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tv   Today  NBC  September 6, 2016 2:37am-3:31am CDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. hello. it is funday monday, september 5th. happy labor day to everybody. hopefully, you are taking a little break from your labors. happy labor day, hoda woman. >> happy labor day for you. that's "hire" by carly ray jepson. there is good news. it is not the end of summer.
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>> what did google say? when is the end of summer? >> the fall solstice starts on the 22rd of september. this is the time of year where people are like, oh, summer is over. officially, not over. >> we are going to wear white, not only until the 21st, but all year-round. we are rule breakers. >> we don't care about all the rules. about no white after labor day. >> who made them up? >> how long have they been saying that? >> i am older than methuselah and it has been there as long as i have been alive. >> we also have a good show. we are going to cheer you up with all the great fall entertainment. lots to look forward to. tv, entertainment. >> the new bridget jones.
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margaritaville with billy deck. you can make summer cocktails today. >> lilliana hit the streets of new york. she helps out a couple of women wearing their favorite clothing item in the summertime and they want to transfer into fall. she is going to make it work in both areas. she has her style tips for you. >> okay. so labor day, we know what christmas and different holidays are about. what is labor day about? 1894. celebrated also in canada. >> today, we are celebrating the contributions of men and women in the u.s. workforce. would that be us? some people wouldn't call this work. >> most people would not. >> that's our question. do you wear white after labor day? >> to be fair, it is considered a fashion faux pas by some. look at all these celebs that
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here they are. that's vanessa hudgens and kelly rowland. >> they live in california. >> how about nicole richie and kim kardashian? how about kate upton and selena gomez? >> that's not winter white. that's white/white. >> i wear white/white. jill martin and i agree that's silly. >> i think most people are on board with that. i think most people think that's old, something that does not exist anymore. >> remember the white shoes. >> i don't like white shoes. >> that's what feminism is all about, hoda. choice. >> do you like white shoes? >> i have one pair i like very much. >> you do? >> want me to bring them in and show them? i will bring them in tomorrow and show you. >> we want to look at what we have in front of us.
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of it. these are hotdogs. they are not h-o-t. they are h-a-u-t-e dogs. that's with truffle mushrooms and truffle flecks and gold specs and oil and some kind of cheese with 100-year-old aged balsamic. one is worth $200. $200, $400, $600, $800, $1,000. >> we have been sniffing them for a couple minutes. we asked for one with catsup and mustard. >> i don't want that much of that on there. that's a lot of trouble. >> it doesn't look appealing just looking at it. you don't really want to get in
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>> just too much stuff. >> you have just thrown out $500. >> hmm. it is good. i'm not sure it is worth $200. you can't get them anywhere. you have to buy the ingredients. it would cost that you. >> i did not expect it to taste that good. it didn't look so good on the plate but those hebrew nationals are the best. >> let's try them ald >> what is your perfect hotdog? >> perfect hotdog on super bowl day. you have to have it on the right day. it is hot with these kind of buns, soft buns, mustard and 0 sauerkraut. that's my favorite. >> i like them loaded. you like them loaded, catsup, mustard, relish, a few onions. >> loaded hoda. >> almost falling out. this is catsup and mustard.
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>> do you love yours? >> i haven't tried it yet. i like to watch you eat. >> they are both good. >> so there is something for everybody to enjoy. >> okay. >> i love our show. >> we get paid for this. >> i love our show. it is so fun. we are eating and drinking and everybody is here. >> so good. >> if you want an affordable version of this highfalutin dog, you can find this on >> we love baby videos. >> babies and doggies. >> when you see a baby laugh, doesn't it make you happy? >> you believe in life again. >> we are not sure if this video
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a little more, evil baby in training. >> let's check it out. ?? [ baby noises ] [ baby noises ] >> i love that. >> there is nothing evil about that. that is precious. >> that's the cutest little guy ever. >> is it a guy or girl? >> little kid. little baby. >> fun. >> did you like your mother-in-law? >> frank's mom was quite elderly, as you can imagine when we first got married because frank was quite elderly when we first got married.
