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tv   Today  NBC  September 15, 2016 2:37am-3:30am CDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefellerza. hello, everybody. good tore you. you made it to hump day. so glad you're with us. a great show today.
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empire. she has some exciting news to share with us. and then one of the most influential filmmaker. three-time oscar winner oliver stone is here. his new movie is something else. i watched it last night. i was walking around in a totally parentoid state today. >> i don't want my phone. i'm sorry we're on live >> i once put a band-aid on every place there might be a camera. >> it is really, really, so well. no matter how you feel about the whole, it wasn't scandal at the time. it still is. in matter how you feel about it, you'll learn stuff you never learned about him. helps you understand why he did what he did. edward snowden plays well. joseph gordon-levitt, right, plus our tech, too much text
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wait until you see the cool new gear that will keep you cozy. -- and why does he feel like -- >> just got to -- >> all right. are you ready for -- >> i need it. >> steve's here. >> here we go. >> okay. >> happiness looks gorgeous on you. source, anon. >> that's my favorite. don't you love it when you see somebody truly happy? except in the end zone we'll talk about in a little. >> talk about it right now. >> go, go, go. >> anyway, this is, a debate going. we want you to weigh in on our wine bot. on monday night antonio brown of the steelers made news. a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. went in the end zone and twerked after his second score of the night. touchdown and then -- ready? and twerk, twerk, twerk.
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for excessive celebration and a fine, which is 2% of the player's salary for that day. don't need to slo-mo it. he twerked. we know. >> let me ask you something. 15-yard penalty? called the whole thing back. added to the next -- >> the kickoff. okay. they'd stop doing it if they took the -- the goal -- the touchdown off. if they took -- you know what i'm saying? i can't speak. if they took it away, they'd stop doing it. really want to get rid of it, they'd stop doing it. >> this guy fined 12 grand for that. there is a special rule. it's section 3, ands called unsportsmanlike conduct, prohibited. >> prohibited act. >> excessive celebrations. >> prolonged. after a warning from an official. >> no time to warn him. just scored and did the hmm-hmm.
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>> the question is, is it okay -- >> what's already happening? >> hoda loves twerking. >> is it okay? what's the exact question? should it be a rule that players' celebrations be penalized? right now it's a rule. i say -- it should not be a rule, because i like to see joy. >> oh, oh, oh! >> happiness looks gorgeous on you. i'd love to see somebody celebrating and being happy. after they score, i'm dancing in the audience, oh, my god. look how happy. yeah! i say, let them celebrate. i'm not saying go crazy. the twerking? how long did that take? >> how long are you going to take? that's the -- >> all right. so -- what is your opinion? on the twerking and just dancing in the end zone. >> no, no. it's not just dancing. >> celebrating. >> you heard -- that's why we wanted you to know officially what the nfl said. i cannot be helped but to be influenced by what frank thought.
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years, and he is one of the greatest players that ever lived, ever played the game. okay. keep that in mind when my opinion now is every time it happened, i can see my husband sitting there watching and just act like you've been there before. which i think is so sexy. i'm sorry. act like you've been there before. >> yeah. >> so in honor of my husband, who would be very upset with me if i didn't vote for him, this is going to be a vote for frank gifford. yes. so -- yeah. >> no. now i kind of want to vote for you. >> there it goes. >> i sort of want to vote for you, too. >> yes. sometimes -- he hated unsportsmanlike behavior and that's what he thought it was, so -- >> it's funny. look, frank's the legend. what he says goes. i pretty much am going to throw away my wine. when at the olympics usain bolt celebrated, his personality. such a joy and child-like.
