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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  August 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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witnesses estimate it was going up to 80 miles an hour in a 30-mile-an-hour zone. weaving in and out of traffic at times traveling south in the northbound lanes. barns now faces felony homicide charges for the horrific accident that split the car in two. the crash killed 15-year-old latra hale, described as athletic and smart. the four were headed home after playing basketball. involved in the crash believed to be nonlife-threatening. we're live tonight on the north side, michele fiore, today's tmj4. >> shannon: thank you. >> charles: more than a dozen people have been arrested in the last 24 hours near the scene of a recent deadly shooting in -- police shooting in sherman park after neighbors complained of people being disruptive near sylville smith's memorial. ricky mitchell is live at sherman park after talking to a
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alternative to ease the tension. ricky. >> reporter: charles, friends of thatville smith say they don't understand why police tell them that they and sylville's family cannot mourn at the site here at this me more ile a. we spoke with a woman who has contacted the smith family about creating something more permanent. >> i can't change make e, but what i can do is be part of making it more beautiful. >> reporter: last year she started noticing how memorials >> just looks really bad, balloons are deflated, and we have other existing conditions, the vacant houses, the empty lots in the community. really bad. >> reporter: she founded the peace garden project to turn memorials into a permanent part of the community. >> i thought if i landscaped around the tree it will blend it's in with normal landscaping,
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at the same time. >> reporter: she says the smith family was receptive to the idea but they're still grieving and they haven't had closure. she understands that neighbors near the memorial want peace restored and she thinks a peace garden will give smith's family and friends somewhere to go. >> it isn't going to resolve the community issue, it's not. but it will give them something to have, something to go through, and balloons. >> reporter: police have not released the body camera footage from the officer involved shooting that killed sylville smith. people are demanding that authorities release it. some are saying they will not leave until the video is released. we reached out to the department of justice today who said they have no update to share at this time regarding the investigation. for now live in sherman park, ricky mitchell.
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car dealerships in two counties. >> shannon: 17-year-old javan was arrested monday. he faces a list of charges, including four counts of burglary. according to the criminal complaint he told investigators participated in the july break-ins in racine county and five corner dodge. >> charles: three milwaukee men are charged in federal court for an february. prosecutors say elijah and robert crumble walked into a tcf bank, jumped the counter and pointed guns at employees. london johnson is accused of being the getaway driver. all three were arrested with the help of fbi. >> shannon: harley-davidson plans to lay off 200 employees because of so sales. no positions are impacted at t company's menomonee falls plant.
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>> charles: decision 2016 now, back in the battleground, the new marquette law school poll shows the presidential race tightening in wisconsin. hillary clinton's lead over donald trump is now 45 to 42% among likely voters. the race in wisconsin has narrowed from 15 points among likely voters earlier this month to now just three points. both candidates have something in common. voters don't think either is honest. for trump. >> there may have been a sense that it was fine to let trump be trump, because that was thought to be damaging in early august but i think more recently it raises the question of whether leaving more of the stage to him is, in fact, an effective strategy. >> charles: clinton has yet to visit the badgertate since april. during his last stop, trump made an all out appeal to african-american voters, who
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democrat. is there any way to measure whether he can close that gap and where are the african-american voters? >> we're still not seeing much support for him from african-americans in our data or national. >> reporter: democrats have dominated presidential politics in wisconsin dating back the 1988, but we are traditionally a battleground state. two new poles suggest this is a close race. are we back >> reporter: there is a pattern which is clinton's large bounce after the convention is now gone. and it seems to have stabilized where she has a still has a lead, it still looks durable. >> charles: and gary johnson polling at 11% in the marquette survey. he will be making his first campaign stop in milwaukee tomorrow night. the former new mexico governor is slated to hold a campaign
