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tv   Today  NBC  September 6, 2016 10:00am-12:00pm CDT

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this morning on "today's take," beyonce's epic birthday bash. the queen turns 35 about a who's who list of a-list friends and i'll look at what happens below deck on one of the hottest shows and 30-minute dinner. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall, and billy bush live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, september 6th, 2016. tamron and i are here as we were yesterday. al enjoying the day off as you should, sir. >> very nice.
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family. >> we had friends and family up and about ten people and you spend a lot of time cooking but it's fun. my daughter courtney was helping. she whipped up some -- >> not really a labor day for her. she's home with the family. >> she was labor. >> look at what al cooked. >> for breakfast we had cinnamon rolls and bacon and chicken apple sausage made avocado toast. sausage and scrambled eggs and did some berries and then for dinner we did grilled corn. courtney made potato salad and chicken. i made butterfly grilled leg of lamb. >> where would you go in first? >> bacon. >> can we put it back up, please. we want to map out. i would go -- that corn? butterfly lamb.
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toast sandwich. >> we both had a reaction when he said chicken apple sausage. >> it's a snack. >> i can taste it almost. >> this is the way al loves. >> it's what we do. >> deborah in the beginning -- >> that's how i keep my children. >> who does dishes now? my wife kicked me off the grill. she won't even let me go i get distracted. i do dishes. >> everybody else does the dishes. i do some cleaning as i go. >> you clean as you go? >> yeah. >> that's professional. >> so you and people we said before, you go home most days and you prepare a meal for your family. >> yep. >> that's impressive. >> that's the way he loves. we all love differently. >> i go through sports and activities and we're going to hike and sweat together.
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leftovers? >> there were none. i have a teenage boy. he's a machine. he's a machine. >> he ate how many roker burgers that day? >> he ate two. we were out on our friend's boat. >> on a pontoon boat. >> it's a living room on a float. it's fantastic. it's the best. >> you can't really water ski. >> some of the new ones you can water ski. people are >> nice. we missed you yesterday. >> you know who would love being on a party boat like that, beyonce. that's how she should have celebrated. >> with you and nick. >> i can see jay-z driving that boat. yeah. >> they are more yacht people. >> jay-z hasn't lived until he got on a pontoon boat. >> if you are part of the bee hive or know anybody in the bee
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>> beyonce is on vocal rest. she had to postpone tomorrow's concert in new jersey at metlife stadium. that's now pushed a month to october 7th. it didn't stop last night. bee celebrating the 35th birthday with a soul train party. do you have to cancel the birthday party? >> no. >> at the risk of upsetting the hive it's a question and not an paid dearly. >> this is jay-z as jimi hendrix. that's beyonce. that's the soul train line at their birthday party. alicia keys was there. her husband. chance, the rapper. puffy was there. look at puffy.
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look at the feathers. >> that's usher in the background with jay-z. >> you know what? this is too big. you don't have to talk at this party. just dance and move. >> dance. love it. >> i love that. >> happy birthday, beyonce. >> over the weekend an absolute battle royal breaks out between the oldies and the newbies here. you have baby boomers and generation x piling up on the millennials. a hashtag begins, how to confuse a millennial. >> it's trending. >> it's ugly. the older generation gets it started. millennials got a few shots in as well. the oldies come out with pay them cash instead of exposure #how to confuse a millennial. >> oldies kept piling on.
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show them a first place trophy. >> newbies come back here. down but not out. come help me get set up on this thing so i can post about how bad your generation is. how to confuse -- >> that's a little weak. i think it's weak. we're already on. we're already slamming you. so we don't really need your . he's the boomer here. >> he's the sensible of the three of us. millennials brought the real heat. how to confuse a millennial, destroy the environment, destroy the economy, destroy the housing market and then call millennials lazy. >> i'll give you two points for that one. >> all right. chase crawford who tweeted, i'm already confused. i didn't know this many old
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#how to confuse a millennial. so the round goes to the newbies. >> they win it. >> they grew up with this. it's really -- it's not that big of a deal. >> 2008 is when twitter really took off. that's the big year. we were all -- >> i just think it's fantastic that everybody got restless over the weekend and we had generational wars. >> mel gibson is not on twitter and he shouldn't be. coming up, comeback though? the newest project from mel. a standing ovation at the venice film festival. is
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>> back now with more of "today's take." is mel gibson out of the penalty box after a ten-year stint? his new film "hack saw ridge" debuted in venice over the weekend. critics loved it. interesting. we go back to 2006. he was arrested for drunk driving on the pacific coast highway which launched him into an anti-semitic officers. that was very bad. and but now it seems that maybe he's out. ten-minute standing ovation for mel. does talent always -- >> the question is though can you separate the art from the director? nate parker is going through this with "birth of a nation" and it's controversy. it may not be that people are ready to let him out of the penalty box. >> we don't know if he did or didn't. with mel we know.