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you really are. but i think twerking has no place in the nfl. i'm sorry. it's just, you know, it's a matter of class sometimes as well. okay? and you're going win this one, because there is no class in the world anymore! >> i'm not going to win, but maybe -- >> yes, you will. because the world has changed so much, hoda. >> remember when they used to say you couldn't even do the -- like danci- >> remember when they used to think other dances were porno-ish when they weren't? >> you don't think twerking is porno-ish. >> it's got a little hmm-hmm. >> if you know what i'm saying. billboard says lady gaga is in talks to do the 2017 super bowl halftime show and why wouldn't she be? >> an awesome singer. performed the national anthem at last year's super bowl 50.
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directed by bradley cooper and going to write and perform new music for that movie. i wonder if she'll have time to do that. >> oh. you're already ahead one glass. >> no, but that happened before you started talking. so -- once you started, i'm starting -- as you can tell -- what is it now? >> you're going to win by far. >> by far. >> i don't think so. >> people are used to it now. when frank, first started, going, what's happening hi >> right. >> it cheapened it to him. anyway -- >> ryan seacrest may be found a new love. >> a girl? >> eve is one, basically reporting he's dating the beautiful mod's adriana lima. look at her. they met in rio. interesting, because everyone was in rio and then she was doing ryan's show.
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they started posting these pictures. adriana posted these pictures and called him, ryan, charismatic and handsome. >> yes. she's 35, he's 41. >> oh, they went out for a meal. >> we interviewed her once, hoda. she left, you and i both said, oh, my gosh. can't stop looking at this woman. she's perfect. i just remembered, talking, having on the amazing oliver stone today. i'll never forget -- you mind me telling a personal story? >> please tell it. >> one day i answer the phone, right, it's al pacino. that doesn't happen. that's amazing! it's al pacino, and he's -- about to do a movie called "any given sunday." >> i loved that movie. >> with -- >> yes. >> and then says i'm calling for oliver stone and oliver and i are going to do this movie and can you help us? can i talk to frank, basically, he's saying. can i talk to frank. i said, duh -- yeah. i put frank on the phone. they work it out so frank helped oliver get access to the giants coach, bill parcells to go backstage and see what it was really like. yeah.
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to ed snowden. interviewed and talked snowden into making the movie. it's going to be fascinating. >> snowden has a cameo in the movie, too. >> a shout-out for today in nashville. >> so you know, we see you in nashville. wsmb channel 4, brand new show comes on after us highlighting country music stars, and those on the rise. hosting, best of luck. and hello. >> jet-setting, inhe leads anything but a simple life. the one, the other paris hilton. >> yes, and oliver stone, only on our show will you see that combination. we'll be right back. i love thaf the morning ritual around here. people rely on that first cup and i wouldn't want to mess with that. but when (my) back pain got bad,
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she's a hotel heiress, businesswoman and celebutante. not sure she'd like that title. >> starring in one of the first
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simple life" hitting hundreds and hundreds of red carpets. >> yep. >> now paris is busy running her business empire including clothing, shoes and fragrance lines all working on new music and it's been a few years since we've seen you. >> you're a busy girl. >> back from a -- >> i actually fly back tomorrow. >> like a second home for you these days? >> it is. i live their four months out of the year. >> deejaying there. right? >> yes. >> what is that like, deejaying >> incredible. so much fun to sing onstage. the energy, amnesia, most legendary club in the world. a huge honor to play there. >> has it taken the spot above the south of france, right? >> it is. >> spend the summer for the rich and famous. >> the new place. >> it's beautiful. >> yes. >> we talked about your fragrances i thought i knew paris had a fragrance. no. not one, not two. not ten. you actually have 20 fragrances? >> yes. >> 20? >> and i'm sure you picked them
2:51 am
you're representing them. >> yes, i did all of them. every step of the way from naming them, picking the scent, the bottle, everything. >> what's your favorite of the 20? do you have a fave? >> gold rush, my newest one. my new baby and a beautiful scent. >> are you surprised your stuff sells, talking about the magnitude of this empire? >> a multibillion dollar enterprise they're telling us. >> were you surprised when it took off? >> i had no idea. when i was a little girl i loved perfume and always a dream of mine to have one perfume. to have 20 now is a dream come true. i feel lucky and blessed. >> we hear, the voice a little. have you been in the studio? new music coming out? >> this is actually my real voice. >> it is? >> my other voice, that simple life baby voice -- >> we've known you since then. this sounds -- >> a little raspy. >> a little sexy. >> come on. were you having some fun last night?
