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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  September 1, 2016 2:07am-2:38am CDT

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>> then she starred in "jersey shore"... (laughter) >> you got this! >> just stand up and shake it
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>> reporter: a passionate plea from the brother of a man shot and killed by milwaukee police. he's calling for the release of the police body camera. >> we need tond and change. we need that video, please. >> reporter: that's the brother of seville smith. >> reporter: there were two officers wearing body cameras. one shows smith holding a gun and turning it towards an officer when he was shot. >> reporter: carole and
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but right this morning police came and arrested people. large crowds have been gathering since this memorial was set up. these balloons and signs are near where seville smith was shot and killed august smith says the crowd has grown, angering the neighbors. one neighbor says he's going to approach the family not to gather in such big groups. >> they are sensitive to what happened. but they want to go on with their normal lives.
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purposely put it memorial where it would not be on somebody's property. >> i didn't want to be a nuisance to the community. >> reporter: smith says they have to gather to keep the focus on getting justice for his brother. we want one thing only. you want to know why you gather here every day? we want justice. we want that body cam foot and released. >> reporter: smith said he is going to meet with the sherman park neighborhood association tomorrow night at 6:00. he hopes to reach an agreement with the neighbored. >> reporter: he's still in a lot of pain, you can tell. >> reporter: police arrested two men in connection with the murder of a milwaukee chef. the man was stabbed to death
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attacked by her boyfriend. the attorneys for morgan geyser filed a motion asking her trial be moved to another county. they are accused of stabbing a classmate 19 times as a sacrifice to the fictional character slenderman. >> reporter: 51 counties in florida u emergency as the topical storm is expected to make landfall. heavy rains and strong winds are expected in hawaii, but the store is not expected to make landfall on any island in hawaii. did you feel it, there was a slight crisp in the air. >> more comfortable temperatures are here, john. can i leave the windows open?
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everyone else will pay attention. 74 in milwaukee, also in racine. 73 west bend. whitewater, lake geneva. if you like today's weather, you will like the forecasts. we have been in the 60s and 70s the past few days and weeks. enjoy the comfortable air. a couple clouds trying to drift in from the north. you might even get a sprinkle from one of those clouds.?? we call it lake-effect cloudiness and sprinkles. partly cloudy skies. another beautiful day tomorrow. i'll be back with details. and i'll tell you how long this will last coming up in a few minutes. >> reporter: some say it appears donald trump's surprise meeting with the president of mexico may not have gone as well as trump believed.
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meco will pay for the wall, believe me. 100%. they don't know it yet. >> repter: trump made that comment tonight in phoenix. afterwards, the president of mexico said that payment for the wall was the first topic of discussion and he made it clear mexico was not paying for it. trump just failed his first foreign policy test. diplomacy is not as easy as it looks. >> reporter: it looksike a tight race between clinton and trump. clinton has the support of 47% of voters.
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the race has narrowed to just 3 points. the candidates have something in common. voters don't think either of them is honest. >> reporter: gary johnson polled at 11% in the marquette survey. he will be making his first campaign stop in milwaukee tomorrow night. for all your political needs head to our >> reporter: students at milwaukee public schools go back to class tomorrow. events are going on at a number of schools from the mayor to the multi-cultural arts school. students from around the globe are in wisconsin tonight preparing to start a new semester at carole university. more international students than
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the books. >> almost 60 international students will be studying here at carole university this semester. that's more than ever. they are so excited even though this is their first time here in the united states. when students get off their plane, they are told to find the orange shirt. a hug from pioneer pete helps ease those nerves. one coming from to study at carole university this semester. >> we have students from every continent except antarctica and australia. >> reporter: 37 start this fall. 35 arrived in milwaukee today. >> i will be studying i.t. >> i'm studying education.
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and a new culture and not knowing anyone. they are preparing for a new challenge. but they are excited to see what wisconsin has to offer. >> i heard wisconsin is famous for cheese. i have seen a lot of parties going on. i think that's what i'm looking forward to. >> reporter: students will go through orientation and take a trip to target to help them getle in. >> this is my we plan for it and we get excited and they are finally here. >> students say they are looking forward to eating cheeseburgers. i did tell them they need to try the cheese curds. >> reporter: we have you covered on your back-to-school weather and traffic. >> reporter: a new honor for brett favre.
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dedicated to the star quarterback. he retired in 2010, but his great moments live on. >> we are proud to honor as many accomplishments for his time with the packers. >> that's why a brand-new exhibit at lamboe field is honoring brett favre's legacy. he's the only person in the history of the nfl who has been able to do that. >> reporter: his time spent with highlighting his performances. >> it's a tribute to brett and his relationship with fans and how he revitalized the franchise. >> reporter: fans can see the records he has broken and check out favre fell a bill yeah.
