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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Extra Early Edition  NBC  September 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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good morning. i'm susan kim. i'm bridget shanahan. vince has the shanahan. vince has the day off. let's start off with a check on the weather... with meteorologist jesse ritka. e' a beautiful start to the work week with clear skies and seasonable temperatures in the mid-70s today. the biggest problem will be the wind, kicking up from the south at 10-15mph to make it a slightly breezy day but not as windy as
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new this morning a family is out of their house this morning after a late night fire. it happened shortly after 10 last night at a home near 4th and keefe. the red cross says they're helping five adults and 9 children. police are investigating a shooting on interstate 43 that left a two month old in hospital. witnesses say the family in the car got off at
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help.while the sheriff's office hasn't released any information about what happened -- we did speak with a man who claims he witnessed two drivers in a possible road rage incident -- around the same time the infant was shot. the guy in the black car i think it was a grand am put up his finger like this with the gun signit's a horrible situation because that's dangerous so i was right when i said to my wife lets pull ahead of them before they office has not released any information about suspects in this shooting. we're learning more about the victim of a murder on milwaukee's north side saturday night. milwaukee police now tell us the victim at first and keefe is a woman. investigators are still working to confirm the woman's identity and notify family members. the man charged with shooting a surburban chicago mother on i-chicago mother on i-90/94 is back in court later today. 20 year old zachary hays is
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homicide charges in milwaukee county, that's in addition to other charges in central wisconsin related to a separate shooting. the two men accused of killing a well known chef will also be in court today for a preliminary hearing. 20-year-old hussain sami faces one count of first degree reckless homicide.... while 45-year-old imed chabbouh faces one count of aggravated battery. the two men were fighting with the victim ... shawn ostrom... before police say sami pulled out a knife and defense attorney for steven avery... dean strang will be talking about the avery case today at marquette. avery is serving a life sentence for the murder of teresea halback. his case was made famous after being showcased in the docu- seiries "making a murderer" on netflix. attorney general brad schimel says he will appeal a federal judge's order that overturned avery's nephew... brendan dassey's conviction for his role in the halbach murder. last month a federal judge overturned dassey's
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coerced dassey, who was 16 at time.. to confess.dassey will remain in prison while the state fights the court ruling that could set him free. we could learn more about the future of the estabrook dam tonight. glendale's common council will consider a resolution to remove the dam. back in 2012 -- a county circuit judge declared the dam a nuisance.... and required the county to repair the problems or demolish it. repairs could run into the million dollars worth of work. area mascots will have to make it pass some tough judges today. kindergartners from rogers street academy will be judging auditions for their annual nutcracker performance. the mascots will compete for a small role in the show. up next on live at daybreak on today's
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that got out of hand. what a player did on the field that got him arrested. plus, odd things falling from the sky. you'll never believe what hit one woman who was simply out for a walk. and taking a live look
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the biggest problem will be the wind, kicking up from the south at 10-15mph to make it a slightly breezy day but not as windy as saturday was. tonight a cold front approaches to bring more clouds and keep the
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but rain showers become more likely as the night wears on. news beyond wisconsin ceasefire is set to begin in syria's devastating civil war-- that takes effect tonight at
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which was struck friday by russia and the u-s. the man who tried to assassinate president reagan is a free man this morning. john hinckley junior was released from a psychiatric hospital in washington sunday. hinckley shot and wounded president reagan and three others outside the washington hilton hotel in 19-81.but he was later found not guilty by reason of insanity and committed to saint elizabeth's. doctors now say that he has recovred from his mental illness. the c-d-c says it could one-square mile zone in miami by next week if there are no new locally contracted cases of zika. the number of confirmed zika cases caught locally in florida is holding steady at 56... and if there are no new cases... a travel advisory could be lifted soon. in the meantime... miami's mosquito control team is spraying insecticide in the area for the next two weeks. a man in chicago says he's fed
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a private security firm to keep watch.the team of off-duty officers walk the area with guns and handcuffs, six days a week, eight hours a day.biggest problems in the neighborhood he says.... drug dealing, prostitution and loitering. he's budgeted 50-thousand dollars a year for the service. violence on the field at a college football game in california... where a player ?punched? a referee. it happened after the was walking bernard schirmer back to his huddle schirmer back to his huddle when schirmer punched him. schirmer was ejected and ?arrested?. the referee is said to be doing fine. several students in st.paul minnesota are heading back to school today... after spending the weekend recovering from injuries they suffered on their way home from classes. their bus was getting ready to drop them off when it collided with a pickup truck...the bus ended up crashing into the front of a house... the pickup truck was knocked onto its side.more than three-dozen
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imagine taking a walk and a 5 pound catfish falling on you. that's what a woman in philadelphia is claiming. she said she was walking with her husband when the flying fish fell on her... scrapping her eye. they believe a large bird caught the fish and accidentally dropped it on her. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4-- packers love: how local businesses celebrated the start of the regular season. plus, remembering september 11th: how football honored the thousands of victims on the
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for the one minute drill, i'm
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jaguars, official temperature at kickoff 90 degrees, which ties today's game for the third hottest in packers history. yet the packers bring the high heat, especially on defense to win in jacksonville. the packers have waited a full season for this. aaron rodgers extending the play, and fires to jordy nelson in the end zone for the touchdown.rodgers a phenomenal day stayin' alive in jacksonville. ridiculous throw to davante adams as the packers took the lead before the half.and never trailed after that. although the jaguars converted four fourth s, the most important one with 14 seconds left.the packers win 27-23....((aaron rodgers says "we won, its tought o win in this league, it's tough to win on the road. we're 1-0 and we're going back to minnesota with a chance to open up that stadium but there is a lot of football left in this season."))brewers finishing a four game series in st.louis. tie game in the ninth when ryan braun connects for his 27th home run of the season. brewers hang on to beat the red birds 2-1.the brewers are now in cincinnati, for four games against the reds.for the one minute drill, i'm lance