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come up and his reaction to it has drawn criticism. the way he handled it after the fact. >> gabrielle union wrote -- she's a victim of rape. >> whether it's woody allen, the list goes on and on, can you separate the artistry from the artist? that may be what people are saying with mel gibson. i don't know. what do you think? >> look, i think we don't know what's in his heart. only he does. >> we heard >> we did. that's to say people can't change? i think people can. people can ask for forgiveness and try to make themselves better. people will make that decision. >> it's an important film. the film is about a young medic who will not fight and pick up arms but he saves a bunch of his -- serves his country. but mel it seems also the bigger
10:13 am
anti-semitic tirade was so bad. i think also it's speculated -- i don't know if it's confirmed, that mel suffered from bipolar and mental illness. was he in his right mind when he was doing this? i don't know. i think that's -- because we take into account in so many other areas where people have offended. >> did he ever say that was the reason that he went on the tirade? did he -- i'll be honest with you, i remember following the story. i remember hearing the tape, the reaction. people shutting down on him. i don't know. paula deen. she came on the show and she begged for forgiveness. i remember that. her career suffered greatly. not as long but -- i think it
10:14 am
these people apologize, i think it's how you go back out publicly and ask your fans and those to forgive you. paula deen tried it. she goes on cruises. did michael do that? >> i think he's so broken and gone. i asked jerry about it a couple times. i said is it okay? is the landscape okay? is it right for him to come back yet. he said i think so. i don't think he wants to. reviews. i read a critic who said he's hearing concerning reports that it's very good. >> he's concerned oh no. >> i have to say the film is good. it is mel gibson. someone better than good is great. serena williams making history. she won her match at the u.s. open last night.
10:15 am
it gives her 308 match win in grand slam events surpassing roger federer. i saw a billboard in new york, we were trying to grab a picture. it said greatest female athlete and then it crossed out female and says greatest athlete. it gave me a goosebump moment there. >> she's definitely in the conversation. >> what's going on with hermine? is it going to leave at some point? >> eventually. by thursday it will b in the meantime, we've been talking about this -- >> it's confused. >> we've been talking about this for 20 days. there's no steering currents. we've had showers in new york city. breezy. 65-mile-per-hour winds. you can see that it hooks a little u-turn and thursday it is still there. we have minor coastal flooding at high tides from norfolk to ocean city.
10:16 am
england. minor to moderate flooding for high tides and we've got newton. hurricane newton. >> that's my mom and dad's last name. >> 90-mile-per-hour winds moving north-northwest at 17. here's the interesting thing. it's going to bring moisture up into the southwest bringing a flooding threat. it may actually hold together as a tropical system. it would be only the fourth time a tropical system has been within0 last one was tropical storm lester in 1992. we've got flash flood watches for arizona, new mexico, on into texas for three to five inches of rain in some areas. >> take a left and go to southern california. >> it's not going to happen.
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>> that is your latest weather. >> i'm hungry. curtis stone is here. i'm having a physical reaction. >> that's curtis. >> you have that reaction with curtis. smells like that. fantastic. labor day is behind us. are you ready to fall forward? we'll get you ready for the new season with some festive food and decor hacks after these messages. sara, could you come in here. yep, coming. oh wow, what kind of underwear are those? they're breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. [gasp] what are those? guys... they're breathable underwear from fruit of the loom.
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10:22 am
cute little toilet paper pumpkins. start off with a piece of toilet paper. on a dinner napkin. tuck it right in. super simple. >> where do i display this in my home? >> you can probably put if in the bathroom maybe or guest room. you can use it afterwards. a cute way to hide it. >> this is where you put your spare rolls. >> now it makes sense. i did not know where i was going to put it in your bathroom. you put the roll under and people can't find it. >> it's done and done. >> okay. i love fresh pine cones. >> gather them in your backyard. spray paint them. use rose gold which is on trend. a little pop and glitter. put them in a big bowl. use a nice hurricane and candle.
10:23 am
safe. >> that's good. >> for your party. you're not a veggie person. you always have to have a veggie plate at the party. hollow out the squash. put dip in there. go for it. >> and this is adorable. >> this is my favorite. these are kissing balls. >> they're what? >> called kissing balls. >> it's like a wedding tradition. you can use them use any kind of flower. you start off with a plain styrofoam ball. wrap string around it. stick the flowers in. >> do you put them over somebody's head? >> if you do a buffet party you can hang them over the table. originally like mistletoe, that was the original hanging kissing ball. >> okay. that's cute. >> can i use real flowers?
10:24 am
in there and they're not as strong. you can do this all year long. >> you can hang it over your front door. >> yes. >> cute. >> all right. learn something new every day on this show. kissing balls. never heard of that. coming up, billy goes below deck to get a peek at one of tv's hottest shows. it's not smooth sailing for the rich and fou adventure and billy coming up.
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i'm...vince vitrano brian gotter...lets get a check of the weather..
