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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  September 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CDT

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air. >> john malan joins us now. he's been tracking the system in the weather center. john, what's up for tonight? >> john: let's start out with our severe thunderstorm watch to our northern counties. that has been cancelled. it was issued to 1:00 in the morning. it is over now. showers and storms, i've got the time lapse for the last five hours. storms have been pounding fond du lac and sheboygan county, the northern parcel of washington and ozaukee county. and most of this has been heavy rain. we have not the evening hours. i'll stop the radar for you and throw in the lightning, there are pretty good lightning displays coming in with these storms. the strongest out of columbia, green lake, fond du lac and dodge county. the biggest weather order issal pockets of heavy rain. you're going to see in this area probably 2, maybe 3, 4 inches of rain. some pockets heavy showers and thunderstorms. washington, dodge, ozaukee
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heavy rain moving in towards fond du lac county. the showers and storms extend all the way out to the mississippi river. a flood watch is in effect from 7:00 in the morning tomorrow until 1:00 in the morning on thursday. this excludes milwaukee, racine, kenosha, and walworth counties. i'll be back with how much rain we're going to get coming up. >> see you shortly. thank you, john. a quick-thinkingei helps. >> coreen zell is live where she talked to the victim who scared off the suspected thieves. >> george and carole, it happened in the parking lot of the river view apartments before 1:00 this morning. between the recent armed robberies and car break-ins, neighbors make it a point to look out for one another. >> i woke up to my neighbors calling me to let me know someone is messing with my car.
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burgundy van, cruising the parking lot. and i saw four individuals pulling on door handles. >> lisa collins yelled at the group from her window and called 9-1-1. >> we need to pull together and stop this crime, no matter what side of town, no matter what nationality, or race >> officers caught them shortly after. police arrested a 16-year-old, two 12-year-old. >> they tried to get into the lock. they tried to get to this. and i guess they banged on it enough where it shattered, but it's not going to break because it's shatter proof. >> they have a message for the young people. >> get in school, or do something positive with your life. >> the only thing i could say to these young men is i am an x gang banger, i'm an ex drug addict, i've been in
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it's not worth it. >> police say there have been six car break-ins on the east side between friday and today. the district attorney's office will determine potential charges. reporting live on the east side, coreen zell, today's tmj4. >> thank you, coreen. a death investigation under way in oconomowok. a man found his sister dead last night in her river place apartment. oconomowok police were out. they gave few details about impending investigation. a popular burger spot had to close early tonight. sobelman's is applying for a temporary food license after the owner allowed the current one to lapse. he was to attend a hearing after a customer accidentally fired a gun in the store. the owner said it was an oversite. the restaurant could be shut down until the matter is resolved. as the sherman park continues to heal, how costly
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the milwaukee fire department says fires and looting caused close to $6 million. a judge is expected to decide tomorrow who has the final say on keeping sherman park itself open. sheriff david clarke says the park closes at 6:00. and had an orange snow fence installed. county executive chris abele said the park should close at 10:00 and had the fence removed. we will be at that hearing and let you kno eliminating free bus rides that may have to happen to stop a hole in the milwaukee county transit system. rebecca klopf is live where elderly and disabled riders say this could be a huge problem. rebecca? >> reporter: carole, a path about the size of my i.d. card here gives seniors and the disables free rides. but the county's transit system is facing a budget deficit of nearly $7 million.
