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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1200PM  NBC  September 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm CDT

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now at noon - - still standing. defying a park fence remains this noon hour. the larger issue... a sustained showdown between the milwaukee county executive and the county sheriff. it's really less about the fence... and more about who sets policy for the milwaukee county parks system. sheriff david clarke and county executive chris able at odds over that issue. now the courts are involved. our julia fellow is live in sherman park on this labor day. the judge ordered this orange fencing taken down as soon as possible. but its still up..
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grilling at sherman park. the sherman park community was at the center of unrest august 13th after a milwaukee officer shot and killed sylville smh. county executive chris abel had inmates take the fencing down yesterday morning.. because he called it a "barrier to healing."that spurred the sheriff to instruct deputies to put the fence back up and anyone who refused to leave the park after six p-m.after a special court session was called, a judge issued a temporary restraining order against sheriff david clarke saying he has to stop impeding public access to sherman park. the restraining order against the sheriff remains until the next court hearing on this, which is wednesday.what is normally a busy park is practically empty this
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at sherman park, julia fello todays tmj4. you could see from julia's live report... a nice finish to our labor day weekend. a little warm... little humid... and a little brzy it! over to brian gotter for our storm team forecast. this may have been the nicest labor day weekend in years across the entire state, but the humidity started to creep up yesterday, and that kept the lows in the 60s this morning. today remains mostly sunny to partly cloudy, but it is warmer and more humid with highs in the mid 80s. tonight
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and humid with lows near 70. it's back to work and school on tuesday, and it will be very warm and steamy with highs near 90, and an isolated t'storm late afternoon. showers are t'storms are likely tuesday night with lows in the lower 70s. more news nowa funeral held this morning for a chef murdered outside a bar near brady street.shawn ostrom was stabbed to death last week. police say the stabbing happened after he was trying to stop a fight outside the bar.two men have been charged for his death. 20-year-old hussain sami is charged with reckless homicide and
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charged with aggravated battery. mississippi university for women is creating a scholarship to honor the two nuns killed.the sister margaret held and sister paula merrill graduate nursing scholarship will be given to a graduate nursing student who works in an underserved area or does charitable work.held and merrill were both graduates of m-u-w's nursing program.the two nuns were found stabbed to death august 25th in their home.a 46-year-old man is charged with their were held friday in milwaukee for sister held and in kentucky for sister merrill. concerns about west nile in southern wisconsin after a crow tests positive for the virus.the crow was found in rock county. the county public health department says it's the first bird found infected in the county since surveillance for the mosquito- transmitted virus began in may. eighty years ago, milwaukee was the healthiest city in the country. now, it's among the unhealthiest in the state.
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commissioner of health bevan baker will discuss milwaukee's health and how it impacts the rest of the state.they'll outline what city officials and other leaders are doing to decrease disparities and reduce infant mortality rates. the discussion is tomorrow, starting at 11:30 a-m, at the milwaukee athletic club. decision 2016 nowon wednesday-- presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump will appear on the same stage in new york. it'll be the first ever "commander-in- chief forum" - in which the candidates will take questions from military veterans and active the topics expected to be discussed include... p-t-s-d.. veteran suicide, and sexual assault in the military. the presidential campaign isn't stopping this labor day. donald trump's in ohio. and after a weeklong break, hillary clinton's hitting the road too. tracie potts reports from washington. hillary clinton's new plane takes off - with her in it... traveling with the press starting today. the clinton
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bernie sanders, going solo for the first time on her behalf: "there is no question to my mind that hillary clinton is far, far, far and away the superior candidate."bill clinton's in ohio today. so is tim kaine. he's also stopping pennsylvania -- defending clinton emailing classified information."when she received the e-mail, the material that was classified, which is supposed to be flagged and identified as classified, in ny labeled."clinton's poll numbers are dropping, but trump's not gaining. he just lost another republican: "we cannot, for the future of the party, be associated with this kind of message and with this kind of tone and tenor." trump's surrogates are having a hard time explaining what he'd do with 11 million law- abiding immigrants here illegally. "maybe some of them have to be thrown out, but not necessarily all of them.""he's been completely consistent on
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this week... and promises at some point trump will too. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. good news for anyone driving this labor day-- gas prices are at their lowest levels since 2004. the national average is 2--21 today-- that's 20 cents cheaper than this time last year.the summer of low gas prices has meant big savings for drivers -- almost 19-billion-dollars compared to last year. heavy traffic expected today... as many people make their way back home after the long holiday weekend. according to the state patrol.. the heaviest construction operations will remain closed through the end of the day today.but the wisconsin d-o-t is urging drivers to stay alert in construction zones. in front of you." "construction zones are unique...all it takes is one second...say your phone is ringing...and you're oging to answer it...there could be a traffic barrell.. a patern change in front of you...or traffic could stop suddenly...there's no way your reflexes are fast enough to stop without hitting that person in front of you." construction operations will
