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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1200PM  NBC  August 31, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CDT

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now at noon -- several arrests overnight after neighbors call police this afternoon there's still a visible police presence in the neighborhood -- not far from the memorial for syville smith near 44th and auer.neighbors tell t-m-j-4 they want the memorial moved -- because they say it's bringing in noisy crowds every night.early this morning...officers made several arsts when a owd members refused to yes, i want to see it moved . i don't know. he's gone, he's not coming back. i hate it and back so i don't know why they
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one elected official who was out in sherman park last night disagrees with how milwaukee police handled the situation. he says he was with faith leaders last night when he was arrested. ias in the squad car. i heard people out of the car say he's an elected official. they came in the car and took me out and confirmed i was an elected official, th chatted with me more. li eventually let the state rep go but 10 people were arrested for disorderly conduct and sisting officers. two sheboygan county shers squad cars arged e damaand suspect is in custody after early morning chase.deputies say they pulled over a man in waldo at ab1:00 a.m.-- but while deputies were talking to the driver.. he took off.after several attempts -- spe strips finally bued the fleeing cars tires and brought it to a stop near highway u
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took off on foot, was tased d takeinto custody. milwaukee police are investigating a serious crash. police say a 28-year-old woman's car hit a tree this morning, near jefferson and knapp.shsuffered serious injuries.police are trying to determine the cause of the crash. to weather now--lower humidity and cooler temperatures. meteorologist brian gotter in the weather center with the forecast. yesterday was the last warm and humid day for awhile with ghs in thlower 80s before the scattered t'showers moved in during the afternoon with the ld front. the showers
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morning was partly cloudy with low humidity and temps in the upper 50 to mid 60s. today is beautiful with much lower decision 2016, we'll get some insight into how wisconsin voters view the race between senator ron and russ feingold.the results of the latest marquette university law school poll will start trickling out in just a few minutes.past polls have shown feingold with a lead ... feingold is trying to recapture the senate seat he lost to johnson back in 20-10 the state department of transportation plans to ship voting credentials overnight to people who try to obtain photo i-d during election week. the d-o-t offers free i-d's for voting. people without
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for one. anyone who enters the petition process gets a credential to vote through the mail, which can take days to arrive. and if you haven't registered to vote yet, expect to get a postcard reminder in the mail. the state elections commission has ok'ed mailing postcards to more than one million unregistered voters. those reminders will be dropped in the mail by the end of september. mail registration ends october 19th. the obama admiration is going to split up 53 million dollars-- to help 44 fight opioid and drug abuse. the feds say the money will go to cracking down on the over prescription of pain killers. the milwaukee county medical examiner says there have been 161 drug overdose deaths county-wide so far this year. new at noon... the first day of school at catholic institutions around milwaukee. the archbishop welcomed some students back for the new school year. as it begins... pete zervakis reports on how the diocese is hoping to streamline efficiency.
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elementary schools within the catholic archdiocese are operating collaboratively as a network the seton network is starting out with nine schools. as the archbishop blessed the students at st. catherines -- at 51st and center... i ask blessings upon all of you the school's principal said the seton network will help save schools money. they can buy supplies together - in bulk - for better prices... and work together when distributing money so it goes where it's needed. that's a big ch parish operated on its own - on an island 37 there wasn't much opportunity for leaders or teachers to collaborate according to the archbishop... that collaboration will also allow schools to balance out student enrollment at each facility. you have basically a steady stream so shifting demographics don't affect a local community as much students are excited about the changes. eigth grader jahira
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new year... and focused on one goal as classes begin: just to do my best and go to a great high school the seton catholic schools network is expected to expand over the next several years to 26 or 27 schools total at 51 and center pz tmj4 the first day at most public schools in our area is tomorrow. the marquette community come together today teresa. marquette held a special mass in mother teresa's honor this morning at the statue of her, near 15th and clybourn. the special mass comes as the catholic church prepares to cannonize mother teresa into sainthood this sunday in rome. mother teresa visited marquette in 1981... to receive the pere marquette discovery award. that's marquette university's highest honor. sauk prairie harley-davidson plans to close at the end of a facebook post, the owner said the business'