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news for two packers recently under the microscope. elise menaker shows us the findings from the nfl investigation. >> reporter: finally, we get closure on the ped investigation that started back in january. today the nfl says it found no credible evidence that clay matthews or julia peppers were provided with or used banned substances. the ped scandals stem from a report that came out back in december just a couple weeks ago, the suspend four players if they did not agree to an interview with the nfl. three of the four players were cleared today. matthews, peppers and james harrison, the fourth former packer mike neal was not cleared. over the eight months the nfl says the investigation involved witness interviews, a review of relevant records, and lab analysis and review. shannon. >> shannon: thank you, elise. the honors continue for number
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held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new brett favre exhibit. the exhibit featured the career achievements including his record 297 career starts. one display shows every packer player who caught a touchdown from favre. >> it's not only a tribute to brett himself, and his memorable performance, but it also -- you'll see the relationship with fans and really how he revitalized the franchise. >> shannon: the w the during halftime on their october 16th game against the dallas cowboys. >> charles: the packers wrap up the preseason tomorrow night. taking on the chiefs of kansas city. kickoff at 7:00. you can watch that only on your official packers station. that is us, today's tmj4. >> shannon: a local county the is taking an interesting approach to goof proofing its golf course. >> charles: we'll show you the new tool being unleashed on the
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program is combining reading and haircuts. >> john: today's highs, absolutely spectacular. 74 in milwaukee, 73 in racine. also in west bend. everybody in genuinely the low to mid 50s, dew points finally have dropped into the 50s. comfortable dry air, plenty of sunshine, but how long will this last? pretty good time, amount of time. i'll tell you how long coming up
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milwaukee barbershops are inspiring boys to read one haircut at a time. >> shannon: how the new program helps to translate to results in the classroom. >> african-american community barbershops is our country club. >> cuts on the northwest side -- >> we exchange ideas. we exchange neighborhood gossip. >> customers don't just come in for a trim. when ron opened shop just a few months ago, he wanted to add
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something clicked when he saw all of these young boys file in week after week. >> getting my haircut. >> he reached out to these leader. they came up with the idea, sending kids home with a fresh look and good book. >> when you read it will take you on a journey of imagination. >> the focus is needed now more than ever, wisconsin is home to the largest reading achievement gap in nation between black and white students. >> numbers are numbers. all we can do is try to figure out way >> when the students come in for a haircut it will be like stopping by a library. >> when you come back for your next appointment you swap it out. >> with the focus on books that will make reading fun. >> i'm mostly reading comics, and also mostly read fiction an- >> pick up a batman book and exercise your mind. >> so far two barbershops are involved in this reading
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more will join in the coming months. in milwaukee, ben jordan, today's tmj4. >> shannon: the books are provided by the milwaukee public library. they will be changed out monthly. >> charles: the new year brings new collaboration between milwaukee catholic schools. >> shannon: we'll tell you about the plan to save money and to
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thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. >> shannon: trying to goose proof courses with the newest employee, the border collie. he'll be patrolling in the fall, patrolling for geese. this is the first time the county used the dog to try to keep the course clean. >> charles: good luck. classes begin at milwaukee public schools tomorrow.
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were hard at work making sure everything from the classrooms to the hallways were ready for the students. get up to the minute traffic and weather information tomorrow live at daybreak as you head off to school. don't forget we begin here at 4:30 in the morning. today was the first full day of class at many of milwaukee's catholic elementary schools. >> shannon: peter. >>shows us. network. the network is made up of nine schools, they'll work together on everything from buying supplies to distributing money. that's a major change from previous years. >> each parish operated on its own on an island. >> reporter: that's why the first day at saint catherine's elementary one of the nine is such a celebration occasion. ?