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special delivery for first responders on this labor day. more than 800 olive garden restaurants nationwide will deliver and serve their local first responders a special "thank you" lunch for their ongoing, dedicated service to the community. this is the 15th consecutive year that olive garden has coordinated this nationwide effort, resulting in more than 10- thousand meals served. a labor day tradition underway at the summerfest grounds. laborfest activities kicked off this morning with a parade at zeidler square. and a free festival 5. this year's event features a classic car show, live music and food. thousands of dollars impacting the green bay community as wisconsin and l-s-u fans spent their holiday weekend in started showing up around thursday from all across the country. many people stayed in hotel rooms and went to restaurants and owners say they came out even more ahead than they would on a regular home packers game. the whole time." "it's comparable we're definitely probably busier yesterday
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was a sustained busy throughout the whole time." brad toll with the greater green bay visitor's bureau says he expects spending to be nearly double. still ahead... still ahead... terminal evacuated. the security breach at l-a-x that forced flights to be delayed and caused of travelers to be rescreened. then... bracing for the worst. tropical depression hermine threatening the northeast coast... how officials are
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concerns remain today after hundreds of people were trapped in their homes sunday in acapulco, mexico.heavy rains caused the sabana river to overflow. the city was hit by two tropical storms in 2013, leaving dozens of people dead. those affected by the flooding said the mexican
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them and that some issues that led to flooding remain unresolved. what was once hurricane hermine is now a post-tropical depression.hermine making one final push into the u-s east coast, threatening millions of people on this labor day. dianne gallagher has the latest from montauk, new york, where the storm is expected to hit. the unofficial end to summer vacation will end in a wet, windy mess for many americans hoping for one last day at the beach. it's a shame because we were looking forward to a good weekendthe national at maximum sustained winds of 70 mph, and even higher gusts, in parts of long island and massachusetts.combined with rain and surging tides... treacherous conditions are possible.officials are taking no chances there is a possibility that there could - i repeat could - be significant challenges, but not limited to loss of power, flooding, and transportation issuesthe storm caused significant damage late last week when it made landfall as a hurricane in florida, eventually making its way
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grille get pushed across the porch, then i seen my trampoline go over the porch and that's when i knew i had to shut that door new jersey governor chris christie said sunday he believes his state will dodge a bullet... but still urges caution. the current models are showing moderate flooding at worst... so i want everybody to remain calm. right now, urge people to be careful, listen to your - to residents along the northeast coast bracing for the worst... this slow-moving storm will still pack a punch -- with life-threatening flooding still a possibility. in montauk, new york, i'm dianne gallagher. meteorologist brian gotter joins us now with a look at
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this may have been the nicest labor day weekend in years across the entire state, but the humidity up yesterday, and that kept the lows in the 60s this morning. today remains mostly sunny to partly cloudy, but it is warmer and more humid with highs in the mid 80s. tonight is partly cloudy, very warm and humid with lows near 70. it's back to work and school on tuesday, and it will be very warm and steamy with highs near 90, and an isolated
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showers are t'storms are likely tuesday night with lows in the lower 70s.summer heat and humidity sticks around for wednesday with highs in the upper 80s and scattered afternoon t'storms along a weak cold front. while temps and humidity drop a little bit on thursday with highs in the lower 80s, another cold front will cause t'storms to develop on friday with highs in the weekend looks great with sunshine, highs in the mid
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about 100 people were forced to leave their homes after a mudslide tore through a village in austria today. a nearby creek burst its banks and destroyed a dam, causing mud to flow right through the village. this is the second time within weeks that the village has been hit by a mudslide.another one hit the village in late august. a terminal at los angeles international airport was temporarily evacuated and some flights delayed..this after an arrest led to a security breach sunday morning.police pulled stolen vehicle outside the terminal.officers asked travelers to move into the safety of the terminal. police searched it with bomb-sniffing dogs and, once the area was cleared, as many as 2,000 cleared, as many as 2,000 travelers had to be rescreened. a vehicle was hit by an amtrak train in south happened just after 11 last night... as the train headed from florida to washington d-c. one passenger says the train was running ahead of schedule when it slowed down and stopped.passengers smelled some kind of gas... and when
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train had pushed the vehicle a couple of hundred yards up the tracks. underneath their cabin"the train came to a complete stop. in fact i was talking to a passenger a few minutes ago. they said that they heard what they thought was debris underneath their cabin. passengers say the vehicle was sideways on the tracks.amtrak says there were no injuries to crew or word on the extent of injuries of the driver of the vehicle that was hit. coming up... what's in your coffee.the little surprise in their cup of joe. and weighing in. the four states seeing a drop in obesity rates... and which state is
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424.
