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tv   Today  NBC  September 8, 2016 2:37am-3:30am CDT

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we'll be up to 81 by from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> we are going to like this song. >> gavin degraw. >> my daughter wants to go to his concert. >> he kicks it. when he is at a concert, he kicks it and so does andy. >> it is winesday wednesday. it's also known as hump day. it is september 7th. we're happy you are here with
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snl cast member, molly shannon. this role is not what you would expect, a very dramatic role. we're going to catch up with her. >> sometimes we don't expect funny people to be able to pull off the drama. >> hoda surprises another well describing woman by granting her a dream come true. this one involves law and order. you're going to love it. what i was trying to get out before we were so rudely interrupted by somebody, we're also going to talk about what your pet ate. sometimes you freak out. dr. brian beale is here to tell us what to do, everything from an engagement ring to anything else. >> a friend of mine's dog swallowed a whole sock. he wasn't eating. she didn't know why. she kept trying to feed him. what is wrong? they removed a huge tube sock. it was in there. >> thanks for sharing that with us. >> the beautiful human being, bishop t.d. jakes is here.
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his list. >> what does the man not do? >> now, he is talk show host. >> a television star. >> hoda, i'm ready. >> words of wisdom. ready? here we go. the most incredible thing about miracles is that they happen. >> amen. >> that's by g.k. chesterson. >> we're going to do a wine bot today, everybody. mr. wine bot, are you there? can see you are there. where is the camera, mr. wine bot? are you there? are you ready? >> yes. >> we need a shot to prove it. mr. wine bot, your hand? would you like to say hello to america, mr. wine bot? >> good. >> mr. wine bot lives under there. he comes out once a week.
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what is it, hoda? >> do you think it is okay to -- is it okay to wear white to a wedding? would you wear white to a wedding? >> because a bride to be wrote into a parenting website saying she was furious her mother-in-law planned to also wear white to her wedding. the mother-in-law said she pick out a floor length all white dress with an evening jacket. the bride says she knows her family will be shocked. she wants to know if wearing white is a bad thing. >> here is the thing, if you are probably not a great idea. >> that's the mother-in-law. >> or the mother-in-law, that's even worse. >> the groom's mother. that's worse. >> yeah. i say no. it is not your day. it is her day. it is the bride's day. >> if you are a friend, forget being the mother-in-law of the bride, that's a big no-no. what could possibly be wrong with accidentally wearing white to a wedding? >> only because you have.
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look how beautiful she looks. >> bobby looks awesome. >> and bobby looks good too. >> bobby got married at my house. it was a beautiful night and hoda was there in this very short, very adorable white dress that everybody went -- >> i didn't even know. you know what's so funny? i had no idea that it would have been a thing. if i were getting married and i looked out and people were wearing white, i wouldn't say, what do you people think you are doing wearing white? >> obviously, you are the most easy going person in the world. >> isn't that weird that tt >> did you wear white to your wedding? >> yes, yes, i did. >> did you take a lot of care in what dress you were going to wear? >> no, i didn't. my mom picked it out and sent it to me and then we have a wonderful seamstress who was here and it didn't fit right and she cut it up and sewed it back together and her name is trudy and it fit me like a glove. >> you probably wouldn't have noticed. you want to know if you are
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don't do it. >> and i say okay, #teamhoda. >> they are already voting for you. >> nobody cares. >> you got a splurt there. >> we're watching you every time you get there. >> you are tweeting and we are watching you tweet. >> this is the cutest thing. a lot of parents are trying to get out the door and trying to do things. the one thing they have to do before they leave, their child has to go to the bathroom. they can't get the little baby or child to go. there is a mom who came up with the perfect method. she made up a song to help her 2-year-old daughter. here is that song. ? we got to tell mommy when you
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? tell mommy when you need to pee ? ? tell mommy when you need to poop ? ? we got to pee-pee ? >> you got to tell mommy when you need to pee ? ? tell mommy when you need to pee ? ? tell mommy when you need to poop ? ? and then you get a prize ? ? and then you get a prize ? ? and then you get a prize ? >> oh, my gosh. she invented it apparently when her son was potty training. >> make it fun and they will do it. >> it is like watching beyonce. she has the moves down already. speaking of moves, there is
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spotted and they were getting down on the dance floor. they were on vacation in canada. they liked the song uptown funk. >> they are in their '80s. >> let's take a look at that. ?? >> oh, my gosh. >> i love this. >> frank had a move like that. he would do a twirl. you know what would be so funny and so adorable if somebody could mix, could match up the baby and the older couple? that would be the cutest. >> can somebody do that?
