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tv   Morning Blend  NBC  September 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am CDT

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good morning everybody. today no more homework battles. a plan for parents and when it is okay to step in and help. a new safe and effective way to remove tattoos in less time. and how you can take a peek at wisconsin's history 3 billion blend. ? ? [ music ] ? ?
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oh, flash back to the 80s i loved this song. everybody is working for this weekend because it's a holiday and we have monday off labor day. "washington post" had an awesome article about the first job and what it says about you. be think being your first seven jobs. one of the things it says two trends emerge. this guy is in his 40s this is definitely true of my generation, one the first few positions in typical summer jobs. lifeguarding, mowing lawns, delivering papers, -- >> baby-sitting. >> working at mcdonalds. the gap stuff like that. the second job, the second trend was that they had them during or after college so this kind of mix of occupations where it shows they were starting at the bottom. so mail clerk, reception desk. things like that.
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like they are already working up the career ladder. they are doing jobs in their area of interest. or they are told to consider their passion. this is the most f fascinating thing i read. many students who now enter college have never held a part-time job in high school. >> what? >> in fact, nearly 40% in 1990 it is now just 20%. they say, -- >> is that part of the millennial group or no? it's not. it's after? >> it's after studying, they are encouraged to see their friends and have academic interests. >> so were we. >> and a lot of them just never have employment. >> i think that's bad. that's really bad. you know your first couple jobs? >> my first job was working as a waitress at a hotel event type thing so no tips, but i also was a telemarketer that is fascinating. >> i bet you got good stories for that.
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little disgusting because you would clean the beds after people would, burned skin, a little bit of nasty. a lost nasty and bagging groceries. >> those are all good ones. >> that also i still bag my own groceries. >> my first one was at a grocery store. i worked at sun glass hut selling sun glasses. i worked at successries. where it is like motivation. >> t though. >> no they are not. i rewinded tapes for a dj. i waitressed. i took care of the rats for a psychologist. >> our executive producer quit because they had to do mouth to mouth with a rat. >> no reviving, but city pet them. they were great we bred adhd and the regular ones. these are all random jobs.
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probably the growsest and most random is job we have ever heard of. mama is with us. carole what was your first job? >> my first job was a job at the swimming pool and one of the duties was called toe check. >> toe check what did you have to do? >> we sat on a chair and the gents that would come out footstool and spread their toes and we would have to look for open sores and stuff. if they had open sores we kicked them out. >> if they had open sores they were out. >> correct. >> so what -- >> we also were checking to make sure they had showered because you were supposed to take a shower before you went into the pool so we had to make sure they were wet. >> you didn't check them before they went in the pool you
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>> welcoming out of the locker room -- well, coming out of the locker room from the shower area. >> how much did you get paid to be a toe checker because you were 16 at the time right? >> i think it was probably under $2 an hour. [laughter] >> was it worth it? >> it was fun. it was a lot of young high school kids. we just kind of hung around with the lifeguards it was great. >> when people would say your friends or people you would run into whao job you would say i'm a -- >> well we were do called parki. i was a parky. >> you were are parky who did toe checking? >> correct. >> we would rotate you didn't do it all day. >> how many people would say to you see i towed you so. [laughter] >> it was so great to talk to you momma. thank you so much. >> thanks for joining us. >> no problem.
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toe check at a time. >> one foot at a time. one last sore to worry about. >> i love it. >> we asked what was your first job? i think people love talking about their first jobs. i loved working at a grocery story, nothing better than having all of those cans face the same direction that was so satisfying. >> because they've got to be organized just right. i love that. >> they sure did. now that school is in full swing we thought we would offer help for the homeworklu homework she believes it is necessary not something kids should complain about and parents should not dread it. >> today how to avoid homework battles before they begin. perfect timing for this. judy cohen was a former teacher now an academic coach, author and honor of a tutoring service. you say homework is not a punishment. >> absolutely. >> it feels like it to kids and some parents. >> yeah.