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the packers play again on sunday... this time in minnesota at the vikings new stadium. it doesn't matter where packers fans are, they support their team. some even took to the streets.... literally. ((nats 130255 ppl doing the wave))this was what it looked like on oakland and capital in shorewood, where "camp bar" held a block party. it was a family-friendly event where everyone wore green and gold - from babies to pets. the folks at bel-air cantina brought tacos to serve outside. ((dunking)) ((dunking))and this was the scene in walker's point, where the "drink wisconsinbly" pub threw a packers party. part of barclay street was closed off for the festivities. a portion of the proceeds will go to a local charity benefitting troops, veterans, police and firemen. we'll get an inside look at the packer's match up against
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break down the biggest plays... right here on live at daybreak plenty of tributes on sunday before the games to the victims in the 9-11 attackts. in seatle players linked arms.. to honor to those who lost their lives. a group of dolphins players did take a knee during the anthem. and before the cardnals and partiots game... fans and players got a speacial message from former president gerorge bush... and president obama. 4-:25. for many, today may feik in america, but for the nearly 3,000 families whose loved ones were stolen 15 years ago the memory of that morning is fresh and so is the pain. 54-1:1:03it's up to all of us to carry forward their legacy. whenever confronted by cowards who seek to destroy, america chooses to be strong and build a better future take a look at this.... before the cowboys giants game... who are supposed to be heated
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beckham junior and dez bryant
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tuesday will be more humid with highs in the mid-70s again however off and on scattered showers are possible as the cold front slowly drags across the state. generally a tenth of an inch up to a third of a inch is possible by the time the cold front swings bringing more than rain, temperatures drop into the 60s on wednesday on a breezy ne wind that will really make it feel like fall despite the eventual sunshine.highs will just barely touch the 70 degree mark on thursday even with blue skies and we'll stay in the low 70s for friday as
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approaches. this will bring rain and storm chances for friday evening and throughout
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incident freelight traffic speeds are at or above posted several overnight closures re opening in the next 10 to 15 minutes back in early june - a man underwent a complex hand transplant in north carolina. it was 12 hours long and... performed by a team of 17 surgeons! it's part of a duke university study looking at a drug that may help prevent rejection of a deceased donor's hand.three months after his surgery, the patient is making amazing progress.
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chavez of laredo, texas in may. he had learned how get by without the left hand he lost in an accident as a 4 year old child.still - he jumped at the still - he jumped at the chance to be part of a duke study which involved attaching a deceased donor's hand - where his old one used to be. (nats)since the transplant, he's been determined to make the hand work."the therapy after a procedure like this is very intense."duke hand sp cendales says chavez is the first of 5 patients they'll enroll in the study. occupational therapy to increase hand and finger coordination and strength - has been an every day job; that's paying off in progress. "he has made phenomenal progress in the short 3 months that he has been here." "discovering everything that i can do with my hand. little by little. slowly, but i am discovering every day, new things that i can do with my hand."his wife alicia says all
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been was the operation itself, back in may - when she was eager for dr. cendales to give her the first good news. "i knew he was in good hands and when she came out - and talked to me and gave me the good news, it was something - marvelous." in spanish "para mi, para mi." rene chavez rene chavez will continue to travel back to duke once a month to receive infusions of a new drug being tested out.the drug is f-d-a approved for use in kidney tr up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4-- hollywood death: the passing of a well known transgender actress and just how young she was. plus, miracle on the hudson: how the high flying movie about that dramatic rescue did on its opening weekend and its
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taking a live look outside.. some sad news out of hollywood this morning. transgender actress alexis arquette died over the weekend at the age of 47. arquette was known for her roles in the movies "the wedding singer" and "pulp fiction."there's still fiction."there's still no word about her cause of death. alexis arquette's family took to twitter their support. her brother and hollywood actor david arquette... posted this tweet. quote" thank you all for you love and kind words about alexis... my hero for eternity" end quote. u-s movie-goers were feeling patriotic this weekend, seeking out a new movie about a real-life american hero mayday mayday mayday, this is cactus 1549. hit birds, we've lost thrust on both engines, and we are turning back toward laguardia."tom hanks and "sully" soared above
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with 35-and-a-half million dollars -- one of the biggest september openings ever in hollywood,.hanks plays the airline captain who pulled off the lifesaving landing in new york seven years ago. aaron eckhart plays, sully's co pilot, jeffrey skiles, who is from oregon, wisconsin. crime fans, a new documentary on netflix is right up your alley.the documentary on amanda knox is coming out september 30-th.knox spent four years in prison, after being convicted of murdering her roommate, meredith conviction was later overturned and knox cambe back to the u-s.the documentary, titled "amanda knox", features interviews with key players in the case, including knox herself. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--what you should know before filling up your tank. the latest gas prices that could take a toll on your wallet. we're following a developing story on milwaukee's north side. the possible shooting police are investigating.. .we'll tell you where it all unfolded.
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find out what is different today and which days you'll
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now at 5:00... major debate- happening tonight in glendale-- that could give neighbors a better idea about whether the estabrook dam will be removed-- or repaired. plus...pump prices rising: the reason-- you're paying more when you fill up your tank--
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soon. let's take a live look outside this morning... welcome to live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm bridget shanahan. vince has the day off. and i'm susan kim. let's get a check of your weather and traffic together... storm team 4 meteorologist jesse ritka is in for brian gotter this morning. a beautiful start to the work week with clear skies and seasonable temperatures in the mid-70s today. the biggest problem will be the wind, kicking up from the south at 10-15mph to make it a slightly breezy day but not as windy as


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