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there is a full glass. i don't know if you can see it that clearly. a full glass is right on the side. >> wine bot, can you move that back glass a little further so everybody can see your hand? no. oh, yeah. >> that's andrew. can we see it? look at that. that's crazy. >> most people think it is rude, hoda. >> you didn't do it to be rude at all. there gn you didn't know? >> i didn't know. >> there is a 5-year-old. you never forget your kid's first day of school. so this is a 5-year-old little girl named franky. she posed for a picture on her first day of school. she looked like this. look at how perfect she is before she left for school. then what happened? >> then, she came home from school and her mom said she looked like this. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's why i told cassidy
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in town. when she was a baby, i would pick her up. she would be perfect in bed at night. night-night, love you, in the crib. in the morning, she hadn't left the crib, she would have dirt under her fingernails. where did you go? how do you get dirt under your fingernails? to this day, she is messy machini. that's her nature. >> this mom says she was actually happy with how the day went. >> she had a good day, a very active one. >> oh, molly. molly is in the house. good to see you. >> so nice to see you lovely ladies. >> look at molly. this movie is intense you are going to tell us about, right? >> it has moments of comedic relief but not a lot. >> good for you. we'll talk about it in a little bit. >> thank you, thank you. >> every month, we do something. >> everyone has a moment.
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>> it sounds beautiful. >> nobody is impressed. >> if you have a story that is uplifting or inspiring or just incredibly interesting, we want to know about it. we are going to do it again the last week, thursday, the last week of september. i don't know what that day is. go on and hit the connect button and write in for us. we love doing them it depends on if we get good stories. >> we want to give a story. we have a new orleans gin the house. katherine, she works at nbc and she came from new orleans. it is always good to see a new orleans girl at nbc. >> she's shy. are you ready for some football? take our who knew quiz and find out and superstar. >> she made a hit on the "saturday night live" show. >> molly shannon wants to show her more serious side. which side is that? she's going to show us right after this.
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she created many unforgettable characters on "saturday night live," mary katherine gallagher, superstar. now, molly shannon is taking a dramatic turn in her upcoming film, called "other people" where she plays the mother of three dying of cancer who still finds humor in life. take a look. >> drink some water. >> good for you, david. live your life. >> i will. >> live your life. you two, norma. when i die, you have to live your life. you can't date anyone for a year or the slut that came to the door today. >> lisa, that brought you a pie. >> only a slut would come to the door with a dessert. you are supposed to bring a lasagna or something like that.
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>> thank you, kathy, thank you hoda. i love being with you too. >> i hear the director, writer called you and you got the script and you knew immediately. >> i loved it. chris kelly, the writer of snl, we didn't work together at snl at the same time, but, yes, it is about a struggling comedy writer that moves home to take care of his dying mother, me. it is how his family deals with this. just as a mother in real life i just related so deeply how a mom for anything to fight for more time with her kids. it is just how the family deals with the struggle. it was a great part. >> it is a great part. enormous range in it. that's what any actress is looking for. >> where do you draw from for something like this? >> i lost a dear friend, laura shanahan. she was a mom friend of mine. she died of breast cancer. then, my dad also had prostate
2:52 am
people dealing with cancer. >> everybody has lost somebody. >> then chris kelly just helped me so much directing me. >> it had happened in his life. >> yes, it had. it is semiautoby bigraphical. he guided me through the performance. to get a role like this, i just found the script breathtaking and loved it. >> couldn't wait to sink your >> i got lucky. >> we are so used to seeing you. when you walked up here, i wanted to start laughing. you have that thing about you. >> do people all the time. >> mary katherine for us. do you get fired of it? >> for some reason, when you are on television versus the movies, people feel like you are in your living room, they want to hug you. they have a feeling of warmth. because i'm outgoing, i really like it. i think if you were a shy person if, it would be hard. you are constantly having people come up to you. >> specially when you are so well-known for something you did a long time ago. you are trying so hard to say,
2:53 am
stretch and have people go there with you. i think they will with this. >> how are your kiddos? >> they are great. my daughter, stella, is started 7th great and my son, nolan. >> how cute are they? >> she might have a little bit of the bug? >> she likes acting and theater and he is really into skateboarding, baseball. i feel so lucky getting to be a mom. it's just greatest. >> what do you think of the mary katherine gallagher? did they think it was funny? >> they do. we did a superstar screening, and they came and were proud of me and got to bring their friends. when i did the movie, i didn't have kids. it was so cool. they really liked it. >> the other news we're hearing by the way is that you are stealing the show in "divorce."