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clear whether milwaukee county sheriff david clarke will challenge a judge's order regarding sherman park. we can't get a hold of the sheriff... and apparently... neither can the county executive. we've sent letters for weeks trying to get in touch with trying to get in touch with the sheriff's office saying hey clarke's wishes... a judge ordered the temporary fence around sherman park removed. the sheriff put it up... and had been restricting park hours since the riots in the
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imagine this. a stunning megayacht. five-star food. staff catering to your every need. >> he got a chance to taste the >> trust me. life doesn't get better than this. bravo's hit reality service follows a young crew, millennials, working aboard a luxury yacht. it's not the actual boat used on "below deck." found out it's not always smooth sailing. the reality show that hits the high seas. it follows eight crew members working together aboard a luxury mega yacht.
10:31 am
for these yachties. there's boat loads of drama onboard so i suited up to work for the day with the sea captain at the helm. >> good to see you, sir. >> i might have come off a little strong with the captain. might i say one thing, you look very handsome today. very powerful. >> you're sucking up. billy needs to stop sucking up. you have a tremendous resemblance to it's great. had a very awkward moment with emily who is very sweet. wow. >> we have towels here. we're doing swan fold. you're good at this. he was asking me a question. >> do you have any overserved guests? overserved. too much alcohol or something and they hit on you a little bit.
10:32 am
whoa. i'm sorry. what were we talking about? emily, thank you for your help. that was very memorable. thank you very much. anything else? >> get the stainless out there. makes sure it's stain less. understood. >> what's up? what's up? >> sometimes yav on people because if you don't, they'll walk over us. >> i thought we would bro's. chest out with me. >> i'm senior deck hand. >> i think you made up that title. it's not really a title. you're splitting hairs. there's no such thing as a senior deck hand.
10:33 am
rogers. ben, i can be of help? >> how are you doing? >> anything you need. of course. we have guests arriving. >> is there a cocktail we can have. >> a bottle of wine in my bag. >> ben is a good time. >> it's unprofessional to be honest. >> cheers. >> it's for the guests but who cares. we're more important than them. we're doing a charlie brown. i don't know where billy acquired these knife skills. he muste dining restaurant somewhere. what do we serve? cocktails for the ladies? >> that's massive drink. >> one very stiff cocktail. two very stiff cocktails. i think they'll be happy with that. the guests are lovely. ladies, enjoy. anything you need? >> i think maybe some plates and
10:34 am
>> totally. one posted up on me about where's the plate? cheese platter. >> what are these? >> the chef brought something that's been confused for boat fuel before. be careful. if i had to give myself a grade for opening day as deck hand, i would say a. >> billy's performance was adequate. i would give him a solid b. >> posted up on you. >> posted up on me. what's going on. you may have noticed cocktails we served guests were only filled halfway. it was revealed later when our producers went into the kitchen, look at this. we left the go pro running. there's the senior deck hand.
10:35 am
wow. >> by the way, so over/under. you've been on the show three weeks. once a week you have to show your chest. >> in popular demand. >> by who? who is asking? >> your twitter feed. >> not true. >> we thank b & b yacht charters. big shout out to captain brad. he's the real captain. he was working that afternoon. we came onboard and h >> i love the go pro video of them drinking the drinks. >> by the way, you can catch the season premiere "below deck" at 9:00, 8:00 central at bravo. >> you're going to say bravo after you see what curtis stone whips up for us. if you have 20 minutes, we've got the meal for you on a busy school night right after these messages.
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through the un foundation. it's that easy to make a difference. ?? walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. this morning on "today food," you give us 20 minutes, we'll give you the world. we're getting it together with curtis stone. his new restaurant opened this summer in l.a. so the new restaurant. >> thank you, mate. >> what are you making us? >> it's a pesto glazed chicken breast. i thought i would put you to work because i have old fashioned pesto here and then i'll race you. all you have to do is just crunch it up. you have garlic in there. we've got basil leaves of course. adding garlic. keep crushing away. pine nuts. a little chilly flake.
10:40 am
little salt. you put all that into your food processor. parmesan cheese. a good amount of extra virgin olive oil. you pour that in. come on now. work it. bump and grind. bend the knees a little. get into it. >> bump and grind, al. >> you don't want to see that. >> you can take the fast way or the slow way. i'm adding olive oil through the it's a little messy. good thing about cooking that way is it gives you a workout which i like. once you made your pesto -- >> more rustic looking. >> no problem with chunks you have left in there. once you made your pesto and if you want to use store bought, you can. i have salt and pepper. good man. you want to hear it sizzle when
10:41 am
season the other side. so we get a nice sear on our chicken breast. it will look like this in a couple minutes. >> could you use a boneless chicken thigh. >> delicious. make sure it's skinless. you're going to add pesto which gives you richness. you go ahead and cover that. it's so simple. you throw it in the oven. just cook chicken breast through. 375 for about maybe 15 minutes. and then we get to the spaghetti. i have spaghetti. olive oil in here. pine nuts. pasta water is good. dump that in, al. beautiful. so spaghetti goes in. and if you need to loose it up like i said, just a little more of that pasta water.