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way of thinking in five minutes. >> you can do it. >> homework is a diagnostic tool. it teaches much more than just academic practice of skills. notice i'm saying academic practice. your children go to soccer practice, basketball practice, voice lessons you name it. academics have to be thought of as in a practice mode. so you need an academic practie appointment. that's something you adhere on e children's needs. let's put that aside let's talk about what homework really does. it not only academic field practice it teaches responsibility. which, a child is not born learning responsibility. you need to teach that. >> oh, i know they're not. you don't have to tell me that. >> i'm not preaching to the choir here. did you write down the homework correctly in your assignment notebook.
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crucial tool. just write down homework correctly completely. did they bring home the materials to do the homework. did they understand the skill being taught. where were you when the teacher was teaching the skill what were you doing? it also teaches advocacy. when your child comes home and is sitting in front of homework for hours it's a red flag to a parent. why? not because of the homework, b going on and now here's your key to find out what. >> so you mean because they are there for a couple hours the homework shouldn't be taking that long they maybe are not paying close enough attention to what the lesson was. >> and maybe the child wasn't in class at the time. if you start digging and asking questions you might find out a lot about your child and what is going on in the classroom. >> i want to know more about that. is it okay to give kids options
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i have a kid that is good at homework right away before a snack even. others are more willing to do it a little later like after a snack and maybe a little time with a friend. is it okay to say do you want to do your homework now or after you have a half hour with your friend and a snack. is it okay to say would you like to do homework at your kitchen table or at your desk. >> going to school is your child's job. education is not a democracy. wiha it's not oh, honey, when would you like to do this? it's a job. it's your responsibility and your commitment to your education. academics is number one priority. so again, an academic skill appointment. mom tonight i'm going to sit between 7:00 and 8:30, i'm going to get my homework done i wrote it on my schedule there it is. no homework in the bedrooms. >> oh, my goodness. >> a lot of teens especially
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>> let's talk about what bedrooms are for. sleeping, snapping, chilling, talking, watching movies, listening to music. great place to do homework no? >> like adults you don't do your own homework in your bedroom. >> find a serious spot in your home, where homework will be completed. >> public? >> if you have more than one child. >> absolut a parent has the right to sneak past and take a look at what is going on. a parent does not have a right though to say, oh, sweetheart i think you should go to some more websites come here i will show you. >> gotcha. >> enablement to a child is disablement to their future. >> oh, repeat that judy cohen. >> uh-huh. >> there it is. >> there is another mantra here, enablement to a child in extreme measures we all want to help kids do well is a disablement
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parent who is enable their kids are the ones who are unaware of it or often unaware of it. >> they do it with the heart of i want my child to do well. i want them to be happy. let's be happy. okay. >> let's be comfortable. >> and here's the other thing the kid who is sit and cry when they are given homework, buy them a whole case of tissue. [laughter] >> oh, hard core parenting. >> it shows different things are going on. there is a is crying it's not about the homework. never about the homework. there is a guideline for academic skill appointments. if you're going to schedule from 7:00 to 8:00 that's what you are going to do. >> are they scheduling it or are you scheduling it for you. >> they are telling you here's what i need. >> is it okay if it changes? >> if they need more time absolutely. if they need less time, you have every right as a parent to go over and say let me look at it you are not going to do it.