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she was fine. she lived a wonderful life. frank always said afterwards that i killed her. let's have another bite of hotdog. oh, my gosh. >> anyway, there are certain things that mother-in-laws tend to say. you always wonder if you are the daughter-in-law, if they have the right to. >> are they being critical or helpful. dear prudence, they asked for help, here are some of the things that mother-in-laws say that may seem offensively. >> let me book you an appointment with my hairdresser so you look pretty for church. >> how about that one? >> it sounds like it is being helpful but it is not. >> give me another one. >> i just never know what to buy you. you are so plain.
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>> right before her wedding, she goes, aren't you going to put some color on your lips? that's the generational thing. people of a certain generation, like my mom's, why aren't you wearing red lips. prudent says, don't put up with the passive/aggressive comments. you don't have to do that. >> how would you handle it? >> pretend that happened. kathy, you look so much prettier than the other dress i have. >> i would say, we live in a great country. everyone is allowed to have their own opinion and i am allowed to ignore yours constitutionally. >> when you send an e-mail, things often get lost in translation. you send some words and you think you are being straightforward and someone thinks you are being mean. these are work e-mails that may be misinterpreted. >> because you don't have tone. >> this is from fast company. we are going to tell you about some of those e-mails and what they really mean. take a look. >> just following up.
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>> hey, hope you had a great weekend. >> actually, i could care less about your life or anything that you do. >> lol, smiley face. >> ha, ha, ha, ah, hmm. >> i'm moving in, bill. >> i don't feel like dealing with this anymore. it is all on you. >> it might be easier to discuss in person. >> i still carry a flip phone. >> time sent, saturday at midnight. i really miss you guys on the weekends. >> i don't do e-mail for all those reasons. >> you don't do e-mail? >> you don't and it is awesome. >> i have gotten through a lot of years, a lot of years without doing e-mail. >> when it is the first thing you check when you wake up and the first thing you check when you go to bed, it is not cool.
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today may be the unofficial end of summer but fall is jam-packed with the biggest releases for movies and tv.
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correspondent. >> finally, lots of good stuff to talk about. >> we have been waiting patiently. >> "bridget jones's baby." renee zellweger is in rare form, this great love story between her and colin firth and patrick dempsey. >> i am team colin. >> it is just perfect amount of naughty. >> kath and i both red the book "on the train." now it's a movie. >> paula hawkins' novel finally being made into a film. i think it looks very "gone girlish." emily is fantastic. she sees nefarious things going on and gets caught up in a mystery. i am very intrigued. you think it will make a good movie? >> i think it will be fantastic, specially with emily in that role.
2:53 am
and want to see something fun? >> for families, would i recommend "trolls" from dreamworks animation. you stick the troll on the back of your pencil and it goes crazy. >> you wanted to collect all. it is going to have even a longer life. >> let's move to tv. there is an nbc show that you give two thumbs up to. >> i really miss the tv show "parenthood." this new show called "this is us" really scratches that same great ensemble drama. a group of people that have the same birthday. as the show goes on, you learn they are all interconnected. especially at the end. there is this brilliant reveal. pay close attention. it is unbelievable. >> what kind of audiences? >> adults. i am glad it is being made. >> specially this part. >> there is this show called "pitch." >> it is not about singing. >> no, it's not. a young woman that gets called
2:54 am
pitcher in major league baseball history. here she is. poised to be one of the breakout stars. >> she is beautiful. >> is this based on the young girl, monique, on the cover of "sports illustrated." >> it must be loosely based on her. it looks great. you know who is back on tv, sarah jessica parker. >> the new show on hbo called "divorce." she is going through a very nasty divorce from her husband played by thomas hayden church it is a comedy but not a breezy comedy. and molly shannon who plays her best friend. she is fantastic. >> can we talk music? >> sean mendez has his new album called "illuminate." he is a respectable young kid, not getting himself in trouble. i like this kid a lot. >> and rick ashley. >> his record has already gone to number one in england. i think he looks like $1 million. >> he is a kid. >> karger, thank you.