10:42 am
>> more fresh basil. parsley. parmesan cheese is nice. and then you just sort of toss that together and you get this beautiful sort of consistency. it's really simple. >> kind of makes its own sauce in a way. >> it really does. if you want to roast cherry tomatoes, that would be nice. a little trick from a chef. you get a roasting fork and twist it like that. and then when you just like this another couple twists and then you bring it over to your plate and you push it down. >> spaghetti mountain. >> you get a spaghetti twist. >> that's how you serve yourself. >> very good. that's it. >> looks terrific. >> thank you so much, my friend. always good to see you.
10:43 am all right. let's see we've been cooking up a storm here. let's see what we're cooking up as far as your weather is concerned. it will heat up in the eastern half of the u.s. for today. look for strong storms up in the northern mississippi river valley. we've got a flood threat in the southwest. wet weather in the pacific northwest. tomorrow that heat continues in the east. hot and humid through the gulf coast. we've got tropical rain through the southwest. some sprinkles in the pacific northwest. always good on ice cream. do something outside and we are looking at strong storms through the upper midwest.
10:44 am
>> that is your latest weather. coming up next, golden globe nominated director teaming up with oprah. one of the most talked about new series "queen sugar" right after these messages. ?? you can go ahead and stick with that complicated credit card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or... you can get the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on ev-e-ry purchase, ev-e-ry-where. i shouldn't have to ask. what's in your wallet?
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she's been called a pioneer in film and champion for women in the entertainment industry. ava duvernay, best known for directing the powerful film picture academy award in 2015 and won for best original song. >> eva also produced a feature "middle of nowhere" at the sundance film festival. >> back with one of the most highly anticipated projects yet of the new drama, "queen sugar." take a look. >> how long have you been gone?
10:49 am
done. >> it has to be your way. i've been trying to help. for some reason you've been blocking me at every turn. >> we don't honor our family by setting friends and family outside at fancy tables. we don't honor our father by having strangers serve those grieving. we serve comfort food to those who need comfort and we do it with our own hands. that's how a family does it. >> eva, i saw the screening last week. i told you it's beautiful things i've ever seen. movie. film. tv. i don't care what category. you use the word luxurious. tell us why you put that word on this project. >> it takes a moment to kind of sink into the story. you have to allow yourself to do that. it requires a certain amount of patience to kind of sit there this day and age when everything is plot driven to actually say
10:50 am
story and reflect with the story as it unfolds. that was really our intention to try to create television that allows to you slow down for a moment. >> when you have the support and you have had such great relationship with oprah and you have the support that you know you need, how is that for you as a director? >> i'm more confident. i have that safety net. i can try things on other networks i can't try. it's a network owned by an artist. an actress and she says tell the story you want to tell and let's present that. >> do you feel like you had expectations? you have family. you have family dealing with loss. and then you have socially conscious issues that you're bringing in there. handling all kinds of things at one time. was there a pressure to that or was there total free reign? >> it felt like joy. every day i get to do this.
10:51 am
all of the cast and crew. costumes, the music, we all got together with that cast and we just did it from a place of joy. it was fun. >> you talk about the cast, hottest cast on television. >> good looking cast. >> they are gorgeous. >> not tough to look at. actors and happen to be stunning. it worked out. >> amazing. >> people go through loss too. >> and it doesn't make them any less attractive. >> that's true. absolutely. >> you also directed an episode of "scandal." i guess powerful and great attract each other. >> that's kind.
10:52 am
there's so much great tv right now i want to story tell in that format. i directed an episode of "scandal." that was a couple years ago. this is a whole lot of fun. tv. >> we have to have those. >> you know what, how could i forget -- do we have the video of when i was your intern? are you ready to grade me my >> let's show this. that's me. i was directing. i know it doesn't look like that. >> looks like you're one step above getting coffee right now. >> i was intern on the set of "queen sugar" in new orleans. i worked hard. >> a little bossy. a little pushy. >> welcome to our world. >> something to work on.
10:53 am
>> by the way, you get a barbie. >> it's sold out. >> we love you. the project is tremendous. queen sugar tonight on own. >> only time you'll see it without commercials. >> i'll be live tweeting this. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. we have some great news. with at&t, the bundle price you sign up for is guaranteed to stay the same for two years. call at&t now and bundle directv, home phone and high speed internet for just $89.99 a month for two years.
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10:55 am
with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. >> what's coming up? >> it's tradition. >> we have soul song united singing for us and bucket list grandma and curtis is here.
10:56 am
dan krebbiel: i'm dan krehbiel -- a vietnam combat veteran. we don't need politicians playing games with attack ads. there's a better way. i've read russ feingold's plan. he goes after the terrorists' oil money and arms supplies. he combines targeted military force with better human intelligence. and, he'll work to get middle eastern states to take on the terrorists in their own backyard. russ feingold offers a tough, realistic plan to protect america.
10:57 am
lets get a check of the weather.. another closure for the show's open right now -- but will be shut down again for electrical repairs for most of next week.the other two domes -- the dessert and tropical dome are still closed this morning.all of this comes after concrete began falling from all three of the domes early last year -- they were all closed for a while.county parks officials are still trying to figure out what to
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathy lee gifford and hoda, live from s rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody, it's boozeday tuesday. e we hope you had a wonderful labor day weekend. and bet you didn't get affected by hermine. >> we thought we were going to get rained in and be inside playing board games and instead it was gorgeous on the east coast, for the most part. >> it really was.