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harley-davidson of madison, which he also owns.the sauk city location has been open for 37 years. it will close on september 30th. a south side business is reaching out to any nervous brides who might be worried about their photos -- after lightning hits it's buildingit happened at 5th and mineral during our stormy weather on tuesay.a fire started in the attic of the historic building. the owner and his wife heard neighbors telling them to get out we looked up and it was already smoldering in the attic and there was nothwe kind of amazing that it happened that way, but that's what happened.firefighters put out the fire quickly, but the flames damad everything inside.the owner says he has more than one copy of the files. the macc fund getting a big donation today from east town travel and the 'cruise 4 macc.' you may remember mike jacobs, our long time anchor here at today's tmj4, hosted the mediterranean cruise last
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travel presented the organization with a check for 10 thousand the macc fund is one of four charities that will benefit from the brewers give back game. the game is sunday, september 25th. tickets are 10 dollars plus a minimum 10 dollar donation. you'll get the best seat available and choose which charity your donation will go to. scripps, which owns today's tmj4, is the media partner for the macc fund-- which raises money to fight childhood cancer. we've put more information on our website: tmj4 dot com. still ahead... you've heard of cow tipping -- but what about car tipping?and why the cars targeted are so important. then...preparing for two hurricanes.two major storms threatening hawaii and a tropical storm is setting it's sights on those
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with two hurricanes barreling down on hawaii, crews are doing everything they can to prepare.a hurricane warning is already in effect for the big island.jim mendoza takes a look at what state and city
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sure they're ready. tropical storm darby drenched oahu and flooded the freeway. in anticipation of madeline and lester's impact, the state stacked sandbags on school street above h-1."...and the whole reason behind that is we really want to prevent all that water from going over the curb, down the embankment, and then onto the h-1 freeway down below."city crews concentrated on trouble spots to hopefully avoid a repeat of the mud bog that blanketed boulevard during darby."we managed rough the use of some mechanical equipment, our facilities intenancfolks did the final clearing of the kalihi stream, which is up of dillingham boulevard, if you will."early this morning, a city crew swept the entrance of thishannel in ewa beach that's prone to overflow."the city brought the bulldozer, and they bulldozed the mouth of the canal to flatten out the sand, so the water can go out -- so, in case there's
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into our street or into our neighbor's yard."the city focused on trouble spots island-wide.state wide, the transportation department did erosion control and moved to heavy equipment in key areas, so it can respond in a pinch. "hana highway is obviously a very big highway that is prone to some issues. we're staging vehicles and equipment there. in the event there's a landslide or landslides, our crews will be able to respond right away and get that open quickly." state officials have also activated the emergency response center. preparations are underway along parts of florida's gulf coast.tropical depression nine -- is churning in the gulf of mexico -- headed toward the sunshine's expected to become a tropical storm later today.forecasters say it could even become a hurricane before landfall tomorrow night or early friday morning.heavy rain, strong winds, tornadoes and coastal flooding are all
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meteorologist brian gotter joins us now with a look at your forecast... yesterday was the last warm and humid day highs in the lower before the scattered t'showers moved in during the afternoon with the cold front. the showers moved out quickly, and this morning was partly cloudy with low humidity and temps in the
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beautiful with much lower humidity, a brisk ne breeze and highs only in the mid 70s, with a lot of sunshine. tois clear and cool with lows in the 50great sleeping weather.after the cool morning, thursday sunny, breezy and cool with highs struggling to reach 70 thanks to a brisk ne breeze to 20 mph. friday is mostly sunny and seasonal with highs in the mid 70s, and the comfortable air will continue into the
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is partly cloudy and more humid with highs in the lower 80s and scattered afternoon
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police in st. paul, minnesota are searching for the people responsible for "car tipping." police say the suspects tipped over two "car-2-go" vehicles, over the weekend, half a mile apart.a wi four men leave the scene. "car-2-go"a car-sharing service. means of transportation." "people use these cars for going to appointments possibly going to their jobs people that can't afford a car so they're using this hourly service as a means of transportation."police say the individuals who did this face a felony charge of criminal damage of property. coming up...first flight to cuba.jetblue takes off for the formerly forbidden country - but not everyone is allowed to
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we all know students will pay hundreds for books -- but now one college is charging students extra fees -- and if they don't pay -- they can't get their coursework done. russ feingold: so, what do you girls want to be when you grow up? girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. girl 2: i want to be a doctor! russ feingold: do you think you should be paid the same as boys? girl 1: definitely. girl 2: yep! russ feingold: well, i raised my two girls right here,
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unfortunately, in wisconsin, a lot of women make less than men doing the same job. i'll work for equal y for women, and for paid leave so parents can care for a sick family member. discrimination against any women is flat out wrong. what you think of that? girls: good call!
