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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000 Saturday  NBC  September 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:29pm CDT

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featured the highest of highs. >> he looked like he turned his ankle. >> and the lowest of lows. >> a flip to fitzgerald. he scores and the cardinals win an amazing game. >> the green bay packers and their fans are rejuvenated and ready to roll into a new season that kicks off tomorrow and hopefully ends at super bowl 51. >> good evening. thank you for joining us. e the packers season opener in jacksonville. michelle is in showwood with a closer look at how businesses and fans are prepping for big parties. >> indicatey, tomorrow will be a day of fists. got a permit for the first time to hold a street party out here. part of oakland avenue will be shut down during the game. >> bigger is better when you're talking to packers fangs.
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outside for viewing pleasure and come ready to have fun. >> camp has indoor capacity of 200. but with the street shut down, could draw as many as 500. she says she'll be here. >> tomorrow we're going to come back for the packers game which is at noon. and if you don't know that you're obviously not from wisconsin. >> but for those that live on the block, street closure may >> it can be cumbersome. they had a block race that blocked off the whole block. that was frustrated. >> on milwaukee's south side, they won't be partying in the streets but they will have something new. >> for tomorrow, we're doing a packer tailgate extravaganza. a jay cutler dunk tank. >> game one against jacksonville
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present. >> chicago. >> what do weeing think about jacksonville? >> we think pack verse a goods chance. >> this is the return of the jordy's shirt. part of weekend wisconsin vip package. a day of firsts tomorrow. most importantly, hopefully, a first win of the season for the packers. in shorewood, michelle fiori. today's tmj4. >> a lot he missed all of last season suffered with a knee injury. nelson's thoughts as he returns to the field. >> hello from sunny jacksonville. the green bay packing kick off tomorrow against the jaguars. one player eager to be back is jordy nelson who missed all of last season with a knee injury. >> we're not going to put a number on it. we discussed it.
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jacksonville, there's a lot of things that could happen differently but seeing how the possessions are taken, seeing what the letter is like, you i wouldn't be surprised if a lot of guys are rotating to stay fresh. i feel great. >> packers expect nelson to get back to his play making ways after missing all of last season. hasn't played in a game since he got hurt in the preseason. nelson is jacksonville. >> i think we're all looking forward to the sight of 87 back on the field and helping. >> packers often suffered big time with nelson out of the lineup. let's see how he adjusts to game time tomorrow without taking any preseason snaps. >> we will check back in with rod coming up in sports. when clay matthews shares some thoughts heading into the season opener. would be concern about
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games in packers history. we have that and a quick look at our own forecast. >> can you believe packer season is here? let's get right to your football forecast. know anybody heading down to jacksonville? it's going to be a scorcher. could be the third hottest game in packers opening history, the record set back in 1978 in san diego and 2003 in arizona. both two other days with 90 degree heat at the kickoff and that's what it looks like it will be like tomorrow with plenty of sun in florida. meantime, here, conditions from our downtown towercam. the clouds and precipitation gone. they pushed out to the east and now the weather is improving. clearer and dry on the way for tomorrow. look outside now. how chilly it is already getting. now, 54 can go in waukesha.
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pleasant and if you're heading out on the town tonight, mainly clear, a bit cool. nice night to go for a walk with your sweetie. we'll let you know about tomorrow in just a few minutes. >> in new york tonight, a solemn memorial service at saint patrick's cathedral for the first responders that died during the 9/11 attack. cardinal presided over the service. 343 firefighters were nearly 3,000 people killed in the attacks that happened 15 years ago tomorrow. three people with ties to our state were killed in those attacks. working on the 100th floor of the world trade center and scott johnson on business in new york. his ability from shorewood and west bend woman was on the 92 ed floor of the knot tower.
