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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  August 31, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm CDT

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now at 4:30 - the weather... front and center, as some 80- thousand students get set to head back to class in the milwaukee tomorrow. it's a spectacular wednesday afternoon out there, as you can see in these live
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not just back to school...but a big holiday approaching as well. let's see how things are shaping up.jesse ritka joins us with the hello conditions! plenty of sunshine the day with temps in the 70s and refreshing dew points in the 50s! a few more clouds will roll in tonight but that will not stop temperatures from dropping into the 50s for pretty much
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thousands across florida.. and along the eastern seaboard.. are bracing for what could be a rough holiday weekend.the weather system lurking in the gulf is now a tropical ?storm?. nbc's jay gray on last-minute preparations. nats sand bagsthousands across florida..nats taping door continue to prepare.. and pack what they can..nats our video guy loading kayaksand now as the storm inches closer to the coast.. governor rick scott warns.. time is running out.. ot florida :xx - :xx)"we are going to have storm surge, we're going to have rain, we have the risk of tornado and this is going to go across the state." conditions are intensifying.. and there's some early flooding in low lying areas..near tampa.. a woman was pulled from her car - after it was swallowed by the water..a state-of- emergency has been declared in 42 counties.. ahead of landfall expected overnight thursday into friday morning.. right now the strike point looks like somewhere near cedar key..(sot / chief virgil sandlin - cedar key police dept. :xx - :xx)"we are going to restrict access to the
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ast pushes across florida.. georgia.. thcarolinas.. then into the waters of the atlantic..and forecast models show it could make a second hit.. somewhere along the new engld coasby laboray. in cedar key, florida, jay gray, nbc news. more than 8-thousand national guard troops are on stand-by and ready to deploy across florida.. more local have been filed against a milwaukee man, who was behind the wheel in a horrific crash. it happened a week ago at 35th and keefe. witnesses told police donte barnes was driving 80 miles per hour when he crashed into a tree, spliting his vehicle in half. two of his passengers, demetrius batchelor junior and latray hale were killed. one person is unr arre following a high speed chase that damaged two squad cars in rural sheboygan county. it all
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quickly escalated. the driver took off. after several attempts, spike strips finally stopped the man's car on highway 57 and "u." the suspect took off but was quickly captured by sheriff's deputies. a wisconsin legislator plans to introduce a bill outlawing a new synthetic drug. republican resentative joel kleefisch of oconomowoc wants to ban the sale and possession of "u-47700." the opioid is more potent than has been lied to at least 50 deaths nationwide. the soonest kleefish can introduce the have to survive a re-election challenge from democrat scott thousands of participants in the state's foodshare employment and training program are ntmovingthe workforce. and, on averag r wageare significantly higher than nimuthe miwagethat theatgovernor's offices reporting today afthe giaturin
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iquen toet young kidseadi. coming uw ont lol lea are teaming to fillhelp the reading gap fang e.tonight.. how they plano get our youth, to pi upe bos new onliat 6. bua pass at mitchell international airport in milwaukee.there's a new kiosk in the baggage claim area where travelers can buy an m-card and load it up with pre-paid bus is open 24-hou a day and accepts most major credit cards. big recognition for the wisconin d-o-t and the hoan bridge.the hoan bridge construction beat out 84 other projects for "best use of innovation" by crews using various technical and material designs. anin just one week, the american associaiton of state and highway and transporation will annouce the ten finalists for its national competition. "if we're enough to make the cut, we'll be going up
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new york. alot more populas states" for more information on the competition.. visit our website at t-m-j-4 dot com waukesha county parks has a new employee......and it has four legs. this is todd. his le reponsibility as an employee of waukesha county - is to keep the geese off the county's golf courses. the border collie will be patrolling the fairways of fall to keep the courses clear of geese and their droppings. summer may be fading fast but there's still more fair fun to be had. the sheboygan county fair kicks off tomorrow in plymouth. not only can you grab some deep fried cheese curds, corn on the cob and cotton candy but other mouth- watering delights. there's also carnival rides, animal exhibits, live music and much more.