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does homework. they teach a child how to do homework. >> should parents sit with the child during homework and should you allow cellphones. should your child have their cellphone next to them while doing homework? >> absolutely no for the cellphone. >> plug it in somewhere else. >> kids are kids. the distractibility a high. take all of those distractions away. this is serious business this is their job. go to school, get homework everything else is the flowers on the cake. i understand kids should have extracurricular activities it's important to be a well rounded child. this is their job this is their commitment. should you go sit next to your child while he is to go homework absolutely not. >> should you ever even in first grade, second grade, third grade. >> if you walk past your child and see they are doing all kinds of errors you can say i want you to look at 1, 3 and 6 and let them figure out what is 3oing
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know this big thing on the internet was no homework, no homework. you have going to have to increase the school time until 5:00, 5:30 at night. because teachers cannot get it all done. >> bottom line help only when your child really wants it? >> teach your child advocacy they are not born with this skill. teach them ask me a question. do have you a question what is your question? how else could you have done that? do not sit and do >> don't expe check it over and correct. >> you can check it over just say i see some errors take a look at the first paragraph. >> what is your web side? www.lakeside educational thank you so much. avoid those homework battling blues. >> shouldn't be a battle. we have a lot more coming up a new solution if you suffer
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and we are back now with the nationally syndicated film critic ryan jay. in this back to school season he is here to school us on the new movies coming out this weekend. >> his back to school outfit. >> that's what i thought we were going with. >> so preppy. >> i miss back to school shopping. all of the supplies, all of the clothing. these are new >> see. uh-huh. >> thank you very much. >> but, so i miss that a little bit i still pick up on that back to school fever why not. >> you have nieces and nephews it's fun to get that same energy. >> vicariously live through them or compete with them. [laughter] >> kidding. >> that's awesome. let's breakdown some of the movies going on. the light between oceans pg13. >> and this is the new romantic drama based on a best selling novel.
9:18 am
they met on this movie and now are a real life couple. >> do you have any idea what the aiming difference is i'm just curious. -- age difference is. >> that's 27 he is 39. >> i thought it was maybe more than that. >> i did too because he looks so much older than me right, but not the case. >> did you find it award worthy? there has been buzz about it? >> i think the score is my favorite of the year so far. i p nomination for the critic's choice awards. i also love the cinemaing tography. >> it's very instagrammish. movie clubbers went to this and they thought it was a little slow right? >> yeah some people did find it a little slow. it is slow moving it's deliberate it takes its time. it's a movie that breathes. there is a stillness to it. what i liked about that it is very internal and you get to go inside the minds of the
9:19 am
are so strong, that you are able to know what they are feeling and thinking just by their expressions. i feel alicia's pain. michael is twisted. >> it's very heavy. >> what did you think about rachel vice. because these are the two main characters in it, but she also has a important role. >> she enters in two thirds of the way through the film and she is one of my favorite also. she's so good a talented actress. there is so much pain there, but also kind of holding back a and there is a new try, not a love triangle, but it deals with loss and morality it's a unique situation, but very challenging to watch. >> beautiful, but depressing. >> i didn't cry. >> molly did you cry? >> you came with me to this screening. >> i thought the movie was phenomenal. i thought it was gorgeous. there were times during their love story where i think a lot of people face not that pressing, but the issue is do you go along with what somebody wants because you love them so
9:20 am
one thing i want to say is the children in this movie the baby, was incredible. almost like an actress like a 1-year-old. it was the most incredible baby couple of scenes i have ever seen. >> and that little girl grows up she is so good. >> i don't know how old that actress was, but it was phenomenal. >> and emotionally challenging scenes. i say see it. if you can bring your kleenex with you. >> okay. there you go. the sea of trees with this weekend? >> yeah what up? >> get your cry in. >> if are you emotionally dead go to the movies this weekend it will change you. [laughter] >> you are empty inside. >> i have no heart. the sea of trees starts out with matthew mcconaughey arriving in japan at a forest most popular for the destination where people go to off themselves.
