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thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm bridget shanahan.if you're just joining us-- here's a look at your top stories today. just into our newsroom-- a first look at a home where authorities rescued 26 dogs. the wisconsin humane society just posted these pictures of the home. you can see animal cages stacked on top of eachother... and dog food on the floors. heather jensen, with lucky mutts rescue, and tey for mistreating the animals. a stolen car chase caught on police dashcam. elm grover police chased 19 year old mar-quis king.police say king crashes into two cars before ditching the car at westmoor country club in brookfield. police say he was armed with a loaded gun. but when he runs behind this fence... he tosses it.king was finally caught near sears at brookfield square mall. he is now facing several charges.
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wisconsin gas stations.the wisconsin department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection is advising people to keep a close eye on your card statements and on the gas pumps. a line of showers and storms will sweep through southeastern wisconsin early this morning, adding more moisture to the air so it will feel stickier today than it has lately. a midday break from the rain is anticipated with partly to mostly cloudy skies and a high of 77 degrees in milwaukee. a wisconsin veterinarian is charged with sex trafficking in minnesota. prosecutors in
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lee kersten brought young women from china to the u.s. for prostitution. a criminal complaint alleges the 60-year-old picked up the a wisconsin veterinarian is charged with sex trafficking in minnesota. prosecutors in washington county say brian lee kersten brought young women from china to the u.s. for prostitution. a criminal complaint alleges the 60-year-old picked up the women at the airport and drove them to area motels and picked up money after their transactions with customers. police are looking for the guy in this sketch.they say he raped a 19- year- old woman at gunpoint near 62nd and kaul on
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van.anyone with information should call milwaukee police. its been three weeks since a house exploded in fitchburg and there's still no cause. investigators are still looking for answers.much of the debris has been removed from the streets and front lawns.and for homeowners-- the clean-up process has just begun. they are in the emergency phase, then they go into the clean-up phase and then they go into the house to tear things apart and then you have to put it back together. restoration companies are set to start work on some s was on hold until now--- as investigators looked into the extent of the damage. more than 20 homes are still being assessed. a new report from the greater milwaukee association of realtors, shows homes sales in the area rose by nine-point- five percent in august.more than 21-hundred homes were sold last month in milwaukee, ozaukee, washington and waukesha counties.the report says milwaukee and waukesha counties saw "solid increases in listings" to help boost sales but inventory "is still
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hospitals across the country are dropping out of a federal program designed to improve patient care and cut costs. but at least two wisconsin hospitals plan to stick with it-- that according to wisconsin public radio. accountable care organizations are part of the healthcare law. they're designed to coordinate patient care and lower costs through improvement. medicare has more than 400 accountable care organizations across the country. wells fargo is getting rid of its sales goals for retail bankers.the move is after the recent sales scandal. wells fargo agreed to pay a 185 million dollar fine and refund five million dollars in fees wrongly charged to customers. "at one time i having- looking at it- counting it - i had 15 accounts at once. it was just very frustrating and these were accounts i never opened." it also fired 53-hundred employees who opened false accounts to meet sales goals. employees said they were under
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goals or lose their jobs.also, the executive who oversaw that unit is retiring.. with a reported 125-million dollar payout. there are new development in a fire that was deliberately set at a florida mosque, once attended by the pulse nightclub shooter omar mateen. police describing it as a "possible hate crime," as investigators search for a suspect. kerry sanders reports. investigators are examining this surveillance video - frame by frame - first showing man runs from the area - authorities say the bright light flames from the mosque. "the male was shaking his hand, we're not sure but hand, we're not sure but it's possible not sure but it's possible the male sustained burns on that hand.."natsot broadcastify: (signal sound) "quick-12 respond priority one commercial structure fire..." firefighters were on the scene within minutes...but much of the building was already
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investigators and members of the muslim community are looking for clues in the ashes of the burned out mosque.they say it's probably no coincidence it was torched late sunday night..."yeah, i mean this happened anniversary of 9-11..."and believe it may have been targeted because it's the same mosque where omar mateen once prayed - the man who gunned down more than a hundred people at the pulse nightclub in orlando."omar mateen probably went to walmart more than he went to the mosque here. if something happens at that walmart are you people gonna y, deserved it, that they had something to do with it?'"nats - mosquean imam at a nearby mosque says muslims here have been part of the fabric of the community for nearly 50 imam: "i really am shocked with what happened, i never expected that would happen in a small community like that."kerry: "do you feel safe?"imam: "as safe as one could feel under the given circumstances..." the mosque leadership estimates the damage at more than 50-thousand dollars. they've already raised 11- thousand dollars and plan to rebuild.
