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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 400  NBC  August 31, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm CDT

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last seen wearing a red shir ue jeans and a red d black zip hoodie. e him - please call south milwaukee police. three men e arrested in sherman park today near the scene of where a young man was killed by a milwaukee police officer more than two weeks ago. tell us the men refused a homeowner'request to leave her property and created a disturbance. it comes after ten people were arrested last night ar 44th and auer syville smith.earlier toy sylville's family was there -- still grieving. but as ann sterling shows you people in that neighborhosay it's time to remove the tribute. (last night video)another and ofeen milwaukee lice alacrowd thering nearh d memorial for syville smith. police made several arsts early this morning when the large crowd refused to leave. haroldfitzhugh / lives in neighborhood9.28.05 we want to
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not in violence. 9.28.10harold fitz-hugh lives a few houses away from the growing memorial. 9.35.23 nats police he says everyday he sees police patroling the area... and a lot of nights people continue to gather around this growing memorial.9.28.55- 58 when you get a crowd together like that someone is going to do something wrong.the vietnam vet wants to see his neighborhood to return to normal ... and he's not alone. dorthy mcfarland / lives in neighborhood9.54.26 just go back like it was nice and quiet, peaceful.. all these cars zooming up and down the street. kids be playing out here they are going to fast up and down mcfarland has lived near 44 str for 11 years.9.54.08 i've been tired of's been nearly 3 eks since 23 year old syvie smith was shot and lled by a milwaukke the violence and ise to stop. inksshththe memorial fo villsmith should be moved. mod . i don't know. he's gone, he's not coming back. i hate it and i'm sorry but he's not coming back so i don't know why they keep staying down there. 54.58 for now police say they will continue
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the people who live here wait to see what happens next. 9.29.20- 22 i've seen enough violence in my life ann sterling mj4tt state rep jonathan brostoff says there were a loof leaders and elected officials in the crowd last night and milwaukee police might have reacted too quickly when they arrested 10 people. friends say a milwaukee chef was stabbed to death while helping a woman who was being attacked by her boyfriend. shawn ostrom was a ch at the pfister hotel. friends gather to remember him la night. the 32-year-old was kiled outside a bar just off brady street early monday morning. police have arrested two men in his murder... a 45-year-old from oak creek, and a 20-year-old from
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the milwaukee county medical examiner is investigating the death of a one-month old baby. the baby was found dead inside a home near 40th and cust. the preliminary investigation reveals the child may have died from co-sleeping. no one been arreed. ns at wisconsin's ment of vete largest veterans home ?will? be investigated. twstate lawmakers are calling foan independent audit after a published report raised quesons about dismal care, medical errors and prolonged staffing shortages. the surance. storm team 4 now....and august is giving us quite a farewell today...let's take a live look now let's take a live look now from west bend...((ad lib)) meteorologist jesse ritka joins us with the weather.... hello comfortable conditions! plenty of sunshine the rest of the day with temps in the 70s
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will roll in toght but that will not stop temperatures from dropping into the 50s for pretty much everyone.
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class at many of milwaukee's catholic elementary schools. archbishop jerome listecki offered a blessing to students at st. catherine's -- at 51st and center. he says catholic schools across the country are struggling with lower enrollment. but in milwaukee... enrollment is up 5 of the last 6 years. the archbishop thinks more parents here want faith to be a part of their childrens' education. archbishop jerome listecki 81255 imagine how many problems - especially in terms of our city - would be solved if we were developing individuals not only responsible to the law but responsible before god for their actions 81308 this is the first year nine of the archdiocese's elementary schools are operating collaboratively ... as a network. they used to operate individually by parish. administrators say the netwk means better prices on buying supplies... and more efficient distribution of funding between schools. and it's back to school tomorrow for the state's
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80-th ousandstudents heato class for the new school yea at milwaukee public hools. a look bk on when er teresa paid a visit to marquette iversity. george malletis in the newsroom with thanks chles and shannon on sunday, the pope will officially declare mother teresa a saint. so to brate we caught up with photogr- 81 visit.. he shares his fondest photograph.. that's coming up on live at 5... "decision 2016" now..donald trump's approval rating is not ge wisconsin, but hillary inton's numbers are getting worse. e numbs are from the laterquette university law school poll, whicalso shows the race to "about even." clinton had 42 percent among registered voters compared with 37 percent for trump. amon likely voters, clinton had 45 percent compared with 42 percent for trump. three weeks ago, clinton led trump among register voters by 10 points and 15 points among likely voters.