9:21 am
film i heard. >> there is the part when he is in the forest and two guys are there for the same reason they connect in the forest. there is a lost flash backs where we see matthew mcconaughey with his wife in the film naomi watts. she's stunning in this film. >> interesting. those are kind of movie in two parts almost. >> right. >> but before the past and what is happening current. metaphors? >> watching this movie is a metaphor for h have to, there was a couple times i thought i would walk away, it pays off in the end. >> great payoff. >> because there is flash backs is there a super natural aspect? >> there is something mist calat the end i was watching this whole movie i watched it at home thinking i don't need to go to the theatre to see this. i'm not really into it. the end of the movie is so strong it's like a up side down fairytale. i was like this movie is mazing
9:22 am
the theatre so see it i am recommending it, but you have to be pat patient with it. >> interesting movies both opening up. do you have a give away? >> i do. i have the live adaptation of?? the jungle book. >> i just watched it on my flight home. i loved it. >> amazing. >> i'm giving away free digital copies through my website. it's so good. enter to win at my website ryan jay >> i loved it. >> mogli. >> this is one of tiffany's favorite actors tom hanks in sully. clint eastwood, this is a hash tag oscar bait, hash tag talking to a chair. >> it looks so good. >> thank you for laughing. >> tuesday, september 6 at 7:00 p.m. enter to win at my website hope you can make it. >> the pilot who landed the plane into the river. >> successfully landed it in the river and no one died.
9:23 am
movie. >> they should make a simulated ride for that at great america. >> that's awful ryan. >> i might do that. >> you're dead inside. >> it would be fun. [laughter] >> you need a good cry i think. >> exactly. you can like ryan jay on facebook, follow him on twitter for his full movie reviews. check out his website ryan jay the 3 billion year walk a fun way to get a peek at
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welcome back. well this is not your average benefit walk. hike milwaukee follows forested nature paths along the milwaukee river with activity and nature education centers throughout. this year a portion of the route will feature a new exhibit from the milwaukee rotary centennial arboretum with rocks over 3 billionrs real history there. hear to tell us more about this special event are john franke and jen hense with the urban ecology center. great to see you guys. i love the urban ecology center. i was just telling you during the commercial break. the visits i have had there have been wonderful. you got a lot of good stuff going there. let's talk about hike milwaukee. who should come out for this hike? >> anyone really. so, it's very family friendly event. a little bit different than your
9:27 am
nature paths along the river. there are accessible pacts if you want to come out with kids in strollers or if you are a wheelchair user it will be be wonderful along there. >> talk about the route and some of the things going on throughout. >> along the way you will be able to stop and help us with the community mural. the storm chaser van is going to be out there. we're excited to have that as a stop. >> our mobile weather unit? >> fun. >> then we're going to be doing >> i love bird watching. wisconsin i think is in terms of bird watching states we're like number one people in wisconsin love their birds. so the 3 billion year walk. how did that become part of the milwaukee rotary centennial arboretum and how do you describe it to people? >> i would describe it as a really good reason to come to the walk and if you can't come to hike milwaukee, come and see
9:28 am
that forms the stone structure that forms the entryway to the arboretum which was put up several years ago. >> this one here? >> no that is the first in the new exhibit. but a stone structure was used to mark the entryway and that led to the idea of having the geology of wisconsin the history, memorialized in this karen walk. and it developed over a couple years and it is almost done, recently installed. hopefully there will be sign up up by the walk. all nine of these karens that document our state's geological history are in place. the baby in the group is about 3 million years old and as you mentioned before, as you goest to the end of the walk the last, the jade is 3 billion with a b billion-years-old. what do you find fascinating
9:29 am
city, our country our space's history. what do they mean to it? >> i don't have any background in geology. i couldn't tell you the difference between periods, but it's not impossible not to get excited about these structures both the artistry that was put into them by nick tompkins, and the history they convey. i think they speak to our role as stewards of this planet even though we may have a things. made smaller by the notion that these rocks have been around for billions of years. i think it's still speaks to the important role we play. because right now we are the stewards of this planet and, part of the mission of urban ecology center and the rotary club in joining with the urban ecology center is to convey the importance of that and not just the rocks, but the plants and
9:30 am
