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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Early Edition II  NBC  September 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CDT

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next at 5-30: plus... finding peace. how one local school is honoring the life of a brave little girl killed by a stray bullet. and... governor walker is speaking out against leaked documents into the john do found... and why he says it's not that big of a deal. you're watching live at daybreak on today's tmj4. kim. and i'm vince vitrano. let's start with a check of weather and traffic together...storm team 4 meteorologist brian niznansky is here for brian gotter. an area of rain with embedded thunderstorms will likely move
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during the morning commute. while the severe threat is very low, we'll probably have some heavy downpours that couple hamper travel. make sure you have your headlights on and reduce your speed when needed dry incident free quiet roadwaysspeeds are at or above
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happening today:a milwaukee school is dedicating its garden to a young girl lost in a random shooting almost two years ago. laylah petersen was just five when she was killed. pete zervakis is live with how she's being remembered today. northwest catholic school - near 41st and good hope -- is dedicating this peace garden to laylah petersen's memory. there's a special ceremony
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according to prosecutors... laylah petersen was sitting on a couch with her grandfather and sister inside a home at 58th and fairmount... when she was shot in the head and killed/ it happened in november of 2014. authorities say three men - two shooters and a getaway driver -- targeted the wrong house in the shooting. all were eventually taken into custody. organizers of tonight's dedication ceremony say laylah's memory will live on long into the future... they hope the peace garden will be a symbol of hope for all of milwaukee's northwest side. live...pz... tmj4 a 13-year-old a 13-year-old girl is expected to be o-k after being grazed by at bullet at thoreau elementary school milwaukee police say the were investigating a an incident at the school.... and while they where talking to a 13-year-old... she became
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the officer's gun went off.the school was locked down... and an alert was sent out... but one parent we talked to... who didn't want to her face shown... says the school didn't do enough. i'm mad because my child was inside this school and they did not have the decency to call and tell us there was an incident involving a gun at the school." police are still reviewing the incident. the family of an inmate who died inside the milwaukee's county jail want answers to what exactly happ office ruled terrill thomas' death a homicide their report shows he died from dehydration. they say water in thomas' cell had been turned off because of his destructive behavior. thomas was arrested in april.. for shooting a man outside of his parents home on milwaukee's north side... then later firing shots inside potowatomi casinoan investigation into his death is underway breaking news this morning...
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warrant that was issued because of a rape accusation will not be dropped.a swedish court of appeals just made that ruling about an hour ago. assange is the founder of the wikileaks website -- and he says if he's extradited to face those rape charges -- he'll end up being sent to the u-s because of all of the secret documents wikileaks has dumped.swedish authorities began investigating assange after two women accused him of sexual assault and rape. some of those charges have been dropped.assange denies all of the alti so what happens now -- well assange -- who is australian -- is in equadorian embassy in london -- but authorities there will question him on sweden's behalf.swedish officials by the way say they are not working with the u-s government on this. more news now- governor walker is brushing off allegations of illegal activity related to the john doe investigation. this after the british newspaper "the guardian" published 15 hundred leaked pages of the investigation into walker's 2012 recall
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law have chosen to leak bits and pieces of things to try and win in the court of public opinion without giving people a fill perspective 93001the papers showed walker personally solicited money for "wisconsin club for growth." all those documents are supposed to remain sealed... and republican lawmakers are pushing back. they want the attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the illegal leak. new this morning:hundreds of famililes in milwaukee could soon be able to recycle scraps and yard waste at their curbside.the city is launching this pilot program and says composting at home is a great way to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill. ann sterling is live in milwaukee's bay view neighborhood this morning. this is a one year pilot program to see how many families will participate. what to compost: things like fruit and vegetable scraps -- bread products -- bones,
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well as yard waste. the pilot program is being offered to a limited number of households right now -- they include the bay view area --- east side, and riverwest participating households will receive a 65-gallon cart for food and yard waste, which will be collected every other week.families who volunteer for the program will pay about 13 bucks per month for this additional collection service. they will receive a starter kit which includes you need. the department of public works is behind the program and say food waste makes up 21% of the average person's garbage. to help families reduce the amount of waste that is sent to the landfill, mayor tom barrett set a goal of achieving a 40% diversion rate of waste by the year 2020. this is one idea the city has come up with the meet the goal. this pilot program is voluntary - residents are not
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shipping company is already preparing for the holiday season and needs your help. and a massive recall for well known car company.the potentially fatal problem... and the solution the company has come up with. more live at
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we may get a little rain here later today... but it's nothing compared to what's happening in hawaiii. the national weather serivce reports the aloha state is getting more rain than usual. some rain gauges even recorded record amounts.the rainfall was enough to end drought conditions on some of the islands. with the rainy season begining next month... forecasters expect a higher than average of rain for the remainder of the year. recall alert this moring... fiat-chrysler is recalling more than one-point-nine million vehicles worldwide because their air bags might not deploy in a crash.the recall covers certain chrysler, dodge, jeep and lancia vehicles from the 2010 to 2014 model years.most of the vehicles are here in the u- s. all hands on deck for shipping giant u-p-s as it prepares for the holiday season. the company is looking to hire 95- thousand workers... for its busiest season. officials are looking for package handlers
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cases workers can earn up to 30 dollars an hour. in the past three years nearly 40 percent of the seasonal workers have been hired permanently coming up on live at daybreak on today's tmj4:a good burger and a great cause... the promise one local restaurant is making... and how area charities are benefiting. then -- it happened in less than a minute. a jewel heist caught on camera. we tell you how much the thieves got away
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?? as busy as the world gets, there are still times when things move a little slower. when life is a little simpler. and the local color looks good enough to eat. welcome to harvest time. when mother nature puts on a whole new wardrobe. and we look at life in a whole new way. so pull out that favorite sweater.
