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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 14, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CDT

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breaking overnight, a national disgrace. a blockbuster characterization from one of america's respected statesmen towards one donald trump. >> plus, new york attorney general revealed into trump's non-profit foundation. the inquiry into trump's organization. >> this is not a woman's issue, it's a family issue. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, it was ivanka trump helping her dad present a family friendly plan. a driver charges at full speed. new details this morning. a cyber group known as fancy bear exposed the medical files
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when the ballpark goes to the dogs. "early today another starts right now. >> good morning, everyone, i'm ayman ehidin. >> former sex colin powell gets injected no the 2016 presidential race after he called donald trump a national disgrace and international the e-mails to emily miller, a current journalist who was powell's former aid, tied to russian operatives was reported by buzzfeed news, powell also said powell's whole birther movement is in the process of destroying himself. powell confirmed that hackers
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political analyst steve schmidt spoke about it when speaking to brian williams. >> i think you can count, brian, the number of people that qualify as legitimate statesmen to less than 20 chief among them is colin powell. he is broadly respected in this kentucky and colin powell, powell saying it scuts, his opn endorsements are overblown in this presidential campaigns. shis one to matter. his as an antagonist for donald trump is not good news for donald trump. >> powell voted democrat in the last two elections. noling this morning, the top prosecutor eric sneiderman has opened up an inquiry into trump's questions of impropriety.
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on personal revelations and donated $25,000 to a political ag pam bondy. this is what the attorney general said about the inquiry. >> we have been concerned the trump foundation may have engaged if impro pry tie from that point of view. we inquired, made core someone denlts we have been looking into the trump foundation to make sure it's compliant with the new york. >> they say the information goes back togion. the trump company released this statement in response, "attorney general evict sneiderman is a partisan hack who has turned a blind eye to the clinton topation for years and has endorsed hillary clinton for president. this is nothing more than another left-wing hit job by hillary clinton. he endorsed hillary clinton and
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of trump's other ventures with a lawsuit against the university. the ag inquiry comes open the same day they come into an investigation into the trump foundation. >> hillary clinton will be back on the trail before heading to washington for for the hispanic caucus gala. it will be four days since clinton was side lined with pneumonia, a diagnose tim kaine says he learned about notified about this diagnosis? >> we talked sunday. i reached out to her as soon as the incident happened. >> reporter: you learned on friday? >> i learned friday. >> reporter: don't you think that is a little delayed in terms of the seriousness of the issue? >> i didn't think of it that way. >> reporter: trump makes a break for the women vote if pennsylvania with daughter sigh
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>> this is not a woman's issue, it's a family issue. it's an american issue. it's an issue that's often been discussed but has yet to be solved. my father plans to change that. >> child care is now the single harmertest expense. i would think that more so than housing. yet very little meaningful policy work has been done in this area and my opponent has no child care she never will and if it ever evolves into a plan, it will never get done anyway, all talk. no action. >> in fact, clinton released her own plan earlier this year t. democratic presidential rom knee has a roster of standing, president obama campaigning in philadelphia and her husband open the west coast. >> he's not offering policies or plans, just offering division
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figure he scares enough people, he might scare up enough votes to win this election. now this guy is going to be the champion? i mean, he wasn't going to let you on his golf course. donald trump says stuff every day that used to be considered as disqualifying for being president. and yet, because he says it of and overin up. we cannot afford suddenly to treat this like a reality show. >> trump responded saying why isn't president obama working instead of campaigning for hillary clinton? the president sounded concerns over hillary clinton's lack of enthusiasm calming into miami's broadcast. >> my concern is just making sure that folks, particularly african-american fourth quarter,
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knower, we're not as excited because barack and michelle are leaving. and so we're just going to not register and we're not gentleman to vote. if we have that attitude, then we will turn back a lot of the progress that has been made. >> reporter: today on the trail, trump's pun running mate hits north carolina. phoenix police are on edge following a violent allegedly targeted attack on three of theirff at a gas station. we want to warn you about this incident captured on under surveillance camera. the driver plows full speed into the officer, throwing one officer several feet. he was on his first day of the job. he suffered a head injury. the other a blown leg. the third officer suffered minor injuries when he struggled to arrest the driver.