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field. >> reporter: this will keep the ledge and alive for generations to come. >> the exhibit at lamboe field will be up for one year. >> the clock is ticking. >> the team takes on a talented kansas city chiefs squad tomorrow night. >> reporter: the city gets the final chance to make final decisions on the roster. sunday afternoon, and it will certainly be some sleepless nights after they get done with that contest against the chiefs. >> this is the stressful point for everybody football team when you go from from the preseason in play and that's one position
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the game. you know, that's why you have got to practice today and see how this goes and we'll formulate our plan. >> reporter: mike mccarthy emphasizing the running-back's battle. young brandon burkes has a shot to solidify his spot on the roster. allan. >> reporter: we would be remiss if we didn't remind you the packers wrap up the preseason tomorrow. you can watch the game here on your official packers station tmj4. what the student got the day before starting class. and it will have them walking with their heads held a little
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strawberries. >> reporter: how he helped a lonely student facing cafeteria
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>> reporter: visiting a middle school, travis rudolf noticed a boy eating lunch by himself. he's autistic and is often left all alone at lunch. someone snapped this photo of the two eating together and sent to it beau's mother. >> i said can i have a seat and eat with you? he said sure, why not. we started off having a good conversation. >> reporter: rudolf says he hopes beau can join him for sfu game this season. hundreds of families in racine got some help ... >> reporter: it comes right before the first day of school. >> it's the city's first community school. it will provide assistance programs and work closely with the surrounding neighborhood. tonight was the perfect example
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the kids got to put their signature touch on them. >> i'll remember them he time i'm at school. >> their mom is thankful for the help. >> i appreciate any help i get. i am just so grateful. it's hard out here. you go to work. you try to do everything better prepare them for their lives coming up. >> families were able to access a lot of other community resources. >> we have the dentist office there. and they don't have insurance. >> reporter: samantha, a single mom with a 7-year-old has a clear goal for him. and every parent here can agree.
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nice. >> they made it that much more easy to give up, to make another day possible. >> the united way is a partner in that community school. the intent is to create stronger connections between schools, neighborhoods and resources. there will be more events like this throughout the year. >> new at 10:00. a lost teddy bear. all over the resort hoping to reunite the animal with it owner. so stay tuned. summer wrapped up with national night out in three different parks across milwaukee. george rrp kid glocked to the park to interact with some wildlife and hang out with the men and women in bluff district five. >> this is the first time we hosted the event in a while.
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with other community organizers. and this year we hosted it, working with our community partners and we put on this event today. >> just another reminder. mps head back to class tomorrow. carole: we have a warning about imported frozen strawberries from egypt. they caused the an outbreak of hepatitis a. weren't to a tropical smoothie in neighboring states. hepatitis-a is contagious and can spread from person to person. these folks weren't singing. rather hitting the links at the golf course.
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john: i wonder what your neighbors think. today folks, technically meteorologistally speaking is the last day of summer. we had three warm months, three dry months, and three sunny months. we only had three overcast days during the whole summer season. hard to believe. the high temperatures were beautiful today. a comfortable 73. the dew points are in the 50s in most locations. dew points go up at night. 61 green bay. our temperature is dropping fast it's down to 57 degrees in waukesha. we are holding at 66 here. a couple clouds trying to drift through northeast wisconsin.
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they might bring a lake-effect sprinkle in. but everybody else will be clear as they are right now. the northeast winds bringing in the cooler air. watch a chance on our computer models with light showers or sprinkles along the way. especially down in racine. but the rest of the area is sunny to partly cloudy. friday lots of sunshine as the dry air takes hold. so for tonight, beautiful comfortable night. george is going windows. 52 inland, 58 in the city, winds for tomorrow. sunny to partly cloudy skies. you could get lake-effect sprinkles. friday looking gorgeous. lots of sunshine. 74. 70 at the lakeshore. the winds continue off lake michigan. your 7-day forecast continues to be beautiful. lots of sunshine.
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78 degrees monday. labor day looking good. but there is a small chance of an isolated shower. 82 tuesday, and up to 83 wednesday. chances of showers, a better chance tuesday into wednesday.
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>> reporter: one week after the packers met with the league, the nfl found no credible evidence that either player was provided with or used band substances. james harrison was also cleared. but former packer mike neil was not. not you attention shifts to tomorrow night's game in kansas city. >> reporter: here sat kansas city the packers not expected to play aaron rodgers. but if something happened to him during the regular season. what about the backups? the vikings found that out the hard way and rogers giving his blessing to bret to become his backup. >> bret gets it. it's hard to explain that unless you are kinds of around us all
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but he gets what we are trying to do. he understands what it takes every single day, and he's working toward it. we talk a lot last year about how long does it take to get comfortable. how long does it take to learn the offense. how long does it take to become an expert for what you are doing and react quickly. everything you are doing is right on track where you want to be. >> reporter: this is what the preseason is a when training camp started nobody knew anything about joe callahan. but now he's played so well they are forced to put him on the main roster as the third quarterback. >> reporter: the brewers aim
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>> the brewers trying to avoid being swept by the cards. luke wafer just picked up his first big league win.
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shot. they scored their only run in the fourth. gives up just one run. they snap that 6-game losing streak. the game in green bay, the first jo but my family were able to hop on early. we'll be set. we usually run around 15. aunts, uncles, cousins, mom, dad, grandparents.
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>> reporter: 5, 10, 24 -- >> reporter: john? john: thursday we are looking at a beautiful day.
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? ? from nbc news, this is "today", with kathie lee and hoda kotb, live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. we're so happy you're with us for this wines day wednesday, august 31st. last day of august, hoda woman. >> what happened? what happened to august? >> don't you say that every year? >> because of the olympics, i think it flew a little quicker.


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