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a first in more than 50-year jetblue begins flights to cuba today, making it the first american airline with regularly scheduled flights to the area.jetblue is one of several airlines approved by the department of transportation for roundtrip flights to cuba.u-s law still prohibits tourist travel, but there are now a dozen categories of authorized travel, including family visits, journalist visits and
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google may be moving in on uber's turf.reports say it plans to expand a pilot carpooling program in the san francisco area involving its waze app, letting users connect with llowfecommuters. if successful, it could be expanded elsewhere.waze aims to make fares low enough, at the most 54 cents per mile, to discourage drivers from operating as taxis like they would with uber or lyft. sears is bringing paint back to its stores.the move comes as home improvement projects continue to in options are to include paint from brands including craftsman and easy living. customers will be able to choose from more than 24- hundred different colors.sears will also carry painting accessories. abercrombie and fitch is taking another step toward a more wholesome image.designs and marketing will now focus on its shoppers' "best self and inner confidence." abercrombie has been gradually stepping away from its overtly sexy, cool-kids-only reputation. most college students pay for
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the bay area are taking a new hit to their bank account-- as traditional print companies.. are now putting supplemental course material.. jacqueline ingles found out.. in addition to paying for actual textbooks.. students must now pay for online codes.. in order to do their homework and take quizzes. college junior wardell wilson wants to do his spanish mework--only he can't with just the 90 dollar textbo he already bought... "see these are assi" gnnt first must pay for and use a code to access his assignme semester in other words--he's paying to do homework. the codes themselves st acoleast 100 dollars, at least. codes like this give students online acto digital learning systems where u can do homework, listen to audio recordings, watch videos and take quizzes. so without the online you can't get credit for your work. developed by what once were traditional textbooks companies these digital products are being called the future of the text book industry... if you have
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homework anywhere. many students think it's price gouging--especially if their professor requires both a physical textbook and online material. once you are done with the book like in the old days you can come and try and sell it back, that is if there is not a new addition out ...but when it comes tonline codes that come in these books, there is no selling them back. codes cannot be shared by students or used more than once per course either. without the code, you are not going to pass the cls. it is a guaranteed fail but the companies say they're saving studen is if you buy the digital version of the book instead of a phical textbook- the access code still sold separately. it is like 160 dollars to $140 dollars between the digital and the physical textbook. students say--there is an issue with digital textbooks-- you cannot physically hold them or int any of the pages you get to use it for a se andthen usually you get locked out like after the semester en so you don't have it anymore
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favre exhibit.where it just opened and when you can get in. and -- nba connection.what local city is trying to bring
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in your packers extra... the packers hall of fame is unveiling a new exhibit showcasing legendary one display will look back at his n-f-l cord 297 consecutive starts, and another will feature the exact lockerfavre used up until the 2003 lambeau field renovation. the exhibit is part of the packers hall of fame... located.. in the lambeau field atrium. packers preseason football coinues morrow ... when the green and gold take on the chiefs in kansas city. kickoff is at can watch the game only on your official packers station, today's tmj4. a new n-b-a developmental team
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the idea was discussed during a recent county board meeting. city leaders looked at blueprints for a new arena and hotel. studies show the move could bring jobs and money to the area.. it's are turn now to start building up our areas and attracting more people to come in and live, work and play inour area.more meetings are expected to take place -- we're told a developmental hockey team is also being considered. football season is kicking off... and many are shifting the focus to concussion prevention for young athletes. a way to keep kids safe by performing what is called "baseline testing"that means establishing a so-called baseline... that gives medical professionals a kind of blueprint of how each individual's brain ?should? function... and a trails test""so what we do here is c3logic platform so it's based on an ipad so what we do is test their balance, vision, both static and dynamic and so both head moving and normal vision, then we test their processing speeds, so it's kind of a symbols recognition so they have to find the symbols find the number and match it up. reaction time, and a trails
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the baseline helps figure out just how serious a head injury is... and when a student has recovered. live at 12:30 is up next-- a major move in the fight against isis.the most public face for the terror organization is taken out -- a look at why his death is so signficant.also... no tipping.. why some restaurants that did away with the
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breaking news now...more arrests this afternoon in the sherman park neighboord... as police continue to have a presence there. rikki mitchell


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