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but many generations after us have no real concept of it. >> there are a whole parade of children who grew up without one or both of their parents as a result of this. we can't let that happen with this. we can't let it fade away. we have to keep this memory alive. >> as a way to help inform children about september 11, a milwaukee author wrote the little white truck with the big mission of how a local vietnam vet and local fire chief drove a piece of steel from the rubble back to milwaukee and they got a special welcome. >> we wanted to let the kids know this is what happened on 9/11 and you are now safe because of the measures that have been put in place because of those that serve, firefighters and law enforcement and military service members but you're also safe to dream. >> firefighters, police officers and military members hand out
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graders at schools in our area. a piece of world trade center is on display at the milwaukee war memorial center. mayor and county executives will be among those attending f around governor scott walker will be at a 9/11 ceremony at the state capitol. the green bay fire department held 4th annual 9/11 stair climb at lambeau field. height of the world trade center towers. all the money raised goes to the national fallen firefighters foundation. senator ron johnson demands answerings following the death of a soldier that that may have been denied care at the va. found dapped as a result of apparent suicide. police say the army veteran
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tried to get help at the va but was turned away. johnson conducting independent investigation. >> i want to get information from the va itself and the inspector general to conduct his own independent investigation to find out what happened and find these problems and solve them and fix the va. became known as candyland because of overprescription of medication. >> now to the healing at scherrman park rally. grassroots organization was launched last year. it identified more than 300 young men from the city's hardest hits neighborhoods to work with. common council president said that movement is growing. >> there's more organizations that are at the table carrying this message of unity into the community. there is a particular kind of atmosphere because of what happened thin park just a few weeks ago.
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to address the unique challenges faced by black teenagers in milwaukee. >> market university basketball team visited sherman park this afternoon, part of a back to school event. handed out backpacks, notebooks and other school supplies. mcdonald's pitched in with cheeseburgers, apple slices and water. freighter and the medical college of wisconsin hosted a transplant patient picnic today. more than 300 recipients and families showed up. including local judge and kidney donor and fellow judge. they went through a successful surgery together in july. >> i feel like i'm the luckiest person. i was able to improve his life to help him. wow. what a feeling. i can't tell you. it's price low temperature. >> both of them say they feel great and encourage anyone thinking about donating a organ
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coming up, why the presidential candidates have called a truce for now and a particular parking
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>> welcome back. the man who shot president ronald reagan and three others is now a free man. released from a hospital in washington, d.c. this afternoon. earlier a judge ruled that the himself or the public. he is set to live full time at his mother's home in virginia. >> the woman seen in a famous mo photo being kissed by a sailor in times square has died. she was 2 is when they we want to times square amid reports that world war ii ended. sailor spotted her, spun her around and planted a kiss on her. the two hat never met.
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heck and donald trump agreed to refrain from campaigning tomorrow. setting aside part i san politics on the anniversary of 9/11. both candidates plan to mark the 15th anniversary of the attacks by attending the official commemoration at george zimmerman. a new at ground zero. the race hosted by mike zach will air ever st. patrick's day daybreak. >> next with the forecast for all your packers party plans tomorrow and the badgers second home game of the season. but their first at camp randolph. highlights in sports. here are tonight's winning powerball numbers. the powerball is 8. the power play is 2. and here are your winning super
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>> more local news now. take a look at this scene at 9th and walker in milwaukee. a car resting on the median with back end up against the stop sign. this one left police and onlookers scratching their heads. as best officers could tell, the car was simply left abandoned. outside tonight a spectacular sight, a full rainbow, this picture send to us by helen. thanks for sending that in. this scene caught by our director from lake drive tonight, a beautiful double rainbow over lake michigan began. now the forecast. scott, it was. i was driving, a beautiful pink
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? somewhere over the rainbow ? >> i like that. i wasn't about to start singing. >> it was tremendous. you're right. we've been getting calls into the newsroom, social media lighting up. beautiful rainbows out there. an isolated shower moving out over lake michigan and with the sun setting, refracting of the light just beautiful rainbow and a very interesting sky colors as well. above. dark from our west bend towercam in washington county. clear skies up above with a lot of star light. dry conditions below after a couple of periods of rain. widespread this morning and more sporadic in the evening. but now in the weather headlines, the drops depart and the winds wind down. basically calm out there as you'll see in a moment.