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real life. >> tell us about the newest addition to your family? your new little niece? >> an angel. most beautiful little girl. i held her for the first time and crying with happiness and have never seen my sister so happy. it's just -- that makes me, you know -- emotional. i love her. >> happily married, with a beautiful child. are you saying, hey, i got to get this thing happening for me? >> you know, i'm so busy with my work i don't i don't even have myself. so i would love to find somebody one day i could trust my family with, but i don't know. in my line of work it's very hard to do that. >> not even in ibiza? >> the last place i want to find a guy. >> you watch, paris, the pioneer sort of the reality show, what did you think when you look at "the real housewives," "the kardashians"? whatever? >> i'm so busy i don't watch television.
2:53 am
who isn't. the housewives" dramatic. my aunts are on it. >> that's right. yes. >> i watched the first season, but i haven't watched it since. so, yeah. definitely it's changed. "the simple life" was like a real reality show. today it's more a scripted-mostly show. >> you talked about the fact it created an image you felt was not real at all. that sort of ditzy, valley girl kind of look? >> literally. yes. >> thank you. >> congrats on everything on all your success. >> good to see you. coming up, two of the hottest tv stars. get ready to steam up your wednesday night. plus the oscar-winning director, oliver stone, after this. marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! s?? polo! marco...! polo! scusa?
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academy award-winning filmmaker oliver stone has written and directed more than 20 feature films. >> among them the most influential and iconic, "jfk," "platoon" oscar for best picture. "natural born killer" and a year later oliver directed anthony hopk "nixon." >> now back with an intense drama you're going to love called "snowden: the real story of on the snowden. stone wanted to give you a glimpse into snowden's personal life and what he left behind. take a look.
2:58 am
heal. did we? there's never going to be a less stressful job out here. >> look, i feel like i'm made to do this, and if i don't do it, then -- i don't know anybody else that can. it's like i'm -- i'm on a trajectory i can't turn back from. >> oh, my god. >> hello. >> hello! >> good to see you. >> no controversy ever in your life is there, oliver? you would like to probably do the sequel to bambi, wouldn't you? greenwich," you two are great, looking today. >> thank you. >> you had to talk snowden into this? took a few trips to moscow? >> i was not chasing the news, by the way. movies take a year, two years. you don't chase on those, otherwise you get killed. something comes up. yeah. we got to trust each other and then the third visit. >> was a charm. >> and we helped a lot. realistic, at the same time checked his stories with counter
2:59 am
record. we talked to as many as people. ex nsa people. you don't know much about that organization. >> for good reason, i suppose. >> when it comes to snowden, people feel one way or the other. a patriot or a traitor. this movie opens your eyes to another side of him. how he signed up for the military. >> very much so he was a conservative. more of a libertarian, actually. you know, shailene woodley plays a large role in this change but he also goes through some pretty eye-opening stuff at the nsa. both in geneva, in japan and ultimately in hawaii. and he comes to understand what's really going on. and i don't know if you want to talk about that, but it's -- >> we don't want to give away the movie. what i wanted to know and i asked -- i think somebody, cast members here the other day and i read in a couple interviews you did, that this is basically true. i always want to know, how much
3:00 am
>> right. >> and i'm -- >> nine years of a man's life. you have to -- >> take dramatic license. i get that. >> everything that happened is basically correct. and as ed has himself said in an interview last week, as close to as real as is you can get. >> and you actually -- i won't say how -- it was important for you to have him be a part of it, and -- >> that language that they speak, the things they do, the sets that you build to create this world, you need to have an insider. someone who's been there. >> yeah. >> when you look at everything going on in the world now, oliver, with the hacking, the dnc, now the olympic records coming out. i mean, will all of the research you've done and everything you've looked into, what is grasping to you about these leaks? no surprise? >> you've seen the surface of events here. if you go to the film you'll see he's not only revealed the mass ease dropping but revealed drone warfare in detail and cyber warfare. where did that start? who was the first to use cyber
3:01 am
against iran in 2007. our country. all the implications you're seeing now, first of all, who is to blame? who do you say did it? you can never -- it's very hard to prove. it takes work and a lot of accusations have been thrown out there, but the truth is far more subtle than that. >> and interesting -- >> everybody's talking -- >> watching oliver on cnn, talking about the dnc hack one of the things that surprised me, you said you thought that the democrats themselves hacked themselves? >> well, yeah, but you know, that's aside from the point now. but there's an insider. there's an insider and a lot of intelligence people told me this. but who? and also there's much talk about nsa insider. another leaker. >> i got a feeling they're everywhere. what i know for sure. >> the nature of warfare, that kind of warfare. >> good news, too, oliver.