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milwaukee rally is happening this weekend at harley- davidson dealers and other spots across the other spots across the greater milwaukee metro area. the rally kicks off tomorrow night at the harley-davidson museum. bill davidson will be there to unveil kthe newest addition to the musuem. there's also live concerts, street parties and on sunday, the big g barbecue will be hosting a party on summerfest grounds. a back-to-school safety lesson you may want to your childr. that's nex also coming up, making a run for the border in search of a
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"more news now": when it comes to crossing a busy street, cell phones tend to distract children more than adults. researchers studied this issue using a simulator. they asked people of all ages to press a button when they felt it was safe to cross -- while they talked on a cell phone. all were distracted ... but children were slowest to react. experts stres phone safety should be part of back-to-school preps. outrage continues... after it was revealed the maker of the epipen has boosted the price of the device more than 500- percent since, it turns out, that same epipen can be bought for a third of the price in canada. steve brown takes you across the border: it was a short... money-saving drive to canada...(nats) (canadian border agent) "where
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"buffalo."(agent) "where are you going?" (brown) "uh...garrison road." (agent) "bringing anything in?" (brown) "nothing in." (agents) "all right. have a good day." (brown) "thank you."less than a mile later... arrival... (nats) to the pharma-plus drug mart.... to get an epi-pen.they sell for 300-dollars in the u-s.much cheaper north of the no-time... i was back out of the store... epi-pen in hand. the very same mylan epi-pen sold in the u-s...(reporter stand up: steve brown)"entire time inside the store... three minutes to buy one of these. didn't require a prescription and the total cost... a little over 101-dollars."that's right. the very same... potentially life-saving device for people with severe allergic reactions... for one-third the u-s price.mylan in the coming weeks... it would offer a generic version of its epi-pen at 150-dollars a piece.bubuying in canada... is still about 50-bucks cheapethan that.why so much less expensive in canada? medication prices are regulated here... and canadian pharmacist sam bashta says that strikes him as fairer... (sot: sam bastha, brody's drug store)"i'm always concerned about prices of medication because it's not fair for people to uh... for wealthy people to stay healthy and happy... and people whocannot afford medication should die." driving back... we had no problem getting back into the u-s with our purchase...(nats) (u-s border agent)
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-s." (agent) "wre's home?" (brown"uh...buff" (agent"what re doing nada?"(brown) "uh...buying onofhe for my ep ."(ant) "what doy costinad" (bwn) "a hundred." (agent) we're gonna be seeing a think you'll e more." own) "i (agent) "probably." rown) "terrific. thank you." (agent) "have a good day."to insure yothat we were not pulling a fast one. there's is statement from u-s customs and border patr... "a person who has purchased a persal quantity of epi-pens outside of the united states m the u-s with tm". ther in headjust aan encounter so ose, y may be be able to ?bear? it.but first, here live ok from our airport
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is back with the latest on our
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thursday will be partly cloudy thanks to a slightly breezy nne wind that will bring in the slight chance for a few lake effect sprinkles or light showers though most of the day
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lake michigan while inland locations will warm into the low 70s.friday will be mostly sunny with lighter winds as a canadian area of high pressure passes to our north. temps will hit 70 degrees in milwaukee with low 70s inland due to an ene wind. more of the same can be expected on saturday but the wind swings around to the se to help boost temps and the dew points just a bit, it will still be beautiful with highs in the mid-70s under blue skies.the humidity will start to creep back in on sunday though it won't be oppressive, especially since highs stay in the upper 70 sunny skies
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a florida womarecently cam face-to-face with a bear.and maged torecord the encounter on her cellone. and thwas this huge bl bear. at this point he was so close to me, i was afraid to move."this bear is so close.. that's sander's knee in the video.(teliece sander) "he was that close, i felt his breath, he was this, he was a foot away from me, when it came from my ce to his" face.she first snapped a photo and sent it to her son upstairs... saying "help me."(colton sander) "i thought she was messing with me, i thought she
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but when she followed with "don't make a lot of noise" he quietly slipped in behind his mom.whether it was second person--- or that the second person is 6-6 325--- the bear did walk slowly away.fwc got the call--- saw the video and were on scene by the afternoon. (dave mcdaniel, reporting) "because the bear seems to have so little fear of humans, that's why the fwc feels it has been fed in some form or fashion. that's why they came in with a trap to remove the bear."(mike orlando) "that type of behavior is extremely concerning to us, and we consider the bear a public safety threat."despite having such a large animal as she could.. feeling startling the 300 pound male woulcreate more issues. could have happened, wildlife, anythinguld have ppened, so yea, i do feel very forte."