2:54 am
on top of that, that looks awesome. >> doesn't that look good? >> sarah jessica is such a doll, everything you would want her to be. she smells good. she wears sparkly diamond shoes. >> she didn't give you a wear? >> no, no, no. she came to dinner with jeans on and these sparkly shoes like little diamond shoes. i was like you have a shoe line. >> she goes, i do. >> we wish you the best. you are brave and it is an excellent performance. >> thank you. "other people" opens this friday at select theaters. >> on friday. and "divorce" premiers october 9th on hbo. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> you can help us now with this if you would like to share. >> he is saving lives every week on the new show animaler --
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almost every pet has swallowed something other than food. >> the new nat geo "wild" show, animal e.r. follows all sorts of animals from the exotic to common dogs and cats. >> dr. brian beale is one of the show's stars. he is here with how to treat pets that have swallowed everything from wedding rings to knives. this is your beautiful puppy mazy.
2:59 am
>> not yet but you never know. >> mazy did have an incident. >> yes, she did. the type of thing you will see on animal e.r. is where we have fascinated and dramatic cases. this is so dramatic because it involved my wife. i was out of town teaching, giving some lectures. she called me and said,i have bad news. i lost my wedding ring. i said, what happened. she said, i was watching my hands and i dropped it on the floor and mazy o ring. >> she thought she dropped it somewhere. >> but she swallowed it. >> look where it is. >> yeah. so how did you get it out? >> the normal way. >> what do you mean, don't ask? >> i was out of town, remember? she had to wait a day. she was on poop patrol. >> which is always fun. >> we got it out the next day
3:00 am
>> no wonder you went to so much trouble. good for you. >> we have a lot of good radiographs. let's see how good you are at guessing what they are. >> what the object is? >> and the animal. >> that's a knife. that is a dog. >> it is a dog. it is a puppy. >> how in the world do they swallow the knife. >> you cut a steak with a knife. it smells good. >> they lick it. >> you have seen it in vegas shows. >> doesn't it cut them on the way down? >> it can but fortunately, it didn't in this case. >> all these slides we are looking at, everybody is okay. >> everybody's okay. >> the next one here, this is a little bit more difficult. >> that's a golf club. >> good guess.
3:01 am
that's the hint. >> so it is a ball of -- >> have you seen the cat to you with a little bell. it is a cat toy. >> that doesn't seem possible. >> it's amazing, isn't it? >> we are going to see all of those and many more on your show called "animal e.r." premiers on this saturday on nat geo wild. wait until you see how we surprised this woman, hoda did, with a bucket list wish granted. >> then we'll play who knew right after this. ho knew right after this. approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you.
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an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long?. three, two, one. [ applause ] yes, it is winesday wednesday. you know what that means? we are ready to play "who knew." we are so excited about tomorrow night's nfl kickoff game. we thought it would be fun to test your nfl knowledge. kathie lee is across the street at 30 rock ready to hand out $100 to anybody that gets the question right and those who don't get a mini football. you can't lose.
3:04 am
with an nfl jersey. here to help me is carolyn mano from nbc sports. are you so ready for tomorrow? >> i am so ready for football season. >> get ready for some football. >> all right, klg. lovely lady from saginaw, michigan. which emmy nominated actor was signed as an undrafted free agent by the pittsburgh steelers? >> conan o'brien, ed o'neill or jon hamm. >> "b." >> what does she get? >> she gets this. the correct answer is ed o'neill. this is a shocker. >> al bundy? >> or jay from "modern family." >> what? >> he was a defensive end in college. he signed with the steelers for about two weeks. it was short lived.
3:05 am
>> this gentleman is from seattle, washington. in what small town are all super bowl footballs manufactured? ada, ohio, lacrosse, wisconsin, or red bird, kentucky. >> i think it's ada, ohio. >> yes. >> ada, ohio. >> yes. >> you would love this story. ada, ohio, has about 6,000 people. their biggest attraction is the wilson football factory. some people have been working there for 30 years. the wilson football is the official footbfo everything's done by hand in the factory. the footballs are hand sewn. it is the pride of ada. >> over to you, kat. >> from spokane, last season what was carolina panthers' quarterback cam newton's go-to celebratory move? >> the moon walk, the dab or the jumping jack. >> the dab. >> isn't everyone doing the dab? >> show us your dab.
