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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  September 2, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm CDT

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harley rally, a badgers game in ?green bay?...and you can bet you'll come across those sweet smells from the grill at some point. storm team 4 meteorologist jesse ritka joins us with the holday weekend weather.... today is mostly sunny and pleasant with highs in the low to mid 70s, low humidity, and
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the first hurricane to hit florida in more than a decade has left one person dead, and launched a storm surge that destroyed beachside buildings and toppled trees . hundreds of thousands power as the storm moved from northern florida into georgia. they're preparing all along the seaboard as now-tropical storm "hermine" heads north. virginia's governor has declared a state of emergency. storm watches and warnings are in effect as far north as new england. the stanford university swimmer convicted of sexually assaulting an intoxicated and unconscious woman... is now a free man.brock turner served just three months of a six- month sentence in a california
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sentence is still triggering outrage. as brock turner walked out of the santa clara county jail friday mornin he had nothing to say.instead, the sheriff who oversees turner's home of the past three months said it all.(s/ sheriff laurie smith / santa clara county) "i think it's outrageous.turner was sentenced to six months in jail after being convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman.the judge's sentence set off a national outcryreigted now that so- called "good behavior" got turner out three months (s/ sheriff laurie smith / santa clara county :26- :30) "he's gone from our custody and should never have been here in the first place. he should be in state prison right now."the case put focus on the issue of sexual assault on college campusesand drew outrage over the judge's decision .. turner could have faced 14 years in prison.two million people signed petitions supporting the victim, and urging that judge aaron persky be removed from the bench.the victim issued a statement, which has been viewed more than 18-million times.she wrote "we can let this destroy us, i can remain angry and hurt and you can be in denial, or we can face it head on, i accept the pain, you accept the punishment". punishment many hoped would be much more sever (s/ avi
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entire case just showed that if you commit sexual assault to an unconscious woman on the stanford campus in california that you spend a summer internship in jail."turner is heading back to his ohio hometown.he's on three years' probatio banned from using drugs and alcohohe will be on the sex offender registry for the rest of his life.chris pollone, nbc news. the local district attorney wants the california governor to sign a bill establishing minimum sentences for people who commit sexl assaults on people who are unconscious. re news now...some teach thisear are taking on more classes than usual... due to a nationwide teacher shortage. several teachers in tye green bay area are pulling double duty to help fill the need. the bulk of the shortages are in math.. ch ed.. ecial
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they won't fill sitions with people who ?are nott qualified to teach. mold problems at the shawano community high school. northern wisconsin, is dealing with a mold problem. that's because the cooling system couldn't keep up with the humidity over the summer. six classrooms in the northern wisconsin school are affected. the mold is non-toxic and more testing is being done. the classrooms could be back in use by late next week. devestating floods, not stopping louisiana fans from up new on live at 6. as the badgers get ready to play the tigers at lambeau field, we caught up with some bayou state fans.. tonight.. they share the hardships the've ovcome, just to see thier favorite am. that's new on live at 6. got tickets for the maroon 5 concert at the bmo harris bradley center next month? you are going to have to change your plans.the band has rescheduled their milwaukee stop, and several others on their tour as well, due to the
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date for the show is monday, february 20th. all tickets for the october show ?will? be honored for that performance. if you drove by miller park this afternoon... you may have seen some folks going "over the edge." it was a benefit in support of "special olympics wisconsin." our vince vitrano
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green bay is bracing itself for an invasion of badgers and tigers. that's next.and... we know packers fans are something special. but what is it that sets them apart? we'll
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louisiana state fans are getting the titletown treatment this week as they arrive at austin straubel airport in green bay. their fifth-ranked tigers take on the wisconsin badgers at mbeau field tomorrow in the season opener for both teams. kick-off is set for 2:30. packers fans are set for another season with high hopes
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paers fan and psychology professor found out what sets green bay fanspart from the during la year's "n-f-l" season... she conducted a study.of156 ckers fans.. in 23 different states. they answered a series questions.. geared toward learning more about how green-and-gold fans compare to the general population. she first examined their "personality traits"... and one thing stood out. (16:00:40) in particular, most of the differences are in younger packers fans 18 to 29. are less open, they're a llittle more conventional, they kind of like what they like (16:00:59) but they tend to be more agreeable so they're more sympathetic, they're more kind, they're more trusting with other individuals. (16:00:55) (shane-labor) also analyzed "game-time" reactions... and how wins and losses.. affected packers fans. (15:52:59) "losses were really where more of the action was (15":53:02) we kind of take a hit as packers fans,. (15:53:04) we started feeling a little bit angry, little bit sad, (15:53:09) and when it comes to moving-on.. after getting beat in a game... (15:52:04) "almost across the board,
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packers fans were less neurotic than the average american in the adult population, so (15:52:11) they're saying that they don't experience as many negative emotions, they handle negative emotions more effectively (15:52:18) and they're just able to cope better." (15:52:20) ?so what about superstitions? 58-percent of those studied say... they perform the ?same ritual on "game days"... such as wearing certain clothes.. or sitting in the same spot.. to watch the action. (shane-labor) is conducting he will dig deeper.. into how long people feel "down in the dumps"... after a packers loss... and how it affects their productivity at work. it'll also take a closer look.. at how important "fan traditions" are.. when it comes to games. whether you'll be at lambeau field or anywhere else, enjoy the weather this weekend!
