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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 400  NBC  September 15, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm CDT

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after an early morning news conference on highway spending -- reporters asked about "the guardian" published 1,500 leaked pages from the "john doe" criminal investigation of walkers 2012 recall showed walker ?personally? soliciting millions of dollars for wisconsin club for growth.a group that then spent ?big? to help walker win.the governor - - said there's nothing to see here. 9:30:11 (("...the facts are clear there's no one in america in elected office who faced more scrutiny over the last s have 19 multiple courts, multiple jurisdictions, ultimately getting to the same conclusion which was the investigation was baseless.")) prosecutors continue to appeal court rulings shutting down the "john doe."while democrats -- say the guardian report shows the governor has more questions to answer. rep. daniel riemer (("in the current climate, the current laws, the public and the media don't have access to who gets money from who. that's a dangerous road we're heading
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the u-s supreme court could rule as early as this month if it will hear a case allowing the "john doe" probe of walker to continue. new at 4:the milwaukee county medical examiner has ruled the death of a jail inmate as homicide.the cause of death -- dehydration.terrill thomas was found dead in his cell back in april.he was charged with opening fire inside the potawatomi casino -- and stealing more than four- thousand dollars in chips. the milwaukee journal sentinel is reporting the water in thom before his death. milwaukee public schools revealing more about what happened when a 13 year old student brought a toy gun to benjamin franklin school. ann sterling talked to parents who live near the school and are now speaking out about what they feel are a a number of problems. one day after a 13 year old student brought a toy gun to benjamin franklin school -- kids are back on the school- yard playing kickball.but parents who live across the street are still asking a lot of questions.sharonda smith / lives across the street9.09.10 - 17 it's scary and i didn't
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school would bring so much terror. it does.9.10.38 it does make me students were hurt -- but 2 milwaukee police officers were sent to the hospital. police say the officers were called to the school after the pellet gun was discovered. as the officers spoke to the student -- they say the teen became aggressive.9.11.06- 09 what was he going to do if it wasn't found? if it was found later, if he had more time?a spokesperson for mps released this statement:"there was an school day with mpd -- involving a student who had a toy pellet gun in school. the incident was contained in the school office and no other students were involved in the incident."9.08.22 it's sad. it's definately sad.sharonda smith and her family have lived across the street from the school for 4 years and she says this is not the first problem at franklin.9.09.03- 9.09.08 i've seen them start fires. some break windows. they come and rebuild the windows and they break it
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life threatening injuries. both were treated at a local hospital and mpd says both will be ok.ann sterling today's tmj 4 mpd says the case will be presented to the milwaukee county district attorney's office in the coming days. police in ohio are investigating a shooting that left a 13-year-old boy dead. officers tried to arrest three people wanted in an armed robbery when the group ran into an alley. that's when authorities say the 13- year-old pulled out a b-b gun with la officers fired..hitting the teen multiple times. no officers were injured. this racine high school student faces charges -- for bringing weapons to school. officials say james lashley brought two knives and brought two knives and some ammo to horlick high .he's charged with having a dangerous weapon on school property. officials say lashley's own mother turned him in. quick reaction from a mount pleasant police officer might have saved his life. the officer was responding to a call when he got out of the police van -- that's when he
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him.police say the car side swiped the van and then kept going.the officer was not injured but is shaken up. into his squad car.""we're glad he's okay... obviously when you get out of your squad car and see something coming towards you.. your first instinct is to get back into the vehicle... jumped back into his squad car." we're told the officer is new and is still in training. police are looking for the driver of that dark sedan. the milwaukee police department is beefing up after more reports of robberies. neighbors demanded action at a town hall meeting wednesday night.violent crime is down 4-percent from last year, but property crime is up 17-percent. city leaders say they have plans to deal with both pandhandling and crime on the east the sentry in delafield is still looking for the owner of a wedding ring found in the store's parking lot five months ago. i am hoping someone will come forward when they've seen this be very we'll be so hand it back to
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excited to we'll be so excited to to them." the ring is engraved. sentry is hoping going public will help the the ring. storm team 4 now....a picture perfect september afternoon. but there is some rain in the forecast.meteorologist brian niznansky joins us wth besides some intervals of lake effect clouds, we enjoyed a beautiful day today with sunshine and highs in the 70s. unfortunately, we have some changes on the way. clouds will be on the increase overnight tonight. after a
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sleeping weather, tonight will be a little warmer and a touch on the muggy side. more help for i-t-t tech students -- struggling to finish their degrees. waukesha county technical college-- is offering an informational session for students-- hoping their credits will transfer. the sessions begin tonight at 5-30 at pewaukee campus. i-t-t tech abruptly shut down earlier this month... leaving 40-thousand plus students across the country-- without many options. you still have a couple hours to get out to a job fair at the b-mo harris bradley center.