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it is time to surprise our fan of the week. >> drum roll while we spin the globe. today, it has landed in spokane, washington. >> that's where our fan, debra webster watches us on kaq. she is joining us by skype. >> debra, take care of yourself, please. >> we love you. >> look at, she has the wine. it is early in spokane. we love you, debra.
2:59 am
why you were chosen. >> debra, you are so funny this worries me a little. she is a mother of five beautiful children. she has been watching our show for as long as she can remember. she has been a fan of kathie lee since her regis days. she listens to us on sirius radio. she is working as an office manager at an elementary school. that's why we love her. she sneaks a peek at our show every day on her lunch break. she and her husband, dave, who dated for eight years, before they got married are coming up on their fifth wedding anniversary this month. >> debra, we love you. we are going to put your fan to the test for the trivia question. 15 second and one guess to win the grand prize. >> which one of our frequent guests do we introduce with a special song in which we rhyme a
3:00 am
martin or lou manfredini? >> lou manfredini, rhymes with martini. >> yes, and yes. >> i was nervous for you. i guess your husband is going to come here. >> i love her. >> you are coming to new york city for four days and three nights at the chatwell hotel in new york. named one of the top ten best hotels in the city. >> you are going to get a signature treatment for two at the red door salon and spa. it sounds like you are going to come and see us too. >> pretty good anniversary trip, huh, debra? >> is it in new york? >> in new york, yes. >> it is like hanging out with two best friends. >> thank you. we look forward to meeting you.
3:01 am
studio too. god bless you. she fell down. guests coming over for a big backyard bash? billy deck has the appetizers and the drinks you can whip up in no time at all. >> think you are being healthy by ordering a cobb salad? >> it is nearly 1,000 calories. >> but joy is going to cut it in half. all after your local news. i love that my shop is part of the morning ritual around here. people rely on that first cup and i wouldn't want to mess with that. but when (my) back pain got bad, i couldn't sleep. i had trouble getting there on time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. for pain relief that can last into the morning. ? look up at a new day...? hey guys!
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we are back on this funday monday. nothing says labor day than a big old backyard barbecue. >> if you are looking for last-minute appetizers and cribs, you are in luck. we turned to the owner of "rocket" in chicago, billy deck. >> i bring gifts, gifts, nectarine frozen margaritas. this is a whisky peach sweet iced tea. >> i wouldn't normally but okay. >> it's the holiday. we are making buffalo mac and cheese.
3:06 am
>> delicious. >> cavatappi pasta, heavy cream, lime, butter, hot sauce and a mix of cheese, parmesan, blue, gorgonzola and black cheddar. we are going to make our own buffalo sauce. i took hot sauce and i boiled it, take it off and put it on a trivet. i need somebody to help me with this. a little bit of butter, not all of it, a little bit at a time. you wa >> is that what that is? >> you are doing this. it normally doesn't mix well. >> do people put these on their registry when they are getting married? >> you should. they are amazing. >> immerse it. >>. >> you scrunch a bottle and it really mixes well. >> i know it. i'm sorry. he told me to immerse it. i should be enjoying this but i'm not.