11:01 am
anything happen to you overnight, hoda? >> probably. >> you're never to just one place. >> i ended up leaving here and going to new orleans on friday. i did a little shoot with the property brothers. new orleans was just eating them up. they were so cute. they renovated a house. we're going to talk about that when it comes around in november. then i found my orleans and we hit the streets. we were in the french quarter. it was really fun. that's mike in the back with his mouth open. we ate at antoine's. we got on the plane from new orleans, flew to newark and drove to see my mom. >> thinking it was going to be a washout. >> thinking we were going to be inside and look at the sun. the kids were out in rare form. >> look how great your mom
11:02 am
then we just what we do. we took pictures and hung out. >> and all the blow up cushions. you are all family when you're there. >> we had a nice hang. how was your weekend? >> i thought i would just write all weekend mostly. . i was going to go to this big event in greenwich, thought it was going to be a washout. so i invited some friends. we were at my along with my friend chris and his husband robert. and chrissy and i wanted to invite you, but it ended up being barbara streisand day. 74 years old is still setting records. neil and liba just sent me her encore cd. i said to everybody because it
11:03 am
to it. we spent the afternoon listening to. >> how was it? >> it's hard to know what to expect. i was surprised by -- i didn't love all of them. i love that barbara tried all of them. and i loved the one she did with patrick wilson. something called "loving you." ?? we all know she's going to sing great. i love hugh jackman "at the ballet" was gorgeous. my favorite, i got to say, the one i was most surprised. i thought jamie fox singing "climb every mountain." but listen to this. ? climb every mountain ?
11:04 am
? follow every rainbow ? ? till you find ? ? till you find ? ? follow every rainbow till you find ? till you find your dream ? >> that was really great. amazing. >> e we knew he sang great because of "ray", but broadway stuff, i loved it. when everybody left i sat in the library by myself and listened to it one more time.
11:05 am
that song is number one. the album is number one. what's so cool is over so many different generations, barbara streisand keeps hitting number one. >> five decades, right? six decades. that's just unbelievable. she and bruce springsteen are right behind the beatles. >> it's the beatles, jay-z, barbara and bruce. those are the top four. who wants something free? from 2:00 until 5:00, a small ultimate oeo frappe at dq. >> it's a combination. it has oreo cookies, coffee, ice, vanilla ice cream,
11:06 am
our crew will love it. >> jo ann is back from the netherlands. we're glad you're back. >> by the way, you want one? come here. >> we're going to welcome you back. she's back from climbing every mountain. we think -- >> that's okay because now i'm doing this. >> welcome home. you look tiny. >> we have a >> i call her every day. we have already called them. i call my mom at 9:00. >> "voeg" says three times a day, once a day. we were just wondering. it's important you call often. >> my sister likes my hair. i'm so happy. i was nervous. >> you call yours first and i'll call mine.
11:07 am
i'm going to get mom. put it on speaker. >> turn it up. >> hello. >> hi cuddles. >> hi honey. how are you? >> i'm good. what are you doing? what are you wearing? >> i'm enjoying retirement. >> you didn't really have a job. >> wasn't a job? >> are you going to call your mom? mom always tells me her favorite meal of the day is what? >> it's breakfast. >> what did you have today? >> i had an english muffin and two pieces of bacon. >> not exactly excellent. >> we're getting sammy on the
11:08 am
this is fun. i like this. here we go, mom. >> is sandy on? >> hi, mom. >> what are you doing? my mom is getting ready to go to the beach. >> my mom says i don't wear enough lipstick on air. >> exactly. . >> how is today? >> you need a little bit of lipstick. i >> it's not that she does have beautiful lipstick, she wants a deeper red. more red. >> we love you, mom. >> you look great. love you, mom. >> talk to you later. enjoy lunch. >> bye-bye. >> we have the same conversation every morning. >> we do too. >> e she tells me what she had for breakfast and she says it's
11:09 am
at this point, my doctor says at your age, what's it matter. enjoy life. every single day. 86 and i love her. >> wait until you see what we're giving away. >> celebs celebrated the labor day weekend. >> we're going to pull off a big surprise for a lucky lady. her bucket list wish. it's a biggie. >> it's really sweet, right after this. >> cheers. >> cheers, my hoda woman. it's not even midnight, it's ten forty-three. well, let's have a ten forty-three snack. quietly, though. okay. yeah. mmmm. shhhh. the family favorite. yoplait. what do you call yogurt that comes in amazing flavors and packs 6 grams of protein per serving? yoplait original. ? when you color your hair with preference,
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11:12 am
? ? ? ? the best moment to be happy... the one happening right now. life. enjoy all of it. it's time for "today's buzz" when we round up all the juicy celebrity headlines. >> editor and chief of changing by the minute. >> if you have a ticket to see beyonce in concert, you may be a little out of luck. >> the massive show was meant to be. tomorrow, in news, she has
11:13 am
weekend her magnificent birthday, she celebrated. she went all over the place. >> what happened to her voice? >> i think it is a combination of singing and being tired and needing a little time off. beyonce is such a perfectionist. she is not going to want to put up a show when she is not 100%. they can reschedule. they already have. all of those people looking forward to beyonce, they will get to see her but not on wednesday. you will have to wait a few more months until she comes bac she is going to close her tour with that gig. she is going to be bigger and more fabulous than ever. she also had a birthday we were talking about and she just posted a fabulous message on instagram that said, thank you to everybody who wished her a happy birthday. >> where was she? >> she went to camp david. she spent her birthday with michelle obama and then went to philadelphia and spent some time with president clinton. >> quite the birthday party?