3:02 am
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?? it's wines day wednesday, we play our weekly trivia day "who knew." harry has a birthday, and across the studios in 30 rock ready to hand out $100 to anybody who gets the questions right. signed book. everyone's a winner. here with me is people's now royals correspondent and author of the intelligence conversation. i'm sorry. images lloyd webber. thank you for telling me i had a little lipstick on my tooth. hoda, first question. >> your name? >> judith meade. >> from -- >> monterey, california.
3:05 am
what surname did prince harry use in school? >> welles. >> she's right! [ applause ] >> i didn't know that. >> prince harry's official title, his royal highness prince harry of wales. >> of course. i get it, welles? where did that come from? >> at school and in the military. another sir name. when he marries becomes a duke, duke of sussex. >> you said he's ready to settle down? >> i could be his grandmother. >> your name? >> joel. >> great name. here we go. finish the lyrics to this 1982 prince hit. get ready.
3:06 am
>> tonight we're going to party like it's 1999! [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> nice! "1999." >> his birth name actually prince. father a jazz musician, named his son after his stage name. the color purple, color of royalty. back to the romans. >> your name? >> di, from australia. >> we love everyone from australia. currently where is prince harry in the line of succession to be king? third, fourth or fifth? >> third. >> oh -- yeah! >> yeah. he used to be third. right? >> this is a trick question.
3:07 am
prince william and princess kate keep having children, bumping harry down the line of succession. and, of course, prince harry now at number five. >> he gets to play as a result. >> he does. >> everybody loves it when harry plays. yes, they do. >> your name? >> mel. >> where are you from? >> chicago. >> mel, here we go. which british actor won an oscar fo the "king's speech"? >> colin firth. >> furth! yes! >> you're a winner, baby. >> everybody loves colin firth, yes. >> absolutely. colin firth and the queen very much enjoyed his portrayal of her father in the "king's speech." and in this, the queen back in 1991. >> you are a veritable plethora of knowledge.
3:08 am
>> she's so smart. your name, hon? >> john from michigan. >> john, here we go. which rock star turned down the chance to be knighted by the queen? turned it down. was it jimi hendrix? david bowie or mick jagger? >> a. >> a. a -- a -- >> a., not so much. >> b.,id the knighthood in 2003. >> why? >> only around the establishment. mick jagger took it in 2002, thrilled to have it. and jimmy hendrix, an american, a british honor as an american but it's rare. unlikely. >> so lovely to see you. thank you for being with us. hello to your dad. all right? they are the king and queen of primetime tv. last season the number one new show "blindspot" jamie alexander and sullivan stapleton, right
3:09 am
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okay. she was naked in times square. >> who wasn't? >> his name was tattooed on her back. >> who wasn't? >> sounds like the beginning of a good time for the stars of nbc's hit show "blindspot." jamie alexander and sullivan stapleton. jamie plays jane doe in search of her own identity and sullivan plays fbi agent curt weller and at the end of last season jane was captured and tortured, sadly by the cia. >> never warranted you to be tortured. >> i thought i was -- protecting you.