3:06 am
your elbow. >> i have to break some sad news. cam newton has said that the dab is dead for 2016. >> no, it's not. >> this is breaking. he is working on a new dance move. we can see it tomorrow night. we don't know what it is yet. r.i.p. to the dab. >> good to know. >> so sad. i never heard of it. what is the origin of the team name, the new york jets? is it a former player broke the record for the fastest 40 yard dash or is it the original stadium's proximity to the airport or was it the owner's fondness of planes. >> let's go with "c." >> almost, almost. here you go. >> the correct answer is the original stadium's proximity to the airport. >> back in the '60s, the jets were formerly the titans. they were figuring out their new name. it was their proximity to laguardia here in new york. they were going to play at shea stadium. they thought that might be a
3:07 am
they threw a couple other ones around too. and the burroughs but they went with the jets. >> how about how they call them gang green, which i thought was unsettling. >> san antonio, texas. by regulation, nfl footballs are supposed to be inflated -- we heard about that -- how many pounds per square inch? >> 2.5 to 3.5, 12.5 to 13.5 or 16 to 27. >> "b." >> everybody knows about deflategate. tom brady iser four-game suspension. p.s.i., pounds per square inch, it is the pressure that's exerted on walls of a container. the whole thing is that footballs are supposed to all be inflated to the same degree to insure level playing field for all the fields. >> brady has a new hair cut. which is a real headlight. >> we should have led with that.
3:08 am
which nfl helmets have its logo on only one side? the baltimore ravens, the miami dolphins or the pittsburgh steelers? >> "c." >> right, the pittsburgh steelers. >> this is kind of a cool story. so back in the '60s, they were trying to figure out whether their logo is going to look good on the helmets. they were all gold. the equipment manager was instructed, just stick the logo on one side of the helmet and we will see if we like it. they ended up going 9 and 5. they had a great year, and they got a lot of play for the logo. they kept it on the right side. it has been that way ever since. it is one of the most recognizable logo in sports. >> 24 hours until the big game. >> i know. >> coming up, the denver broncos host the carolina panthers. that's tomorrow night at 7:30 eastern. a little bit more than 24 hours on nbc and the arizona cardinals host the new england patriots on sunday. coming up, he has found another way to spread the good word.
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it's time for hoda's bucket list. yesterday, she strapped a 63-year-old grandma into a monster truck and had her crush on a bunch of cars. >> i am 63 but not a grandmother yet. >> i think we added some year toss her life. she had some fun. >> this viewer was having a not great year. i think that day may have put a smile on her face. take a look.
3:13 am
dependable person. >> as a wife, she is loyal, caring, strong. >> sarah malone just endured the worst year of her life. doctors broke the news that a routine visit six months after her son was born. >> she was positive for breast cancer. >> she went through 20 weeks of chemo. she also tested positive for the brca1 jean. she had a double mastectomy and future. >> she refused to let the disease affect her family. she did change one thing. she moved a tv into her bedroom to watch her favorite show. >> sarah's biggest obsession would be watching svu and binging on episodes she has seen 1,000 times. >> she says, this is so exciting. say, look, i know it is exciting but we are actually in the
3:14 am
to give her a small but pivotal role. near impossible, pulling off the actual surprise. the ruse is that sarah will thing she has walked on to a live film set and ruined the shot. >> so this is our earpiece. >> best friend, star, will lead sarah into a trap. >> tinted windows. >> while i hide out nearby awaiting my victim. >> sarah is going to be floored. >> she is just going to keep asking, is this for real? >> here she comes, here she comes. >> what's happening? >> what's happening? >> hey, you guys, we are just in the middle of filming, if you could wait here for just a moment. >> did she get into the shot? >> oh, shoot. >> you got into the shot by accident. >> oh, i'm so sorry. >> no worries. i'm going to see if we can get a release form. >> we need a release? >> shut up. >> do you see what it is?