11:14 am
in philadelphia. she went to support jay-z. she wasn't hidden. she was in the crowd enjoying her birthday. >> do rest coaches ever need vocal rest. she is not. i am saying do rock stars. >> i think so. >> sometimes talking is harder on your voice than singing. >> speaking of singing, harmony, one of the girls was there. >> over the weekend, camilla of the show. before the show, she gave us some hints. she put out a tweet saying she just needed three days rest. they have been touring around. in the middle of the show. >> they have all been doing the same tours and concerts. >> ex athly so. in the middle of this show, she left the stage and walked off because of anxiety. she was full of anxiety and needed to take some time off. she did perform over the weekend
11:15 am
there was some question about some disharmony in this group but we are glad she is back singing in the show. >> some celebs had some fun. >> we checked everybody's instagram. drew barry moore, she went to a farm. there she is with a turtle. she tweeted it didn't look real. mr. she was with her kids and she found a horse by the side of the road and luckily, drew travels around with carrots, so she stopped and fed the little donkey. she had a fabulous time with her kids and she is going through the divorce, split up with her husband. >> what was katy perry up to? >> she went to this hippy concert. they encourage the use of cell phones at the concert. they don't really like you to use money. they like you to barter.
11:16 am
>> bartering with? >> maybe a jukebox, maybe a cigarette or something. she was at this concert. she put out that picture. she was having a fantastic time. paris hilton was there. >> and kourtney kardashian. >> normally, they travel as a pack with lots of cameras. this sunday, just mommy and daughter. she brought her boyfriend and she brought her three kids. >> chris bought her boyfriend, corey. corey was there by herself. she did bring the kids and they had a lovely mother/daughter time away from the whole family and no camera crews. maybe it was a real vacation. >> i was with courtney in nantucket and she didn't have crews around. >> everybody needs a break from the camera, for hoda woman. hoda gives one lucky grandmother the surprise of her life.
11:17 am
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11:20 am
?? >> if there is one thing we know about hoda woman, she loves to surprise people when she crashed birthday on a carnival cruise ship last year. now, she is at it again with a new series called "hoda's bucket list granted." >> most of us have a list of things we want to see and de. there are those things so big you can only dream about doing them. we pulled a few strings to help some deserving people fulfill their dreams. with the help of their family members, we pulled off a huge surprise like this one. >> my mom just gives and gives
11:21 am
my mom is this funny, kind of proper grandmother but yet she has this thing with monster trucks. the only thing she has been close with is she rode in the bobcat. >> all she did was push dirt around. she loved it. >> to grant this bucket list wish and get grandma behind the wheel, we enlift mark hall, driver of the raminator, a five-ton heavy metal behemo indianapolis fairgrounds, gassed her up and designed a no crash course so cheryl can let it rip without killing anyone. >> i'm going to be over here. you will be able to see me. your mom is going to be back there. >> cheryl thinks she is coming to the fairgrounds to visit the horses. >> let's go see. >> the state fairgrounds is one of the most -- cheryl doesn't want to interrupt my special
11:22 am
and cheryl beerbauer, how are you? >> so all your girls got together and they told us what an amazing person you are. we have a little plan for you today. >> well, i will ask questions later. >> we do have surprises in store. >> i know you have got a lot of things on your bucket list. we don't have them all but we might have one. >> all right, mark, start her up. >> oh, my gosh. >> yes. >> that idea is your monster
11:23 am
>> wow! >> what! whoo! >> want me to do some wheelies? >> how did that feel? >> wow. ready for more. >> you are going to ride over and demolish those cars. >> oh, my gosh. >> don't worry, cheryl is riding shotgun on this one. >> start your engines. >> all right.
11:24 am
lot more cars. >> there you go. >> grandma crushed it, literally. >> there she is. >> mr. what i learned if cheryl is that it is not just about crossing something off a list. >> you guys are amazing. >> it is about who is there beside you when you do it. >> i'm so blessed. >> i love that. i cried. i have a little tear. >> up with a hit prime time tv show. we're going to surprise an awesome viewer. she is going to flip out. >> these are great stories. >> we have our beloved curtis with a 20-minute meal that looks so good. it involves some pork chops. >> global superstars singing one of their biggest hits. when we say big, we mean huge. >> i thought they were in israel doing this one.
