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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  August 31, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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milwaukee mayor tom barrett says the focus has to be on the wishthe es of op ?live? at 44th and auer."the approach the lice department has taken is to do erything it can to not accelerate situation or aggrivate a situation but they do need to responto the concns of the neighborand those neighbors have been very very patient but they've got to get up for in the morning, they have esey d't want to have the disturbaes at go on lantthe night. t-m-j go to our website, our coverage on the healing in sherman park. decision 2016 coverage now. two new polls show two very different looks the u-s senate race between russ feingold and ron johnson charles benson here with the results and what it mean with less than 10 week to go the marquette law school poll shows the race has tighten between feingold and johnson among likely voters - the race is 48 to 45 percent with feingold leading in his effort to take back the senate seat. but johnson has closed the gap
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points in early august. pollster charles franin s part of the shift is from a slight increase with independents leaning republican. the variation we've seen among likely voters has more to do with short term enthusiasm - with registered voters though for the senate we see a progression from a seven point ot six point to a four point feingold lead - i think that tightening of the race is the key point. a new much different story in the u-te s senarace . 54 t percenof likely vers support feingold - 41 percent said they re backing hnson. that's a3 pot. the marquette university law scol poll also shows a tight race between clinton and trump in?wisconsin.? remem presidential primary in april. the poll shows clinton with the support of 4percent of registered voters, trump with 37.63 percent have an
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three weeks ago. 58 percent have an ?unfavorable? opinion of hillary clinto th's ?up? five points from earlier this month. trump met with the president of mexico today -enrique pe?a nieto said ?both? countries have a big problem with illegal drugs and immigration. trump repeated his belief that a wall needs to be built between the countries. "having a secure border is a sovereign right, and mutually beficial. we recognize and respect the right of ther country build a physical barrier or wall on any of it' borders to stop the illegal movement of people, drugs, and weapons. cooperatio objective, and it will be shared, of safety for all citizens is paramount to the united states and to mexico." trump sa the two didn't discuss who would ?p? for
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speech on immigration tonight in arizona. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton in mexico. clinton said ived diplomacy is more than a photo opp. people have to know ey can count on you -you that won't say one one thing and something totally different the next. and it certainly takes morethan trying to make up for year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbr ors foa few hours thenlying again. that is nothow it works." mexico's president also invited clinton to visit mexico. he said he hopes to have that meeting soon. president nieto's meeting with trump comes a day after the opening of a new mexican consulate in milwaukee.julia fello is live from there with more. mexican leaders pushed to highlight mexican-american business owners contribute more than a half billion dollars in revenue to wisconsin each year. one
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us how he's living the american dream. i feel really good to have made itas soon as youwalk into 'el ray' off 16th and erneo villarreal's mexican- american pride. got the eagle and e american flag and the mexican ag the 69 year old who ew up just outside monterrey, mexico.. has lived on milwaukee's south side since the 60's. for years we didnt discriminated or nothing we felt we were toda. villarreal has a tortilla factory four thriving businesses with loyal villarreal believes policians, including fellow business owner and esential candidate donald trump should listen to more immigrant families. we want the goverment to be more unrstaing of the needs of american people and e united stat stereotypes have frustrated villareal. some people say we dont pay taxes i pataxes pay 60 percent of
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goes into taxes the mexican consulate shared latinos who live in wisconsin's contribute ?one billion dollars? in federal state and local taxes, every year. villarreal hopes his stores help his customers embrace diversity and better life for them they want to be here they think its a better future for them for their kids too if all unauthorized immigrants were removed from wisconsin, the mexican consulate estimates our state would lose more than two billion dollars. live on the east side julia fello todays tmj four. libertarian libertarian presidential
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wisconsin tomorrownight. johnson will to hold a caaign lly in packersnow.tra the ers some good news toy t abou thei is here with the story.aker yes...ast welay matthews and julius ers we terviewed byhe n-fin the p-e-d welearned the packers linebaers clred by the the investation has been going on since january but the n- credible evid either player was provided with or used h-g-h.the packers have had this hanging over their heads since december after matthews and peppers were tied to an al jazeera p-e-d report... in that same report peyton manning was mentioned and he was previously cleared. today pittsburgh linebacker james harrison also cleared but former packers linebacker mike neal was not. the packers wrap up their pre-season tomorrow night
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on today's t-m-j four. kickoff is at 7. fixing what's broken in america's capitol. and we're not talking about ?politics.? that story is still ahead.also coming up: how marquette university is celebrating a future saint. hello comfortable conditions! plenty of sunshine the rest of the day with temps in the 70s the 50s! a few more clouds will roll in tonight but that will not st temperatures pretty much everyone. trbetween e era ofel atescuba. the first commercial flight between the u-flight commercial the fir
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era of travel between the united states and cuba. the first commercial flight between the u-s and cuba in 55 years took place today-- passengers were mostly airline executives, government officials and journalists-- eventually there will be about 300 flights a week from the u-s to cuba. the island was cut off from most americans by a trade embargo and a buan on u-s citizens touring the island. restoration work on the u-s capitol building is nearly complete. house speaker paul ryan said today the project should be ready ?before? the presidential inauguration in january. and ryan says the work will be finished ?under? its 60 millon-dollar budget workers fixed thsands of cracks in the cast-iron dome over the last two years. on sunday, mother teresa will be canonized into sainthood in st. peter's square at the she was honored by marquette university-- mother teresa visited the campus 35 years ago when she was awarded the university's
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nats of mass with mother teresa in 1981in june, 1981, marquette university awarded mother teresa the pere marquette discovery award. she spoke to a crowd of 11 thousand who attended mass with her. "if we pray together we will stay together. and if we stay together we will love one another" standing just four foot 10 she was tiny, but she spoke volumes."but she started speaking it was so quiet." "but there was a force in her voice in its gentlene heard replicated in any other place" susan mountin met mother teresa and asked her to pray for her unborn child. "and thinking she's such a passionate lover of children in the work she does and so she grabbed my hands and she prayed for the baby." nats today's masstoday, at a mass to honor her, photographer dan johnson talked about photographing her visit to marquette. he said his favorite picture didn't even have her in it. it's a picture
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"which was a cardboard box wrapped in twine with a hello my name is sticker on it that said mother teresa milwaukee." johnson said mother tereswas calm and unassuming. a priest during today's mass reminded us of one of her great quotes. "she said 'not all of us can do great things but we can all do small things with great love.'" there is a display in marquette's library that includes some of mother teresa's hand-written letters to a unique plan to get young kids reading. shannon sims is in the newsroom with a story new at six. thanks george and carole.local leaders and a barbershop are teaming up to help fill the reading gap facing milwaukee.. tonight.. how they plan to get our youth, to pick up more books.that's coming up new on the humidity is gone. john malan is here in just a moment to tell us how long we'll have
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the best week of the year, it's the most social week of the year. i can't think of being anywhere else." and next: what's behind ?that?
