just a martin maldonado rbi double in the sixth, to tie the cardinals 10th, randal grichuk with an rbi single. right now saint louis win 2-1 in 10.and today preps plus visits whitnall high school. join us each sunday night at 11, for the best in local prep action.for the one minute drill, i'm lance allan. packers extra-in just a few hours... at 9 a-m ... the packers hall of fame will cut the ribbon on a new brett favre exhibit in green bay.the exhibit honors favre's time with the team and recognizes
4:46 am display will look back at his n-f-l record 297 consecutive starts, and another will feature the exact locker favre used up until the 2003 lambeau field renovation. remember packers great gilbert brown ... a-k-a the gravedigger? he was a pretty big guy... 410 pounds at his heaviest now the gravedigger tells us: he is down to 299 pounds... a weight he hasn't been at since before high school.but he mi a weakness for food everybody got bad habits. you know, my bad habit is fried chicken. i love fried chicken but i had to turn it down a little bit. you know what i'm saying? i always say i went from an 8 piece. to a four piece. now i'm at 3 and a half. brown said he has a family history of heart problems, and is determined to stay healthy. packers preseason football continues tomorrow ... when
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is at seven ... only on your official packers station, today's tmj4. yesterday was the last warm and humid day for awhile with highs in the lower 80s before the scattered t'showers moved in during the afternoon with the cold front. the showers moved out quickly, morning is partly cloudy with low humidity and temps in the upper 50 to mid 60s. today is beautiful with much lower humidity, a brisk ne breeze and highs only in the mid 70s, with a lot of sunshine. tonight is clear and cool with lows in the 50great sleeping
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morning, thursday afternoon is sunny, breezy and cool with highs struggling to reach 70 thanks to a brisk ne breeze to 20 mph. friday is mostly sunny and seasonal with highs in the mid 70s, and the comfortable air will continue into the weekend with highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. labor day is humid with highs in the lower 80s and scattered afternoon
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if you've
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milwaukee... you've seen those yellow arches in the distance. the wisconsin department of transportation ?just received an award for its work on the hoan bridge... but the kudos-- could only be the beginning. tatiana has more in just one week the american associaiton of state and highway and transporation officials will annouce the top ten national finalists. officials at the d-o-t say it's steep competition, but the hoan bridge has a shot it's not the first time wisconsin's award from the american assocation of state highway and transportationthey hold this competition and again anywhere between 70 and 80 projects around the country are submitted. we actually haven't won it here in wisconsin since 2008 with the marquette interchange. so, it's been a bit of a drought." hoan bridge construction fixed that, winning "best use of winning "best use of innovation" through use of various technical and material creative tools like moveable barriers, specific road paints, as well as working
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walk away with an award, but also be able to share that with a broader team of folks who helped deliever it. as well as the people who suffered through it with us." if the hoan bridge makes it to the top ten competition, dot says it's not just a leg up for the department"it's really an opportunity for the community to rally together . to be able to vote for something to give the milwaukee area positive recognition." brian says annoucement for the top 10 finalist will be on september take all of milwaukee to all of milwaukee to make sure d-o- t wins the award, not only for the city but the state too. for more information the award and when dot will find out if the hoan is a national finalist visit our website at t-m-j-4 dot com we should soon learn more about a house explosion that injured a man in fitchburg. officials will give an update tomorrow night.brian grittner was severely injured in the explosion.he was found in the rubble of his front yardnearly
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were damaged.officials say there is no evidence of a leak or explosion in the underground gas lines. an attorney hired by the city of neenah wants a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit brought by the widow of a man killed by police during a standoff at a motorcycle shop theresa mason-funk filed a lawsuit claiming the officers used excessive force when they shot 60-year-old michael funk at eagle nation cycles in neenah last december.funk was a hostage and had drawn his handgun as he tried to escape. police believed funk was the a wisconsin elections official says she's worried the department of transportation might not get voting credentials to people who lack photo identification on election day. ann jacobs said people who enter the petition process for an i-d on election day likely won't have their votes count because credentials won't arrive in timethe d-o-t has not yet responded. more than a million unregistered voters will soon get a postcard in the mail
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the state elections commission just approved the mailing . earlier this year- lawmakers passed a law requiring the move.the commission must reach out before october 1st every two years to eligible voters who may not be registered. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--why some nervous brides may be breathing a sigh of relief following a day of stormy weather.but first, new consulate .how mexcian officials plan to help people
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if you're driving around milwaukee's east side... you may notice the newly opened mexican consulate.the consulate will provide services to milwaukee's hispanic community.the current political climate in the presidential election.. was referenced by mexico's secretary of foreign relations and milwaukee mayor tom
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possibilities brought by understanding and solidarity for facts speak against stereotypes 51 history against bigotry cooperation against xenophobiawe understand in this world economy in this political environment that it's more important for us to find bridges than for us to build walls16wisconsin's latino population has increased by nearly 50 percent in the past decade. a south side business is reaching out to any nervous brides who might be worried about their photos -- after lightning struck it's building it happened at 5th and mineral at 5th and mineral during tuesday's stormy weather. lightning struck the historic building ... starting a fire in the attic.the owner and his wife heard neighbors telling them to get out we looked up and it was already smoldering in the attic and there was nothing we could do but get outit's still kind of amazing that it
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what happened.firefighters put out the fire quickly, but the flames damaged everything inside.the owner says he has more than one copy of the files. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--how you can "adopt a cop" in milwaukeeand fighting drug addiction.the federal government cracking down on opioiod abuse.we break down the numbers here in
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now at 5:00...sherman park disturbance: the arrests made last night in the same place a milwaukee police officer shot and killed a man two weeks ago. plus... drug abuse crackdown. how the feds-- are helping communities across the country-- get people clean from drugs. let's take a live look outside this morning... welcome to live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm bridget shanahan in for vince vitrano. and i'm susan kim. let's get a check of your weather and traffic together... yesterday was the last warm and humid day for awhile with highs in the lower 80s before the scattered t'showers moved


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