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latest in a pair of wildfires burning in the western part of the u-s.idaho's "pioneer fire" has been burning for nearly two months, with more than 180- thousand acres charred. it's 56-percent under wyoming.. the "maple fire" is six weeks old, and has been threatening the western edge of yellowstone national park. it has burned more than 43- thousand acres. some 170 italian students have marked their first day of school in classrooms set up in containers.this after their schools were damaged in last were dam earthquake that killed 295 people and left four-thousand homeless.the makeshift school has the makeshift school has been built on a field that had been left partially fallow and has ten classrooms for students ranging from pre-school to middle school. landing gear was torn-off an indonesian cargo plane as it made a rough touch-down this morning.the plane skidded for just under a skidded for just under a mile trying to land. the rough landing ripped-off the plane's left gear and left a trail of scattered debris. the pilot, co-pilot and a
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the cargo plane was delivering fuel supplies to the area. still ahead - we'll get a look at the markets this afternoon... and -- infections caused by drug-resistant bacteria cause thousands of deaths every year.the competition happening now to
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one.
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are -- would turn it into a voucher program, costing seniors thousands out-of-pocket. don't let ron johnson turn social security into a johnson: ponzi scheme. narrator: senator johnson. not for seniors. not for wisconsin. taking a look at the market right now...dow:nasdaq:s and p: for your healththe aging american population will soon require more help from family members ... but there may be a shortage of potential caregivers.nearly 18 million people currently care for an elderly family member ... which can take a toll on their own health and cause financial hardship.a new report from the national academy of sciences finds the proportion of people who will need monitoring and care is expected to reach 37-
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pool of people able to handle these difficult responsibiliti es is projected to decrease. teens who get both medical care and behavioral therapy after a concussion ... may recover more quickly than those who get medical care alone.researchers followed 48 patients over six months.they found the patients that got both types of care had fewer symptoms than those who only received medical treatment. since the 1940s ... antibiotics have been used to treat people with infectious cotless sav their kim hutcherson reports-- now a group of government health agencies are asking for help with a solution. drug-resistant bacteria are a growing threat to public health.according to the c-d-c, bacteria that can't be killed by antibiotics cause at least two million infections every year ... and some 23-thousand deaths."antibiotics aren't working anymore for lots of
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problem and it desperately needs better tools in order to be able to tackle it."now, health agencies want to crowd- source a solution.they've launched the anti-microbial resistance diagnostic challenge officials are looking for laboratory diagnostic tests that can both i-d and describe drug-resistant bacteria ... and for tests that can distinguish between viral and bacterial infections.twenty million dollars in prizes will be awarded."we hope that the size of that award will attract attention from people who might have worked on work on this. this is a huge public health problem. we need all hands on deck."you can find more information at w-w-w-dot-c-c-c-innovation- deadline for submission is january ninth, 2017.for today's health minute, i'm kim hutcherson. here's a live look outside at... meteorologist jesse ritka is back with the storm
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a cold front will move through later this afternoon and into the night, bringing more showers and storms, leaving behind a tenth to a third of an inch of rain higher amounts in thunderstorms.with the added moisture there is the chance for some patchy fog to form by wednesday morning when any lingering shower will exit.
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the cold front on wednesday but even the eventual sunshine won't help warm us up too much, highs will be stuck in the 60s with a brisk ne wind at 5-15mph. more sunshine is anticipate that will warm inland locations up into the low 70s, however a se wind will keep temps in the upper 60s along lake michigan.another storm system rolls in on friday,
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the afternoon and evening hours so prepare for some wet football games but temperatures will be in the low 70s. let's take a look at tonight's
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cute alert-- for the first time in 25 years the smithsonian national zoo is celebrating the birth of a male bornean orangutan.this little guy was born monday night and smithsonian staff say they're cautiously optimistic that the newborn will thrive.the orangutan is considered a 'critically endangered species.' a few showers will linger on saturday, especially during the morning hours but there will be some dry time with partly cloudy skies and 70s.
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