11:25 am
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shanahan alongside lets get a
11:28 am
weather.. it's not clear whether milwaukee county sheriff david clarke will challenge a judge's order regarding sherman park. hold of the sheriff... and apparently... neither can the county executive. we've sent letters for weeks trying to get in touch with the sheriff's office saying hey could you take down the fence against clarke's wishes... a judge ordered the temporary fence around sherman park removed. the sheriff put it up... and had been restricting park hours since the riots in the neighborhood last month. there's a hearing on the matter scheduled for wednesday. another closure for the show's open right now --
11:29 am
repairs for most of next week. the other two domes -- the dessert and tropical dome are
11:30 am
it is hoda's favorite day, a combination of boozeday tuesday and spanky day. with labor day behind us, the last thing you want to do is waste tim >> our today's food team wants to help you get dinner on the table. here to show m us how it is done, one of our favorite p meals. the owner of "gwen" and "maude." curtis stone. >> how are you doing? >> i'm good. i want to show you how to make pork chops that will blow your
11:31 am
crumbs, japanese style, some salt, a little pepper for the extra crumb. we always think about crumby stuff and we just put bread crumbs on to whatever it is. you can add flavor, salt and pepper, parmesan cheese, some parsley and then you mix that together. >> do you always use fresh parsley? >> i love fresh parsley. you can grow it and you don't have to throw it away. put a little pot in the windowsill. >> chops. nice and lean. >> nice and lean and thin pork chops. m spread them out with the meat there. after the flour into the egg, after the egg -- >> nothing but egg in there? >> see how i am using tongs. >> and then mt. bread crumbs. >> you don't talk to an egg. i don't think you get salmonella
11:32 am
with other people. you go ahead and push that in. be quite firm. you force that in until you get a solid crust. >> yeah, yeah. >> next, you bring this over. >> plop it in. i use a mixture of olive oil with a little butter. >> i like how he says it much better. the butter is there for flavor. the olive oil is there so it doesn't burn. >> throw a couple in e. >> i like it when people tease me. >> you go ahead. you cook it until it is golden brown. it only takes a few minutes. don't cook it on too high of heat. you want it on moderate heat. then, it looks like this. >> cook it through, though, right? you don't want pork to be undercooked? >> pork actually you can serve pink these days. >> let's serve it up. >> tomatoes, salt and pepper, a little olive oil like that. look at these beautiful end of
11:33 am
we tried some, like sugar. >> lemon zest and lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil. tomatoes on the arugala. >> there is nothing better, is there? >> it is all mixed together. >> then, you get into the pork chops. >> come on, hoda. there is some cheese on mine. that's all right. >> a fork in mine. >> you go right in there. >> how is that? you serve the salad and the pork chops. it is >> one of the best things we have had, i'm telling you, in years. >> to get this recipe go to am i right? >> perfect. >> coming up next, a love story that will forever live m
11:34 am
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11:38 am
?? >> now, to a story of faith and love between husband and wife, country duo joey and rory fake. >> when joey became pregnant, she and rory decided to take a year off to enjoy the pregnancy and the birth ofir indiana. just six months later, they learned their daughter had downs syndrome and at the same time joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer. the original surgery was successful and the cancer came back. at the young age of just 40, joey passed away in march. rory chronicled the family journey on his blog and then a documentary called "to joey with love." >> we are so glad to have you here with us. >> how are you doing?
11:39 am
overall, as well as i can be. >> you said you an your wife always had this childlike faith you couldn't even understand it or put it into words. have you been sensing, as i know i did when our family had a great loss. you never compare the two but you know the state of grace when you are in it? >> that's right. >> it passes all understanding. >> there is no way. i should be curled up in a ball. >> fetal position. instead, i am filled with joy and hope >> my fetal position would be nothing compared to what she could have felt but she didn't. she just kept living. i don't mean breathing. i mean living. >> what was she like? >> she was incredible. my blog kind of describes her better than myself. she is an extraordinary, ordinary woman. she lived life simply but the choices she made, specially today, are amazing.
11:40 am
when you are healthy. it is another thing to continue making them right until the end. >> you chronicled this. i can only imagine other people watching this are going to get such hope from this. that wasn't the intention when you were originally chronicling this journey. >> we found out that joey was pregnant and decided to take a year off and just stay home. we thought we were going to simplify our lives. i was going to document that. the baby was born and we learned she had downs syndrome and cancer and then it started taking a turn and the story just kept turning. i kept pushing the cord. as timente w on, i never knew what or why i was recording. it just felt important. then, after joey passed away, i started to realize why. >> so many people joined you on your journey, didn't they? >> it went from a handful to all
11:41 am
sending hope like that out. >> everybody has their real challenges in life, don't they? >> they do. >> if what you went through as a family can be used to bring comfort to so many others, it doesn't take away the sting but it gives it purpose. >> it gives it purpose. we are all looking for some way to deal with our struggles. there are very few places to go. this is just another way m. it just happens to be somebody m in front of you. >> bring out the cutest b earth. >> you have a purpose to get up every morning. >> i, sweetheart. >> can you say hi to these ladies? can you wave hi to them. >> can you give them a smile. >> patty cake. >> can you smile? >> let me see you smile. >> yea! >> can you clap hands. >> well, she can but she won't. >> she calls the shots.