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ton network should help with teacher recruitment. >> the seton association a lows the teachers to say i can go to saint maries. >> reporter: families are glad to see the school growing. enrollment is up roughly 40 students this year. >> they have children that need the religious background that saint catherine offers. >> reporter: her great grandchildren are studentse. should include a vibrant school and hopes the seton network model will help sustain this one. >> this will make the neighborhood grow if we continually keep a school here. >> reporter: the school network is expected to expand over the next several years to 26 or 27 schools total. at 51st and center, pete zervakis. >> charles: part of the debate
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sherman park, does milwaukee have the highest incarceration rate for african-americans in the nation? politifact checks it out. it's a statistic that came out in the violence and arson in sherman park. congresswoman gwen moore brought it up. >> we have the highest incarceration rate among african-american men in the country, and it's -- it creates a powder keg. >> the claims are common one, a case where you got a says one thing about the state. people sort of take it and try to apply it to the state of milwaukee, but even the researcher who conducted this study says that it's much more complicated. >> charles: politifact found a major finding is about wisconsin, not milwaukee. and it's dated. the claim is if a uwm research project that showed nearly 13% of working age african american men were in state prisons or
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highest such rate in the country. oklahoma ranks second. but politifact found there's no city to city comparison to determine exactly where milwaukee ranks. the claim was rated half true. >> it's really impossible to get in this and say with certainty that the african-american incarceration rate in milwaukees higher than chicago or detroit or any other place, because no one looked at it and broken it down in that >> charles: cooler temperatures return today. >> shannon: john malan shows us how long we can give our air conditioners a break. >> john: it will be a few days, that's for sure. technically, technically, this is the last day of summer. june, july, august, and so far we got three warm months, three dry months, and three very sunny months, but jesse and i will talk more about that in detail on the now coming up at 630 can had. we're looking at high temperatures of 74 degrees in
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la crosse hit 80 but everybody else in the comfortable 70-degree range. our dew points have dropped into the 50s everywhere across the state, so the air comfortably dry. your current temperature at 72 in milwaukee. also in kenosha and sheboygan. 70 in waukesha, west bend. burlington, 73 in watertown. a large area of cloudiness to our north slipping down from north to south. we'll get in on some of those clouds late tonight. and with the winds off the lake and the cool air we might even see a in, lake effect sprinkles. you can see by 6:00 in the morning a few in kenosha county the. we could see still a cup heel of those throughout the day tomorrow, but all in all they won't amount to much. dry air setting in, very comfortable air. of the northeast winds and cool air mass over the lakes, again could generate a sprinkle or two but everybody else mostly sun e. clearing out for tomorrow night into friday morning, and friday looks very sunny, very comfortable, with cool, dry air,
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spectacular pattern into the weekend. for tonight, 58, comfortable degrees in milwaukee. 52 inland. few more clouds later on tonight, maybe a lake effect sprinkle by morning. 68 degrees lakeside, 72 inland. friday looking spectacular, lots of sunshine and temperatures around 70 in milwaukee. this forecast a great weather, goes right into sunny and 78 on sunday. for labor day monday, 80 degrees, chance of a sprinkle or shower or two, but right now doesn't look like much of a chance. tuesday and wednesday better chance of rain. and temperatures holding in the low 80s.
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suspend clay matthews and julius peppers if they didn't meet with investigators. one week after that meeting the nfl clears the linebackers. the nfl says it found no evidence that either player named in the report were provided with or used banned substances. pittsburgh's james harrison was also cleared but former packer mike neal was not. last week our team of the week bradley tech pulled out the double ot win. this extra time but the final seconds made all the difference. hamilton came up big when it mattered most. >> i'm usually pretty calm, collected guy, but i was going crazy. i was ecstatic. words can't describe how i was feeling. >> that moment came in the final seconds, after three turnovers the chargers found themselves
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>> touchdown! >> it was the best play i ever had in my career. i mean, i came up and caught those, as soon as i made the end zone. i was screaming and had my teammates come out like that, it was amazing. one of the coolest moments in my life, running down that field to congratulate him, having the rest of the team jumping on him. we knew the game was over then and there. >> anything that the guys said to you after the game that you remember, anything in particular? >> i remember saying he's only a come. >> the two stars of the game couldn't be more different. jordan smith a senr, and returning starter. jackson in his first year at varsity. >> hopefully it's just a glimpse of things to come from both of them, and we're very happy with the production thus far. when it's time to respond, essentially you need to raise your game up and that's what they did. >> as a team they came together. >> one of our main goals is to
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always give strong effort, have great attitudes, and they displayed that. >> how do you think that una it will help you throughout the season? >> i think that it's going to give us a little luck here and there when we need it. a lot of things could have gone wrong at the end of that game. but i really think that if it comes down to it, we'll have a little luck on our side. >> this week the chargers have the marquette hilltoppers and yes, our friday frenzy is back.
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>> shannon: a family dog goes overboard during a boating trip. >> charles: steve is up now with the now milwaukee. >> the family was reunited with the pup, thanks to a mayday call, but it was that dog's journey that had the family shocked. we'll tell you about it coming up next on the new milwaukee, so stick around. >> charles: looking forward to that. looking forward to a nice evening. >> john: what a beautiful
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river rhythms is tonight. did you know that? >> shannon: say that three times. >> john: river rhythms. excellent weather for river rhythms. >> shannon: i get it. >> charles: we'll see you next month. >> shannon: next month?
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