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an i-phone app helped milwaukee police crack an armed robbery investigation. the robbery happened at 23rd and keefe just before noon on wednesday.using the "find my i-phone" app, officers tracked the suspects two miles away at first and capitiol.first and capitiol. police arrested four suspects. oak creek police putting out word about a rash of burglaries.there have been about 45 home and garage break- ins since can see on this map they're happening all over oak creek.oak creek police want neighbors to call them if they see anything suspicious. a buck a burger helping area charities. sobelman's continues to make good on its promise to donate thousands of dollars. city officials
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after a misunderstanding over the restaurant's license. to help get things back on track... the owner's pledged to give one dollar from each burger sold to charitiy over a two week period. tomorrow's lucky winnner.... the special olympics of wisconsin. happening right now european union leaders are inside of centuries old castle -- it's the first meeting after the brexit vote -- which means there won't be anyone there from the u-k. they're expected to focus on issues like at terrorism and globalization -- those things are causing problems in the june u-k citizens voted to leave the e-u because they weren't happy with many of the policies it imposed including those on immigration.there are now 27 countries remaining in the e-u. the hosts of today's summit said they want to show unity and prove the e-u is unique and needs to month will mark the 60 year anniversary of the creation of the european union.
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look at your weather and traffic together... an area of rain with embedded thunderstorms will likely move across southeastern wisconsin during the morning commute. while the severe threat is very low, we'll probably have some heavy downpours couple hamper travel. make sure you have your headlights on and reduce your speed when needed. we'll probably have a break from all rain activity around midday, before more scattered storms develop this
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evening. this second round of storms may come into play for several area high school football games. highs today will be in the middle 70s. there remains a chance for storms overnight and a slight chance a showers lingers into early saturday morning. tonight will be a bit muggy with lows and dewpoints in the 60s. highs saturday will be near 80 with midday and afternoon sunshine. sunday will be cooler but very nice with highs in the lower half
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looking warm and unsettled. there is slight chance of t-storms in the forecast for monday and much better chances
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in the week. dry incident free quiet roadwaysspeeds are at or above postedtraffic starting to pick up, but it's not causing any issues or slow downs right now beyond wisocnsindramatic video out of austrailia.... as a bus catches fire on a busy bridge. take a look. the bus was fully engulfed.those driving by caught video of the fire up close with their year old bus was expected to get new fire safety upgrades set by state officials in sydney. a georgia mother is lucky to be alive after her son tried to shoot and kill her.police say the 12-year-old boy got a hold of his fathers gun.he then fired three shots at his mother as she pleaded for her life.they believe the shooting was over a disagreement about his behavior.the boy is facing aggravated assault and possession of a weapon charges.
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of dollars worth of jewelsand it was all caught on camera. you see an employee helping a woman there on the right try on a necklace... and then - all a sudden...four men dressed in all black with their faces covered... storm the store.the thieves start smashing the jewerly cases . they got away with millions of dollars in jewerlery law enforcement believe the theives are part of a bigger gang.... pulling off high dollar heists all over the country. daybreak on today's tmj4: getting in touch with nature. how you can explore some beautiful scenery around milwaukee. also-- speaking of exploring... a look inside some of milwaukee's oldest buildings. the event that is giving you a chance to see the
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a chance this weekend to explore milwukee like never before. historic milwaukee is hosting a doors open event... i doors of more than 1- ihundred-65 buildings will be open for the public. you can check out a new building... like the one on 833 east michigan... or learn about an
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require tickets... but most are free. you can plan your adventure using the link on t-m-j four dot com. you can hike with the today's tmj4 staff during "hike milwaukee" this'll be a fun, urban nature hike along the milwaukee river. money raised will support the urban ecology center.sign up for the hike via our website: tmj4 dot com. much more is happening at six-- on live at daybreak. including... school doors closing. itt tech officially shuts down today. the university that's students a chance to walk in their graduation ceremony. also... september is suicide prevention month.. the event happening today in milwaukee that's raising awareness about suicide among veterans. i'm tatiana traffic picking up, i'll tell you slow downs are and what alternate routes
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an area of rain with embedded thunderstorms will likely move across southeastern wisconsin during the morning commute. while the severe threat is very low, we'll probably have some heavy downpours that couple hamper travel. make sure you have your headlights on and reduce your speed when
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now at six-- water quality in milwaukee.. what you need to know before you use your faucet this morning. forming right now-- and it's all for apple's newest tech toy! apple's new iphone 7 hits stores today. the one thing you need to know-- to get your hands on the new phone... faster! and taking a live look
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it's i'm vince vitrano.and - i'm susan kim.we want to start with a check of your weather and traffic together with meteorologist brian gotter. an area of rain with embedded thunderstorms will likely move across southeastern wisconsin during the morning commute. while the severe threat is very low, some heavy downpours that couple hamper travel. make sure you have your headlights on and reduce your speed when


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