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>> jeffrey leaves his home and gets on the bus every day. a feat for the vietnam veteran. he would sit in his apartment and isolate himself. >> i used to go to the v.a. for my medical appointments. >> according to the county, last year, 21 thousand go passes were issued. that's $3 million of missed revenue in free rides. the county says it's contributing to a $7 million deficit. the county is saving money because of the creation of the go pass. >> people can only live in the community if they have transportation. if they don't have transportation, they're going to end up in more costly institutional settings like nursing homes, or the milwaukee county medical health complex. i think it's a smart investment. >> the investment the comptroller says is not
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jeffrey said paying a buck, means he will be back to limited access for services he needs to function. >> every one last one of them aspects in my life to keep me functioning and maintaining my particularity. >> the transportation committee will meet tomorrow at 9:00 a.m., to further discuss the go pass. reporting live outside transportation headquarters, rebecca klopf, today's tmj4. >> thank you vmu unprecedented. that's what the milwaukee county medical examiner's office is calling the number of drug-related deaths over the long holiday weekend. 13 people died over 4 days. the office has seen a 10% increase in drug overdose deaths this year. looking for a hero. a woman searching for the man who saved her life when her apartment caught fire. it happened at 21st and
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at 10:00. >> reporter: yeah, george, as that white apartment building here on the corner was being set on fire, it was a man who had stopped here across the street at george webb around 3:30 this morning. he came to the rescue. >> i don't think i've ever been that terrified. >> kristina knows how lucky she is to be alive. >> this is where the flames were really going. >> what saved her, a knock at the door just before 4:00 a.m.. >> i get woken up to a man open up the door, hello, hello. >> somehow, she heard him. >> we have a loud air conditioner, we had a loud fan going, and our bedroom door was closed. so he really had to knock hard for us to hear. when i opened the door, all i seen was smoke and red flames, and i was like, oh, my god, you know, and the guy was just standing there. >> reporter: he told her someone had set the building on fire. whoever did it poured gasoline
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door. in a panic, she rushed to get water to put out the flames, call 9-1-1, and wake up her other neighbors. when she came back, the stranger who alerted her was already gone. all she remembers was that he was carrying a george webb carryout bag. she never got to say what she wanted. >> thank you so much. most people would walk away from stuff like that, if it wasn't for this man so much more could have happened. >> reporter: and m an arson. they do believe they know who did it. as for kristina, she is working to find that man, and say thank you personally. hopefully this will help. reporting live, katie crowther, today's tmj4. >> that would be nice, thank you very much, katie. new at 10:00, a sentimental good-bye to a long-time high school swimming coach. he retired early this year. davis was presented with a
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achievement. >> it's been something that's been very special, and really thank you for letting me be a part of your family's lives, your children's lives, and, again, thank you very much. [applause] >> and davis was surrounded by students, alumni and family. congratulations. effective immediately, itt technical institute is shutting down. it's been under investigation by the federal government over recruiting and accounting practices. itt has also $152 million to the feds to cover student refunds and other liabilities. decision 2016, a little more than 60 days. hillary clinton and donald trump are in a virtual dead heat. trump is ahead of clinton two points. 45% to 43% among likely voters. libertarian candidate gary johnson has 7%.
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leading by 6 points 48 to 42%. for all things politics head to our web site, 2016. what does the baby fox say? maybe i'm feeling much better >> the latest on a tiny fox caught in a cudahy rat trap. the trouble freedom, police have to check out your digital drug history. all fun and games uil using heavy machinery to flatten his neighbor's domicile. "the tonight show" is next. here's jimmy fallon with a preview. >> hey guys... we have clint eastwood...a great show.
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?? >> carole: authorities say a dispute led a man in tennessee to drive a bulldozer to his neighbor's home. he's now been charged with trespassing and felony vandalism. in cudahy with a rat trap clamped on his paw is doing better tonight. >> we visited the fox this afternoon at the wisconsin humane society. the little carnivore's paw was crushed and infected. still, the fox's caregivers are increasingly optimistic about his prognosis. >> looking better, it is still
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fox taken care of. >> sweet treats in cudahy is helping, and that takes place tomorrow from 6:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the evening. all of the money made during that 12-hour period will be donated to the wisconsin humane society for the fox's care. >> carole: how nice. if police want to search the medicine cabinet in your home they have got to have a search warrant. >> dozens of states allow law enforcement to tap into your a warrant and without probable cause. mark greenblatt investigates the unprescribed conclusions. >> my medical records... >> utah firefighters had their lives turned upside down. >> i could have lost my family and career. >> while local police were investigating theft from a fire department in 2013.
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the state's database and conducted a warrantless search into the prescription drug histories of all 480 fire department employees. >> said just so you know, we've looked at your medical records and we feel you're taking medications inappropriately. >> they were charged with felonies, not for the thefts, but for charges for doctor shopping. for paill? and his wife, it threatened an adoption. >> it was she's kids that we potentially could have that's what hit the hardest. >> local mayor says the police simply used the tools they had available. >> we were acting purely according to the way state law permitted us to act. >> the charges were dropped. but the controversy prompted utah to change the law and require warrants. a scripps national investigation found 31 states allowing law enforcement to tap into your confidential electronic