3:15 am
form? >> stand by. >> i got two release forms. >> hi. >> hi. >> wait. is this for real? >> this is for real. >> can i tell you something? all of this, all of this is for you. it's all for you. your dear friend was telling us what an incredible person you were. your sister-in-law, your husband. >> what? >> we love you. >> your sister-in-law wrote this beautiful note and she told us you love a couple of things. this is a real svu set down there. guess who is not only going to be on svu but have a speaking
3:16 am
>> where is mariska? >> that would be mariska hargitay, the no-nonsense lieutenant, olivia benson. >> get over here. >> hello. >> oh, my god. it's really you. >> i took off my badge, because i didn't want to freak you out. >> sarah, welcome to svu. i'm going to take my sunglasses off. >> right now, we are going to you very own trailer here. >> if doesn't take long to transform sarah into character. she will be playing the part of woman. >> we are looking for charlie
3:17 am
she kills it. >> nailed it. >> action, action, action. >> and on the subsequent 10,000th take. >> check the roof. >> she went through a hard year. i hope she understands how much we care about her. >> i think she is going to make a great television star. >> finally -- >> ladies and gentlemen, that's a wrap with sarah malone. >> it didn't get cut. it d n it is going to be on law and order svu on september 28th, 9:00, 8:00 central. right here on nbc. >> so sweet to her. >> how beautiful. her husband and sister-in-law. she has been killing it all week. >> tomorrow, we are going to descend on this guy. he hates to be the center of attention. >> well, that's going to have to change. he has quietly changed hundreds of lives. he doesn't ever want to take an
3:18 am
members. that's a lot of pews. now, t.j. jakes is reaching even more people. >> you know he can reach more. >> yeah. >> by the way, the wine bot is still going. there has never been a worse time for me. kathie lee has 2 1/2 glasses and i'm on number one. should you wear white at a wedding? klg says no. >> why would they keep voting? it is over.
3:19 am
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the prominent and highly respected dallas pastor who heads up the potter's house, a no, ma'am denominational megachurch with more than 30,000 members. >> now, t.d. jakes is also a talk show host. his new show is called t.d. jakes. it is full of great, honest conversations about some very real situations. we are so happy to have you, pastor. >> thank you. i'm thrilled to be here. >> it is like a natural
3:23 am
>> it is. a real privilege to be able to do so. to take 40 years of experience on ground level zero in the lives of people, the good, the bad, and the ugly and to bring that type of counseling that i have done off camera to camera to touch people's lives is a real privilege and honor to me. >> it is an extension of the potter's house, you talk to people so honestly with great li you haven't had this star-studded life. >> ups and downs. the thing about it that is most important is authenticity, to bring your real self to the stage and to share real conversations. what is a privilege and unique, it is not just about faith. it is about life, politics, health. i get to talk about all kinds of stuff. when people see you as a preacher, they forget you are a person. they see you as a christian, they don't know you are a woman or a man. >> or a sinner. >> or that you have a real life with real issues like everybody else. to dispel those myths and be the
3:24 am
tremendous privilege. >> it is interesting, you use that word infiltrate. >> we have been a bit excluded. if you were a person of faith, you didn't have an opinion, you didn't drink coke, you didn't sleep in a hotel. wait a minute. i'm a guy. i'm a father, a husband, a human. >> you are going to talk to regular, everyday people about their struggles. >> yes we are going to deal with countless mother/daughter situations, weight, health, life, all of the aspects of life. we are going to do some celebrities too. it is not a celebrity show exclusively. >> it is not driven by that. >> what is the single biggest question most often asked about you about a person who is struggling just to get through life? >> i think it depends on who the person is. a lot of women, it tends to be relationships. we tend to define -- women tend to define themselves by who loves them or doesn't love them. with men, it is more
3:25 am
we are defined by what we do. so it depends on who you are talking to, what's important to them. we just did a show with house husbands who are taking care of kids and the wife is doing the work. it is on the rise. i was shocked at how much so. all the different variations of life. we have had couples that were jewish and married to african-americans. we are talking about interracial, int denominational, intercultural. >> it's complicated. >> it was interesting to talk about that. >> i say it is going to be a hit. what do you say? >> this sunday, this monday. >> this monday, this monday. >> september 12th. >> check your local listing. >> we're going to be back with more. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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we have to check in on the wine bot. the question was, do you think you should wear white at a wedding likes klg, should you not, like klg says or should you like i have? >> but you didn't mean to. apparently, i won by a good bottle of wine. >> if you want an ambush makeover, come to the plaza tomorrow morning at 6:30 or 7:00. >> and louis licari, la, la, la. and jill martin is looking for the next ambush. >> every tuesday, we give away. >> five lucky viewers win a special prize. go to >> everybody has great stories. >> tomorrow, one more bucket list checked off the list.
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