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area, not everybody but most folks made it 70 degrees orbiter. 6 the in dodge county. 70 on the nodes in waukesha. 74 degrees the official high temperatures. that was reached justify to 2:00 in the afternoon. bingo right on the nose. 74 degrees is exactly where we expect to see this time of year. across the area, most locations have dipped well into the 50s. 55 in west bends and beaver dam. hanging on to 63 milwaukee mitchell international. nice and dry. low 50s and that means our humidity levels will remain comfortable. the winds after gusting 25 miles per hour earlier today, near 0. count them. across southeast wisconsin with that light westerly component as the front passed on by. behind the front, relatively
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it's actually in the 40s up to the north. 48 in international falls. overall, average air mass. temperatures not too warm or too cold. like goldilocks and the three bears. satellite and radar combination low pressure off to the northeast. pulling that cold front away. high pressure to the west. quick clearing already tonight. thin clouds ahead of a little wave in the atmosphere could obscure the sun a tiny bit tomorrow morning. otherwise, a couple of future forecast bears that out. a whole lot of nothing going on through monday. storm team forecast for the balance. night, mainly clear skies, a bit cool, down to near 50 and then for tomorrow, a winner. lottos of sunshine. seasonal with temperatures back up to the middle 70s. here comes your storm team forecast. picture perfect tomorrow into monday. a cold front arrives monday night into tuesday. could see some scattered precipitation on tuesday.
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boundary. wednesday our high temperatures only near 67 degrees. it's going to feel very cool. thursday back up to near 70 degrees and then a little more rain toward the end of the week. overall, really not a bad next couple of days. looks like it should be great. i don't know if i'd be calling it great football weather. 70s here and 90 in jacksonville. >> they better drink a lot of water. thanks, scott. up next in sports, the packers do open up the 2016 season tomorrow as we saidga
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>> the packers kick off the 2016 season tomorrow in jacksonville but today we learned left tackle added to the injury report. highs listed as questionable with a back injury. rod burks is in jacksonville with good news about the packers linebackers. >> it's game one of 16 tomorrow when the packers kick off the regular season against it is jaguars here in jacksonville. head coach excited to get the season >> exciting. the opening game. opening day. kid playing baseball is an exciting day. this is the first day of the national football league. everybody has the same goal and that's the way we approach it. >> packers defense ready to showcase their talent in 2016. star linebacker back to the outside and rookie linebacker will start inside making the call with the head set on. >> extremely excited.
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kid to play in the nfl and then actually play in a game in the nfl and start. my goal coming in here to have that position and ultimately in that role and i'm soup i were excited and i know stepping in and playing with all these guys around me i have to show them i can do it. >> packers are real young at middle linebacker expected to get a lot of tsunamis. they're backed up by impressive secondary. packers into tomorrow's game. we're in jacksonville. rod burks for today's tmj4. >> thanks. we'll see you tomorrow. badgers opened up in front of vowed you crowd of 77,000 strong. jumped 22 spots to become the 10th ranked team that in the country. today badgers early lead on a
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21 carries. without seeing in the action in the second half after a left leg injured suffered on this play late second quarter. before the half. badgers go ahead 30-7. finds kenosha native for a second time. finishes with a team high. 7 catches for 100 yards. red shirt takes the ranks and gets first career touchdown. 24 unanswered points in the second half as the badgers win 54-so. >> we want to do that every week. no matter if we're ranked 10. if we had that mentality, i think that's going to be a great season for us. so great. these opportunities are really i try to take every opportunity and not take it to the house but you know, at least get a first down for my team. >> the brewers in st. louis trying to play spoiler. cards a half game back in the wild card race got the win after
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over four batters. today it's a pitcher's duel. we're scoreless through four until that hit. a bomb to center. bases loaded. two outside. that's a called third strike on the outside corner. perez doesn't like the call. he's going to kick some dirt and that will lead to him getting tossed. the cards ride that momentum into the bottom of the inning. taki t as the brewers lose 5-1.
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>> hot shots brought to you by carrier heating and cooling dealers. >> let's relive perhaps the greatest catch of the brewers season. definitely of this week. game saving grab over the center field while called by bob
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and it is caught by broxton. what a catch. wow. >> i love that. so this was in the third game against the cubs. not only did it save the game but they won the series because of that grab. off anthony rizzo. definitely had the home run there but key on said no and >> that's what i do after a good forecast. >> and now... [ cheers and applause ] >> good evening. it's the holiday season, and i want to wish everyone out here a merry christmas. to the jews, happy hanukkah.


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