>> how can people see them and find out more, learn more. i think it would be a really fun thing for the whole family to be able to see to appreciate some of the history that is that old. >> you can come down for hike milwaukee it is september 18. registration is going on now. we hope that people will take advantage and sign up for their t-shirt before september 6. and they can come out and that will be a portion of the walk that they can see. you can alsop to the riverside park urban ecology center and check them out for yourself as well. >> uh-huh. john kind of mentioned some of the help for the mission and is that do you second that how it helps the mission of the urban ecology center by participating in hike milwaukee? >> absolutely. the goal is to get urban kids and adults into nature right in the city. which were talking about that earlier. it's just this little hidden gem. we want to come out and enjoy it and then, also help us to further that mission so we can
9:31 am
>> are there things are you doing to encourage fundraiser incentives? >> if you sign up for the hike you can create your own fundraising page and, we've got some kind of neat items there. >> that is so cool i love it. >> the sweatshirt? >> $50, you will earn the water bottle and then $200 you earn the eco friendly sweatshirt. >> it's a very cool sweatshirt too. it's one of those soft material ones. that's cool. >>ow >> 2 1/2 miles. >> 2 1/2 miles. so wear your walking shoes. >> what do you figure it takes someone not doing it quickly? >> i would guess maybe an hour or so. we took the time to walk it and there is just so many beautiful things to see along the way. it's being right down in the valley where you wouldn't normally be able to see the river up that close probably for most people. >> if people register now before tuesday, september 6, then they get their choice of t-shirts. >> their t-shirt size
9:32 am
i love it. we're supporting it here too. register before this coming tuesday. tuesday is right after labor day. do it now to guarantee your chosen t-shirt size. go to urban ecology center .org to find out more and to register for the hike milwaukee which is super fun. great to meet both of you. thank you so much. >> thanks for having us. a few stretches that will make the next motorcycle ride a little more comfortable. up next m up getting them off. why because it takes too long. after the break a new safe treatment that works better and in less time.
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welcome back. tattoos are now more popular than ever before. sometimes that permanent mark on your body is somng regret. >> today tattoo removal and a new safe effective way to remove all of the ink of all of the colors in fewer treatments. dr. deborah manjoney is the medical director of the the wisconsin vein center and medispa in pewaukee. great to see you. >> good to see you. >> you too. >> i'm dying to know what tattoo is the most likely, what do people regret the most? which are they most likely to want removed? >> the name of an ex. >> absolutely. >> where is it usually?
9:36 am
removed even if most people in every day life can't see that tattoo? >> they do. they do. it's really funny, but i think most are on the ankles or the arms, but the back. we've had people come in who just had tattoos done and they are misspelled. >> oh. [laughter] >> kids are devastated. they have dop have gone throughf this and there is a misspelled word. so come in if you have something you have tired of or faded or you don't like it any longer or it reminds you of somebody you don't want to remember come on in. >> a lot of people think about it being very painful. tattoos don't feel great themselves there is pain associated with getting a tattoo, but removal has been known to be painful. there is a new technique you are using. >> what we're using is not laser any longer. we do have laser we use it for
9:37 am
we do complimentary removal of tattoos for r radiation therapy. people who have had cancer we will remove those marks if their doctors say it is okay they aren't going to get more treatment. there are colors difficult to remove with the lasers available. >> like which colors? >> mainly greens and yellows. >> those are hard? >> they are harder to r blues are fine, but sometimes a blue is also difficult. even though we have different wave lengths we use. with the laser we're using an an explosive thing it explodes the pigment and it is taken up by lymph nodes. there is a concern that spreading this dye may not be healthy to do to remove it.
9:38 am
too. this new device you are using that is safe and effective is the eclipse reverse. >> that's right. >> that's what this is. >> it's almost like a little tattoo pen. the needle is vibrating back and forth and we're able to control the depth of the needle. by doing little almost fraction ated, we're leaving islands of skin between. we actually use a template on the tattoo the first time. we do l treat, and then like this this is after one treatment, so all of those little -- >> that's a lot after one treatment removed. >> and maybe you like the new [laughter] -- >> design. >> the new design. >> what is nice to us because tattoo removal a patient really gets tired of coming back. because you can't take how long it will take because you just don't know, maybe 10, 12, sometimes more treatments to get it off off and it fades slowly.