3:07 am
>> you have to keep it immersed. >> yes. well, you do it then. >> i like the word immersed. >> you can get buffalo sauce at the store. >> we are going to make our cheese sauce. i have some heavy cream. i'll make the cheese sauce. heavy cream, parmesan, gore gonzo la. >> everything is good in moderation. you want to throw a little bit of that in. go ahead. >> so this is cavatappi pasta. if you look at it, it has some great ridges. it is hollow. the cheese will hug on to it and get all gooey in every bite. we will add a little pepper and look how delicious that is. >> you try that. i'm going to try the next one. >> then, we are making
3:08 am
>> you are adding fruit to your guac. >> a little basil, onions, lime, jalapeno for a kick. i am going to show you how to do this the right way. i have seen you cut yourself a couple of times. hold a napkin or a towel in your hand. cut it longways, cut it down, twirl it. >> it is a napkin. we only have a few seconds. then what? >> take this. >> and this. >> put the fruit in, the onions and jalapenos. it is really good. >> i love the idea of fruit with it. >> and brussels sprouts coleslaw. >> all the recipes are on our website. >> it is super easy to do.
3:09 am
>> might as well have them while they are in season. >> you may wear it well but lilliana wants too help you wear it better. two lucky ladies and her advice for you. >> is this is scrumptious. i love that. >> this is amazing. oh, my gosh. i love my shop, but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even mer-mutts. (1940s aqua music) (burke) and we covered it, february third, twenty-sixteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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we all have our favorite pair of pants or a top we wear over and over and over again. if that sounds like you, we brought in lilliana vazquez to help you wear it better. you always help us, girl. >> you sure do. >> most of us don't have a personal stylist. sometimes if can be hard to know how to wear a favorite item in
3:13 am
yorkers how they would rate their style. >> it's no surprise new yorkers are known for their unique, personal style. >> with the fall season coming up, the perfect outfit every day. >> now, i'm here to show them all how to wear it better. >> how would you describe your personal style? >> i like things that make me >> that's a great word. >> i would say a little quirky. i love color, love pattern and finding new ways to mix and match. >> i like to look nice. my company is business casual. i still like to look nice. >> would you say your style is a little girly or feminine. >> my personal style is very relaxed and a little urban and i like to look simple but not too fuddy-duddy. i am a woman of a certain age. >> if you had to grade yourself, what grade would you give this outfit?
3:14 am
>> i would say a 7. >> i would say a 6ish. >> how could you make this a ten? >> try doing brighter colors. >> could have added some color. >> i am a little embarrassed you caught me with the ugly white sneakers on. i have a little pop of something something in the bag. >> see, this is every new yorkers secret. they have their commuting shoes and then they have their office shoes in their bag. let's put the shoes on and make it a 10 right here. okay, you will see it all. >> this is an instant wear it better by swapping out the shoes. >> on a scale of 1-10, where does this outfit rank for you personally? >> 6.5. it is no the my favorite outfit but i don't feel terrible in it. >> it is probably like a 2 or a 3. it is pretty bad. i'm not even gonna lie.
3:15 am
interested? >> absolutely, yes. >> oh, my god, i would love that. >> i would love it if you came back to 30 rock to see kathie lee and hoda with me and i'm going to show you how to wear it better. what do you think? >> yeah, i'm in. >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> all right. let's do it. >> let's do it. this is so wonderful. they are both here. let's start with liz. >> the top she is wearing here is her favorite crop top. she wears it all the time. i sh h little differently that highlighted her body better. what we did, we cut the crop top into an a-line skirt to give her more of a feminine figure. belted it and that defines the waste. stuck with the commuter shoes. this head-to-toe look, affordable. >> what about laura. laura was wearing what every woman loves to wear, black leggings. you put on over the knee boots and a longer topper coat. that pulse the outfit together.
3:16 am
>> you are so good. >> thank you for coming to us. that was fun. >> now, we're going to make over your salad. we're making over everything. joy saves hundreds of the calories but none of the flavor as only she can. >> y'all look good. so cute.