3:13 am
by doing what they wanted. i was wrong. the people who did this to us are still out there. and they need to be stopped. so let's make this right. >> there's no making this right. >> then let's make them pay. >> yes! >> ooh, yes! >> sexual tension. >> i love it, you two! >> there you go. >> that's what we got out of that. >> only in the eye of the beholder. >> until later. >> oh, really? >> we hear we'll be very, very surprised by this new season? >> yes. >> we can share we do find out your real name. >> finally. >> yes, actually. you find out tonight. >> okay. anything else you can share without giving anything away? >> no -- well, yeah. it's a great start to the season. directed by the show's creator. >> yeah. >> it's like we've come full
3:14 am
thing, nbc peacock, number one drama "the blindspot." >> congrats on that. >> you have personally -- >> it feels really good. >> thanks! >> have personal buy gone through so much with the tattoos and all of that. you, really in a way were you sorry you were perked -- perked up for a second? >> no. only because i get to work with him. no, but -- [ laughter ] >> we should talk about that, because there are, you guys had issues on the set. shrapnel in the leg for you, sully, right? which leg? >> and -- >> going for a different area, but -- i was like, dangit. >> whole new season to get back. >> how does it happen? >> shrapnel flying around on the set?
3:15 am
no. loaded up a cannon with like -- put plaster on the -- a fluke. >> it hit you. >> yeah. hit me in the back of the leg. >> the best back you've ever done, best acting? >> made it real. it's good. we fought and we -- >> jamie broke her nose, which -- >> yeah. >> yeah. i got punched in the face, and -- but weird. because it's a small break. it's on this side and you can't even see it. i was, two days of swelling, it was over. >> didn't get the black eye. >> right here on the right >> amazing people there for you, makeup, incredible. >> she's incredible. she was just doing all of her magic there and then all of a sudden i looked like i did -- before. >> and didn't -- she didn't need surgery or anything? >> no. went for a cat scan and went back to work. if i don't finish it today. >> because you're a -- ? woman ?? >> people watching "the blindspot" can you hop in now? >> we do a cool recap what
3:16 am
viewer you won't be -- binge watch it but, like, you're going to know what's going on, and it's an easy show to come into, because we give so much information every episode. >> i like your hair, jamie. >> thank you. >> your hair. i look like a lady today. >> you guys go out for beers afterwards or something? >> yeah. we hang. we do. >> i mean -- i'm a whiskey? >> whiskey. >> yeah. you'll drink whatever. >> like, great, thanks. >> we want a romance here. don't we? maybe we'll get it. maybe next time we'll -- >> the new season of "blindspot" premieres tonight right here on nbc. starting next week it returns to its regular time at 8:00. >> old people like me can watch it. plan on a little tailgating this weekend. >> and put on your game face to get everything you need to be colorful and comfortable. go saints, go amanda, right
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it's football season, and while most of the action happens on the gridiron, the real fun is the party in the parking lot. here with the most ingenious tailgating tech is the author of "gadget nation" and our gadget guy, steve greenberg. >> you like the orange hat? >> it suits you. >> it does. >> people having fun in miami. >> for miami, perfect. sitting on chairs with seat covers that are warm. >> really nice. >> we don't want to get up. >> amazing, cordless. all gets put into a battery pack. >> you control it. >> great for -- for used as an office chair too. not just tailgating or camping. also great for tailgating. >> and this is when you actually
3:22 am
this is called resto presto invented by a new yorker who loved to go to central park. basically it's a rain cover on both sides water resistant but a lot of snaps on it. you can put it -- creative, do things like make a hoodie out of it. snaps on. do all sorts of stuff to make it all warm. >> and dry. >> and dry also if you want to lay it on the ground during a, central park outing, whatnot. >> okay. >> folds up into a tiny bag like that. >> you can sit. >> oh, so warm. >> i love that. >> this is called -- this is the trek light and a backpack that is a bacac also a cooler. you see down here. then it opens up. when you get to wherever you're going to, you've got a chair. >> what? >> i open it up. >> you got it. >> there we go. like that. >> fantastic! >> boom, a chair. >> look at that. >> used to fold a million of those. >> fishing or -- >> exactly. tailgating, again. this is a bluetooth speaker shaped like a football helmet. 360 sounds, three sizes. this is smallest size.