9:39 am
pigment in the spots that are treated immediately. you're seeing a lot more result. so i think people are more, motivated to come back and have it done. >> uh-huh. >> how many times does this treatment take? >> usually 3 to 6. depending on how dense the tattoo is. you know or if it's a line, if it is letters and things like that? >> how many weeks apart? >> 8 to 12 weeks apart. you can't the totally get better. you don't want to treat and area that is still healing. so we treat it and then it scabs over in three weeks the scale falls off you let that heal so the pinkness go away and we treat it again. >> is it always the way you treat it in packages? >> we always try to sell three treatments first for $999. and then as they come in for additional treatments depending on how big the tattoo is, how
9:40 am
they'll need we're able to estimate a lot more clearly how many treatments are going to be needed. >> okay. >> we can be up front and say you can expect this will be gone in six months or one year. instead of who knows. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> it is just fading the name on their arm. >> right. >> you can still read it. [laughter] >> yeah. okay. got it. now right now if people come in they can have a free consultation and s removal with a $50 discount. >> they can get $50 off the first treatment or package. >> why because you like morning blend viewers? >> we do. >> awe so nice. >> tattoo removal make sure to mention the morning blend. you can start your removal process with a free consultation and $50 off the first treatment package. located on georgetown drive. in pewaukee.
9:41 am
at wi you also have items they can order online too. >> that's right. >> good stuff. thank you so much doctor appreciate it. summer is coming to a close, but we are not ready to put all of our toys away yet. right adam? >> he is not putting his cats away strong is here with simple
9:42 am
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welcome back. well thousands of people will travel great distances to celebrate the milwaukee rally this weekend. with a few several stretches can makehe comfortable. >> adam von rothfelder a fitness trainer from milwaukee who we first met on nbc's show strong is here with tips to ride longer and feel better doing it. great to see you. >> great to see you too. >> i can't believe summer is over. >> it's not over. it's close. and we got plenty of time left to ride the motorcycles, get out, play, work out do all of the things we love to do outside. why not make them even better right? so, i have this beautiful royal
9:45 am
>> beautiful. >> they are cool neighbors in milwaukee now partnering in the neighborhood of harley davidson which is really slick. it just kind of influenced me to the idea like, if we're stuck in this position for a while we got to stretch it out and figure out how to ride longer and feel better. so, one of the biggest things we have that happens when you are on the motorcycle is you're sitting here and in a stuck throaten position where your wrist, your elbows shoulders are all are also sitting a lot hunchback unless you have good hip movement. so you are in this stuck position. so, looking at the three steps what -- stretches, i want to focus on our wrist, our shoulders and our hips. with the wrist it is important whether you are riding a motorcycle or sitting in a desk all day to fully extended the arm and put your thumb right under the crease of the wrist and go ahead and push down and hold the thumb.
9:46 am
showed me this stretch one time because i had problems here. >> oh, yeah. >> so here and then here. >> like that. >> that's good for like tennis elbow too. >> totally yeah. this is going to stretch the biceps, your flexors in your arm. >> i can feel it. >> we can actually rotate it just a little bit like that. and just rotate it back and forth using the shoulder. >> i feel like your arm looks like a turkey leg. [laughter] >> i kind of want to eat it. [laughter] to take that and turn it up side down. we're going to go here and put the thumb here, and pull up. and we're pushing the elbow while we're pulling the hand. this one we want to sit stationary not try to rotate it would be almost kind of impossible. sitting in these positions for 30 seconds this one being active. >> feels good. >> this one being just passive just holding it. >> i want to use this one when i'm writing. you don't write very often anymore and your hands get sore
9:47 am
everything is putting our shoulders inward. the nice thing about this one it is making our thumb turn outward which is opening our shoulder and going to take me into the second movement. with the thumbs pointing forward on the side of the body we're going to rotate the thumbs out and lift the chest and continue to rotate those thumbs back further and further which is going to open the sde from there we're going to close them in and open them up. >> feels good. good on your sternum too. >> i feel like that's one of the things that crack as you get older? >> life is an accumulation of choices. while you continue to do that for ten more seconds you think about, i want you to get the benefit of it because you're going to sit on the yellow couch again this is going to open up your posture. your body gets tight. all of the muscles and tissues get stuck in this position.