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hour for a hastily-arranged meeting with the country's president. later today, the republic presidential nominee will deliver an immigration speech that could ju moments ago, i talked ions. with the host of nbc's "meet the press," chuck todd," about this... and what the hillary clinton caaign's counter- strategy might look like: 150122 what are the risks and rewards for this tripthe risks are fueling and stoking more anger in mexican american community - donald trump might be the single most unpopular american in mexiby move and this point in time i thought it wawd i cly ught the clinton campaign off guard. he is sort of controlling the day - control the message of the day endear him to hispanics 150323 how is the clinton campaign playing this - ???today hillary clinton had a big speak on american
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that's for sure. they have dispatched tim kaine - i think you are going to see a lot of tim kaine tonight responding to trumps visit. you can watch meet the press with chuck todd, sundays at 8 a-m, here on today's tmj4. an update now, to the story we brght you at the top of this newscast: a young south milwaukee boy, missing since this morning, is back home. police tell us kyler ellision
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americans are obsessed with home improvement, and it's prompted one big name retailer to make a change. that's just ahead.also, which name brands are the most couneid at flea markets and online. find out, so you don't waste your
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4 your money this afternoon....
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markets at the close of business today.... more money headlines historic flight opens a new era of travel between the u-s and cuba. a jetblue 3-8-7 made the first commercial flight between the two nations in more than 50-years today. it's arrival in central cuba re- establishes regular air service that was cut off at the height of the cold war. there will be about 300 flights a week. office depot stores, starting this friday. fed-ex has been teamed-up with office-max stores since 2009. that relationship... now expanding into office depot stores. in a statement on its website, office depot says its in- stores relationship with long- time partner u-p-s will end next month. americans continue to do more home improvement projects, and as a result, sears is bringing paint back to its stores.
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choose from more than 24- hundred different colors. sears will also offer painting ?accessories?. counterfeit products used to be something you found on street corners in big cities. but not anymore: now, they show up for sale on-line all the time. consumer reproter john matarese shows which brands to watch out for, so you don;'t waste your money. the holiday season wil here before you know it....which means many of us are already starting to think about what we'll want to buy. but before you make your list, a warning about the most counterfeited products you may encounter! -------------- you dont have to buy from a street vendor to end up with a counterfeit. legitimate looking websites are selling everything from phony north face jackets to fake nike gym shoes that fall apart in weeks --- we reported a few weeks
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complied a list of the most counterfeited products, based on customs seizes. the top brands include: rolex, cartier,nd other exclusive designer brands. louis vuitton. coach. michael kors. rayban. ralph lauren. uggs boots. and one of the biggest these days: nike. -------------- 2 secs separator ----------- but from the doesnt tat stink file....counterfeits that can be dangerous! msn says its one thing to buy a fake designer handbag. but it says be watch out for counterfeit prescritpion druglike lipitor and viagra....they could contain toxins! doesnt that stink? and counterfeit apple chargers can be deadl a chinese flight attendant died 2 years ago after her knockoff iphone charger set her bed on fire. (john on cam) remember, if it's a gift....unless it's a gag gift most people don't want to receive counterfeit products. so make sure it's you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese (your station's custom sig out here). storm team 4 weather now.... where it's been a glorious day across southeastern wisconsin...lets get a check on the forecast now.... from