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aggravated murder and two counts of aggravated assault. the agency says an electronic database containing information on many olympians was hacked. among those affected are notable athletes, including simone giles. >> reporter: the world anti-doping agency says the hack data from top athletes, simone boils, serena williams and the sensitive information was tollen by a cyber espionage group known as fancy bear. thought to be russian through the phishing of e-mail accounts, but targets some of the biggest stars ifryio. simone biles had a medical exemption to take a banned substance. she took a stand on twitter. i have adhd and have taken
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kid. tennis superstar venus williams reacting, i was disappointed to learn today that my private, medical data was compromised. i followed the rules. >> these athletes have fol fallen the rules to a tee, everything they should have done and to surkt or imply anything else is false. >> reporter: fancy bear is tied to the hack of the democratic national committee. the russian government denies y >> cyber-terrorism is real. this is a form of terrorism that has invaded their lives. >> reporter: wat says it deeply regrets the situation and is very conscious of the tlt that it represents to athletes to those with confidential information has been divulged through this cell act. >> i characterize this as a weapon of mass distraction testimony russians want to distract from their own problems
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olympics. >> reporter: wada says hackers are working to undermine their organization, some of the biggest stars in sports are the real victims. >> it's a shame afterryio, they can't focus on this. >> still ahead, the bizarre but true story of russian scientists trapped by groups of hungry polar bears. we'll tell you about that. >> first, tracking tropical storm julia for us. >> it was battering jacksonville, daytona beach, a tropical force in those areas. the rain was coming down hard, now that has moved further to the north, georgia will bring you to the center of this storm. this will head through atlanta. a 40-mile-per-hour wind. maybe some small branches could come down. here is what we will be dealing
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the story in the mid-west, a cool down, chicago in the low 70s. and how about this storm, super typhoon meranti, this withstood 180 miles an hour winds. and the amazing waves produced by this super typhoon, produced a lot of incredible images like pictures we see right here.
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>> leading the news this morning, former private chelsea manning is to undergo a procedure. the army granted the request after chelsea formerly known as
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last week over the army's failure to diagnose her disforia. it lists a band on transjeopardyer service members. many remain in sol dear confinement after convicted for espionage. it is the most read story this morning in the russian post. russianci by toll lar bears. they have swarmed the area, some sleeping right outside of their windows. the scientists reportedly have run out ofnarys to scare them away and lost a dog to the wild animals a. shift is expected to arrive with flaers and whole long time delay. moving on, oprah winfrey is on the lookout for a new o of
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much, exactly? a mear $117 million out of winfrey's pocket. it has dropped value since its peak in november last year when winfrey came on board. shares were down 6.6% on tuesday. with investors estimating the company is worth just over $600 million. the u.s. and israel are expected to sign a massive military aid agreement t. u.s. will military with $37 billion over the next decade. ahead of this friday's movie debut, nfl whistleblower edward snowden is making his case for a presidential pardon. snow den has been living in russia under asylum in 2015. later on today, the interview with the controversy
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the republicans don't like to hear good news right now, but it's important just to understand that it's a big deal him more americans are working.
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falling. and gas is $2 a gallon. how do you need -- thank you for reminding me. thanks, obama. >> even the president is having all that good economic news, markets in the red giving back >> this could be your lucky day, if you like coffee. let's find out what's moving your money and appetite. nancy. >> reporter: good morning. one thing investors will be watching today is perhaps the largest cash offer ever on record going through. >> that is a deal from german buyer monsanto. we heard from sources in dow jones that monsanto has agreed
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billion, guys. so this is another revised offer if it goes through, it's needed a we speak. look at that after the bell. investors will watch speculation with the reserve and the oil price, which did dip yesterday and if all this market watching is helping you build up an appetite, it's good news the olive garden to celebrate, are issuing 21,000 passes, guy, so get your hands on them. they're out at 2:00 p.m. eastern. for a seven-week period. sadly, we don't have any hear in london. >> we are locking on to olive >> better now you can have pasta with that. >> anything can you seat always good news. ahead, michelle obama tries out a new gig.
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you. cbs, of course, cvs stands for cotton, vasoline and stuff. oh, bernie sanders should know. it's halloween. >> i thought it was. >> she is such a good sport. you got to love the fact they went in there. you see the secret service, they didn't clear the cvs out. >> she will learn you will have a long list coup points. the 19th am golden ticket awards to honor the world's best steel roller coaster. look at this thing. that is located in north carolina. they got it 325 feet high. it reaches speeds of 90 miles per hour. >> i will be there this summer for sure. >> no thank you. the new york city bus being bouncy is enough for my. this is "early today." tissue test!
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good morning. i'm.. susan kim here's what's coming up on "live at daybreak"...three banks robbed in less than 40 kenosha authorities are working to find the suspect this morning also... skimming you can protect yourself at the pump .. after scammers target three area gas stations. fall has arrived in southeastern wisconsin, find out how long temps stay in the
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good morning. i'm susan kim. i'm vince vitrano.let's start weather... with meteorologist brian gotter. any shower will exit southeast wisconsin early this morning and the clouds will be slow to follow but eventually there will be sunshine for this wednesday. despite the


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