3:23 am
do this. >> guacamole, please. >> i know you love guac. this is called guac lock. what it does, finished using guacamole for the day. >> we're not finished using it for the day. thank you. >> take your last little bit. >> you then can push down on it. >> i can't get it. >> push down like this and kind of -- >> push it down. >> put the top back on it and because you've smoosheit do a little more here. >> oh, my god! >> so now the leftovers can be tucked in the refrigerator and last a really long time. we got more here. >> keep talking we'll keep eating. >> from the guac lock. hummus and other stuff goes in there too. the tritin propane stove, official stove for the national parks foundation. cool about it, folds up. really light. has wind guards on the side of it. great way to just bring cooking outside with you.
3:24 am
smart, simple and a great price point. $79. >> amazing! >> $79? >> next, hold and go slow cooker. cool about this is, you can keep your wings, your chilly in there, which is great. >> wings! >> wait a second. fold like this, close like this. locks in place. you can carry it where you're serving it, lid goes right in there. easy. >> everybody's dying, crazy over everything. >> you can get croc skins which you can put on it if you want to decorate with your team name. buy it with team names write your on team name on it, dress it up that way. next, invented by a regular couple from -- from rhode island. this you put them on your fingers.
3:25 am
so when having wings, something like that. >> doesn't get on your fingers. >> that's ridiculous. >> easy for cleaning up. >> crazy. >> dig in. >> why wear a glove? >> wear gloves? you got to clean them. >> we need amanda avery to come in. >> recognize, these are -- >> actors. this is a football that -- >> amanda, just come in. >> glow in the dark football. and then what amanda is wearing. >> what is amanda wearing? >> a lot of -- >> a fan mask. >> fan paste. have it over here. the same feel of having going to a spa. how does it feel? >> like a mud mask, i'd say from a spa. when it dried it didn't dry crunchy. you can still move. feels comfortable. >> invented by a mom of two in connecticut. >> who's your favorite team, amanda? >> say, hugh! >> go giants! back with more in a moment, first, this is "today" on nbc. red 97! set! red 97! did you say 97? yes.
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oh, my gosh. >> we told you earlier what e-news was reporting. all right? we hope you have a man down. >> everybody all right? >> man down. are you all right? i'm sorry. we were going to show our auction winners and friends and someone took a spill. everybody all right? a not dating adriana. she's dating a patriots wide receiver. >> ryan seacrest, call us and tell us who he's dating. that's most important. >> no. most important, you are putting your team in peril if you dance in the end zone. >> who won? >> i'm sure, hoda.
3:30 am
>> thank you all auction winners. wipeout. everybody okay? >> tomorrow we have more stars from "snowden." >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for starshower motion brought to you by bulbhead. hanging old-fashioned lights can take hours and cost you big bucks. even untangling that box is a frustrating chore. not anymore. last year, millions of americans transformed their homes with the newest rage in decorative lighting -- starshower laser lights. so popular, it sold out everywhere across the country, and this year, we're back with an amazing new feature you have to see to believe. now here's joe fowler to tell us more. >> we're coming up on one of america's most famous residences, and this is the perfect setting to introduce you to this spectacular new lighting solution. mindy's on the ground, and she's gonna get things started. mindy, do you hear me? are you ready? >> ready, joe! welcome, everyone. let's do this.


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