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tonight is another clear and chilly night with lows in the 50s and a calm wind.the comfortable air will continue
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and lows in the 50s.sunday is mostly sunny, warmer and more humid with highs near 80, and labor day is partly cloudy and humid with highs in the lower 80s and a few isolated
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ever dreamed of flying to the moon? or maybe it may not be too far from reality. mexico, is a 220 miion e, new dollar bet that the commercial space age will be profitable. (sot: william gutman / vp aerospace ops, spaceport america)"this is spaceport america, new mexico, planet earth, mexico, planet earth, zip code 87654-3210." spaceport america is a vast, 27-square mile, state taxpayer funded facility which has been operating for three years and
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launches... but it is still waiting for its biggest customers to lift off.nats: "ta-da!"(file: june 2013)this is where richard branson wants to launch tourists to the edge of space for virgin galactic... something he thought would happen by 2009, but it hasn't, and a fatal test crash in 2014 has pushed everything back. spacex has also moved in, but its launchpad here is quiet. (sot: william gutman / vp aerospace ops, spaceport america)"virgin has not a launch yet neithe has spacex, we're ready for both of them but of them has gotten to that point yet." q: were you too soon? a: "i don't think we were too soon because we have done 28 vertical launches so far." in the last year, there has been remarkable positive momentum. elon musk's spacex has experienced a stunning record of successes, especially in recovering boosters, which musks consids k the cost of space. jeff bezos' blue origin has had similar success in a series of tests. bezos, musk, branson and others with deep pockets are patient and well funded... (nats: siren fire engine)and for the spaceports sprouting
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infrastructure... patience will also be required. the spaceport is currently operating at a deficit, but it hopes to be cash flow positive in two years. it's a danger to ?all? of us on the roads... and it's only getting worse. that's next. noer tonight's prime time lineup. at 6:30 it's "the now: milwaukee." then at seven.. it's "america's got talent." at nine is "dateline.".. then more local news on "live at
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more news're looking at an unusual helicopter rescue by the texas national chopper's was forced to land because of mechanical trouble. another chopper came to the rescue - carrying it back to base for repairs. clean-up today in gettysburg, pennsylvania after a pick-up crashes into a building-- causing massive damage. the truck hit a glass window causing the second floor to collapse. it took emergency crews more than 90 minutes to get the driver out of the vehicle. witnesses say a second person in the vehicle ran off. texting and driving is an
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one for law enforcement.police say they don't seem to be making much headway, and many safety advocates say crashes involving cellhones are vastly under-reportedthat's because poce are forced to rely on what theyold are tby drivers, many of whomwill ?not? admit being on the phone. 476 people were killed la year crasin s involving a driver who was distracted by a cell phone. that's up 70 from 2014. and there's ?this? f southern california, where a couple of bear cubs went dumpster-diving for food. they seemed to be having a good time... until a very brave little ?beagle? came along...
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thanksor joing us a4-30. the news continues with live at five. next. a bizarre car crash in bay view. how the vehicle landed on a side street afr driving on94.. live at 5
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right now at five: the nun from wisconsin murdered last week... is laid to rest. sister margaret held was from slinger. she and another nun were tending to poor people in mississippi when they were murdered. veronica macias is live at the st. joseph center. this was really a celebration of sister margaret held's life. school sisters of st. francis say with held's death...they want to be more visible and know that she would want people to be advocates for the poor. the school sists of st. frans said goodbye to sister margaret held inside st. joseph's convent's chapel. at 68...s is said to have lived a life that was full savored every moment. the thief could not take anything
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already spent it al.for others her casket today was surrounded by two families. her family from slinger and her spiritual family. her ministry was everything to her. she was committed to the poor and health care education. as a nurse practicioner she taught those in the medical field in mississippi that patients always need a dose of compassion. sister margaret's inspiration will live through me my entire career in medicine and my entire life. those who remembered her toda y she was like god's face here on earth. like the eucharismeant to be shared and broken.. her sister say that although she is gone..her spirit doesn't die her energy and love lives in those she touched i am comforted and at peace knowing that she has received her heavenly reward that she worked so hard to attain. i
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auneral mass was hin kentucky today for the other nun killed last week. sister paula merrill was laid to rest in nazareth, kentucky. a man confessed to murdering both nuns in missippi last gave no reason for the killings. more local news now. local police and sheriffs departments are working gether to keep drunk drivers off the road this labor day. rebecca klf is live in wauwatosa with the story. i'm here with the owi task force as they get ready to hit streets. a roll call in underway right now for w enforcement from milwkee and waukesha counties. the big focus stopping drunk drivers. even though overall owi's have gone down in wisconsin- owi


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