9:48 am
to breathe and expand our bodies. >> that feels good even if you are sitting at a desk. one of the reasons we get anxiety is the tightness in our chest. the last one we're able to do is a simple hip stretch. it is nice because this motorcycle has a really good sturdy set up. i'm going to use this as a demonstration. and all we're going to do is turn, lift the hip up and turn it out. >> mine always pop. >> we're going forth here. >> uh-huh. >> as far out. >> there it goes it popped. >> there you go. >> going nice and slow going out as far as you can. >> i feel like a ballerina. >> i think mine popped. >> wee. [laughter] >> our producer is like you can't really see. >> that's all right. >> then you can do the other side too right? >> right of course. just looking at both of these, all three of these exercises just doing 30 seconds each or a couple rounds of everyone.
9:49 am
stretch and make it like you know just different, like open up your leg and get some better extension. but i mean, you know, three minutes and you're going to be feeling a lot better. >> this thing you had us do rotating our shoulders and pushing the sternum out it's like i always feel like my shoulders get rounded over the course of the day especially. >> especially women especially have a different conflict with you know the way that we're developed. it's like men we have muscle, women they have gland is pulling weight, it's like suspenders pulling you down. >> you're talking abouts? booobs? >> are you talking about breasts? [laughter] >> stretchy tissue. >> i'm like gland what do you mean? my glands are so heavy. [laughter] >> i wish i didn't have such big glands you know. then my back would be better. [laughter]
9:50 am
after the break. [laughter] >> thanks adam. [laughter] >> you can get free one week trial if you go to his website and learn how to stretch your glands. >> bring your glands. >> everyone bring your glands. after the break our picture of the day will be up next. >> we'll also have your responses to the soundoff question.
9:51 am
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9:53 am
all right welcome back. let's take a look at our picture of the day. this is awesome i love this shot. kelly shared this action shot of patrick eagan, lee anna, brock and abbey racing on pewaukee lake a few w [laughter] >> i love that. >> love that. don't forget once a month we take a picture of the day to be professionally framed, but our friends at the great frame up of whitefish bay. if you wld like your favorite photo proudly displayed at your home enter our picture of the day contest. >> email us at like lania did. >> that was a cool action shot. what was your first job? we got a lot of good responses. >> nancy says when she was 14
9:54 am
cents a piece. people would drop off their laundry she would iron and hang them and they would pick them up the next day. it's hard to believe how many people wanted their sheets done. >> that was one of my ch chores when i was a kid. ironed sheets and my dad's handkerchiefs. >> do you still iron? >> i don't mind ironing at all. >> i find a lot of ironing. >> i know men who love it. >> valerie said she delivered the des moines register newspaper. she would show up for work at 3, put jelly in jelly doughnuts, frost, cake, and leave the bakery at 6:00, grab the newspapers and deliver them to make it home in time to get a shower, get dressed and go to school. you might be my hero. awesome. >> bob was a milk man.
9:55 am
the milk box on the front stoop. we had a milk man growing up, but it was like the cartons. my parents divorced when i was 3 and the milk man was really blonde and my brother was like you know you're zip's kid. >> that's hilarious. i was going to make a joke about that. >> my brothers have black hair. they would be like zip is your dad because he was blonde.
9:56 am
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thanks for hanging out with us today. on monday why a musician with wisconsin roots is taking a new challenge. and makeup stick getting rave reviews.
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>> this morning on "today's take," 15-time grammy award winner alicia keys with more soulful music on the plaza and the secret to longer looking legs. the shoes the celebrities wearing. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall, and billy bush live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this friday morning, september 2nd. a beautiful day. >> so cool. >> she is still meeting our crowd.


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