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for your healthnew research shows whole brain radiation does little to help people whose lung cancer has spread to their brain.a study of more than 500 patients found whole brain radiation did not improve survival or quality of life.scientists say brain radiation may say brain radiation may be beneficial for people under 60, but it should not be standard treatment for the majority of lung cancer obesity rates fell in four states last year.. in minnesota, montana, new york and ohio... that according to a new report. colorado is the slimmest state with just 20 percent of the population in the obese category.louisiana weighs in as the heaviest state-- with 36 percent of the population being obese.the report also found some evidence the obesity epidemic may be starting to slow. exercise can help reduce anxiety and depression in people with chronic lung disease.a new study of 400
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activity were linked to an 11-percent lower risk of anxiety and a 15-percent lower risk of becoming depressed. experts say these findings are significant since mental disorders are common among c-o-p-d patients. at one coffee shop in san francisc it's o-k to find something odd floating in your cup of joe. it could be a fish, turtle, you name it. and surpisingly: no one complains. bob redell explains why. last thing anyone wants in their cup of joenat of clink is something staring right back at themnatsunless mel aquino put it there."this is wonderful." "yeah, it's awesome." "it's beautiful." customers pour into the elite audio coffee bar in san francisco not just for the good coffee. "mmmmm" but to digest mel's artistic genius. "all the time." yeah? what's
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anything like hers. it's usually just the pour art." "kind of like writing with a quill and ink" "mel uses two inks in her coffee art. milk that's been whipped into a heavy froth. and chocolate melted to just the right consistency. the process is a race against the clock dogs mel. "that's why mel uses a thick mocha." to get it done before 5 minutes. after that, bubbles start popping and the picture doesn't look as crisp." mel, whose background is in watercolors, started painting coffee about four years ago to cover up sloppy pours. "i look at pictures from a year ago and think wow, i've improved a lot since then." whether it's one thing. or an otter. her creations always blossom into out of this world kodak moments. too pretty to drink. too delicious not to."mmm, very good. is this what they mean by the hair of dog? "hair
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that, it's a little abstract now.""that's why it's perfect that it's just temporary because it takes the pressure off of me. if it doesn't come out it's great because customer pretty much drinks it right away." that's why making art out of coffee is mel's cup of tea. coming up... a final check of the weather. plus-- out of line. how a sideline at a high school football game ended up like dan krebbiel: i'm dan krehbiel -- a vietnam combat veteran. we don't need politicians playing games with attack ads. there's a better way. i've read russ feingold's plan. he goes after the terrorists' oil money and arms supplies. he combines targeted military force with
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eastern states to take on the terrorists in their own backyard. russ feingold offers a tough, realistic plan to protect america. russ vo: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world full of possibilities. connecting with family, friends and the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. if a member of your household is a snap participant, home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee.
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it's a football sideline that is, well, out of line.the picture of a crooked sideline at a high school game in south carolina went viral.the school district has no idea how it happened.but it was approved for playing-- so the game went
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