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without any type of judicial authorization. nationwide, it adds up to over 340,000 searches in the past two years. that's six times the amount in states that do require judicial review. in indiana, police simply have to provide a case number. in west virginia, no case number is required. only a promise of an investigation. and of the 31 states that don't require a search warrant, 23 don't even audit their program. when utah finally did an audit access may have resulted in questionable use in more than half of the cases sampled. in new mexico, they don't require audits or warrants for law enforcement. >> you trust them. >> absolutely. >> new mexico's top regulator, and he's unaware of any abuse of the database. albuquerque can i police have never requested access to that database and believe it would be
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story. >> there's a police officer who accessed it more than 30 times, getting patient information. what's going on here? >> i have no idea. but i am glad you have brought this to my attention. >> and so, on thank said he would reconsider warrantless searches. >> we need to take steps. >> an attorney for the watchdog group jones in the investigation. >> when that can be rifled through by law enforcement with the power to prosecute. that is a very scary thing and should give us pause. >> state legislators pass them, the dea is trying to get around them, arguing that state laws shouldn't stop the federal agency from still tapping in without a warrant. mark greenblatt, scripps news, in washington. >> carole: wisconsin does not
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prescriptions filled in other states, your information could be accessed. if you want more information about each state, log onto our web site, ?? "storm team 4" today was hot and sticky, and that fired up the atmosphere to create some oh, so late summer storms. >> carole: pretty humid out there. raining on and off. a beautiful shot of the moon tonight. let's go to john to see if we can expect more of the same tomorrow. >> john: if you were out in milwaukee and the stars, clouds to the north, a flash of lightning or two, nothing down here. the last five hours, you'll see that we were in the clear. we still are essentially in the clear. ozaukee, washington, dodge county really getting pounded. these are heavy showers right now, also heavy showers starting to push through sheboygan county, and also into ozaukee county, as we get close, and here are the heavier rains coming down into fond du lac county, where they picked up an
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northwest dodge county, we'll put our rain estimates from the computer in, you can see close to 2 inches in sheboygan county, 2 inches north of west bend, 1.8 estimated north of beaver dam, and also in the western part of fond du lac county.?? and there's more to come. watch this line all the way out to the mississippi river, bigger breaks right now, i think most of that will exit the state by about 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. more will start to push in from the southwest. for the rest of the southeastern wisconsin for the day toow starting 7:00 in the morning wednesday, through 1:00 on thursday. it excludes milwaukee, racine, kenosha and walworth county. don't be surprised you folks in dodge, washington and ozaukee county, you could see a flash flood warning some time overnight tonight, if these showers and storms keep coming on with heavy rains. rainfall predictions, anywhere between 2, 4, maybe even isolated spots of 5 inches of rain to our north. 1 to 2 inches northern milwaukee
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part of washington county and dodge and less than that as you get south of i-94. i have to mention that even though our average high is 75, we hit 94 today. that ties the warmest day of the summer season so far. we look at current dew points in the tropical 70s across southern wisconsin, they're starting to drop off to the north. that's where the cooler drier air is coming in. we're still at 83? right now in milwaukee, also in racine, but where it's in have dropped into the upper 60s to around 70. we're still on that southwest wind flow. here's that front. going to roll in slowly through the state. low pressure rolling along by the morning hours, still scattered showers late morning scattered showers, an isolated thunderstorm. mid afternoon, and then another chance of showers and storms through the evening hours before that front finally gets through and we see cooler less humid air through late thursday into
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and storms basically to the north. some of those could slide into waukesha, and milwaukee counties for tomorrow. 87. showers and storms at times, warm humid air, southwest winds continue on. and right on into thursday, a morning shower, 83?, less humid by the afternoon. here's your "storm team 4" 7-day forecast, friday, 77, a slight chance of a shower, on saturday, we drop to 73. maybe an isolated shower, a little breezy also, and then by sunday, skies, good football weather for the football weekend. and temperatures in the mid 70s to start next week.
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. welcome back. the peralta plan, pitching better. now a true test against the cubs. the first seven batters all reached. a solo shot to tie. continuing with an r.b.i. single, part of a five-run first inning. ryan braun continues with a three-ru rubber match is tomorrow night. mike mccarthy jacksonville is 6? hotter. >> everybody is excited to get back out there. it was a hot steamy practice.
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guys were sweating, including myself. a good test for the weekend, hot and humid. we'll be ready to play. we've been practicing some decent humidity this pre-season and we'll be ready to go. >> in our next segment to too
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well, the badgers go from unranked to 10th in the ap poll, 16th in the coach's bart houston threw two costly interceptions. >> bart can't try to do too
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but that -- you don't want that to be part of who you are. that's the challenge that he/we have is making sure that we grow and progress from that. >> call it karma, or good things happening to good people, changing his jersey number to 27 to honor nebraska punter sam foltz killed in a waukesha county car crash. and the kicker said foltz was with him on this 47-yarder that won. fluttered by an inch over the cross bar, as he patted his heart and wore sf wrist bands, a rare opportunity for lucky golf fans who visited whistling straits. one of the greatest competitions in sports. the ryder cup comes to sheboygan county in 2020, you got to figure that madison steve stricker has a great shot to be
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>> carole: here are your winning mega million numbers: >> john: check out the radar, we have storms lined up and showers back to the mississippi, folks to the north of milwaukee could get heavy downpours overnight. tomorrow more showers and storms. warm and humid. >> thanks for joining us on live
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- clint eastwood,


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