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positions... including security guards, event crew and ticket sellers.if you are interested, organizers say to enter through the potawatomi gate.the fair runs until 6 tonight. the show dome at the mitchell park domes partially reopened today. it was closed for an electrical upgrade.access will be limited this week and next week .. to the overlook area only. no admission will be charged.the desert and tropical domes are still closed while the county tries to figure out a solution for falling concrete. filmmakers and actors coming to the city for the 8th annual milwaukee film festival. on the preliminary list of guests ... john ridley, sam pollard, quinton aaron and martin starr.the milwaukee film festival kicks off september 22nd. you can buy tickets online, on the phone or at the oriental threater box the drug epidemic hits home for milwaukee's medical examiner.. shannon sims is in the newsroom with a story new 5... thanks steve and courtnyit appears that his son died from a drug overdose.. tonight.
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that's coming up on live at 5... coming up on live at 4:why it may be a while before you can get your hands on a new i-phone 7.and - wedding season means shelling out big bucks -- for brides, grooms and guestsup next: our expert shares some simple advice for
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breaking news from the city's north west side ... a police officer's gun accidently goes off, grazing a 13 year old girl. it happened this afternoon at the thoreau school. police say they were trying to control that student when the officer's gun went off ... grazing her. she was taken to the hospital. an investigation is ongoing. 4 your money this afternoon.... here's a look now at the markets at the close of business today.... 4 your money:the u-s product safety commission is officially recalling samsung's galaxy note 7 phone over risks its batteries could explode.a florida driver claimed that is exactly what happened this week.he claims he was charging his phone when the passenger seat burst into
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instances of problems out of more than 2 million phones sold. more money headlines now.... the company that made a name for itself by making it easy to borrow a car has a new venture.zipcar will launch 'zipbike' in plans to open 10 bikeshare networks on college campuses around the country. the goal is a total of 15 programs by the end of next year. no word if the "zipbike" will come to apple's newest line of iphones will be available in stores tomorrow .. but not all of quantities of the larger iphone 7 plus have sold out worldwide...same goes for the smaller iphone 7 in the new jet black can still order those devices online... they just won't be available for purchase in stores tomorrow. order taco bell....get a playstation virtual reality headset. the fast food chain is teaming up with sony to give away more than three
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before they're available in stores. starting today.. a five dollar big box meal gives you a code for a chance to win. the headsets work with playstation 4 and will cost almost 400 bucks when they hit in october. storm team 4 weather now.... lets get a check on the forecast now....brian niznansky is in the weather center besides some intervals of lake effect clouds, we enjoyed a beautiful day today with unfortunately, we have some changes on the way. clouds will be on the increase overnight tonight. after a couple of nights with great sleeping weather, tonight will be a little warmer and a touch on the muggy side. the next storm system moves in
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thunderstorm chances increase through the day, becoming likely by afternoon. this would be bad timing for the friday night football ga should be warm seasonably warm with highs in the 70s. showers then linger friday night and
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morning. the rest of the weekend looks fantastic with sunshine saturday afternoon through sunday. a warmer and more active pattern continues next week reaching 80 degrees along with
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october is a big month to tie the knot. weddings are expensive - and not just for the bride and groom! wedding guests expect to spend more than $700 per wedding on everything from new clothes to gifts to travel expenses. certified financial planner tony drake with wealthwisconsi joins us with ways to
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coming up at 4:30.. she's coming up at coming up at 4:30.. she's a bride battling breast cancer. and to make matters worse, her wedding was ruined by a foul
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one. he wants to privatize social security putting benefits at risk. and he attacks medicare -- would turn it into a voucher program, costing seniors thousands out-of-pocket. don't let ron johnson turn social security into a johnson: ponzi scheme. not for seniors.
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storm team 4 now....a beautiful day to enjoy the lakefront. looks like people out at collectivo.meteorlogist brian niznansky now with a look inside the forecast besides some intervals of lake effect clouds, we enjoyed a beautiful day today with unfortunately, we have some changes on the way. clouds will be on the increase overnight tonight. after a couple of nights with great sleeping tonight will be a little touch on the muggy
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coming up: a look at some of the historic displays at a new museum in washington d-c.and later - the man accused of setting a mosque on fire on the 15th anniversary of 9-11 appears in court.what he is
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chopper 4 over thoreau school on milwaukee's northwest side ... a police officer's gun acnt 13 year old girl.police say they were trying to control that student when the officer's gun went off ... grazing her. she was taken to the hospital. an investigation is ongoing. beyond wisconsinone of the jewels of the smithsonian national museum of african american history and culture - is a simple one story cabin that once was home to slaves on a plantation in south
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piece by piece to transfer it to the smithsonian collection. researchers believe it was built in 1853 and was inhabited - for almost 130 years - up to 1980. largely of machine made it was really a pretty expensive cabin to construct and on the surface it looked very clean and very uniform but when you look in the inside there is very little installation and the doors were open and the windows were open so it would not have been a pleasant place to live in." because this home was also in use after slavery ended - a door on the backside of the house - helps illustrate the transition from slavery to freedom. thanks for joining us today at four.there's more news
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now at 4:30 - taiwan coping with typhoon damages today. super typhoon meranti passed the southern tip of the island bringing heavy winds and rainfall.ships toppled on their sides ... some of them leaking oil.almost 15-hundred people have left their thunderstorms threatening friday night footballbut summer temperatures will return.meteorologist brian niznansky joins us with the


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