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thursday will be partly cloudy thanks to a slightly breezy nne wind that will bri in the sligchance for a few lake effect sprinkles or ght showers though most of the day will be dry. highs will be in the upper 60s along and near lake michigan while inland locations will warm into the low 70s.friday will be mostly sunny with liter winds as a passes to our north. temps ure will hit 7degrs in milwaukee with low 7inland due to with low 70s inland due to ene wind. more of the same can be expected on saturday but the wind swings around to the se to help boost temps and the dew points just a bit, it will still be beau mid-70s under blue skies.the humidity will start to creep back in on sunday though it won't be oppressive, especially since highs stay in the upper 70s under mostly
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"the jungle book" has entertained people for generations.. but now generated backgrounds and animals.raphael seth takes a look at it... in this week's home video view. natbill murray craves the bare necessities in the bonus features for "the jungle book." this c-g-i reimagining of the cartoon classic tells the story of a boy raised in the wild. but when a tiger targets the man-cub as an enemy of the animal kingdom, young mowgli must make tracks or risk becoming lunch. nat it's love on wheels for emilia clarke in "me before you." the "game of thrones" star plays a caretaker to "hunger games"
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own life after an accident leaves him paralyzed. but the sunny disposition of his new companiomay fect his outlook.natshowrunner johnathan ames cuddles up wh a comedy hit in "blunt talk." patrick stewart received a golden globe nomination for his role as bombastic news man walter blunt. but his voice- of-the-people is much more adept at creating scandals than he is at reporting them. nattake a spin through kornfield kounty in the "hee haw collector's edition." this broadcast classic comes to dvd as the longest-running syndicated variety show in tv pickin' and grinnin' come in a 14-disc set. that's the video view, raphael seth nbc news. also out this week: emmy- nominated mini-series "the night manager" starring tom
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a serious weather situation developing in the southeastern u-s at this hour..coming up at 4:30... what people in florida are doing to prepare themselves from an approaching
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storm team 4 now: all eyes are
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florida's governor has declared a state of emergency in advance of tropical storm "hermine." these scenes from tampa, where torrential rain is already falling. the storm could make landfall as early as tomorrow night. the n-f-l has moved thursday's pre-season game at tampa bay to ?tonight? as a precaution. labor day labor day will be ma d but a few more clouds are expected along with the slight chance for a few showers. highs climb back to 80 degrees in milwaukee with hher dew points but overall will
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tens of thousands of cars in a huge lot... that will ?never? be driven. we'll tell you why. and amid the death and destruction of an earthquake... one small but
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"more news now":tens of thousands of flooded vehicles from louisiana now sit in a huge lot in mississippi... nearly all a total loss after massive flds earlier this adjusters are making their way to mississippi at the vehicles. most will be given a certificate of destruction, which means they can only be sold for parts. around 40-to-50-thousand cars are still sitting in the baton rouge area, waiting to be moved to the lot. a two-year-old boy falls from a 7th-floor apartment... and ?survives?.it happened in tokyo, where the child apparently climbed over a fence and fell out of an open window. his 56-foot fall...
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tree. he broke a leg and has lots of scrapes and scratches... but is otherwise fine. a cat in amatrice, italy used one of its nine lives during last week's earthquake. its owner had begged fire officials to find her cat, saying her pet was all she had left.on monday, they found the feline... alive and very thirsty. the cat's name? joy. thanks for joining us today at four.there's more news ahead... on live at 4:30. ss feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to senator johnson on student loans: ron johnson: it's just kinda free money, young people don't really, necessarily understand finance. narrator: what senator johnson doesn't understand is, more than 800,000 wisconsinites have student loans. bufederal student loanste and keep interest rates high. johnson: it's just kinda free money...
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kids would disappear. ron johnson's not for students.
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now at 4:30 - the weather... front and center, as some 80- thousand students get set to head back to class in the milwaukee tomorrow. it's a spectacular wednesday afternoon out there, as you can see in these live


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