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look at this video. 20-thousand other with 160 tons of ripe tomatoes today in the nualan "tomatina" food fightn bunol spain. the tradition was inspired by a 1945 food fight between local children in this tomato- producing region. crowds now pack the streets every yearnd people from all over the world come to sling mama's maters. "this is my 15th year coming to bunol to throw tomatoes; is the best week of the year, it's the most social week of the year. i can't think of
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the food fight lasts about an hour. and if u ever wondered, this is what the street looks like afrward. ?milwaukee's? annual "tomato romp" is based on the tomatina festival. it raises money for the hunger task force. our food fight is a we from saturday between prospect and farwell avenues. two hurricanes in the pacific ocean are clearly visiblom space. astronauts aboard the international space station sent back these pictures of now. tell us what we'rseeing and whe those storms are headed. thursday will be partly cloudy thanks to a slightly breezy nne wind that will bring in the slight chance for a few lake effect sprinkles or light showers though most of the day will be dry. highs will be in the upper 60s along and near lake michigan while inland locations will warm into the low 70s.friday will be mostly sunny with lighter winds as a canadian area of high pressure passes to our north. temps will hit 70 degrees in milwaukee with low 70s inland due to an ene wind. more of
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saturday but the wind swings around to the se to help boost temps and the dew points just a bit, it will still be beautiful with highs in the mid-70s under blue skies.the humidity will start to creep back in on sunday though it won't be oppressive, especially since highs stay in the upper 70s under mostly sunny skies. labor day will be mainly dry but a few more clouds are expected along with the slight chance for a few showers. hiback to th degrees in milwaukee wi gher dew points t overall it will be a fantastic holiday
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next in sports... an eight-month long investigation finally comes to a close.elise menaker with what's in store for clay matthews and julius
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keep calm, you internet's on. and julius peppers can finally put the p-e-d allegations behind them.this afternoon we learned that the n-f-l cleared the packers in a release... the n-f-l says it found no credible evidence that eith player named in the al jazeera documentary were provided with or used banned substances.this comes after matthews and peppers were interviewed by the n-f-l last week in green bay... but the investigation has been going on since this same release pittsburgh's james harrison was also cleared but former packer mike neal was not. the badgers open up their season in just three days.but
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time at lambeau field.back in april the team held a practice in green bay... that's when the badgers got to be players and fans. ((:29 ve been at lambeau football been at packers games. i'm a huge packers fan in general so it was fun for me to kind of go back stage go in the hall of fame, i haven't been there in a while so it was real a special moment for me.)) for the second time this month the brewes trying to snap a six-game losing streak.last night willy peralta pitched a 10-strikeout gem against the cards but th 10 innings. peralta's only mistake came in the top of the sixth when cardinals jedd gyorkohomered. the crew tied it up in the bottom of the inning off a martin maldonado r-b-i double. but in the tenth the cardinals score the go-ahead run.and the brewers spoil peralta's solid start in their 2-1 loss. ((22:36:09 this is his best start of the year for sure and it was the slider and the fastball were both equally good. every fastball was down and heavy and really good velocity. the slider was certainly swing and miss tonight. he pitched very, very well.))
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night's indians-twins game indians pitcher zach mcallister gets nailed drive... off of his foot... but he still makes the catch.a little hacky sack action there gets the job done. that's ts russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to senator johnson on student loans: ron johnson: it's just kinda free money, young people don't really, necessarily understand finance. narrator: what senator johnson doesn't understand is, more than 800,000 wisconsinites have student loans. but he wants to eliminate federal student loans and keep interest rates high. hnson: it's just kinda free money... narrator: with senator johnson, opportunity for middle class kids would disappear. ron johnson'snot fostudents.
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the winning ticket to last night's "badger five" drawing was sold in racine. tonight's jackpot is back to ten- thousand-dollars. and the "powerball" jackpot 154-million-dollars. we'll have the winning "powerball" numbers tonight on "live at ten." "america's got talent" is at 7 and again at 8."the night shift" is at 9, followed by more local news on "live at
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. breaking news tonight. donald trump's surprise visit to mexico, standing side by side with that country's president. is trump backing down on some of his atur gn promises. he says they didn't even discuss who would pay for the wall. growing tri reat, another named stmaining steam in the tropic, hurricane watches in florida millions on high alert. violent flight. passengers injured during severe turbulence, the latest terrifying incident and pilots unable to see it coming. destination unknown. tickets are booked, bags are packed, plans are set, imagine, you're not even told where you're going. "nightly news" begins


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