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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 6, 2016 4:00am-4:31am CDT

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you next time. the philippine president's foul mouthed warning. hillary clinton and donald trump in a september sprint just both candidates inviting the press aboard their planes. >> i'm not concerned about the conspiracy theories. there are so many of them i've lost track of them. >> first thing is to get all of the gang members, drug members all out. we secure the border. stop the drugs from coming in. the drugs are pouring in. new video this morning of newly released 49er bruce miller
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after an alleged altercation. plus highest level for tennis players of all time. and more as we kick off tuesday. early "today" starts right now. great bb you this morning. >> it was a busy morning. especially for president obama. >> for everybody joining us, great to be with back to the grind and back to politics. >> we were talking about president barack obama becoming the first president to visit phil teen's leader. it comes after a cursing rant from philippine's president directed at president obama. it's all part of a jam packed trip abroad for the president that also included a diplomatic
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exchange with vladimir putin. nbc's ron allen has been following all of this. what can you tell us about the president's visit today? >> reporter: well, the president is here for a number of reasons. laos is the host nation for the annual meeting of southeast asian nations. the united states has been supporting. particularly president obama because he is so rebalance american foreign policy away from the middle east. that's why he is here. in laos the concern, of course, is the huge amount of unexploded bombs that are still buried in the countryside here after a massive u.s. bombing campaign here during the vietnam war. there was more ord nants, more dropped here than in japan and germ germany during world war
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off supply lines to north vietnamese troops next door. here's what the president had to say quantifying what happened here. >> over nine years of 1964 to 1973, the united states dropped more than 2 million tons of bombs here in laos. more than we dropped on germany and japan combined in all of world war ii. it maze laos per heavily bombed country in history. >> reporter: and this is still a menace to people all other the countryside. there are still people who are being killed and maimed by this ordinance. some 20,000 since the bombing stopped. and there's still injuries that happened every year here. the numbers are falling. president obama has made a commitment of some $90 million over the next three years.
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considering that's about the same amount that has been spent by the united states over the past several decades to clear them. many are still being killed and maimed by this awful legacy of war. >> ron allen traveling with the president, thank you. donald trump and hillary clinton are finally in the final sprint to the election. holding dual press conferences and battling it out. days after trump's visit to mexico, hillary clinton says she has no intention of doing the same. telling abc news, quote, i'm going to continue to focus on what we're doing to create jobs at home. while calling trump's visit to mexico embarrassing, unfortunate, and a diplomatic incident. and also that her husband shouldn't have to step down from the foundation. he made it his life's work after the presidency.
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fortunate enough to be elected he will not be involved and that is appropriate. that came after she was campaigning in cleveland, ohio. >> and i want to thank congresswoman martha fudge for hosting us. [ coughing ] every time i think about t >> the campaign attributed it to allergies. however, clinton has been attacked for health issues. and while convening her first conference of the year on her newly minted campaign plane, she hit back against trump and accused russia of lobbying for a trump presidency. trump further muddied the waters on immigration.
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have to get back to become a citizen. >> we're confused. a lot of republican plans have talked about letting people have a legal status, just to live here and work here. everyone who lived here for a long time a contributed to society. >> we're going to make that decision into the future. good question. i'm glad you asked it. >> that came before trump made this news regarding the upcoming debate. >> i look fwa debates. i think it's an important element of what we're doing and we have an obligation to do the debates. i did them in the other cases. we had 11 debates. >> he made those comments in cleveland just as clinton was campaigning there as well. it wasn't just a battleground in ohio that drew the attention. the tarmac was also center stage for both candidates.
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over pam bondy. after "the washington post" revealed it was fined over the contribution it made. the candidate addressed the issue and paid the fine. however that doesn't put the controversy away. today on the trail trump heads to virginia while pence goes through missouri. hrk will campaign through florida as her pick kim cain will be in north carolina. her son says the author and lawyer died in her home due to cancer. a strong component who was seen as stopping the passage in the 1970s. she was also the founder of the eagle force. that's a right wing group campaigning against abortion and gay rights.
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biggest names in politics. she endorsed donald trump in the race to the white house. and even coauthored a book on the billionaire. that book is due out today. phyllis schlafly was 92 years old. the 49ers have released bruce miller after he allegedly punch an elderly man. it was said he was drunk trying to get into a in the morning. the only problem, it wasn't his room. the 70-year-old occupant and his son came to help. that's when the 250 pound miller allegedly charged the son and punched the 70-year-old man. both were taken to the hospital. miller was found across the street at another hotel where an employee found him throwing up and bleeding in a stairwell. he was arrested for assault and battery. he does have a history of violent behavior.