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hope to trap the bear and move it out of the area for safety's sake.
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russ feingold: so, what do you girls want to be when you grow up? girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. girl 2: i want to be a doctor! russ feingold: do you think you should be paid the same as boys? girl 1: definitely. girl 2: yep! russ feingold: well, i raised my two girls right here, and they agree with you - and so do i. unfortunately, in wisconsin, a lot of women make less than men doing the same job. i'll work for equal pay for women, so parents can care for a sick family member. discrimination against any women is flat out wrong. what you think of that? girls: good call!
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retired poce officer used a sledgehammer to rescue a baby from a hot car at a shopping center. police say the man and another woman saw the 4- month-old girl crying and sweating alone inside the locked vehicle yesterday. the man broke the front passenger window, and the woman carried the infant into an air- conditioned store: (("you act like a dad. you act like a cop. once a cop always a cop they say, but i have six kids. it's just a human nature of somebody.")) the 33-year-old mother is endangerment. ( toss to weather ) labor day willmainly dry but a few more clouds are expected along with the slight chance for a few showers. highs climb back to 80 degrees in milwaukee with higher dew points but overall it will be
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thanks for joining us at 4-30. the newscontinues with live at next. what the latest marquette university poll says about the u-s- senate race johnson.. live at 5 starts now. right now at five: re than arrested near the site of a merial in sherman neighbors complain that people gathering near the memorial for sylville smith are causing trouble. smith was killed by a milwaukee police officer nearly three weeks ago. rikki mitchell joins us live from sherman park with the latest.
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considerably in the last few weeks -- friends of the smith family say they need a place to mourn. but neighbors are tired of seeing large groups taking over the street. more tension this morning between police -- and people gathered near the memorial for sylville smith. milwaukee police ended up arresting three men for disorderly conduct after officers say a residents request to leave her priv an incident at the same location last night when police made 13 arrests -- after asking a crowd to disperse. you can't tell people that their grieving is up frank sensabaugh was one of the people arrested last night and considers himself a peacemaker in the neighborhood. were not trying to be at odds with the neighbors were trying to respect the neighbors i urge chief flynn to sit down with individuals that are actually out here and the neighbors and try to figure out a way that they can peacefully come to this tree just go back like it was nice and quiet,
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lives down the street from the memorial and says she wants it removed. i don't know why they're doing it i mean he's gone he's not coming back i hate it i'm sorry for it but he's not coming back i don't know why keep standing down there sensabaugh says they're willing to listen to concerns -- but he also says if the family wants to mourn -- they shouldn't be asked to leave. as long as they need to come there and mourn and the city doesn't have anywhere else for them to go mourn then they can go there d mourn i don't understandat the problem is them coming peacefully to mourn by we also spoke to a woman who leads a community effort to turn memorials like this into peace gardens -- and she has reached out to the smith family. we will have her perspective coming up tonight at 6. reporting live rm
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milwaukee mayor tom barrett says the focus has to be on the wishthe es of op ?live? at 44th and auer."the approach the lice department has taken is to do erything it can to not accelerate situation or aggrivate a situation but they do need to responto the concns of the neighborand those neighbors have been very very patient but they've got to get up for in the morning, they have esey d't want to have the disturbaes at go on lantthe night. t-m-j go to our website, our coverage on the healing in sherman park. decision 2016 coverage now. two new polls show two very different looks the u-s senate race between russ feingold and ron johnson charles benson here with the results and what it mean with less than 10 week to go the marquette law school poll shows the race has tighten between feingold and johnson among likely voters - the race is 48 to 45 percent with feingold leading in his effort to take back the senate seat. but johnson has closed the gap


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