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does this sound familiar? you try to eat healthy and order so many restaurant salads are a whopping 1,000 calories or more. we called in today's nutritionist, joy bauer for a super salad makeover. >> a great segment idea. >> look at how great that looks. >> really, there is a lot of delicious nutrient-packed vegetables. typical, avocado, blue cheese, bacon, a lot of lettuce and a
3:21 am
>> about 980 calories. >> if you took out the ranch and the bacon, you don't have to have that. >> instead of the bacon, you could swap turkey bacon. we're going to slim down this like nobody's business. we are going to do a fun presentation in mason jars and call it salad sand art. each one of you is going to pick up a spoon and create a mason jar salad. this is a creamy ranch bacon at least two tablespoons. buttermilk, a little dijon mustard and turkey bacon. 17 calories a tablespoon. only 17 calories. you actually do have leeway. go ahead and take about two tablespoons of everything on this list. start with the egg, turkey
3:22 am
we have chicken, a few tablespoons of real crumpled blue cheese. we are going to get into lycopene rich tomatoes and avocado. >> what about the blue cheese? >> two tablespoons. go in. >> i'm going to get my egg. >> go on in there. what you are going to do is save for the top the more absorbent vegetables, the tomatoes, the avocado and the cucumber and the lettuce. >> on the top, top. >> keep going. go for it. >> i'm trying to measure mine out. >> this is so fun. cucumber. the neat thing about this. for people that brown bag their lunch, you can make this the night before. put the top on. >> and the lettuce. when you are ready, stick the top on. put this on and shake it up and
3:23 am
all the delicious low calorie dressing throughout. you can bring it for lunch, eat it right out of the mason jar. open it up. pour it on to a plate or honestly, you can dig right in. the before was 980 calories. the after is 420 calories. >> isn't the dressing nice? >> it's coated. that's so smart for the dressing, joy. >> joy, since that didn't work out so well for me. i would put a little of the dressing as you go along. >> you could totally do that. >> excellent. i love it. it is a great idea. >> now, we are going to make a taco salad. normally, it is in the crispy shell with full fat beef and cheese and sour cream, 1,130 calories. a salsa vinaigrette.
3:24 am
the container, add two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, two tablespoons of lime juice and a little bit of mint cilantro. >> you are on fire, joy. we're going to make salsa vinaigrette, ladies. >> that's the dressing. this is so smart. now, what do we do? >> first, the dressing on the bottom of the mason jar. now, start with the onions, peppers, tomatoes. >> beans, beans are great. they level out your blood sugar, give you energy, lower your cholesterol and tomatoes. green peppers, avocado. this is reduced fat mexican cheese. you can get it in the store preshredded. >> a little bit more dressing.
3:25 am
>> guys, i would never forget the taco shell. this is garnished on the top. >> only 480 calories. >> what are you talking about? >> stop it. isn't it pretty? >> we have to go. for salad makeovers and more. do you shake it up? >> our favorite things are next. first, this is today on nbc.
3:26 am
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so it is time for our favorite things. this book, called the auschwitz escape, historical fiction at barnes & noble and this would make an unbelievable movie. >> she read and read and read. >> so i have got the perfect speaker if you are going to the beach and you don't want to carry around one of thos things. look at this little guy, a jbl. you can hook it to your backpack. it has a little blue tooth. you play your music. it is in your purse. >> everything. $39.95 at or best buy for probably cheaper. >> curtis stone, tomorrow, will stop by. >> we can't wait to see what he is cooking up. hoda hits the road to make some deserving folks dream come true. a monster truck involved.
3:30 am
hillsong united. >> an awesome labor day, everybody. we love you. >> nice talking to you. >> nice talking to you. bye. >> announcer: these statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. >> hi. and thanks for watching. i'm michael alden. folks, if you're one of the millions of americans suffering with arthritis, osteoarthritis, if you're suffering from jnt pain, knee pain, foot pain, back pain, or if you know someone who is, you're not going to want to miss this next half an hour. my guest today is one of the nation's foremost sought-after health and wellness experts, and he's here today to introduce to us a revolutionary all-natural product that is helping thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people eliminate pain. please help me welcome mr. jim shriner. jim. >> hey, mike. it's a pleasure to be here. >> thanks for being my guest. you know, jim, for those of our


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