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ground and pled no contest to a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. now that brock turner is back in his ohio hometown, neighbors are anything but welcoming. many have even protested in front of his home with rifles. they stress they mean no harm to the swimmer unless of course they catch him committing another crime. >> should he decide to rape some the power to stop him will. and that's anyone here with a gun. if we catch anyone, him or anyone else in the act of raping, they're taking their own lives into their own hands. >> the 21-year-old was released from jail on friday after serving only half of his six-month sentence. that was for sexually assaulting a woman last year. he is now on three years probation and will be on the sex offender registry for the rest of his life.
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his history. how about just the best athlete ever? some are calling serena williams that. she is now the winningest player in tennis history. with her win yesterday she moved past athletes like roger federer and others whose milestone was surpassed by williams. williams now has 308 career wins and she's on her way to the u.s. open quarter finals. one step closer to winning her seventh u.s. open and her 23rd grand slam single. if most championships than any player both men or woman in tennis history. >> powerhouse she is. she was asked when is the retires if she's going to have more titles her on federer and she said i don't know we'll have to say. hermine continues to wreak havoc on the coast. there's a new storm in the pacific. bonnie, good morning. >> good morning.
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but watch out for winds and waves and rur -- rough surf. and a brand new storm, hurricane newton will make landfall today as a category 2 hurricane. along the baja peninsula through the rest of the week. that's a look at the big so it'll be hot in the mid-south. back over to you. >> thanks so much. still ahead, why the fbi is taking heat for the way it rounded up suspects. but first -- >> this is the second annual paracolliding aerobatic stunts in france. they performed their best moves
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welcome back, everybody. hundreds of thousands of muslim pilgrims are arriving. a massive stampede last year dauzed the death of 2,000 people making it the deadliest hajj disaster in this year there'll be new gps bracelets for 2 million pilgrims expected to attend. the fbi is under fire for the methods used in a child porn crackdown. it tracked down those trading the pornography on the dark webd. jurisdiction laws with their
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bart starr has returned from mexico after receiving stem cells in tijuana. the former quarterback has bounced back from health setbacks including two strokes, a heart attack, and last year's infection which nearly killed him. the treatments he receives are made in san diego but shipped to mexico. with rising costs the fda is looking for a fast forwarding today, the judge in bill cosby's case could set a trial date today. cosby is charged with drugging and assaulting a woman. cosby's lawyers are expected to argue that key pieces of evidence including nearly a thousand pages of damaging testimony he gave in the lawsuit. cosby has denied committing any
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veterans of america will host hillary clinton and donald trump for a live forum. it will focus on issues that the next president will have to confront as commander in chief. that's tomorrow night at 8:00 eastern right here on nbc and msnbc. don't want to miss that. a big deal for general motors but first a system outage is causing delays at airports around the world. what are we talking about? major airports internationally? >> absolutely. where british airways operates and of course international airports around the world. this is a huge embarrassment to british airways. they've come out and said they obviously have i.t. staff working on the problem, but as you reported it's a global system outage at this stage. and i have to say they've been taking a beating on social media as a result.
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saying i've been waiting for at least two hours here. so problems for british airways. i want to move on. gm hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel as far as the ignition switch problems. the company has managed to settle two federal cases of late. although they are still not out of the woods. be aware that the company recalled over 2 million vehicles in 2014. this related to over 120 deaths because of those ignition switching problems. >> thank you very much. you know how tough that is when you're traveling. been on assignment after assignment. when you have those delays -- >> i'll tell you those airlines watch their social media accounts. i'm sure it paid off. >> tweet might help you out. still ahead, barbara streisand proves she's still got it. >> plus a ball boy keeps a ball from going into the bull pen but
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he's got 11 number one albums. jay z holds second place with 13 number one albums. and the beatles who still reign supreme with 19. >> barbara streisand, she can sing anything. it's that butter voice that comes out. >> and she is still cranking them out after all these years. >> and doing concerts as well. it looks like being a hero was always in the cards for this 12-year-old boy. he was in free. he didn't realize that his skills would come in handy in a couple of weeks. that's when his sister started choking on an ice cream cone in the car. he was able to spring right into action. >> i said i got this. and then i pulled my sister out of her seat and performed the heimlich maneuver.
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good morning. i'm.. susan kim here's what's coming up on "live at daybreak"...a popular west side restaurant reveals its plans for the future .. two days after a car plowed through its lobbyalso... taking aim.with hermine stalled off the coast, a new hurricane threat emerges. find
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good morning. i'm susan kim. i'm vince vitrano.let's start off with a check on the weather... with meteorologist brian gotter. after one of the nicest labor day weekends in years across the entire state, the humidity and heat started to build yesterday with highs in the mid 80s. this morning is


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