11:42 am
>> good girl. great to see you. god bless you and your family. >> we love you. >> by, indy. >> can you blow them a kiss? >> blow a kiss? >> she will as soon as the cameras are off. >> "to joey with love" is playing in select cities september 20th. >> hill song to perform one of their most beautiful and inspiring songs. >> right after this. when the twins arrived, it changed everything, starting with the sleeping arrangements. perfect, right? oh, you can't be serious. fortunately there's get the credit you deserve and low monthly payments on brands like samsung, graco and ashley. uh, no. the things you want, the credit you deserve.
11:43 am
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11:46 am
russ feingold: so, what do you girls want to be when you grow up? girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. girl 2: i want to be a doctor! russ feingold: do you think you should be paid the same as boys? girl 1: definitely. girl 2: yep! russ feingold: well, i raised my two girls right here, and they agree with you - and so do i. unfortunately, in wisconsin, a lot of women make less than men doing the same job. i'll work for equal pay for women, and for paid leave so parents can care for a sick family member. discrimination against any women is flat out wrong. what you think of that? girls: good call! feingold: i'm russ feingold
11:47 am
we're thrilled to be hosting this hugely popular band, hill song united. >> the group, part of the global hill song church is featured in a new documentary called hill song, let hope rise, about
11:48 am
small church outside of sydney to the international ministry it has come today. the latest cd is called "of dirt and grace." we are so happy to have you. >> everybody is here. >> welcome. >> i was in israel for our show last march. you came when we were leaving and shot the video for your new single right there on the sea of galilee. >> traveled all around the place, went from there up to lebanon and spent time with refugees on the syrian border. it was amazing. >>. the you always love something you have to wait for. >> it comes out september 16th, premiers nationwide. we are really excited about it, the timing. >> we are going to hear ocean that you wrote together and it is 25 weeks or something on the charts. you guys, way to go. here it is. singing "ocean," hill song
11:49 am
? you call me out upon the waters ? ? the great unknown where feet may fail ? ? and there i find you in the mystery in oceans deep ? ? my faith will stand ? ? and i will call upon your name ? ? and keep my eyes above the waves ?
11:50 am
? my soul will rest in your embrace ? ? for i am yours and you are mine ? ? your grace abounds in deepest waters ? ? your sovereign hand ? ? will be my guide ? ? where feet may fail and fear surrounds me ? ? you've never failed and you won't start in the presence of my savior ? ? spirit lead me where my trust is without borders ? ? let me walk upon the waves wherever you would call me ? ? take me deeper than my feet
11:51 am
stronger in the presence of my savior ? ? spirit lead me where my trust is without borders ? ? let me walk upon the waters ? ? wherever you would call me ? ? take me deeper than my feet could ever wonder ? ? my faith will b in the presence and much easier ? ? take me deeper than my feet
11:52 am
? my faith will be stronger in the presence of my savior ? ? i will call upon your name ? ? keep my eyes above the waves ? ? my soul will rest in your embrace ? ? ? you are mine ? >> whoo! >> beautiful. >> the movie "hinge song, will rise, opens soon. we're giving it away in just a
11:53 am
11:54 am
11:55 am
11:56 am
we're about to make five lucky viewers really happy. >> because it is time to give it away. >> this week's prize is a silver 7 five quart saute pan available only at sir la table. $379. a high performance cookware engineered to deliver perfect results and a new olivewood tool collection bringing the price to $454. really excellent. >> go in and get one. who is first? here we go. our first winner is. >> who? >> first winner is debra gruff from bismarck, north dakota. >> congratulations, debra. >> i got one here. from farmington, new york, samantha mcclar any.
11:57 am
jersey. >> number four. crank the spanky music. >> no, don't. i hate that music. >> lisa barlow in val bar ray zoe, indiana. >> the last one is cindy belador from california. >> congratulations to all the winners. make sure you enter again for next week's prize. go to tomorrow, the funny molly shannon is here. something to talk about. >> another bucket list wish is going to be granted. >> she can't even do it. she can't. don't look, don't look. >> when your pets want something.
11:58 am
next on live at noon-- no school. a tech school with campuses across the nation abrutly announced it's shutting its doors. why the school claims it had to close... and what it means for area students. then - school zone. why neighbors were so concerned about a shooting in one local community... ...and what police are saying about the gunman right now. and humid with rain on the way. brian gotter lets us know if it holds off for the afternoon... and our best chance to get showers and storms. i'm vince vitrano.and i'm bridget at
11:59 am
at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world full of possibilities.
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ost. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. if a member of your household is a snap participant, you may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no ctment, deposit, or installation fee. learnore. breaking news now-- i-t-t technical institute is shutting down all of it's campuses nationwide, including the one in greenfield and madison. operations at all campuses are stopping immediately.the college says the closures are due to an investigation and sanctions by the u-s department of education over recruiting and accounting practices at the school.last week the education department banned the for-profit college from enrolling new students who use federal financial aid.


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